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Shanghai iMega Industry Co., Ltd, is located in shanghai, the center of the international trade & international shipping, and Finance center. We provide professional resources and service worldwide. We have the quality international recourses, highly qualified experienced professional team. We are focus on best quality, effective service and offering the added value to our customers and partners. We are engaged in all kinds of industrial equipment, auxiliary accessories parts, as well as complete production processing and sales business. Our products are including the various Motor, Fan, Conveyer, bearing, Pump, valve, Pipe-line equipment, hoisting equipment, coupling, reduction box, gear box, etc., which are widely used in the cement plant, powder station, water conservancy project, metallurgy filed, mining, steel and shipbuilding filed, etc. Unlike most sourcing and quality inspection agencies, our service focuses on supply management operations. We are dedicated to finding the most suitable supplier with the best running costs and managing your risk and opportunity strategies here in Asia for you. We have strong industry background and technical support, and have established the reliable relationship with the main domestic manufactories and the international customers. We are insisting to put the customers requirement to be the priority as well as offering the best quality, the suitable price, the shortest lead time with the best service to our customers.


u Professional Global Sourcing, Professional integration solutions services, Supply Chain Management, One-stop B2B Procurement Service, Integration of the global supply chain resources. u Manufacturing, installation, commissioning and sales for electromechanical equipment and industrial automatic production line. Relocation, repairing, routine maintenance for electromechanical equipment and industrial automatic production line. Manufacturing and installation for Steel structure and industrial pipeline. u Import & Export Consulting and other services related to foreign trade, including setup Partnership in China, to be your office in China, joint venture in China, Extend your Market in China, etc.

Marine Equipment and Spare Parts

Cement Equipment and Spare Parts


We want to be the bridge between China to the world and the world to China. We are hoping our customers and partners growing together as company and as individuals

Offer the good quality products sustainably Offer the professional services efficiently Solve the real problem for customers effectively

The added value offered to customers Lower the cost, control the quality and reduce lead time Improve the customers competiveness and integration capability through global sourcing

Megan Li Chris Zhang MBA, Certificate of Professional Purchasing 10+ years professional scouring and purchasing experience in the manufacture field International MBA 9+ Years international trade practice and management experience International management style and deeply understanding and practice of the international market and global supply chain

Nick Yuan Master in Mechanical design manufacturing and automation 9+ years technical design experience in mechanical and shipbuilding industry; Well understanding of mechanical products design & product manufacture process Good knowledge in marine diesel generating set & propulsion devices, Main Engine/ FPP/CPP/Thrusters etc Sebastian Krau Majored in Mechatronic Engineering, 4+ years the machinery quality control experience

Feng Zhang China Leaders for Global Operations (CLGO, MBA + ME) of SJTU 5+ years experience in Operations Management & Supply Chain Management Jan Velich Finance & Global Management Major & MBA in Union College in New York, USA Senior Executive Consultant for the international expert on the strategy consulting in China & Europe & USA


No. 1 2 3 Project Name Customer Name Tianrui Place Group Henan Province 2003 2011 Province Chengmei Hubei Province 2006 Time 2008

4500t/d new dry process cement China production line installation production line installation line electrical and

Cement Co., Ltd. Cement Co., Ltd.

2500t/d new dry process cement Zhongxin Group Zhejiang Zhejiang 4000t/d Cement clinker production Huangshi equipment installation

mechanical Building Materials Co., Ltd.

4500t/d Cement clinker production Henan Xinhua Cement Co., Henan line electrical and mechanical Ltd. Province equipment installation

5 6 7

3200t/d Cement clinker production Nanyang Henxin Cement Henan line installation production line installation the cement plants, including crushing Qingyuan Guangdon g Province Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. Province 5000t/d new dry process cement t Tangshan Jidong Cement Neimengg u Province Hubei Province Rush-repair, overhaul and reform for Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd. conveying equipment,

2007 2009 At present

appliance, grind equipment 8 Cement rotary kiln and cement Guangdong grinding equipment Non-standard hopper and the tower body improvement At present rebuilding, Guangying Cement Co., Ltd


Pictures ongoing or accomplished project scene

Yulong Cements: Construction Contractor

Nanyang Hengxin Cement: Construction Contractor

Q ingyu

an Guangying Cement: 3rd phase project, construction contractor

Yunfu Cement: Lime Bin, construction contractor

Wenzhou Hailuo Cement: Cement Grinding Station, construction contractor

Qingyuan Guangying Cement: 2nd phase project, construction contractor

Shanghai iMega Industry Co., Ltd.
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