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Project Definition

Project Name: Blue Zuma project for greatest X-Games scooter of this generation.

Project Scope Statement

Project Objective: creation of one of the greatest scooters of this generation to construct a cutting -edge X games razor scooter to make products for the benefit of children everywhere within 250 days by 2/1/2008 at cost for the project is only $ 1,265,556.20 and it is also estimated that the project will increase revenue for the company by 10-12%. Deliverables: Razor Scooter Patent on Razor Scooter design Production facility and equipment Develop a project Plan. in agreement on the Scope of the project. Requires assembly and materials must meet current safety standards and technical plans to provide for specified X-Games equipment . Milestones: discussing that finalized the design we cannot move forward by 1 December 2007 Technical Requirements: Assembly and materials must meet current safety standards Technical plans to provide for specified X-Games equipment (For example, gyro bars to allow for full rotation of the handle bars without brake line interference.) Adjustable shocks to handle different heights and load restrictions Provide optional performance upgrade kits for the engine Limits and Exclusions: Budget only $ 1,265,556.20 Project team works eight hour days (Monday through Friday) Holiday scheduled with customer. The project will only take duration of 250 days. That the project will increase revenue for the company by 10-12%. Materials must meet current safety standards and technical plans. Customer Reviews: Project manager(me) review with customer(Robin Lane).

Priority Matrix:
Time e constrain Enhance Accept Performanc Cost






Q1: When is the project estimated to be completed? How long will the project take? The project esimated to be completed at 22/12/08. The project take 250 days Q2: What is the critical path for the project? The critical path for the project is: 2,3,5,8,9,10,12,13,14 Market Analysis + Product Design + Product Design Selection + Detailed Product Design + Test Prototype + Finalize Product Design + Order Production Equipment + Install Production Equipment + Celebration



Q3 : What activity has the greatest amount of slack? Detailed Marketing Plan has 159 days of free slack Q4: How sensitive is this network? When project have sensitive its mean project has more than one critical path. The network is not very sensitive, there is only one critical path.

Q5: Identify 2 sensible milestones and explain your choices? Milestones are appropriate checkpoints that provide an indication of progress on the project. About Zuma's project the milestones are: Marketing analysis its the first activity the project have to start with it before do any other activity , and Product design selection most of the project activates depend on it. Q6: What are advantages of displaying the schedule as a network versus a Gantt chart? Network schedules more clearly exemplify the relationship between different activities and the critical path. Gantt charts are easy to understand and provide a clear overview of the project schedule according to calendar dates.

A Gantt chart :

A network digram :

Schedule table reporting ES,LS,EF,LF, and Slack for each activity?

Acti vities 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Early start Late start Early finish Late finish Free slack

0 25 25 65 75 75 75 125 135 160 160 214 249

25 65 45 75 90 105 125 135 160 167 174 249 250

0 25 45 65 234 105 75 125 135 187 160 214 249

25 65 65 75 249 135 125 135 160 194 174 249 250

0 0 20 0 159 30 0 0 0 27 0 0 0