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Agbara Oro Enu: The Power of the Word Oro Enu (The Word) is very power and we have

to be careful before speaking. It is the Word that created this world, and it is the Word that can destroy it.A good Word can lead us to success and a bad Word can lead to our downfall. We can use Oro Enu to become rich and that same rich person can become poor because of Oro Enu. There are many Odu that speak about Oro Enu: Etura Obara/ Etura Arawara Fi enu mo enu Fi ete mo ete A difa fun iwofa alaba to Fe lori oku gbigbe lori igi obi Ifa ni gbogbo ti oju ba ri Ni enu ma so. This verse, Ifa tells us that it is important to remember that all that the eyes see, the mouth cannot say. If the mouth fails to heed this warning, problems will manifest for the mouth. When the mouth says all of what the eyes see then the mouth will tear like a cloth. If people don t use caution they can find themselves in a very bad place.In another odu, Eturupon Meji/Ologbona Meji Ifa says: Enu roro paro Enu roro sa e Enu mujemuje Nibiti otito ku s i This Odu tells us that not all that the mouth says is the truth because words can be used to trick people by lying and deceiving. One can also use words to show honor or dishonor. The word a is like an egg, if it falls it is not possible to restore it to its original state. The Word that people say will not die maybe they are good words or maybe they are bad words. However, the Word that has been said will be remembered and it will continue to be remembered long after the person who has said it, is long gone. Let us always use good words so that people will always remember us from our good words. Ifa says in another verse, Irete Ogunda/Irete Ariya Oro rere ni yobi lapo Oro buburu niyo ida nu apo A difa fun ako ariya Alukin fun abo ariya This verse tells us to have good words in our mouth; it is good words that bring kola nuts out of the pocket. It is bad words that take the sword out of the scabbard. If we say good words all the time it will bring us blessings, honor and respect. However bad words give us disgrace, dishonor and death. If you want to do anything in this world you must use words. If someone is looking for work regardless of their credentials, they must speak in an interview. If you want a wife or husband is it through the communication that people come together. If there is a problem with the law it is through words that the case is made in your favor or not. To become a leader it is through the word. When a leader uses good words then they will have loyal followers. Because of the good word a leader may be successful. People use words to protect themselves from danger. We can also use word to fight without using any weapon or medicine. At the job or office or in politics they use words to fight each other, they use words to send people to jail and words can also cause sickness in the body. Ofun Okanran/ Ofun Ran Ekun Ifa se ko awo omode

Igede dun mo awo agbalagba Babalawo to ko ifa ti ko ko Igede ko ma ranti ojo kan pa san A difa fun wale elu abi somo ni igede ekiti In this odu, Ifa tells us that when you want to go and learn Ifa you have to learn Ifa Ijugbe Word not Agabamirara word. Ifa Ijugbe Word are good and peaceful words. But Agabamirara word are strong, fighting words. This odu Ifa says that it is important to learn both the good word and the strong word. One must use them to together but one cannot let the bad outweigh the good. It is important to remember that even if it isone day of fighting and one day of war nothing is taken away from the battlefield, it is the words that persists. It is only the word that will be said out and it will continue. It is the word that will eventually take you from danger. We use the word to call Spirit. Whether it is Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, it is through the word that the spirit is called. We use the word to bind the spirit to medicine that is to heal or harm. Be mindful of the words you use, for it is our most powerful asset.

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