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B8TH Gradeb TEST ON ENGLISH /Global Test / Units 2,3,4


Name Date Dif. YES / NO Extra Points Score

1 Read the sentences. Then listen to Amy and Chris talking about the weekend. Mark the statements T (true) or F (false).
F ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ___/10 marks

0 Amy heard the weather forecast. 1 There will be thunder and lightning. 2 Chris wanted to do things outside at the weekend. 3 Chris doesnt think that the weather forecast is always correct. 4 Amy offers to help Chris. 5 Chris wants to go shopping and then to the cinema. 6 Amy is happy to go to Jamies house. 7 Amy will probably stay at home on Saturday afternoon. 8 On Sunday morning, Chris wants to wake up late. 9 Amy thinks Chris new plan for Sunday morning is exciting. 10 Amy wants it to rain at the weekend.

A 0 1 2 3 4 5 The thunder was The rain It was The temperature is The hot sun The fog will .... .... .... 0 .... ....

Match the two halves of the sentences.

B fell heavily. extremely hot yesterday. clear in the afternoon. very loud. around 18C. will burn you. ___/5 marks

Complete the sentences with a word about the future. The first letter has been given to you.

0 You often get fortune cookies when you go to a Chinese restaurant. 1 Do you believe it is possible to p_________________ the future? 2 Some people read the future from tea l_________________. 3 I can tell your future from the p_________________of your hand! 4 I read my h_________________every Saturday in the newspaper. 5 I dont believe in a_________________. I dont think the stars change your personality. ___/5 marks

1 Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the verbs in the box and the correct pronoun (I, you, she or we). Consider Present Continuous for future.
go visit not come stay plan get

A: I am planning a surprise holiday for Simon and myself. Any ideas? B: Well, ______________________ to Athens next month. Why dont you come with us? A: How ______________________there? B: By plane of course! And ______________________the coast as well! A: Where ______________________? B: At the Grand Athena Hotel. Its expensive but we want a treat. A: And your daughter Jackie? B: ______________________. Shes staying with some friends.

Read Annas thoughts about her future. Write sentences about them using the 2 verbs in the brackets.
My thoughts about my future: Will certainly happen: university, married Will probably happen: in a hospital, children, round the world Wont happen: famous 0 (get) 1 (work) 2 (study) 3 (have) 4 (travel) 5 (be) I will get married. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

___/5 marks

3 Complete the sentences with too and an adjective from the box.
cold heavy hot difficult big young

___/5 marks

0 She cant do this test because its too difficult. 1 I want to move house. This one is __________________________ . 2 I cant drink this coffee. Its __________________________. 3 Sarah cant go to the disco. She is __________________________. 4 Can you help me? These books are __________________________for me to carry. 5 I dont want to go swimming. The weather is __________________________. Its winter! ___/5 marks

4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets. Use adverbs
0 A: Why are you so late? B: Oh, the train went very slowly. (slowly) 1 A: You look tired. B: Yes, I worked ____________________ yesterday. (hard) 2 A: Do you speak German ____________________? (good) B: Yes, I studied it for four years. 3 A: John wants to become a racing driver. B: I know. He drives really ____________________. (fast) 4 A: Did you win the tennis match yesterday? B: Yes, I won ____________________. (easy) 5 A: Do you think you will get good marks in your Geography essay? B: I think so. I did it very ____________________. (careful)

___/5 marks

Write sentences or questions with will or wont.

0 how / life / change / 2050 / ? How will life change in 2050? 1 I / become / doctor / Africa (+) __________________________________________________________________________________ 2 Jane / become / very tall (-) __________________________________________________________________________________ 3 Anthony / finish / his degree / ? __________________________________________________________________________________ 4 they / pass / their exams (-) __________________________________________________________________________________ 5 you think / you / ever live / abroad / ? __________________________________________________________________________________ ___/5 marks

1 Read the text and underline the correct answers. Do not write the words in the text

I 0 m studying a lot at the moment as I have exams next month. Im sure I 1 ............... pass them 2 ............... . Then I will be able to go to university. I dont know exactly what to study yet. Im interested in Physics, but thats probably 3 ............... difficult to study, so I might study Geography. After my exams I 4 ............... to the USA where my uncle lives. I want to spend a couple of months there, and find a job. Id like to work in

............... or caf, so I can meet new people. I dont mind working 6 ............... but I also want to have some

fun. My uncle and his family live in Dayton, a town in the Midwest, which is not 7 ............... . I probably wont have time to travel around much. Ill 8 ............... work every day, but thats not a problem. I dont think 9 ............... home until its time for me to start university. If Im 10 ............... this summer, Ill have a fantastic holiday and a place at university.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

a) m studying a) wont a) easy a) much a) hope to go a) bar a) hard a) very big a) must a) Ill come

b) study b) will b) good b) too b) hope go b) a bar b) well b) much big b) have to b) I come b) unlucky

c) will study c) have to c) easily c) many c) hope will go c) the bar c) very c) bigger c) have c) I am coming c) lucky ___/10 marks

10 a) luckily