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November 14, 2007 Introduction to Biblical Studies Author: Steve Moyise In this book Steve Moyise gives us a good

introduction to the different studies of the bible. This book consists of nine chapters, an appendix, bibliography, index of biblical references and a general index. In the chapters he gives a conclusion, additional reading, and questions to assist in learning the main ideas of the chapter. In the first chapter, God and the Bible, he begins by showing what the bible gives us, or does for us that human writings do not do or cannot do. He suggests that it gives us knowledge, it shows us how to live, it reveals the way of salvation, and it reveals God. He then discusses how to understand the bible and its inspiration. In chapters two through five he discusses historical approaches. In chapter two he focuses on source criticism, chapter three is focused on contextual criticism, chapter four focuses on redaction criticism, and chapter five focuses on textual criticism. Chapter three is broken down three more ways from contextual criticism, he breaks it down to history of religions school, form criticism, and social-scientific criticism. In chapter six he discusses the literary approaches and the different ways the text affects the readers. He then discusses the role of the readers in chapters seven and eight. In chapter seven he discusses how gender, ethnicity, and social location play a role, and in chapter eight he discusses reading against the grain to understand those verses that seem to promote such things as sexism, racism, and imperialism. In his final chapter, chapter nine, he discusses theological approaches, and tells us about the Enlightenment principle. He also discusses five different interpretations consisting of Evangelical, Christological, Ecclesiocentric, Canonical, and Trinitarian.

Moyises book which claims, from the title, to be an introduction to biblical studies serves its purpose well. Some of the topics he brings up need to be studied more in depth, but since this is an introduction it should not really be expected; this is where his sections on Further Reading are useful. While this book may be confusing or hard to understand at some points it all clears up and comes together in the end. Moyise does a good job of writing this so that Christians can use it in their studies or people that are studying for more of an academic purpose can also use it. This book should not be depended upon for a complete understanding of in depth bible study, but it is a very good start. It is a very well written book and gives good resources for further study and knowledge.