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Private sector banks are embracing social media far quicker than their public sector counterparts. Use of social media can help make a company appear to be more accessible, which may explain why most private sector banks have jumped on this bandwagon, leaving the public sector banks far behind. As private banks engage in fierce competition with each other to manage the finances of Indias middle class, Facebook has proven to be a deciding battleground. However, with social media being a two way conversation, only a handful of banks have dared to embrace the veritable minefield of actively engaging in two way conversations with customers out in the open. Today, Unmetric, the company that tells global brands how they stack up against the competition on social media, releases its Indias Banks on Social Media report. The report examines every aspect of the banks Q1 social media strategy - January 1st, 2013 to March 31st, 2013. Key to rating the social media performance of the banks is the Unmetric Score, a unique measurement designed to give sector aware context to social media activity. The score is a scientific blend of various qualitative and quantitative social media metrics, weighted and balanced to produce a single benchmarkable number. To that end, the Unmetric Scores from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were added together to determine the overall winner. It was found that HDFC Bank is the leading bank on social media with a score of 110 but ICICI bank is not far behind with a score of 108. In third place was Axis Bank with a score of 93. Indian banking industry is booming & is on expansion spree. Indian banks contributed 1.7 per cent to the total global brand value at US$ 14.74 billion and grew by 19 per cent in 2011 as per the annual international ranking conducted by UK-based Brand Finance Plc. According to a recent study done by, Indian banks whether government or private have started using social media to stay in touch with their customers but HDFC stands out as far as leveraging social media is concerned both in terms of number of channels being used as well as engaging with their customers. HDFC Bank has presence across 8 social media channels out of which the prominent presence is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube & their official blog. Important aspect is the engagement which they do on all these channels. Facebook HDFCs page on facebook generates admirable feedback from users which serves as a ground for them to understand their fans as well as promote their banking products. They have a money matters section where they provide interesting recent financial news of interest to their fans. Also they keep on engaging the users with interesting puzzles/jigsaws based upon financial terms. Twitter Banks appear to give much less importance to Twitter with only six out of the eleven banks having a presence on this social network. Kotak Mahindra Bank comes out on top with 17,409 followers and IDBI, a public sector bank is second with 12,484 followers. In third place is ICICI Bank with 7,483 followers. Kotak Mahindra Bank saw a staggering 1,409% growth in its fan base in the three month period analysed. YES Bank grew by 43.2% while Axis Bank grew by 34.6%. Interestingly, IDBI lost fans during the same period.The six banks analysed sent an average of 10 tweets per day. HDFC Bank was the most prolific, tweeting 18 times a day. The banks mostly used Twitter to reply to questions, yet they dont always seem to be in a hurry to reply. IDBI replied to 25 tweets in an average of 9 hours per tweet, whereas HDFC Bank replied to 916 tweets in an average of 19 hours per tweet. ICICI has taken the trouble to set up a dedicated Twitter support account where customers can tweet their problems and get a response; however, it takes ICICI nearly two days, on average, to reply to a tweet.HDFCs twitter approach is build upon again like their facebook approach on sharing

interesting & relevant information with their followers, asking them interesting puzzles, sharing new products & deals from their stable and so on. No wonder that they have a healthy follower count of 1300+ which is growing on the daily basis. Youtube HDFC lacks on its Youtube marketing aspect and needs to learn from other banks like ICICIwhich is the second most active bank on social media in India. Although HDFC has created some great commercials for their television audience which have found their way on Youtube also and these commercials have large viewership on Youtube too but they need to leverage Youtube by posting such videos regularly on their channel & promoting it further. LinkedIn HDFC Banks company page on LinkedIn has more than 13,000 followers. They havent leveraged this platform to its full potential yet like they can display their products on their page on which they can get recommendation from the users which will serve as a live testimonial but still having a presence on LinkedIn is being helpful to them as the company stats & employees list can be browsed through to get interesting information about them.

CASE STUDY - HDFC Bank's new campaign promotes 'My Favourite' feature of ATMs Credits: Project: HDFC Bank ATM Campaign Brief: To promote HDFC Bank's 40% faster ATMs Client: HDFC Bank Creative agency: Euro RSCG National creative director: Satbir Singh Executive creative director: Nilesh Vaidya Production house: MAD Films Director: Parag Kulkarni Client servicing team: Mansi Vora, Riddhi Jani Post-production studio: Prime Focus + Media agency: Starcom Media used: TV, print, outdoor


SWOT analysis of HDFC

Strengths HDFC bank is the second largest private banking sector in India having 2,201 branches and 7,110 ATMs HDFC bank is located in 1,174 cities in India and has more than 800 locations to serve customers through Telephone banking

The banks ATM card is compatible with all domestic and international Visa/Master card, Visa Electron/ Maestro, Plus/cirus and American Express. This is one reason for HDFC cards to be the most preferred card for shopping and online transactions HDFC bank has the high degree of customer satisfaction when compared to other private banks The attrition rate in HDFC is low and it is one of the best places to work in private banking sector HDFC has lots of awards and recognition, it has received Best Bank award from various financ ial rating institutions like Dun and Bradstreet, Financial express, Euromoney awards for excellence, Finance Asia country awards etc HDFC has good financial advisors in terms of guiding customers towards right investments Weakness HDFC bank doesnt have strong presence in Rural areas, where as ICICI bank its direct competitor is expanding in rural market HDFC cannot enjoy first mover advantage in rural areas. Rural people are hard core loyals in terms of banking services. HDFC lacks in aggressive marketing strategies like ICICI The bank focuses mostly on high end clients Some of the banks product categories lack in performance and doesnt have reach in the market The share prices of HDFC are often fluctuating causing uncertainty for the investors Opportunities HDFC bank has better asset quality parameters over government banks, hence the profit growth is likely to increase The companies in large and SME are growing at very fast pace. HDFC has good reputation in terms of maintaining corporate salary accounts HDFC bank has improved its bad debts portfolio and the recovery of bad debts are high when compared to government banks HDFC has very good opportunities in abroad Greater scope for acquisitions and strategic alliances due to strong financial position Threats HDFCs nonperforming assets (NPA) increased from 0.18 % to 0.20%. Though it is a slight variation its not a good sign for the financial health of the bank The non banking financial companies and new age banks are increasing in India The HDFC is not able to expand its market share as ICICI imposes major threat The government banks are trying to modernize to compete with private banks RBI has opened up to 74% for foreign banks to invest in Indian market

HDFC Lifes new campaign targets youth for retirement plan

Conceptualised by Leo Burnett, the campaign highlights the need for early retirement planning BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | January 28, 2013

HDFC Life, one of Indias leading private life insurance companies, has launched a new advertising campaign to increase awareness about early retirement planning. Commenting on the new campaign,Sanjay Tripathy, EVP and Head, Marketing, Product &Direct Channels said, In India, the concept of retirement has undergone a paradigm shift in the last couple of years. In addition to maintaining the same lifestyle individuals have had during their working years, the expectation is also to pursue their interests and even take up hobbies. Our new campaign talks to a younger audience, to help change their mindset that retirement planning is an exercise which one needs to take up only when he is 40-45 years old and all other financial planning objectives have been met.

This campaign follows the launch of HDFC Lifes two pension plans HDFC Life Pension Super Plus (a regular premium unit linked plan) and HDFC Life Single Premium Pension Super (single premium unit linked plan). HDFC Life is the first private life insurer to bring back pension planning based on the new guidelines issued by the regulator.

Increase in life expectancy, emotional tendency not to depend on relatives/children for expenses, desire to maintain independent lifestyle and remain a contributor, lack of social security system, and wish to opt for rest and relaxation are the compelling reasons to focus on a robust retirement plan during ones prime earning years. This is because an early investor will enjoy the benefit of young age, good health, and multiplier effect of money. added Tripathy.

On the completion of this campaign, KV Sridhar, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett, said, Young professionals think retirement is too far away to worry about it today. This campaign taps into the insight that these people, all of whom grew up in a liberalized economy, prize their current lifestyle a lot and would like it to continue post-retirement.Via a lighthearted story of a young husband playing a prank on his wife about his retirement, we delivered the need to plan your future and our promise Taaki kal, bilkul aaj jaisa ho. The humorous nature of the story allowed us to be more relatable to the target and yet maintain the HDFC Life brand space.

The communications concept of HDFC Lifes retirement campaign is a solid back -up plan, which signifies that you will enjoy the fruits of your labor without any worries, when your future is secured. The creative expression is, Retirement plan karo taaki aapka kal bilkul aaj jaisa ho. HDFC Life plans to take its new campaign through different platforms and intensify the brand experience. Apart from television, this film will be supported by other mediums such as print, OOH, and digital will have significant focus.