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Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Tra

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Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Transcript)

Sol Luckman

[The following edited interview with Sol Luckman was conducted by Michael Barrett and Rhonda Myers April 14,

2011, on Followers of the Way Radio. The full interview can be listened to here.]

Michael: It’s great to have you here, Sol. I think you heard a bit of our conversation initially, so you heard a little bit of where Rhonda and I are in our very basic understanding of what’s going on with our DNA and how it affects our lives and can be something we can actually transform.

Sol: Absolutely. Do you guys ever watch TV? It seems that we’re a minority, the people who do watch it, but if I’m watching sports, so often I hear, “That’s in his DNA, that drive to the basket!” DNA is becoming a kind of zeitgeist, a cultural meme. DNA is everywhere. This has changed over just the last few years, in large measure thanks to people like Bruce Lipton out there, beating the drum for the importance of DNA in our lives. So it’s great that you were willing to focus on this subject in the show.

Michael: Changing our DNA certainly is a key part of my understanding of what happens when we go through new cycles of energy, or ages. Sometimes people call what we’re going into a different age, or cycle of creation. We actually have the potential to vibrate, to move at a higher frequency, and our bodies also will be moving into this higher frequency. And with that, we become more complex, more creative and more in tune with all that is, more interconnected. Part of our job is to allow our DNA to be transformed as we go through this raising of our consciousness.

Sol: I think there is an allowance of the transformation to take place, and there are also things we can do to facilitate this process in a more proactive way. I was hearing you in the introduction talk a little bit about Bruce Lipton and was wondering if we might take a moment or two here at the beginning to allow me to flesh out my model of DNA and contextualize Lipton within that.

Michael: That sounds great.

Sol: I’m going to boil this down as succinctly as possible. In my new book, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, I have a section that’s devoted to giving background to my work in DNA activation. It’s called the Regenetics Method. Potentiation is the first activation of four principal activations. I spend a good bit of the book laying out a conceptual, scientific and philosophical model for this work. Having taught the Regenetics Method over the years to various facilitators, it has been very helpful to use Dr. Larry Dossey’s three-part model as an evolutionary model to explain the evolution


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Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Tra

of medicine and also the evolution of the science of DNA. Dossey wrote a book earlier in the last decade called REINVENTING MEDICINE: BEYOND MIND-BODY TO A NEW ERA OF HEALING. In the subtitle, interestingly, he suggests that there is something beyond mind-body, which for him is nonlocal medicine. It is not your thought process; it is what gives rise to your thought process that is the ultimate goal of medicine—to work in that realm. Dossey was able to contextualize the evolution of medicine into three eras. Era I was allopathic medicine, body-based medicine. It treats the body as a machine. As I write in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, there is nothing wrong with this way of looking at the body—except that it is incomplete. At this stage in time, we would not want a carpenter or electrician trying to perform emergency brain surgery on us. There is a place for understanding the body’s biochemical mechanisms. In POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, I situate genetics as the Era I science of DNA. In other words, genetics corresponds to what Dossey calls Era I, or body-based, medicine. Going beyond Era I, we enter Era II. For Dossey this is mind-body medicine. It is based on a similar line of thinking to what Norman Vincent Peale articulated in his various materials: that we can operate from the power of positive thinking to change our reality. The aspect of DNA science that corresponds to Era II and the mind-body connection is epigenetics. That is the science that Bruce Lipton puts forward. It is mostly a “change your thoughts and change your reality” way of looking at DNA. There’s nothing wrong and a lot that’s right with this approach to working with DNA. But as Dossey, who was a cardiologist and became a bestselling author, intimates, there is a third level that is beyond mind-body: the nonlocal level. We might even say it’s a level of working with spirit. And it is Era III. I developed a model to characterize Era III as not genetic, not epigenetic, but meta-genetic, meaning beyond genetics. The meta-genetic is the metaphysical realm that gives rise to the physical realm. So in other words, beyond our physical bodies, and beyond our individual minds, which are Era I and Era II, lies Era III, which is the energy blueprint, the consciousness blueprint, that gives rise to our bodies and our individual minds. The area of Era III healing is where I’ve chosen to focus, working at the spiritual level with specific techniques using sound to activate potentials that lie dormant in our spiritual blueprint, that in turn have the ability to heal and transform our body, mind, and spirit. I hope that’s relatively clear for someone just hearing it the first time.

Michael: Well, it’s working for me, Sol, and it’s certainly very much in line with this show. Our bodies are in the physical realm, but what’s making up our experience is not physical. Really, the outer is essentially the output of what’s going on in the inner. So when we want to change anything on the outer, and we keep trying to change these things from the outer, we don’t change anything at all. We create a new problem because you can’t change the movie screen if you haven’t changed the filmstrip. Essentially, we’re on the movie screen, and in reality our consciousness is the filmstrip.

Sol: Yeah, I like the fact that you reference Neo and the MATRIX in your materials. I actually write about that in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. His journey is a journey of consciousness. It’s a journey of what I call conscious personal mastery. It’s where he learns more and more that he is the creator of his experience. And he does this experientially. The first MATRIX movie is beautifully told, symbolic tale of consciousness growth and changing the outer reality through that consciousness growth.

Michael: Absolutely.

Sol: Here’s an issue, though. You encounter this a lot in the New Science, Noetic and New Age communities. We started out with allopathic medicine, Era I. This was at the very dawn of Cartesian thinking. We’re talking 17th Century here. For a long time, we tried to understand the body and its biochemical mechanisms. Then, feeling that there

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Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Tra

was more to the picture, Freud came along, with his various followers such as Jung, and realized that there was a huge, massive consciousness aspect to our experience of reality. Here, when I say consciousness, I mean, by and large, individual consciousness—our little minds, the egoic mind, and how that affects our experience of reality. Now, what has happened with some of the science community, and then been put out in the mainstream, is the cultivation of this idea that just by changing our thoughts, we change our reality. That’s really wrong. What we have to actually get into is a change at the belief and feeling level. A lot of Gregg Braden’s work is about this, and my work is very much about this. You don’t change the belief and the feeling just by having the thought process to do so. There are specific methodologies one can use to tap into the Era III potential for spiritual transformation, which then can change the body and the mind. So, if we try to use an Era II technique to go to the Era III level, we often fall short in our goals of healing, transformation, or manifestation. Another way of looking at this is that Era I is the domain of matter. The Era II science of epigenetics, which is mind-body medicine, is concerned with the domain of light. We talk about “love and light.” That’s good stuff. But it has limitations if it’s processed through the egoic mind, in terms of changing the world, because beyond Eras I and II is Era III, meta-genetics. It is the nonlocal domain of sound. It is through sound that we transform our reality. And we do so, on the individual level, by using sound to transform our DNA. DNA is like a consciousness antenna. We use sound here in the light domain, this side of the divide. DNA is a connector point between the sound domain and the light domain. Here, we are in the light domain, we’re in the holograph, in the Matrix, just like Neo, and we can use sounds to access our potentials that are held in our blueprint over in the sound domain. All of this energy travels back and forth through our DNA, the great antenna, and it transforms DNA as it comes back through on the rebound.

Rhonda: It sounds to me, then, like sound is an important part of “potentiating” your DNA. You’re saying it’s not just about how our thoughts create our reality, but we have to actually get to the feeling level to create change.

Sol: That’s what Gregg Braden is saying over and over. In some sense, we must feel what we mentally want for that experience to come about. And sound is the great transmitter of feeling. Think about music. I challenge anyone to think of a more consistently viable way for generating intense emotion than music. And it is through experiencing that emotion, going back to Braden’s work, that we change our reality. It is not just by thinking it. Thinking it might set the stage for us to then go on and have the feeling—meaning we can get clear about what we want or what we don’t want. But what actually brings that into being is the sound current, the emotional current. When I hear the phrase “love and light,” I think that what I’m actually hearing in some profound sense—because in the beginning was the Word—is “sound and light.”

Rhonda: I totally like what you’re saying because the work that I do with people that helps them work through past traumas involves identifying the thought message, the belief, and that’s on the mental level, but then it doesn’t work out of their system until we get down to the feeling level. Otherwise it stays with them.

Sol: Staying in the mental—that’s where we are culturally. We’re starting as a class of “cultural creatives” and people who are dabbling in New Age philosophy to get our of the purely material-based approach to healing and transformation. But we’re still very much wedged in a mental base, although many are beginning to move into a feeling base. I see this as a move from matter to light to sound—or something that is maya, an illusion, into light, which is the holograph and gives rise to the illusion, into sound, which is … reality. We’re moving towards reality.

Rhonda: I have a question for you, since you mentioned that sound is an important






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Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Tra

part of potentiating your DNA. I only recently came across the word “Solfeggio.” I’m not totally sure what this is … frequencies?

Sol: I’ll be happy to talk about that. The Regenetics Method uses the Solfeggio scale. A lot of scholars, people who have studied this subject, believe that the Solfeggio scale is a primordial six-note scale. Each note, in this theory, corresponds to a day of creation in the Bible. The power of the scale was such that the Catholic church hid it away around the 17th Century. It is theorized that the real Gregorian chant used the Solfeggio, which gave the chant far more power to keep monks who were practicing it healthier and living longer than it does today. Potentiation uses the foundational note “Mi.” It is a frequency that has been linked to the native frequency of healthy functioning DNA. There’s a scholar named Leonard Horowitz who has written a lot about this in various books and has gone on to extrapolate three additional notes, making a nine-note scale, which I do not think is necessary. The Regenetics Method uses the original Solfeggio as the pitch for singing or chanting specific vowel sequences designed to reset or upgrade different aspects of what I call the “ener- genetic” blueprint—the blueprint that’s over in the domain of sound, which I also call time-space.

Michael: One thing I’ve been interested in, as well, is cymatics, where basically a different frequency is used to vibrate some powder on a table into complex geometric shapes associated with the frequency. This is power of creation, the power of sound—very interesting stuff.

Sol: Cymatics is an important science. It’s the study of the effect of sound on molecular structure and was developed by a European scientist called Hans Jenny. Sound has a measurable, documented, irrefutable impact on molecular structure; and moreover, there’s a whole science called “wave-genetics” that shows that sound actually impacts and changes DNA. You can google the research of Peter Gariaev or Vladimir Poponin, two Russian scientists who work in the field of wave-genetics. I also publish an ezine called DNA MONTHLY. If you go to my website,, and you can subscribe for free. I regularly publish articles on this type of thing. I’ve published several articles I had to edit from rudimentary translations from the Russian that Gariaev wrote. It’s very clear that wave-genetics is an Era III science that works at the level of sound to transform DNA—to the extent that not only can we use sound to heal DNA and the body. But we can actually expose a frog embryo to certain wave frequencies of sound in the laboratory. What is then born is not a frog, but a salamander, because the frequencies used were salamander frequencies. That is creation. That is in the beginning was the Word.

Michael: Powerful stuff. I’ve actually been to a health clinic where they do some amazing work based on the idea that healing happens on all levels of being. The more we can heal on the spiritual level at the higher energies, the more the physical will be healed as well. What’s interesting is that they use machines which send vibrations at different frequencies into the body.

Sol: There are lots of people doing that kind of thing all over the world. Some pretty high-level scientists are doing what you’re describing. What I think that approach misses, though it’s absolutely laudable and worthwhile, is the spiritual dimension. Meaning that you could take someone who has spiritual issues that their symptoms are trying to tell them about and beam the exact correct sound frequency at them, and unless they are in a position to embrace their spiritual healing, their body will never heal. So there’s an individual spiritual dimension here that is missed by machine approaches. Now, I have nothing against machine approaches. But I do suggest in my first book, CONSCIOUS HEALING, that there are two paths being followed currently.

Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Tra

One is the Path of Technology and the other is the Path of Nature. If you read back through the Apocrypha or Vedic texts, people were doing healing with voice that was absolutely miraculous. No machines needed. It has been my choice to pursue the Path of Nature, not the Path of Technology.

Michael: Interesting. So, the sound you’re describing in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA and the techniques you’re sharing are actually the sound of voice?

Sol: Yes. In POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, I teach readers how to perform a DNA activation called Potentiation designed to reset the bioenergy blueprint. Once you reset the blueprint, you can experience improvement on many different levels.

Michael: Great stuff. So it’s the spoken word, correct?

Sol: It’s vowel sequences. One of the epiphanies I had when I was very sick years ago with a serious autoimmune disease with affinities to AIDS, as I write in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, occurred when I was working with a form of allergy elimination technique. I was working in Era II. I was using light to try to heal myself. Also, I was working with various clients who came to me suffering from allergies. I began to have a number of what I would call spiritual, “Higher Self” “downloads,” and was prompted, along with my partner Leigh, an amazing woman, to travel to Brazil in search of a way to heal myself. We went to Brazil in 2003 and had a series of amazing adventures, some of which I describe in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. The result was a series of what I would call spiritual events, or epiphanies, where we directly interfaced with our Higher Selves in visual form. In his book SUPERNATURAL, Graham Hancock writes about this phenomenon, where shamans throughout history have had encounters with luminous beings. A lot of people call them angels. They might also be your Higher Self trying to interface with you. As I describe in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, Leigh and I were given, via a kind of genetic download, a series of vowel codes. We were given to understand that the vowels in English—a, e, i, o, u—correspond energetically to the five nucleotides of DNA and RNA. And we could use these vowels in proper sequences, spoken aloud, chanted or sung at a specific frequency using the Solfeggio scale, to heal our bioenergy blueprint, where energy disruptions through vaccines, karma, heredity, etc., are stored. We can heal these over in the sound domain. Then, the energy comes back filtering through DNA into our bodies here in the light domain to help us heal. That was how Potentiation came about, and in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA I teach you how to potentiate your own DNA.

Michael: Exciting stuff. We haven’t actually described the word “potentiate.” What does it mean?

Sol: Well, it means many things. It’s actually a medical term. But beyond that, it came through to me as connoting strength, vitality, and health. So it refers to a process of going into your blueprint and restoring it to its proper functioning so that all of that energy can flow back through and bring vitality, strength, and wellness into your being.

Michael: I like how you used the term “restoring our blueprint.” There’s big difference between what we’ve been told growing up, that our DNA is our blueprint, and the reality that DNA is being created essentially from a blueprint. We can actually shift back into what I call our divine plan or divine blueprint, which is waiting for us when we’re ready to let go of the blueprint that’s not really healthy, that’s not really who we are in the totality of our being. It’s a limited version of ourselves. And when we are ready to surrender that, we can talk about the VEDAS and different spiritual texts, and the surrender of the self that’s not real for what is real. And that reality is our divine blueprint. Restoring ourselves to our true blueprint is pretty exciting stuff.

Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Tra

Sol: So, how do you see that blueprint? How do you define “blueprint”?

Michael: I was suggesting we are more than the game we’ve been playing and our presence is essentially our blueprint. When we can reconnect with our presence, reconnect with our divine talents and gifts, which are found in oneness, we move beyond this separation illusion. To me, that’s what we’re talking about today: using frequency ideally to transmute the frequencies of separation and lack, the lower frequencies, and move back into the frequencies where all life is one. What does it mean to you to restore a blueprint?

Sol: That’s a great question. I mean, we’re going from a discussion about healing in 3D, to evolving the body beyond 3D, right?

Michael: Yeah, evolving the consciousness and with it the body.

Sol: I would argue that it’s hard to upgrade consciousness without ultimately upgrading the body. Consciousness and the body are so intertwined. Our bodies are a product of a type of consciousness, a level of consciousness. So if we’re talking about 2012 or ascension or lightbody or merkabah or diamond body or jade body or holy flesh or any of these other names for the next avatar of our being, we don’t get there by zapping ourselves with machines or putting crystals on ourselves. We get there by expanding and upgrading our consciousness.

Michael: We’re in agreement.

Sol: So the work that I do, that I have been willing to bring through … I don’t claim it

It’s about upgrading consciousness. And all the

benefits, I believe, that occur by way of Regenetics, starting with Potentiation, occur

because the consciousness at the genetic level is increased. That then goes into time-space and ricochets back into space-time, where we are and changes happen. Sometimes the changes quite inexplicable and miraculous; other times they are more subtle.

as mine really … I’m a vessel

Michael: I was not able to read your whole book because time was short, but I did read some. Great stuff. One part was about the dark night of the soul. We discussed this on at least one show already, with Steve Larson. We discussed having to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough. It sounds like that’s what happened with you in the 90s, Sol.

Sol: This whole subject of breakdown leading to breakthrough, that came from a quote by Jung, who said you cannot have breakthrough without breakdown, needs to be nuanced. Jung was making a strong statement. Sometimes strong statements are only partially true. What I mean is that I don’t think everyone has to have the absolute catastrophe to their health, for example, that I had in order to wake up to their greater life in spirit and get on the path of their calling. There’s a great book by a Jungian psychologist named James Hillman from the late 90s. The name escapes me, but the theory was that we all come into this life as a soul with a calling. Some of us immediately are on to it, like Mozart, who at four was playing world-class music. But for others, our calling takes us longer to find. Hillman called this the acorn theory. In essence, we allow the acorn of our true calling to grow up inside us, and eventually, it becomes a tree. Sometimes during this growth process, we experience our breakdown, because we are so strained and stretched by this acorn growing into a tree inside us that we go into a dark night of the soul or some kind of crisis, even a minor one, that pushes us to look at ourselves within the context of the world in a very different light.

Michael: Absolutely. It can be something really big or something we decide to wake up from quickly. And I think that even as a society—the same thing happens. When it’s

Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Tra

time to change, according to that acorn within, we can as a society move forward and make it happen, or we can try to keep the old ways going and then the breakdown becomes a little more to have the breakthrough.

Sol: We’re seeing it, aren’t we?

Michael: We certainly are …

Sol: What you’re describing is on the news all the time. It seems to me to be the force of breakdown meeting head-on the force of breakthrough constantly right now, like I’ve never seen it.

Michael: It’s the dividing of the wheat from the chaff. It’s up to us. Do we want to be part of the breakthrough or the breakdown? Each of us has that really amazing and divine blueprint and plan to be part of the breakthrough, but also we have the potential to go down with the breakdown. To me it takes a critical mass of beings awakening to their higher reality and shift their consciousness, and I’m really with you that part of that is potentiating our DNA.

Sol: However we do that.

Michael: However we do that, yeah.

Sol: There are galactic energies on the move. It’s worth reading the work of John Major Jenkins, or Carl Johan Calleman, despite their disagreements, or even José Argüelles’ work, or David Wilcock’s, or Ken Carey’s … Here we are “shifting away,” based on so much redundant data. It’s really the purpose of the blogs I write to reflect on this Shift. I also wrote about it in CONSCIOUS HEALING, but lately in my blogs I’m looking at very simple ways we can align ourselves with this cosmic energy, this “torsion,” hyper-dimensional energy. We’ve actually, as a planet and a solar system, moved into a higher dimensional zone of energy, and it’s changing us whether we like it or not. We can resist or we can go with it the best we can. There are strategies, not just the work that I do in Regenetics, but other strategies for aligning with this energy.

Rhonda: You know, one of the things that I always was interested in was the concept of Shiva the destroyer in Hindu tradition. Shiva’s many arms and legs do this cosmic dance that goes through and literally destroys negative energies so they can be rebuilt into the positive. That’s the concept—that you have to destroy it first in order for it to be rebuilt.

Sol: And here we are, according to many people, right at that turning point in Kali Yuga, this low point of darkness which represents a kind of gross materialism and control corresponding to our galactic movement, where we’re the farthest away from Galactic Center, our source. Now we’re just on the cusp of moving back in that direction. All of these scholars, all of these sources are agreeing that we’re on the cusp of really profound change—and it’s happening in our consciousness first. The inevitable result is that it will change our total reality, including our bodies. That’s where we can talk about going from a 3D body into something beyond, a lightbody, something that is “ascended,” in some sense, because it’s the vehicle to experience the next level of reality.

Michael: Yeah, and it all starts within, doesn’t it? Like you’re saying, there’s really not one, for me anyway, method that’s going to be the right method for everyone.

Sol: Absolutely not.

Michael: There’s not any outer means … There’s absolutely no technology, no crystal, no book, even no guru … Even God as the “guru” outside of us wouldn’t do it, because it’s really about us shifting ourselves. We’re not doing so alone, though. We’re really connecting with the guru, but the guru is within us. That’s our Higher Self, and our

Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Tra

Higher Self connected with many other enlightened beings in the oneness of totality of being. It’s a different path for each of us, but that path is the same. It’s the narrow way, and it’s the way of going in, listening to our heart expanding our consciousness within, and moving from the left brain of being in control back into the heart being in control, and using the left brain as a tool rather than the left brain allowing us to think of ourselves as the left brain.

Sol: Everything you just said I agree with profoundly. One of the things it brings up

misconception. Kali has another face, which is sort of the

rebuilder, right? The ideas of destruction and rebirth, or death and rebirth, are flip sides of the same coin, so nothing is ever really destroyed. We express this scientifically when we say that matter is never destroyed; it merely changes form. We’re in a moment where we’re seeing the simultaneous destruction and rebirth of so many things. So many people believe that we somehow must destroy our egos, that we must do away with ego, that it can no longer be part of us. My understanding is that the ego is meant to be a faithful servant, not our master. When we get ourselves into alignment and we connect with our calling, we will still have ego—but it will be in service to a higher path, the narrow path. My impression is that people feel that this ascension process, that personal healing and transformation are this almost impossible thing that no one can do unless you’re somehow gifted or really lucky or meet the right person or engage in the right technique. There is no right technique, there is no right person, there’s no really right path for everyone, as you said, Michael. The important aspect here is that coming from a Law of One perspective … I’m not a huge fan of channeling. Let me just state that outright. But there was a series of channelings done in the early 80s by Carla Rueckert and some other people called the Law of One. It’s very profound. David Wilcock’s entire opus has been built on this series of channelings. He has been able to find the science to prove so much of what came through. That’s one of the many reasons I have a connection with the Law of One. In the Law of One, we’re at the end of what is called Third Density, preparing to go into Fourth Density. It’s a little bit like going from the third dimension into the fourth dimension. I know a lot of people talk about the fifth dimension, but to me that really makes no sense. Why would you skip a base in baseball if you’re running the bases? We have to go from third to fourth. In any case, to go from third to fourth, all that we have to do, according to the Law of One, is think about others as opposed to ourselves fifty-one percent of the time. Fifty-one percent of the time, we have to not be totally selfish. If we can do that, then we can harness the energies of this time period, be transformed, and enter a new reality. That gives hope.

for me is another

Michael: Oh, there’s plenty of hope. That’s what this show is really about. My understanding is similar in that Service to Others, which I think is what the Law of One calls it, is a big part of the process of moving into a new earth. And we’re going to do this not because everyone suddenly is working on themselves, but because a critical mass of people are working on themselves and shifting their consciousness. That’s going to change the collective consciousness. Then everyone else can have access to an easier way to focus on others and also work on themselves. It takes those pioneers in consciousness to really have those breakthroughs. I really have enjoyed our conversation, Sol, and I hope everybody checks out POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, which I believe is launching soon? Is it on the market yet?

Sol: It’s on the market through And it will be on soon. You can also check out my personal website, I have painting, fiction and nonfiction on that site.

Michael: Yeah, there’s some great artwork there. It’s been a lot of fun, Sol, and I’m looking forward to chatting again as we progress through this Shift. And I’m going to

Healing & Transformation with DNA Activation (Interview Tra

read more because I’m certainly very interested in these techniques and potentiating our DNA.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.


[Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. His numerous

books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING: BOOK ONE ON THE REGENETICS METHOD


THE REGENETICS METHOD. For information on the “revolutionary healing science” (NEXUS) of the Regenetics

Method, check out Sol is also author of the BEGINNER’S LUKE Series of seriocomic

novels that hilariously foreground the role of imagination in creating our individual and collective reality.

Characterized by Reader Views as a “modern-day ALICE IN WONDERLAND” and by Apex Reviews as a “mind-

bending journey through the mind of the ultimate iconoclast,” BEGINNER’S LUKE is also, as literature professor

Niama Williams has written, a “spiritual journey that you do not want to put down.” Share the Adventure of an

imaginary lifetime by visiting View Sol’s paintings and learn more about his work at]





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DNA activation




Potentiate Your DNA


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