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David O.

Butts Attorney at Law __________________________________________________________

Post Office Box 3310 Civil and Criminal

Tupelo, MS 38803-3310


Telepho ne: 6628411234 Facsimile: 662-841-0357

EDUCATION B.A., English, University of Mississippi, 1971 J.D., University of Mississippi School of Law, 1974 EXPERIENCE 1974 to present: practicing attorney with extensive pleading, discovery, motion, trial and appellate experience in personal injury, product liability, negligence, domestic, malpractice, workers compensation, social security disability, criminal law and commercial and insurance litigation. Lead counsel at trial and on appeal in 33 cases before the Mississippi Supreme Court 19801983: Lee County Public Defender (part-time) handling over 300 criminal cases. Lead or sole counsel in largest collected bad faith and personal injury jury verdicts in Lee, Itawamba and Tishomingo counties, Mississippi.

Recently performed over 500 pro bono hours in representation of accused teacher in Tupelo Public School District v. Calvin Ellis; routinely exceed pro bono requirements of the Mississippi Bar. HONORS AND AFFILIATIONS Member, in good standing, Mississippi Bar, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Mississippi; Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Sustaining Member (inactive presently), Mississippi Association For Justice and American Association For Justice. President, Lee County Bar Association, 1984 Board of Governors, Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association (now MAJ), 1983-1988 Chair, Amicus Curiae Committee, 1985 (authored amicus curiae guidelines) Chair, Election Committee, 1987 MILITARY SERVICE Commissioned U.S. Army (Armor) 2nd Lt., Fort Bragg, NC, 1971 U.S. Army Armor School, Fort Knox, Kentucky, 1971 Detachment Commander, 108th Armored Cavalry, Mississippi National Guard (MNG), Executive Officer, Troop B, 108th Armored Cavalry, MNG, Detachment Commander, 155th Armored Brigade, MNG, Training/Evaluation Officer, Army Reserve, Jackson, MS. Honorable Discharge, 1982 DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS None PERSONAL Born Oxford, Mississippi, 1949

Married, three children (court reporter, nursing school, pre-med) REFERENCES Provided on request REPORTED CASES PERSONAL INJURY/WRONGFUL DEATH McMillan v. Rodriguez, 823 So. 2d 1173 (Miss. 2002) Belmont Homes v. Stewart, 792 So. 2d 229 (Miss. 2001) State for Use and Benefit of Floyd v. Washington County, 684 So. 2d 624 (Miss. 1996) Sugg v. Sanderson, 515 So. 2d 909 (Miss. 1987) Sears, Roebuck & Co. v. Young, 384 So. 2d 69 (Miss. 1980) Barr v. Davis, 369 So. 2d 513 (Miss. 1979) Sheffield v. Sheffield, 405 So. 2d 1314 (Miss. 1981) WORKERS COMPENSATION Jesco, Inc. v. Cain, 954 So. 2d 537 (Miss. 2007) Flexible Flyer, Inc. v. Harris, 755 So. 2d 50 (Miss. App. 1999) Delta CMI v. Speck, 586 So. 2d 768 (Miss. 1991) Mid-South Packers, Inc. v. Wilson, 445 So. 2d 539 (Miss. 1984) CRIMINAL Colburn v. State, 431 So. 2d 111 (Miss. 1983) Young v. State, 420 So. 2d. 1055 (Miss. 1982) Young v. State, 425 So. 2d. 1022 (Miss. 1983) Chambers v. State, 402 So. 2d 344 (Miss. 1981) Whitmon v. State, 377 So. 2d 1047 (Miss. 1979)

ESTATES Hall v. Hill, 513 So. 2d 898 (Miss. 1987) Copeland v. Smith, 389 So. 2d 498 (Miss. 1980) Patterson v. McKinney, 383 So. 2d 829 (Miss. 1980) DOMESTIC Stringfellow v. Stringfellow, 451 So. 2d 219 (Miss. 1984) Rankin v. Bobo, 410 So. 2d 1326 (Miss. 1982) Cole v. Hood, 371 So. 2d 861 (Miss. 1979) COMMERCIAL Brown v. Associates Commercial Corp., 463 So. 117 (Miss. 1985) Peoples Bank and Trust Company v. Kinsey, 385 So. 2d 615 (Miss. 1980) Depositors Sav. Assn. V. Moore and McCaleb, Inc., 381 So. 2d 1013 (Miss. 1980) Gilchrist Machinery Company v. West, 419 So. 2d 1040 (Miss. 1982) Guntharp v. Planters Oil Mill, 372 So. 2d 1274 (Miss. 1979) Pongetti v. Bankers Tust Sav. And Loan Assn, 368 So. 2d 819 (Miss. 1979) Bynum v. Swiss American of Mississippi, Inc., 367 So. 2d 906 (Miss. 1978) Westinghouse Credit Corp. V. Moore & McCaleb, Inc., 361 So. 2d 990 (Miss. 1978) Fidelity Factors, Inc. v. Fortune Furniture Manufacturing Company, Inc., 357 So. 2d 923 (Miss. 1978) EMINENT DOMAIN Mississippi State Highway Comm. V. Burnett, 379 So. 2d 537 (Miss. 1980)

ELECTION CONTEST Riley v. Clayton, 441 So. 2d 1322 (Miss. 1983)