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Through the assignment of the subject EDU 3105, Technology in Teaching and Learning, I have learned and gained numerous priceless experiences. In this assignment, we are required to produce a video clip based on a chosen theme and produce a web- based learning package based on a selected topic within the syllabus of a subject taught in a primary school.

Initially, when I received this task I am of the opinion that his assignment is quite tough as I am not a tech-savvy person. Besides that, I am lack of experience in the area of producing video clips which consists of montage, content and closure sections. Therefore, this is totally a new experience for me as I only produced a documentary during Semester 1 for my Social Studies assignment.

After I have received the coursework, the first thing that comes in my mind is I need to plan what I have to do. First, I have collected materials on Malaysia English language syllabus in order to search and select the most suitable topic to be used in my coursework. After a few considerations, I have decided to select the topic “Animal Stories” in English Year 2 syllabus. Next, I started to analyze my target learners and decided that my product should be comprised of activities suitable for a heterogeneous classroom which is a mixed-ability classroom which the majority of students have intermediate level of proficiency.

Based on the students’ abilities and capabilities, I have derived a few objectives pertaining to what I wish them to gain and achieve through the web-based learning package. The learning outcomes and objectives that I wish students to achieve consist of various language skills from such as listening, reading and writing. Next, I started to brainstorm suitable ways to design my learning package. After gauging the students’ profile, interests and level of proficiency, I decided to select a few suitable methods, medias and materials to present the content. After careful selection, I have incorporated several multimedia elements which include text, graphic, audio, video and interactivity.

The process of producing the web-based learning package is totally a new experience for me as I have to start to learn everything from zero. In order to complete this task, we are required to install and learn to operate programs such as Kompozer and Core FTP Lite. Kompozer is basically a free and open source web editor that is used


in designing and publishing web pages as well as used to set up and manage the website. Meanwhile, Core FTP Lite is another freeware which enable us to update ad maintain our website via FTP. I am able to use Kompozer to manage my site but I faced obstacles in installing and using Core FTP Lite to upload my files to my site. However, I am glad that I managed to overcome the problem by having another alternative which is Fire FTP. This is a plug-in that can be installed in the Mozilla Firefox browser that has the same function as Core FTP. All I need to do is after designing my web page using Kompozer, I have to upload the resources that I have used in the web page such as images, exercises and web page templates through Fire FTP. Through this task, I am able to learn the way to embed video, convert Microsoft Word file to PDF, hyperlink, create a Powerpoint by using all sorts of function featured in the software, producing exercises using Hot Potatoes.

Meanwhile as for the video clip task, since my web-based learning package is about the topic “Animal Stories” I have decided to do a video clip about a visit to zoo. The content of the video is basically about a television show, “Kids TV” having their shooting session at Taiping Zoo, Perak which featuring the habitats and real lives of animals. The video clip serves as a great way to further develop material that is being taught in the classroom as students are exposed to educational content in a different way where they are allow to explore in variety and gain better understanding. I have used the “Sony Vegas Pro” and “Corel Ulead Video Editor” instead of “VideoPad Video Editor” because the program failed to work properly in my laptop as the freeware does not have the latest version for Window 8 operating system.

I have encountered many problems during my process to complete the web- based learning package and production of the video clips, First, since my laptop is installed with the latest Microsoft Window 8 operating system, I found out that many programmes that need to be used in my coursework turned out incompatible with my system. Some of the programmes that have incompability problems are VideoPad Editor, Corel FTP and so on. However, I am glad that I am able to overcome the problems after seeking my lecturer, Madam Sumitra Kan’s guidance as she provided assistance and alternatives to solve my problem. Besides, I also made my own initiative to find other programs which has the similar functions such as Sony Vegas Pro and Ulead Video Studio Editor to replace VideoPad Editor. I also feel grateful as my colleagues are always there to support me and willing to lend their laptop in order to solve my problem.


Furthermore, I also have problems in using the programs to complete the task as

I am a completely a raw hand in designing web-based leaning package. I feel blurred as

I want to start my assignment during the school holidays as I completely do not have any

idea regarding how to do it. However, I am glad that I am able to finish my task after seeking help and assistance from my colleagues that willing to share their knowledge and help me to solve my problem. I also able work on my project by referring to the tutorials of programs provided by lecturer as the tutorials contains step by step guide and has helped me to retrieve bits of information about the input during lecture hours.

During my video clip shooting day, I also faced problems in which the DSLR camera that I have borrowed does not come in handy as the animals that being kept in the zoo is quite a distance from the visitors. The lens of the DSLR could not afford to shoot in such a far distance. In turn, I have to shoot my video using my phone camera which end more has lower resolution than video clip recorded using a camera. Furthermore, we are having weather problem on the shooting day where there was some light rain when the shooting session took place. It took us quite a while to wait for the rain to stop and the animals to come out again from their home.

Through this coursework, I have discovered my own strengths and weaknesses. One of the strengths that I have portrayed throughout the coursework is effective time management. I have made use of the time well by planning the flow of my coursework. By planning my work, I am able to keep track of my work as it acts as guidance and gives me ideas about what should I do next and keep track of about my next progress.

Another merit is that I also gained much new knowledge. By completing this assignment as I am exposed to many new things such as production of video clip, ways to take photograph and designing a web-based learning package. I have learnt that it is not easy to produce a video clip as well as web-based learning package. All these require high commitments as well as it includes many details in the during the production process. For example in the process of producing video clip, I found out that in order to produce a good video clip, we need to have a control of the elements of video such frequency, sounds, graphic, velocity and so on. Furthermore, I am also exposed to various new computer programs that are able to assist me in preparing resources and materials for my lesson as a future teacher.


In addition, I also manage to foster good relationships with my colleagues. By working in cooperatively, we share information and exchange ideas for self improvement. Working cooperatively within the class allows me to learn the importance of team work in establishing the success of a piece of work where everyone’s effort and contributions are credited.

Another plus point that I have portrayed is that I never give up and always ask when I don’t understand. I realized that there are possibilities everywhere and what we can do are keep on trying. Every mistake that we made is progress. By making mistakes we learn as what said by Joyce (1884) , “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”

However, I also found out that I have several weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is I am lack of idea in producing an attractive and interesting web-page compared to my colleagues as the one I have designed is simple. Meanwhile, my colleague’s products are very good and more attractive compared to mine. This gives me the insight that I still have a lot of space to improve myself in order to be good as others. For example, some of them have think out the box and manage to include animated pictures, video as well as music that able to draw students’ interest in learning the topic that the teacher intended to teach. As for the video clip, there are several flaws that can be detected in my video. For example, some dialogues of the host contain slightly grammatical errors. This mistake can actually avoided by preparing a written script and I should have memorize the dialogues instead of speaking spontaneously. Some of the voice of spoken text also appeared to be too low hence affected the quality of the video clip. I am also weak in editing videos as there are parts where I have neglected and didn’t manage to remove the noise from the clip. My video also less captivating as it does not contains variety and creativity compared to what produced by my colleagues. I should have sought my colleaguescomments and feedback in order to improve my product in the aspects of sound effects, visuals, graphics and so on.

The experience of completing this coursework has greatly deepens my understanding and knowledge in producing teaching and learning media. Through the experience of completing this coursework, I have gained a lot of useful knowledge that can be applied in my teaching career. For example, I get to know the proper ways of using different programs which includes media, method and materials to make the teaching and learning process fun and interesting, using programs to design exercises in


an easier and time-saving way as well as including variety to deliver the educational content which makes the classroom lively.

Being a teacher certainly ain’t an easy job and there is a long way to go. This coursework has successfully provide a medium for me to identify my own strengths and developmental needs in order to be a great teacher that able to inspire my students in the future as the saying goes” The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.(Ward, 1990). I found out one of ways to achieve this is through application of educational technology in teaching and learning process. Educational technology does wonders and certainly an indispensible part in every lesson. It supports four key components of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts.

According to EdTech Action Network, integrating technology into curriculum results in gains on students’ achievement. By using education technology, educational content is presented in a different way providing each classroom with more interesting, diverse, and current learning materials. Page (2007) also said that the Web connects students to experts in the real world and provides numerous opportunities for expressing understanding through images, sound, and text which produces a much greater depth of understanding of a concept. When students have access to the same tools over the web, they can reinforce the ideas by experimenting with the simulations themselves anytime and anywhere. This can permit them to break step with the class and go at a pace and order that suits that student better. Without disrupting the class, they can repeat difficult lessons and explore what they find interesting.

In conclusion, teacher needs to be an all-rounder that is competent in every aspect that leads to a conducive classroom. One of the aspects is by utilizing the knowledge of educational technology.As a teacher, we have to keep ourselves updated and improve ourselves from time to time as what proposed by Palmer (1890) “The secret to mastery in any field is to forever be a student” so that we are able to impart the latest knowledge to our students and produce generations that acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based economy as the latest trend now is going global which technology is pervasive, touching almost every part of our lives.