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~ahbJune sprints
a w h - O - r f n mmr, tor the ?%lZ of Tom T'~ohy.A u td wan wcm bp Oi.nlai. E m D o l l i n V I
by the & u t i w Jerry H.nsen BprinC w-~ h . n d U. va n. b v t. h a~~inhim~ -"a. old Lolr Lierr). briefly rehqu(abed ths l e d to the TIubo 917 @dad by
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.bland mall b m M i . wad won by n ; 6B * . clo.ely folkmad by 6 kdmmn Dennis .horsd the HP W I I his taupipa when ~ ~ *may b s b p p d o u t aheedofRlohudCnmnbsrg. .* F-V ~ aahioh . tumsd l l n s me DRitlnO C o n M .(uted with b . u l j 60 bestera Dave Hvrls won in au photo tiniah &hodof John W o n .

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mmbnmh and drmted phion pins. T h e y rou up prula, that 0110s lugged the U K mules I gold-

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for South East Nationals

Jim Bmokdlim

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.od Anthoqy Rumdl TIOP) flzlwwd a a ~ n d uld thLrd. I n t b s B u p s l V ~ p . R b k M ~ ~ ~ in a Lolr with P h i l l i p Cali- tn m&m

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-. - -.. s&~e~o.~~'CmmmmFvrdTorlno of J W Donlavay and the No. 4 Olympic l3w.s Dodge Charp.rdHsnhelMoQrUf-

.nrg~eumully.ppu~blue .bnd~pn~.uupre-~woNBut -4aIr.d uptbnenadlovrdsep1* Ibrt&wvo-6igmolutw&mi$s.nd m o m w d e d u r o r d . p r e d . b o t r t t h . tMI. around the NMCAR .Otirity. AalOrt0.n'~big. hesvy. tnllky #tookorn. parlr~ intgtly into me o m ~ g ~ f

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FOrd-nO-twvm by Qmud Nrficnul reguIarDiokBmod..ndformHLslldvu V . t e n a Dick ktpmhemo~weut nthes w e l l u n i U t h e ~ ~ o u t e t B am.. one of the only tno exoiwiwly AmerkautsMsWIinthelma.


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Land 0 ' Lakes Rwon, SCCA

Bminrd, Minnaotl

regulvs would get fieir comeuppance come cheakerad flag time. Some of the N M C A R ON West hotshos. beve

RIVERSIDE, calif.-The

winner of the

looking 29-year-old from Modesto. California. whose nickname of lnan the Terrible belies his mild appearance. looked l i k e s born roadracerashetook his

of Dan Clark, who moved to within three seconds of Raldwin, and Jim Sanderson. the fourth qnalifier, who was banging on Clark's rear for second. It looked for

2.8 over Clark. There was another 1.7 hack to Sanderson. then the injured Chevy of Ron Esau. John Borneman up from 12th. Richard Escalante up from 25th. Steurer. Troy Childers. Pete Torres. and Dale Perry. who would have done better if he hadn't taken a line about s i x inches higher than the high line around turn nine and scraped the left front tire so

cement on the spill slipped and fell.

through t u r n six-the



u n y p o . ~ ~ . . ~ t h s & i l l * t o . t o y ) ~ , i n bmtdeht line.aitboutr#+whmllabp.-tbe car w u nrbj08t.d b its initial D r n d t i D d to ths w w p m bt

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&om of tbe 911

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thotit'.goingtobst&@tofindap~.Eeto m O l r n t b ~ b u ~ d ~ ~ y ~ ~ r a O r ( b . Do l e @ & drlll bud r B i g Ugly drill bit. N o t b ploaabnt thought And before we're o a m ~ l e t s o# l ~ the Bubiaot. we'd like to p0Gi out-tnu the ours front bud rsor



~ ~ u r d ~ W ~ b m p n t n v l d d r o f f t L . n u . n d ~ g t M B . ~ r , - ~ ru fhnt nith thb thoughtful deW. i n ~ a e d o h t h s S B ~ ~ s ~ ~

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dght-mu nrnh mme n standud Th.t-8 w b e ~ the g.sCI U I~ filler(uMit'8RbbMt m a p ) live. bud no ~ w h a t t h e W ~ I n t h e t a a h ~ , dbud i b M aanaiag fuel got tmm tbe irulde m the OutBide. Hud to tma@ioe bor PonoB.mould hbva mbml

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~ ~ . I t h M h . s t c o u l d b e

~I*BQ.dntpl.onthbtreu that's rightAlfb inhoduoed .ranp M . Qa Mt have w.tbelt in June d 1976. N m W, W n o w on this 1M1npRpBz . t . q will ZiQ nubelted in .Pgbodp~ou,rro~ho1.h,Mor it m o non-aeaa ~ are ~ i o r o t h a ~ ~ ~ n s , U n e l l : i i mu% 6%" d M U a o o t thedriver's mat ua l tb. vou lust msv be c d --- aG &ad. -role to .hoehorn a ~ ~ b b0 i;t som&g . of aimllrv e i m into one d the seats, but w e doubt it. Lt*e every other Porsche back seat we% wen, thsw sesm to have bsen buflt expzssaly to be folded down into a luggage c o m m n t . One wonders wby PDnohe bothm. Partunbtelv. . ~-.. that's not the cane with imnt pert ~ m m m ~ nwhich s . are oommodiou. in sprdea. conanatMt rebdsm d l hbve .esnlt mentionedpreviously in i h s a oodumru th.tthe beverb@ height of tao Autoweek . M il right st 75.75


pacnMed mom leg mom, more shoulder

paciuga and bigtirsa) wurn

one second of Allison when Bobby slowed

turn four. Both rejoined the race without

tllal 6


then half the world by him.

Riverside Pole To Pearson

RIVERSIDE. Calif.-lt i s almost axiomatic in NASCAR that the rich get richer and the poor get to start 19th. You can practically name the top 10
1:26.502. and just because you never heard of him doesn't mean Pearson et a1 weren't Paying close atkntlon when herolled out onto the track.

Sixth came Cale Yarborough in the without even at looking most a NASCAR t the entryraces list: qualifiers ~ ~ lkl i ~ ~ Holly ~ ~ Farms ~ , ,Chicken Chevrolet. Corng Petty. pearson, ~ into this race Ch e had Led more laps than Parsons...the same old faces. the guys anybody else in IVASCAR this year. but a rvlth money, ,he guys first class

Autoweek goes to the Baja International offroad race.

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B To Preparation
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& r e t b e u o r s ) . o i ~ a y ~ ~ ~

Jroll lvedft. Wr p r o w hare. Nine irr uu3 Final Drlve md ooven e v w t b h g eft of Um clutds Ten im S u o p e ~ i o n ~smtandpm~e*UnothingelM,cruryouolrndo

. p d a r * C t u r r r ~ ~ ~ u l d w o n . u


foUowfngW n p t b . r s p l d a r t b e ~ ~ U B m i t b . bur5$nlrr'mfr W a n t t h s ~ o Mvsq are going to be d i o ~ ~ Bmltlr's booq, It y o ~ ' . Y been telling riIelonalts ddb tbat m ' d aln U sly p)u a ~ o r d m d attb mon um~ I U

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itmflmharstobut(h.tUyouhawthebuok. and 8 mup you arn t n u t you're probably b g e r off ~hlnrh.wItAndthi.~atlvtclr.nup ths a m okl qu&bn QIbt I.Bump W : Elevsn is ~ E l rnEhuuImt*a l l d ~ c ~ ~ w b s r a y o u w i l l baa wm's more to it th.0 .tumng it in and V & I L muflow.and hsathsr Wsa. W b k to u a lor c3om&bgtbblled T w o l ~ ~ p . t~ n .t n d P l a u n g . ~ t h s d m l t # ~ e i r r ~ ~ B ~ ~ t r o i n p * a n ienss6l.d .irarm've~y~ot~thlnetoononofito Cbsptw Tbrr I s Rlveha RiveUw,and Weldinv. I l o mu how it muat be dons. Not only Y o U c u r l e u n ~ t O ~ l n s t r U & ~ ~oglhdem but . imprmti&mmu--gouornHnd~I~muchrnom r h m(then'. more to it than you thbls), h w to p h i ..dlyifthen'~~0DO~ofofldownthe8idedr a d ~ w e l d E . u l d h m t o m l d e r . r ; . r i s t g o f h ~ ~ t o u d . t i n t b h . 6 ~ 6 e a m h : matdab, Wd how to glue. a Mu4 rlth "Prvm the iponmr'a point of view a w e cu i s 0 0 s on WihWIvea no8Ugbutr~epeedbillboani.Sponmnamnot Bau irr B 4 & 4 Metcil work. Buioto 6mith. intemmbd in momffy blllbosnls." He not only but~loob~~~toua.Itoovenbsnding cwmmmdm r j p m of p&t. pollab, and w u but dm and tarmlnp mew ohapes, reidtubo ~ o n ~ . i n o . o y o l ~ t o r ~ l a r g e j n n o t h a and d l like tbat. .mnirlnpthrong d lrktda relwvm, or 8haaghaled Rvn in Bnbr. Glutoh. ThrobUe, md CcakpIt Thi. ~o r~ opwk.(theaualumthemanrlthths g e t a ~ ~ u ~ ~ I l a h . g a s . ~ d u c t s u r d l t~ moneyauMtsto~budnsu be5ides the arementioned and contains ~.up.comatbvontpartOialkChapcsr19is Ini~onkrhsbiUsbeddtngpadrauddlaeam w e l l ~ h o r t o ~ e n t t h e o u . b o w t o l o u t e ~ R.wrb.PAW SWOT^. andotkoi..tloE Bmith admits thi., loo, 1. hut m l u p ,.nd ths oontrola and hm a d afrars to mount #.My lna@ada of ol he rap. 1 . . t . g g 8 * , it hcrnevrarandbalto. rndthe C h . p l e r S i x I e B u s p s l l . i o n ~ A n d B s ~ includarvsn*e~dsarrlwolU-,*t. e mi n * t r ~ o n l I M t a u a t l o ~ . n d ~ e v ~ h p m b m . a dindtvidnd g evwyWw you nad exoept money and amuln-page ~of.cbeaklidth.twllutoundyotlnt*its wmplsrity,phua@&bothawwmqsot The Bpghnbp m r . o r wen tbe eqmsbmd one who hu h n tmuMed with DNF. and mach.nloal ~canbudlg..IIordtoL.ritboutRapantTo Wlk It's a at boohrtosrr, U you oan find one youl-th.lsole-.aduitis~ut~e&e~not~the ddwrll, you put a g@ui bat patoh on it md oontlnw dinot h m CuraU 6mith CoWtlng, Ina, M udngthe6moedthlnc.Thetire~dooYL1Ls f f W e l a h 9 RarQ Pa1w Ver-3~Penindq W.


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Readers Speak Out

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