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Swami Dhesikan Stotra Paata Goshtee

Sri: Srimathey Ramanujaya Namaha Srimathey Nigamantha Maha Dhesikaya Namaha Jaya Shree Sudharshana. .!


05-06-13 to 09-06-13 The 15th Residential camp was conducted by Kum B Ujjivani, Chi Sanjay Srivatsan, Chi Rohit under the guidance of Sri U.Ve.E.S.Mukundan Swami. With the benign grace of Srimad Azhagiyashingars, the camp was successfully held from 05-06-13 to 09-06-13. Nearly 30 students have benefitted themselves by attending this camp. A group discussion was also conducted to inspire the students. The managing committee of Sri Ahobila Muth, Hyderabad must be thanked for providing the best accommodation facilities. Te other specialty of the camp was the Special Vedic-Maths classes organized for children. Sri Vivek Mada has taken care that students learnt few tips and tricks of Math. The Students were lucky indeed for having delicious Narasimha Prasadam served by Sri Suresh Swamin, Sri Srinivasan Swamin for serving delicious prasadam. The efforts taken by them were indeed laudable. Sri U.Ve.E.S.Mukundan Swami constantly guided all the students so that they utilized the Satsangh. Smt Rama Mukundan too constantly guided the students. Parents like Smt Chandrika Sundar, Sri K Sundar lent their support by bringing snacks etc to the children. Sri Paravasthu Srinivasan, the manager of Sri Ahobila Mutt deserves a great applause for constantly supervising the facilities and providing them on time. A grand Debate was also held on one of the day among students which evoked a great response. On the final day, certificates and prizes were given away to all the participants. Sri Raghavan Swamy and Sri Gopalchary Swami sponsored the prizes. The prize distribution was presided over by Sri Vinjamuri Raghavan Swami, Sri Devadhirajan Swamy and Raghavan Swamy. All the Photos, Videos and the Camp report are uploaded at Sri Lakshmi Nrisimhan Swamin, Chi Rohit Chi.Sanjay Srivatsan, Chi Rahul, Kum Harini, Kum.Hema, Smt Padmasree Kalathur, Chi Shashank, Chi Anirudh, Chi Niteesh, Chi Dinesh, Kum Sahithya Devi, Chi Mohan, Chi Adarsh and Kum Manasa were the volunteers of the camp. My Ananthakoti Dandavath Pranams unto the lotus feet of Srimad Azhagiyashingar because of whom, I attended this camp. May Lakshmi Nrusimha shower his choicest blessings on and all. Jaya Jaya Shree Sudharshana
All glories to Swami Desikan Ujjivani Badrinarayanan BSc Hon I Year, Swami Desikan Stotra Paata Goshtee
PS: All Camp Reports, Photos and Videos of the camp can be found at

Swami Dhesikan Stotra Paata Goshtee

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