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1844 IN PROPHECY #10



1844 N PROFEIE #10







2 Corinthians 2:11 We are in constant danger of becoming selfsufficient, relying upon our own wisdom, and not making God our strength. Nothing disturbs Satan so much as our not being ignorant of his devices. Review and Herald, July 6, 1886.


2 Corinteni 2:11 Suntem n pericol constant de a deveni ncreztori n noi nine, bazndu-ne pe propria noastr nelepciune, i de a nu face din Dumnezeu tria noastr. Nimic nu-l tulbur pe Satana att de mult ca faptul ca noi s nu fim n ne tiin fa de planurile lui. Review and Herald, 6 Iulie, 1886.
TOI CARE CITESC ACESTE RNDURI, S IA AMINTE Predicatori neconsacrai se coalizeaz mpotriva lui Dumnezeu. Ei preamresc pe Hristos i pe dumnezeul acestei lumi cu aceeai rsuflare. n timp ce pretind c l primesc pe Hristos, ei l mbrieaz pe Baraba, iar prin aciunile lor spun, 'Nu pe El, ci pe Baraba.' Fie ca toi cei care citesc aceste rnduri, s ia aminte. Satana se laud cu ce poate face. El crede c poate dizolva unitatea pentru care Hristos S-a rugat ca s fie n biserica Sa. El spune, 'Voi merge nainte i voi fi un duh de minciun pentru a-i nela pe toi cei care pot fi nelai, pentru ca ei s critice, s condamne, i s falsifice.' Ei las ca fiul minciunii i mrturia mincinoas s fie ntreinute de o biseric care a avut o mare lumin , mari dovezi, i ca aceast biseric s resping solia pe care Domnul i-a dat-o , i s primeasc cele mai iraionale afirmaii, supoziii i teorii false . Satana rde de nebunia lor, pentru c el tie care

LET ALL WHO READ THESE LINES, TAKE HEED Unsanctified ministers are arraying themselves against God. They are praising Christ and the god of this world in the same breath. While professedly they receive Christ, they embrace Barabbas, and by their actions say, Not this Man, but Barabbas. Let all who read these lines, take heed. Satan has made his boast of what he can do. He thinks to dissolve the unity which Christ prayed might exist in His church. He says, I will go forth and be a lying spirit to deceive those that I can, to criticize, and condemn, and falsify. Let the son of deceit and false witness be entertained by a church that has had great light , great evidence, and that church will discard the message the Lord has sent, and receive the most unreasonable assertions and false suppositions and false theories. Satan laughs at their folly, for he knows what truth is.

este adevrul. Many will stand in our pulpits with the torch of false prophecy in their hands, kindled from the hellish torch of Satan. If doubts and unbelief are cherished, the faithful ministers will be removed from the people who think they know so much. If thou hadst known, said Christ, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace!but now they are hid from thine eyes. Nevertheless, the foundation of God standeth sure. The Lord knoweth them that are His. The sanctified minister must have no guile in his mouth. He must be open as the day, free from every taint of evil. A sanctified ministry and press will be a power in flashing the light of truth on this untoward generation. Light, brethren, more light we need. Blow the trumpet in Zion; sound an alarm in the holy mountain. Gather the host of the Lord, with sanctified hearts, to hear what the Lord will say unto His people; for He has increased light for all who will hear . Let them be armed and equipped, and come up to the battleto the help of the Lord against the mighty. God Himself will work for Israel. Every lying tongue will be silenced. Angels hands will overthrow the deceptive schemes that are being formed. The bulwarks of Satan will never triumph. Victory will attend the third angels message. As the Captain of the Lords host tore down the walls of Jericho, so will the Lords commandmentkeeping people triumph, and all opposing elements be defeated. Let no soul complain of the servants of God who have come to them with a heaven-sent message. Do not any longer pick flaws in them, saying, They are too positive; they talk too strongly. They may talk strongly; but is it not needed? God will make the ears of the hearers tingle if they will not heed His voice or His message. He will denounce those who resist the word of God. Satan has laid every measure possible that nothing shall come among us as a people to reprove and rebuke us, and exhort us to put away our errors. But there is a people who will bear the ark of God. Some will go out from among us who will bear the ark no longer. But these cannot make walls to obstruct the truth; for it will go onward and upward to the end. In the past God has raised up men, and He still has men of opportunity waiting, prepared to do His bidding Muli vor sta la amvoanele noastre avnd n mini tora unei profeii false, care a fost aprins din focul diabolic al lui Satana. Dac vor fi nutrite ndoieli i necredin, pastorii care sunt credincioi vor fi luai de la oamenii care cred c tiu att de multe. "Dac ai fi cunoscut i tu, mcar n aceast zi, lucrurile, care puteau s-i dea pacea! Dar acum, ele sunt ascunse de ochii ti. "Cu toate acestea, temelia lui Dumnezeu este sigur. Domnul cunoate pe cei ce sunt ai Lui. Slujitorul sfinit trebuie s nu aib nici o viclenie n gura lui. El trebuie s fie curat, liber de orice urm de ru. O slujire sfnt i presa vor fi o putere care va face s strluceasc lumina adevrului asupra acestui neam ticlos. Lumin, frailor, avem nevoie de mai mult lumin. Sunai din trmbi n Sion; sunai n gura mare pe muntele cel sfnt. S se adune otirea Domnului, cu inimi sfinite, s aud ceea ce Domnul va spune poporului Su, pentru c El a mrit lumina pentru toi cei care vor auzi. S fie narmai i echipai, i s vin la lupt n ajutorul Domnului mpotriva celui puternic. Dumnezeu nsui va lucra pentru Israel. Fiecare limb mincinoas va fi redus la tcere. Minile ngerilor vor rsturna planurile neltoare care sunt formate. Bastioanele (fortificaiile) lui Satana nu vor triumfa. Biruina va nsoi mesajul ngerului al treilea. Precum Cpetenia otirii Domnului a drmat zidurile Ierihonului, tot aa i poporul care pzete poruncile Domnului va triumfa, i toate elementele mpotrivitoare vor fi nvinse. Nimeni s nu se plng de slujitorii Domnului care prezint o solie venit din cer. Nu mai cutai greeli la ei, spunnd: Sunt prea categorici, vorbesc prea dur. S-ar putea s vorbeasc dur, dar oare nu este necesar? Dumnezeu va face s iuie urechile asculttorilor, dac ei nu vor dori s asculte vocea i solia Sa. El i va acuza pe cei care se vor mpotrivi Cuvntului lui Dumnezeu. Satan a luat toate msurile posibile ca n mijlocul nostru ca popor s nu vin nimic care s ne condamne i s ne mustre, i care s ne ndemne s dm la o parte toate rtcirile noastre. Dar exist un popor care va purta chivotul lui Dumnezeu. Unii vor pleca din mijlocul nostru care nu vor mai purta chivotul. ns acetia nu pot ridica ziduri care s mpiedice adevrul; cci el va merge nainte i n sus pn la sfrit. n trecut, Dumnezeu a ridicat brbai, i El are nc brbai

men who will go through restrictions which are only as walls daubed with untempered mortar. When God puts His Spirit upon men, they will work. They will proclaim the word of the Lord; they will lift up their voice like a trumpet. The truth will not be diminished or lose its power in their hands. They will show the people their transgressions, and the house of Jacob their sins. Testimonies to Ministers, 409411. TINGLE God will make the ears of the hearers tingle if they will not heed His voice or His message. He will denounce those who resist the word of God. 1 Samuel 3:1114 Samuel was filled with fear and amazement at the thought of having so terrible a message committed to him Patriarchs and Prophets, 582. The transgressions of Elis sons were so daring, so insulting to a holy God, that no sacrifice could atone for such willful transgression. These sinful priests profaned the sacrifices which typified the Son of God. And by their blasphemous conduct they were trampling upon the blood of the atonement, from which was derived the virtue of all sacrifices. Spirit of Prophecy, volume 1, 402. Jeremiah 19:112; 2 Kings 21:1015 UPSIDE DOWN: H2017an upset, that is, (abstractly) perversity. Isaiah 28:1418, 29:16; Psalms 146:9; Isaiah 24:1 The preacher himself, must be alive; he must have the earnestness of the Spirit; he must labor through Christ; he must make direct appeals; he must sound the alarm to careless and world-loving professors, though they should be displeased because their ears tingle with the close application of the truth,Thou art the man. It is too late to daub with untempered mortar. There must be plain and faithful dealing. The people must be aroused to do the work which God enjoins upon them, to take up the stumblingblocks and clear out the rubbish, that the Spirit of God may come in. The guilt as well as the danger of backsliding must be faithfully pointed out. Signs of the Times, May 17, 1883.

ai ocaziei care ateapt, pregtii s fac ce le poruncete El... Atunci cnd Dumnezeu i aeaz Duhul Su asupra oamenilor, ei vor lucra. Ei vor vesti cuvntul Domnului; ei i vor ridica glasurile asemenea unei trmbie. Adevrul nu va fi micorat nici nu-i va pierde din putere n minile lor. Ei vor arta poporului nelegiuirile sale i casei lui Iacov pcatele sale. Mrturii pentru pastori, pag. 409-411. IUIT Dumnezeu va face s iuie urechile asculttorilor, dac ei nu vor dori s asculte vocea i solia Sa. El i va acuza pe cei care se vor mpotrivi Cuvntului lui Dumnezeu. 1 Samuel 3:11-14 La gndul c i s-a ncredinat o solie att de nspimnttoare, Samuel a fost umplut de spaim i uimire. Patriarhi i Profei, 582. Frdelegile fiilor lui Eli erau att de pline de ncumetare i de ofensatoare pentru un Dumnezeu sfnt, nct nici o jertf nu putea s fac ispire pentru astfel de nelegiuiri voite. Aceti preoi pctoi profanau jertfele care l reprezentau pe Fiul lui Dumnezeu. Prin comportamentul lor blasfemiator, clcau n picioare sngele ispirii de la care cptau valoare toate jertfele. Spirit of Prophecy, volumul 1, pag. 402 Ieremia 19:1-12; 2 mprai 21:10-15 CU FAA N JOS (UPSIDE DOWN): H2017 Isaia 28:14-18, 29:16; Psalmi 146:9; Isaia 24:1 "Predicatorul nsui, trebuie s fie treaz (viu), el trebuie s aib acea seriozitate a Duhului, el trebuie s lucreze prin Hristos, trebuie s fac apeluri n mod direct; trebuie s dea semnalul de alarm profesorilor neglijeni i iubitori de lume, dei acetia ar trebui s fie nemulumii, deoarece urechile lor iuie din cauza adevrului prezent "Tu eti omul acela." Este prea trziu pentru a tencui cu ipsos. Trebuie s avem un comportament cinstit i credincios. Oamenii trebuie s fie trezii pentru a face lucrarea pe care Dumnezeu o cere de la ei, s nlture pietrele de poticnire i s curee gunoiul, pentru ca Duhul lui Dumnezeu s poat s locuiasc n ei. Att vina ct i pericolul apostaziei trebuiau evideniate cu credincioie. Semnele Timpului, 17 Mai, 1883.

When needed warnings are to be given, sins are to be rebuked, errors and wrongs are to be corrected, not only in the pulpit but personal labor. This is divine work, and although it is not congenial to the natural inclinations, the minister must proclaim the straight truth which will make the ears of them that hear tingle; for they must lay before those who are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, the dangers and perils that are around them, and the doom that awaits the impenitent. Review and Herald, September 6, 1892. JERICHO Victory will attend the third angels message. As the Captain of the Lords host tore down the walls of Jericho, so will the Lords commandment-keeping people triumph, and all opposing elements be defeated. Joshua 6:2627 ADJURED: H7650A primitive root; properly to becomplete, but used only as a denominative from H7651; to seven oneself, that is, swear (as if by repeating a declaration seven times):adjure, charge (by an oath, with an oath), feed to the full, take an oath, X straitly, (cause to, make to) swear.

"Cnd avertismente necesare vor fi date, pcatele vor fi mustrate, erorile i greelile vor fi corectate, nu numai de la amvon, ci i printr-o lucrare personal. Aceasta este lucrarea divin, i, dei nu simpatizeaz cu nclinaiile naturale, slujitorul trebuie s proclame adevrul direct care va face urechile celor care aud s iuie; pentru c ei trebuie s nfieze n faa celor care sunt iubitori de plceri mai mult dect iubitori de Dumnezeu, pericolele care sunt n jurul lor, i soarta care l ateapt pe cel nepocit. " Review and Herald, September 6, 1892. IERIHON Biruina va fi de partea soliei ngerului al treilea. Aa cum Comandantul otirii Domnului a drmat zidurile lerihonului, tot aa va birui i poporul lui Dumnezeu, care pzete poruncile Lui, iar toate forele care i se opun vor fi nfrnte. Iosua 6:2627 A CONJURA: H7650 o rdcin strveche; n sensul propriu a fi complet, dar folosit numai ca denominativ de la H7651; a se nepti, adic, a jura (ca i cum ar repeta o declaraie de apte ori): - a conjura, acuza (printr-un jurmnt, cu un jurmnt), a hrnii pn la maxim, a face un jurmnt, X n mod ngust, (a determina s, a face s) jure. n 1860, moartea ne-a trecut pragul i l-a smuls pe cel mai tnr lstar al familiei noastre. Micuul Herbert, nscut pe 20 septembrie 1860, a murit pe 14 decembrie n acelai an. Nimeni nu poate nelege ct au sngerat inimile noastre, dect aceia care i-au condus i ei micui la mormnt. ns vai, cnd a murit nobilul nostru Henry (MOARTEA LUI HENRY N. WHITE A AVUT LOC LA TOPSHAM, MAINE, PE 8 DECEMBRIE, 1863.), la vrsta de 16 ani, cnd dulcele nostru cntre a fost condus la mormnt i n-am mai putut auzi cntecele lui, cminul nostru a ajuns un loc pustiu. Att prinii, ct i cei doi fii care au mai rmas au resimit lovitura din plin. ns Dumnezeu ne-a mngiat dup aceste pierderi i, cu credin i curaj, ne-am avntat n lucrarea pe care El ne-o ncredinase, avnd ndejdea minunat c ne vom ntlni copiii, care ne-au fost smuli prin moarte, n acea lume n care suferina i moartea nu vor mai exista. Mrturii, volumul 1, 102-103.

In 1860 death stepped over our threshold, and broke the youngest branch of our family tree. Little Herbert, born September 20, 1860, died December 14 of the same year. When that tender branch was broken, how our hearts did bleed none may know but those who have followed their little ones of promise to the grave. But oh, when our noble Henry died, [THE DEATH OF HENRY N. WHITE OCCURRED AT TOPSHAM, MAINE, DECEMBER 8, 1863.] at the age of sixteen; when our sweet singer was borne to the grave, and we no more heard his early song, ours was a lonely home. Both parents and the two remaining sons felt the blow most keenly. But God comforted us in our bereavements, and with faith and courage we pressed forward in the work He had given us, in bright hope of meeting our children who had been torn from us by death, in that world where sickness and death will never come. Testimonies, volume 1, 102103.

When on Friday, November 27, [1863] the parents reached Topsham, they found their three sons and Adelia waiting for them at the depot. They were all apparently in good health, except for Henry, who had a cold. But the next Tuesday, December 1, Henry was very ill with pneumonia. Years later Willie, his youngest brother, reconstructed the story: During the absence of their parents, Henry and Edson, under the supervision of Brother Howland, were busily engaged in mounting the charts on cloth, ready for sale. They worked in a rented store building about a block from the Howland home. At length they had a respite for a few days while they were waiting for charts to be sent from Boston. . . . Returning from a long tramp by the river, he [Henry] thoughtlessly lay down and slept on a few damp cloths used in backing the paper charts. A chilly wind was blowing in from an open window. This indiscretion resulted in a severe cold. Arthur White, Ellen G. White, volume 2, 70.

Cnd prinii au ajuns la Topsham, vineri n data de 27 noiembrie [1863], i-au gsit pe cei trei fii i pe Adelia ateptndu-i la gar. Aparent toi erau ntr-o stare bun de sntate, cu excepia lui Henry, care avea o rceal. Dar marea urmtoare, n 1 decembrie, Henry era foarte bolnav avnd pneumonie. Ani mai trziu Willie, fratele su mai mic, povestea: 'n timpul absenei prinilor lor, Henry i Edson, sub supravegherea fratelui Howland, au fost foarte ocupai n montarea hrilor pe pnz, pregtii ca s le vnd. Ei au lucrat ntr-o magazie nchiriat aflat n apropierea domiciliului familiei Howland. Au avut un rgaz de cteva zile, n timp ce ateptau s ajung hrile care urmau s fie trimise din Boston. . . . Revenind dintr-o lung plimbare pe lng ru, el [Henry] n mod necugetat s-a pus jos i a dormit pe cteva lavete umede utilizate n susinerea topurile de hrtie. Un vnt rece sufla de la o fereastr deschis. Acest gest necugetat a condus la o rceal sever.' Arthur White, Ellen G. White, volumul 2, pag.70.


To the humble, believing soul, the house of God on earth is the gate of heaven. The song of praise, the prayer, the words spoken by Christs representatives, are Gods appointed agencies to prepare a people for the church above, for that loftier worship into which there can enter nothing that defileth. Testimonies, volume 5, 491.

Pentru sufletul umil i credincios, Casa lui Dumnezeu de pe pmnt este poarta cerului. Cntecul de laud, rugciunea, cuvintele rostite de reprezentanii Domnului Hristos sunt instrumentele rnduite de Dumnezeu ca s pregteasc un popor pentru biserica de sus, pentru a avea o nchinare aleas, n care nu poate intra nimic ce ntineaz. Mrturii, volumul 5, 491. (1860) PRIMII PAI N ORGANIZAREA BISERICII n timp ce Ellen White a scris i a publicat pe larg cu privire la necesitatea de ordine n gestionarea activitii bisericii (vezi Early Writings, 97-104), i n timp ce James White a pstrat aceast nevoie naintea credincioilor prin afirmaiile i articolele din revista Review, biserica a naintat foarte ncet. Ceea ce a fost prezentat n termeni generali, a fost bine primit, dar atunci cnd a venit momentul ca aceste idei s fie puse n practic exista o rezisten i opoziie. Succintele articole ale lui James White din februarie au trezit nu puini de la automulumire, i astfel c acum foarte multe lucruri erau spuse. J. N. Loughborough, lucrnd cu White n Michigan, a fost primul care a rspuns. Cuvintele 5

(1860) INITIAL STEPS IN CHURCH ORGANIZATION While Ellen White had written and published at some length on the need of order in managing the work of the church (see Early Writings, 97104), and while James White had kept this need before the believers in addresses and Review articles, the church was slow to move. What had been presented in general terms, was well received, but when it came to translating this with something constructive there was resistance and opposition. James Whites brief articles in February aroused not a few from complacency, and now a great deal was being said. J. N. Loughborough, working with White in Michigan, was the first to respond. His words

were in the affirmative, but on the defensive: Says one, if you organize so as to hold property by law, you will be a part of Babylon. No; I understand there is quite a difference between our being in a position that we can protect our property by law and using the law to protect and enforce our religious views. If it is wrong to protect church property, why is not wrong for individuals to hold any property legally?RH, March 8, 1860. James White had closed his statement in the Review, laying the matter of the need of organization of the publishing interests before the church with the words If any object to our suggestions, will they please write out a plan on which we as a people can act?Ibid., February 23, 1860. The first minister laboring out in the field to respond was R. F. Cottrell, a stalwart corresponding editor of the Review. His immediate reaction was decidedly negative: Brother White has asked the brethren to speak in relation to his proposition to secure the property of the church. I do not know precisely what measure he intends in this suggestion, but understand it is to get incorporated as a religious body according to law. For myself, I think it would be wrong to make us a name, since that lies at the foundation of Babylon. I do not think God would approve of it.Ibid., March 22, 1860. Arthur White, Ellen G. White, volume 1, 420421. 1 Kings 16:34 HEIL:H2419livingofGod; Chiel, an Israelite: Hiel. ABIRAM: H48From H1 and H7311; fatherofheight (that is, lofty); Abiram, the name of two Israelites: - Abiram. H1A primitive word; father in a literal and immediate, or figurative and remote application: - chief, (fore-) father ([-less]), X patrimony, principal. Compare names in Abi-H7311A primitive root; to behigh actively to rise or raise (in various applications, literally or figuratively): - bring up, exalt (self), extol, give, go up, haughty, heave (up), (be, lift up on, make on, set up on, too) high (-er, one), hold up, levy, lift (-er) up, (be) lofty, (X a-) loud, mount up, offer (up), + presumptuously, (be) promote (-ion), proud, set up, tall (-er), take

lui au fost afirmative, dar n defensiv: 'Unul spune, n cazul n care v organizai astfel nct s deinei legal o proprietate, vei fi parte din Babilon. Nu; am neles c este o diferen mare ntre a fi ntr-o poziie prin care ne putem proteja proprietatea noastr din punct de vedere legal i cea de a proteja convingerile noastre religioase. Dac este greit de a proteja proprietatea bisericii, de ce nu este greit pentru persoanele fizice s dein o proprietate din punct de vedere legal? -- RH, 8 Martie, 1860.' "James White a ncheiat declaraia sa n Review, punnd problema nevoii de organizare a intereselor de publicare n faa bisericii cu cuvintele 'Dac sunt obiecii fa de sugestiile noastre, v rugm s venii cu un plan pe care noi ca popor s-l putem pune n practic.' "-Ibid., 23 Februarie 1860. Primul slujitor n domeniu s rspund a fost R. F. Cottrell, un editor prin coresponden al revistei Review. Reacia sa imediat a fost incontestabil negativ: 'Fratele White a cerut frailor s vorbeasc n legtur cu propunerea sa de a asigura proprietatea bisericii. Nu tiu exact ce msuri intenioneaz n aceast sugestie, dar neleg c dorete ca s formeze un corp religios cu statut legal. Eu consider c ar fi greit 's ne facem un nume', din moment ce acest lucru st la baza Babilonului. Nu cred c Dumnezeu ar aproba acest lucru. Ibid., 22 Martie, 1860. Arthur White, Ellen G. White, volumul 1, 420421. 1 mprai 16:34 HEIL:H2419 trinddinDumnezeu; Chiel, un israelit: - Hiel. ABIRAM: H48 Din H1 i H7311; tatalnlimilor (adic, mndru); Abiram, numele a doi Israelii: Abiram. H1 Un cuvnt strvechi; tat avnd o aplicaie literal i imediat, sau simbolic: ef, tatp, patrimoniu, principal. Compar numele n Abi- H7311 o rdcin strveche; a fi nlat, a nla (n diferite aplicaii literal sau figurativ): a aduce sus, a nla (sinele), a da, a merge sus, arogant, a se nla, (a fi, ridicat, fcut, aezat, prea) sus, a ine sus, a levita, ridica sus, (a fi) mndru, sau glgios, (a fi) promova (re).

(away, off, up), breed worms. SEGUB: H7687From H7682;aloft; Segub, the name of two Israelites: - Segub. H7682A primitive root; to be (causatively make) lofty, especially inaccessible; by implication safe, strong; used literally and figuratively: - defend, exalt, be excellent, (be, set on) high, lofty, be safe, set up (on high), be too strong. SEGUB: H7687 Din H7682 numele a doi Israelii: - Segub. H7682 O rdcin primitiv; a fi (sau a face n mod cauzal) mndru, puternic; folosit literal i figurativ: - apr, nal, a fi excelent, (a fi, aeza) sus, mndrie, a fi n sigura, aezai (sus), a fi prea puternic.