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Regain control over all

your marketing efforts

and spending to
maximize their impact.
Full brand and sales integrated marketing planning
What if you could maximize your Return on Marketing
Investment like never before, over and over again.

Are you increasingly challenged to prove the effectiveness of your The StratoPlanner™ enables you to instantly translate sales reports
marketing choices? Are you expected to forecast the expected into marketing plans with correlated conclusions and actions, like
outcome of your proposed marketing plan? Is achieving optimal what actions to take, what message to send, when to send it, which
Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) your primary criteria for channels to select and what sales key performance indicator best to
future budget allocations? affect.

For many decades marketing, accuracy and accountability were To good to be true? The StratoPlanner™ does exactly that. It is the
rarely mentioned in the same sentence. Today, all this has changed. first tool on the market that merges ‘sales’, ‘branding’ and
Accountability and measurability are the top challenges marketeers ‘marketing’ in one application. This has been achieved thanks to the
are facing. The StratoPlanner™ has been specifically developed to methodology running in the background of the StratoPlanner™,
help you face and answer these challenges and will for ever change Biotic Brand Cultivation® and more specifically the Brand Nourisher.
the way you will develop your marketing strategies.
In the next pages you will discover all the features that make the
Imagine asking your sales manager for the annual targeted turnover StratoPlanner™ so unique.
and the corresponding key performance indicators, in order to
develop a correlated marketing communication strategy. Imagine
that you not only manage to develop a strategy to stimulate sales, TOP 10 Challenges Facing Marketeers according to 2007 Marketing
but at the same time to increase long-term brand equity? Would this Outline Report
not be the kind of performance you want to be related with?
Marketeers look at measurement, improved efficiencies and customer
knowledge as top challenges.
In marketing literature and in many market inquiries marketing tools
are criticized and questioned because of their complexity and lack of 1. Quantify and measure the value of marketing programs and
ability to provide real control. investments
2. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing
Marketeers like you are constantly bombarded with more data, organization
more variables and new parameters. Instead of acquiring more 3. Grow customer knowledge, insight and conversations
control, in reality one just feels that the probability of making 4. Improve the allocation and ROI of marketing spend
mistakes has increased exponentially. In the end, you are left to 5. Extract greater value and profitability from customer relationships
follow your gut feeling. Face it, having more options does not imply 6. Increase credibility, influence and perceived value with senior
quicker choices or better choices. management
7. Develop competencies, business knowledge and strategic
alignment of marketing functions and external assets
The StratoPlanner™ is a dashboard/planner that enables you to
8. Better capture, convey and deliver a clear value proposition to all
identify at a glance which strategic marketing and branding actions channels and audiences
will best stimulate sales. In fact, the StratoPlanner™ exposes the 9. Advance alignments and linkages with business groups, field sales
direct correlation between, sales, branding and marketing thanks to marketing and channel organizations
its integrated and holistic design. The StratoPlanner™ also ensures 10.Establish a global organizational structure that best delivers results,
that your marketing and branding actions will built long-term brand accountability and measurability
equity at the same time. All this is possible in a fraction of the time
conventional methods require to develop a strategy.
Marketing Outline Report 2007, issued by the CMO Council
( )
The top challenges and wants of Marketeers

Top Challenges of marketeers


0 13 25 38 50
Quantify and measure the value of marketing programs and investments
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing organization
Improve the allocation and ROI of marketing spending

Most wanted automation solutions or measurement systems


0 12,5 25 37,5 50
Marketing performance measurement dashboard
Customer relationship management
Customer intelligence and analytics
Sales and marketing integration tools

Marketing Outline Report 2007, issued by the CMO Council

( )
Benefits marketeers are looking for, CEO are insisting
on and StratoPlanner™ is designed to deliver.

The StratoPlanner™ delivers unique benefits that answer the needs Relationship Scan (self-assessment or qualitative survey).
of today’s marketeers.
The StratoPlanner covers the full marketing, sales and branding
Instant Planning process.. It includes a manual to help you develop the right
Thanks to the matrix architecture, sales, branding and actions and send the right messages per Key Growth Enabler
marketing are correlated with each other, allowing instant that needs to be activated. Additionally, the StratoPlanner™
assessments and planning. Key findings and strategic choices includes a list of communication channels and tools, structured
can be extracted in no time. according to each Customer Contact Moment.

Time saving Growth Process bases

Thanks to the process design of the StratoPlanner™ only The StratoPlanner™ is the only dashboard based on the Biotic
relevant data required to feed the process and pertinent for Brand Cultivation process. BBC gives you unprecedented insight
achieving targets are included. This reduces the amount of time into the growth process, based on scientific principles.
needed to come up with pertinent conclusions.
Marketing & Sales synergy
No waste of data The Marketing and Sales departments will now collaborate on
Only data that is 100% relevant for the process is included in one single platform, supplying and generating key strategic
the StratoPlanner™. 100% of this data will be processed to information to each other.
deliver all the findings.
Result Oriented
Comprehensive The StratoPlanner™ always starts from the targeted turnover.
The StratoPlanner™ covers the entire customer and brand life- It is designed to help you achieve your turnover.
cycle chronologically, It also integrates the full brand DNA, the
entire sales process (pre-sales, sales, after-sales). You always
have control over the big picture.

The Key Performance Indicators as well as the Key Growth
Enablers are quantifiable. As a direct consequence the
StratoPlanner™ is very accurate in assessing and predicting
marketing performance. Cause and effect assessment are very
easy to make.

Additionally to the sales Key Performance Indicators (who are
measurable by nature), the quality of brand relationship can be
measured thanks to 14 parameters of the Customer
Marketing in 3 dimensions. Providing marketeers new
perspective and unparalleled leverage.

The power of the StratoPlanner™ resides in the Biotic Brand The 9 KGE’s are:
Cultivation® process running inside. It is this process and Brand Conversion generates selection of a brand
methodology that attributes the StratoPlanner™ the capacity to Brand Leadership generates preference for a brand
correlate marketing and branding to sales. The StratoPlanner™ Brand Reassurance generates choice for a brand
covers the complete customer or brand life-cycle. By breaking down Brand Passion shortens the decision process for a brand
the complete sales process (sales), customer relationship (branding) Brand Talent affirms the choice for a brand
and contact moments (marketing) into a series of sequential Brand Inspiration generates up and cross selling
parameters, it is now possible to link each of these parameters with Brand Experience generates word of mouth communication
each other and assess or predict their impact. Brand Dialogue generates input to improve a brand
Brand Bonding generates advocacy for a brand.
The advantage of breaking down sales, marketing and branding into
sequential parameters is the possibility to identify why and when a These KGE are measured with the Customer Relationship Scanner.
process is underperforming, and why the set targets have not been A proprietary tool able to analyze the quality of your customer or
reached yet. This allows instant assessments of the full process and brand relationship. This is expressed in series of indexes.
immediate strategic adjustments.
Key Communication Enablers
The StratoPlanner™ works in 3 dimensions. The Key Growth The Key Communication Enablers allow you to identify why your sales
Enablers affect the Brand Equity, the Customer Contact Moments process is slowing down. This way you will know where the customer
affect Marketing and the Key Performance Indicators affect the relationship is strained and what aspect of the communication might
sales. have caused it.

The 5 KCE’s are:

DIMENSION 1 - Customer Relationship Reception: do your Brand messages reach their target
Cognition: are your Brand messages understood
Key Growth Enablers Credibility: are your Brand messages trusted
The Key Growth Enablers allow you to identify what is slowing down Relevance: are your Brand messages addressing customers’ needs
your sales process. The before mentioned Biotic Brand Cultivation® Irreplaceability : are your Brand messages unique
(BBC) process is the underlying foundation of the StratoPlanner™. It
is the first and only brand growth method on the market applying The Customer Relationship Scanner, delivers you detailed insight
authentic biotic laws of growth to company growth. The into the performance of each of these KGE and KCE.
StratoPlanner™ integrates the Brand Nourisher and the Customer
Relationship Scan to quantify the 9 Key Growth Enablers (KGE). The For more information about the Customer Relationship Scan please
KGE are factors that affect the customer relationship from the very contact for the brochure.
beginning of a contact with a customer to the moment that a
customer becomes a brand ambassador. The 9 KGE are structured
in a sequential way and cover the full brand and customer life-cycle.
DIMENSION 2 - Sales Process

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators are a set of indicators used by your
sales department to assess and measure the sales performance.
The sales process is then broken down in a series of sequential
indicators that have direct impact on your company’s or
department’s turnover. In most cases these KPI are multipliable with
each other to determine turnover.

KPI1 x KPI2 x KPI3 x KPI4 = Turnover.

Each of these KPI must be quantifiable, in order to assess its

performance. The choice of KPI is entirely a question of consensus.
The only criteria is that the KPI must be quantifiable and multipliable
with each other. The StratoPlanner™ can work with any type of KPI’s
provided by your company.

DIMENSION 3 - Contact Moments

Customer Contact Moments

The Customer Contact Moments are a series of moments where
people are directly or indirectly exposed to a brand message or
experience. These CCM’s cover the pre-sales, sales and after-sales

Each CCM can be structured additional according to the area where

the exposure takes place, namely offsite, onsite or inside. In fact the
CCM follows the customer from the first exposure to a visit in the
point of sales and his/her experience with after-sales and service.

Finally, the CCM are also structured according to the type of

• One to many - short exposure
• One to many - long exposure
• One to One
• Face to face

The definition of your CCM’s is entirely customizable in function of

your marketing trajectory.

< The Key Performance Indicators used in the StratoPlanner™ can

be personalized to reflect your sales process

Key Performance Indicators in StratoPlanner™

The Customer Contact Moments used in the StratoPlanner™ can >

be personalized to reflect your marketing trajectory

Customer Contact Moments in StratoPlanner™

< The Key Growth Enablers used in the StratoPlanner™ can be

analyzed by self-assessment or survey

Key Growth Enablers in StratoPlanner™

How do you use it?

Case 1: Conversion (CON) needs to be stimulated because it is Case 2: Cross-selling (CS) needs to be stimulated because it is
underperforming (red) underperforming (red)

Assessments: Assessments:
Vertical : Customer Contact Moments Vertical : Customer Contact Moments
More pre-sales one-to-one onsite and face-to-face inside sales More face-to-face inside sales, one-to-one and face-to-face after-
communication is needed in order to stimulate conversion. sales offsite communication is needed in order to stimulate cross-
The CCM table will show you which communication The CCM table will show you which communication
channels are most appropriate per CCM channels are most appropriate per CCM

Horizontal: Key Growth Enablers Horizontal: Key Growth Enablers

More Brand Conversion, Leadership, Reassurance, Passion and More Brand Inspiration messages are required in order to stimulate
Inspiration messages are required in order to stimulate conversion. cross-selling.

You will discover in the Brand Nourisher manual what You will discover in the Brand Nourisher manual what
message and actions are most effective and message and actions are most effective and
recommended. recommended.
Technical Data
Features Standard

Key Growth Enablers •

Key Performance Indicators •
Customer Contact Moments •
Customer Relationship Scan - Self-assessment •
Customer Relationship Scan - Survey

Integrated Brand Growth Strategy - Manual •

Integrated Brand Growth Strategy - Customized Action Plan

KPI analyzer (Manual input) End 2009

KPI analyzer (Automated)

KPI assessment view End 2009

KGE assessment view End 2009

CCM assessment view End 2009

Matrix View •
Brand DNA integration
Ready to maximize your Return on Marketing
Investment like never before?

Then contact us.

Come and discover how the StratoPlanner™ enables you to instantly

translate sales reports into marketing plans with correlated
conclusions and actions: what actions to take, what message to
send, when to send it, which channels to select and what sales key
performance indicator best to affect.

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