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Tutorial for the ZTE Skate V960, Orange Montecarlo, MEDION P4310 (This currently works the same

way on all 3 models, on android 2.3.5 and lower 08/01/2012)(I am not responsible for bricking) Posted Image In this tutorial I will explain you guys how to modify your device. I will expla in you what rooting actually is, how to install ClockworkMod, how to make full p hone backups, why you should or should not modify your device and how to change your phone s ROM (Operating System). Note: Before you go through with this tutorial you should know what your stock b uild is, and if there is a full backup available in case you ever need to go bac k.There are apps you could download in the market to see your stock software bui ld. (ex SystemPanel Lite). Mine was "GB_BEL_MEDION_P743V1.0.0B02". Index: Part 1) Rooting explanation.Part 2) Installing clockworkmod for beginners.Part 3 ) More info about the stock recovery.Part 4) Installing superboot.(root access)P art 5) Custom ROMs explanation.Part 6) Installing a custom ROM.Part 7) Restoring to stock backups explanation.Part 8) Flashing backups/partitions trough ADB.Par t 9) Recovering a damaged phone. (de-bricking)Part 10) Total Phone Transfer (TPT )Part 11) Links to other tutorials, Custom ROMs, addon's and stock Roms.Part 12) Changing splash screen/boot animation (LINK) ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Part 1) Rooting explanation (READ THIS FIRST!!!) Note: If you have a sim locked Orange monte carlo and you want to unlock it it i s recommended you do that first before you continue. The link to the tutorial is in part 11. A lot of new people want to root there phone, but only a few know what it actual ly is. So I'm going to explain it as simple as possible. You could compare an unrooted Android phone to being on a computer without admin rights. You don t have access to change everything, because someone added restric tions. While having root access (Super user) on your phone is like being an admi n, it gives you access to change and modify things a normal user couldn t. The pro blem with this is you could also brick your phone if you don t know what your doin g. Normally you are just admin, which gives you the rights to install/delete things , change options, etc. But if you have superuser rights you can screw up the kernel, over clock the pro cessor, changing system files,etc. Things like this could brick your phone. For example overclocking to high you could fry your hardware. There are many people who think they need to root there phone, in order to chang e to another ROM (Description below). But this in fact is not true, you could fl ash another ROM that already has super user rights. So you don t need to flash Sup erboot anymore. ROMs like (Cyanogenmod, Bluemonte, Elitemovil, etc) already have SU rights. You could flash a ROM trough a custom recovery (like Clockworkmod). Or trough AD B (Android Debugging Bridge), but that s for more experienced users. The tutorial on installing Clockworkmod and custom ROMs is below. So in conclusion: If you want to change to a other ROM, you don t need to root because almost every custom ROM has super user pre-installed. You can install a ROM trough clockworkm od. Read part 2 If you want to stay on your stock ROM, and have root access you need to install superboot. The tutorial is in part 4, but i do recommend installing clockworkmod

first. ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ Part 2) Installing clockworkmod for beginners. (Johnny Hung s package) In this tutorial I will be explaining you guys how to install clockworkmod on WI NDOWS, I already did this on windows Xp and windows7. Most of the info was alrea dy out there. But i also had trouble understanding this at first, so i made a ma de a tutorial that might help my fellow noobs :D First some things you should know. Clockworkmod recovery (CWM) is a custom recov ery for android devices. With this you can do things like making backups, restor ing backups, flashing roms etc. For more info about clockworkmod read this: LINK Note: Installing clockworkmod will remove your original recovery partition. So b efore you start installing clockworkmod look if there is a stock rom for your de vice. (More info below in part 2) Now you know what clockworkmod is the first thing we should do is install the ha ndset drivers. These can be found here: LINK Just download both drivers. You can connect the device and install the Handset_USB_Driver.exe . Now you have in stalled ONLY the handset driver. Installing the will come la ter in this tutorial. Just extract the .zip to your desktop or anywhere you want . Note: if you have windows xp. Also download and rep lace android_winusb.inf Now on your phone go to Settings >Applications > Development and tick "USB Debuggi ng". Once you have the handset drivers installed and USB Debugging turned on it is ti me to download the package we need TWM_Fantastic_T3_Root_Packge.rar LINK MIRROR ex tract the content of the .rar to your desktop or anywhere you want. Before we do the next step it is important to know what will happen once you click 0_Install_CWM_recovery.bat The first thing that will happen is the phone will res tart and get stuck on the starting screen. (bootloader) And the second thing is that windows will detect the phone as something else "Android phone". For this w e need the second driver we downloaded. google_usb_driver Now its time to install clockworkmod. With your device turned on and connected t o the computer. Click 0_Install_CWM_recovery.bat in the folder you downloaded. You should get the same as in the picture below. (It shuts down afterwards) Resized to 68% (was 668 x 136) - Click image to enlargePosted Image And your device will be detected as "Android phone" or usb device not recognized S o we will go to device manager and install it manually. Find your device click Up date Driver Software > Browse my computer for driver software > Click Browse go to "t he google_usb_driver" folder click android_winusb.inf Posted Image Now if your driver should be installed and It should come up as. Android ADB inte rface Posted Image Now if you wait a little your phone should reboot. And clockworkmod should be in stalled. Worst case scenario: your phone will still be stuck after 10min and you will have to pull the battery out. But if you now start up completely and click 0_Install_CWM_recovery.bat again. It should install just fine since it has all th e drivers now. Resized to 68% (was 668 x 194) - Click image to enlargePosted Image Once clockworkmod is installed you can start installing custom roms. Tutorial in part 6. ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Part 3) More info about the stock recovery.

When your phone is still at stock (completely untouched) you have a stock recove ry, but you cant access it with volume down + Power like clockworkmod. If you try this your phone will show a white box with the letters FTM inside and it will be completely stuck, in my experience removing the battery is the only option. So once you flash ClockworkMod it will overwrite the original recovery partition . If you make a backup from here, you didn t make a complete stock backup. You mad e a backup of everything except the stock recovery partition. The recovery.img i nside the backup will be Clockworkmod. So if you want to flash Clockworkmod , ma ke sure there is a backup available for your specific device. LINK If you are still at stock and you want go to your recovery. (make sure USB debug ging is on). You will have to use ADB, that s a part of the android SDK and use th is command <adb reboot recovery> If this all sounds to complicated, you could download a tool modaco member D3abL 3 made called: ADBmade easy. wich makes ADB it a lot easier. Just download it in stall it and click Reboot into recovery Note: You can also install your (Bootloader) drivers trough ADB. Click Open CMD f or ADB commands And type adb reboot bootloader you will get <waiting for device> li ke in the picture above. From there you can install the drivers trough device ma nager. (Like mentioned in part 1) ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Part 4) Installing Superboot for beginners. (Johnny Hung s package) Please check your android version first. Go to: Settings > About phone > Android version Only continue if you have 2.3.4 of 2.3.5 else you could get your phone in a b ootloop. If the version matches download this package: LINK MIRROR YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Installing Super user also known as rooting your device is only necessary if you want to stay on your stock ROM, or any other ROM that does not have Super user preinstalled. If you just want to change your ROM read Part1 of this tutorial fo r a full explanation. Part 4a) Installing the right drivers (if you already did this skip to part 4b) Go to this page: LINK and Just download both drivers. You can connect the device and install the Handset_USB_Driver.exe . Now you have in stalled ONLY the handset driver. Installing the will come lat er in this tutorial. Just extract the .zip to your desktop or anywhere you want. Note: if you have windows xp. Also download and rep lace "android_winusb.inf Now on your phone go to Settings > Applications > Development and tick "USB Debugg ing". Now that we have done that open Johnny Hung s package you downloaded. TWM_Fantastic _T3_Root_Packge.rar and extract the content of the package to your desktop or any where you want. Before we do the next step it is important to know what will happe n once you click 1_Install_Android_2.3.x_root.bat The first thing that will happen is the phone will restart and get stuck on the starting screen. (boot loader) And the second thing is that windows will detect the phone as something else "Android phone". For this we need the second driver we downloaded. google_usb_driver So once you clicked 1_Install_Android_2.3.x_root.bat . You should see <waiting for device>.To install these drivers go to device manager and install it manually. F ind your device click Update Driver Software > Browse my computer for driver softwa re Click Browse go to "the google_usb_driver" folder click android_winusb.inf

Part 4b) Flashing superboot. If you didn t yet download Johnny Hung s TWM_Fantastic_T3_Root_Packge.rar download it: LINK MIRROR and extract the content of the package to your desktop or anywhere y ou want. Turn your device on and connect it to the computer make sure USB debugging is ti cked. Go to the folder you extracted and follow the instructions below: If you have android 2.3.4 click 1_Install_Android_2.3.4_root.bat this will flash the boot.img in that directory.If you have android 2.3.5 click 1_Install_Android_2.3.5_r oot.bat this will flash the super2root.img in that directory. You should see a command prompt opening showing something like this. (It shuts d own afterwards) Resized to 68% (was 668 x 194) - Click image to enlargePosted Image Note: If it says <waiting for device> wait a little. If that doesn t work you don t have the right drivers read Part4a first. Now if you wait a little your phone should reboot. And super user should be inst alled. Worst case scenario your phone will still be stuck after 10min and you wi ll have to pull the battery out. But if you let it reboot completely and click 1_ Install_Android_2.3.x_root.bat again. It should install just fine since it has al l the drivers now. ________________________________________________________________________________ __________ Part 5) Custom ROMs explaination First im going to try to explain what a ROM is. A ROM (Read Only Memory) basically is the phone s operation system. So a custom ro m is the same thing except its customized by someone. Since android is open sour ce, developers can take stock ROMs and modify/optimize them. They can take thing s out they don t like, add things and so on. Custom ROMs are most of the time bett er than stock ROMs because custom ROM developers, listen more to what the people want. They fix there bugs faster and they develop more updates. Often ROMs have better battery life etc because they have optimized kernels. And reasons I dont understand myself :D The only downside about flashing ROMs is if something goes wrong, your phone cou ld be bricked. Wich will make the phone the device completely unrecoverable. So before you flash a custom rom allways make sure that your device is supported. A llways read the instruction provided by the ROM developer. ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Part 6a) Installing a custom ROM (You should have Clockworkmod installed) First download a rom compatible with your phone and put it anywhere on your SD c ard (you dont have to rename it) then reboot into Clockworkmod by pressing volume down + power while booting, or with the phone connected to the PC and the ADB co mmand adb reboot recovery You should boot into CWM. You can navigate trough CWM by these buttons. Volume up = Navigate up.Volume down = Navigate down.Home button = Enter.Return = Return. Part 6b) Making a backup Now before we start installing a ROM i recommend you taking a nandroid backup of your current rom. This is a full backup of your phone. This will include all se ttings, data, accounts etc To perform a backup in CWM follow the directions below . backup and restore > backup You can allways go back to the backup afterwards.

backup and restore > restore Part 6c) Doing wipes Before you install a new ROM you should ALWAYS do these 3 wipes. wipe factory/data > Yes wipe cache > Yes advanced > wipe dalvik cache> Yes Sometimes after flashing a new rom, the phone gets stuck at the first bootscreen . Just pull out the battery and put it back in. Then reboot into ClockworkMod ag ain and do a 4th wipe. Formatting your system partition will remove your ROM com pletely. So make sure you have a WORKING rom or backup before you do this. mounts and storage format/system Part 6d) Installing a rom Now for installing the rom go to: install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcar d Go to your Rom on your SD card. Yes Once your done. Reboot system now > Yes and you should have succesfully installed y our rom. Note: Sometimes after installing a ROM your screen will turn black when you try to call/recive calls, and you have to pull the battery out. There is a simple fi x for this: Go to your dailer (to make calls) and type: " *983*0# " Go to sensors and while not covering the sensor click "calibrate". O n some ROMs like CyanogenMod & Atomic this will not work, they have a app built in to do that. Called ZTE settings. Or to end call with the power button: "settings > accessablity > power button en ds call" If you have a corrupted battery animation while the phone is off. follow these i nstrutions: LINK ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Part 7) Info about restoring to stock backups. If your phone still works but you want to go back to full stock for warranty pur poses, you will have to find the right stock files for your phone. They should b e in the ZTE stock ROMs section. In some cases there is a full stock ROM available, if you flash this like any ot her rom your device should be completely stock. including your recovery partitio n. So after rebooting, clockworkmod will be gone. In many other cases, the backup you download will have .img files inside like a nandroid backup. But you can t flash it through recovery because it doesn t have a m 5 sum file inside. In this case you will have to flash the files trough a comput er using ADB. The backup should have a minimum of 4 .img files. recovery.img, boo t.img, splash.img, system.img There could be more files but you dont need those. ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Part 8) Flashing backups/partitions trough ADB You will have to download ADB, or you could download ADB Made easy (made by D3ab L3) which I use. Assuming you have a windows computer with ABD installed, the right backup and US B debugging ticked on under Settings >Applications > Development > USB Debugging" .You can go on with the tutorial. Now copy the 4 .img files from the backup in the directory of ADB. Open ADB Made easy with your phone connected. Normally your device should show up. If not click the refresh icon, or install your drivers. With your phone connected and detected click Open CMD for ABD commands Now we need to reboot into the bootloader, before we can flash anything. In order to do thi s you have to type adb reboot bootloader Now your phone should appear to be stuck at the first bootscreen. To flash the full backup type these 4 commands:

"fastboot flash recovery recovery.img""fastboot flash boot boot.img""fastboot fl ash system system.img""fastboot flash splash splash.img" You should allways see this after every flash: Posted Image You could also flash clockworkmod this way: "fastboot flash recovery recovery-cl ockwork-" If everything is flashed. Reboot the device by typing: "fastboot reboot" Your device should reboot, and you should be back at complete stock now. :) ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Part 9) Recovering a damaged phone (de-bricking) If somehow your phone is bricked and can t boot into android OS anymore. There are a few options that could restore your phone. You should read this very carefull y or you could make things worse. And always be sure you are using the right fil es. Below is a list of methods, the easiest and most recommended method comes fi rst. Here is an example of a bricked ZTE blade, a bricked skate should look the same.

________________________________________________________________________________ __________ Part 9a) Clockworkmod (Recommended) You should always try booting into CWM (Clockworkmod) first before you do anythi ng drastic. You can do this by pressing power + volume down . If you can still boot into CWM you can try to do the 3 wipes or restore a backup from there. Be caref ul if you restore a backup that has the stock recovery inside you will lose the ability to boot into CWM once you rebooted. If you can boot into CWM try these 3 wipes first. wipe factory/data > Yes wipe cache > Yes advanced > wipe dalvik cache> Yes Reboot and see if this solved it, if not reboot back into ClockworkMod and do a 4th wipe. This will format your system partition so make sure you have a WORKING rom or backup before you do this. Allso make sure you don t accidentally format s omething wrong, this could brick your phone. So only do the 4th wipe if necessar y. Copy your backup/ROM to your SD card by connecting your phone to your compute r. Go to mounts and storage > mount USB storage copy your ROM or backup to your SD an d do the 4 wipes. wipe factory/data > Yes wipe cache > Yes advanced > wipe dalvik cache> Yes mounts and sto age > format /system If you have a CWM backup you should put the folder in SDcard\clockworkmod\backup\ Then goto backup and restore > Restore if you have a working backup it should sta rt restoring. (To flash a ROM read part 6c and 6d.) __________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Part 9b)Flashing partitions trough fastboot. If your phone is stuck on the first boot screen or can t boot into CWM you could t ry flashing Clockworkmod, to your phone trough fastboot. Connect your phone to your computer with your USB cable, and power it on. Wait a little and if your phone gets detected install the right drivers and follow the instructions in part 8 if you can flash Clockworkmod or all the stock partitions you shouldbe able to boot. ________________________________________________________________________________ __________ Part10) Total phone transfer (TPT)

In my opinion you should only flash a TPT if you know what you re doing, or as a m atter of last resort if your phone is bricked. This is for more advanced users, you have to be aware that flashing corrupt/wrong TPT could permanently brick you r phone if you follow the instructions carfully. If you go through make sure you use the right file for your phone. And always check if your files are not corru pt. Make sure your phone is charged, and you remove the charger before you begin! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! You can find the TPT s files and more info about them here: LINK. You can choose w hich ever layout you want. If you want to return to the stock lay-out, download the stock TPT for your country. All TPT's in the page above wil flash clockworkm od and boot into clockworkmod once the TPT is done. Note: I will be using MD5 check utility v2.31 NK to see if the files aren t damaged. LI

Once you downloaded the one of the TPT s, for example Option 1 . Copy the MD5sum prov ided with the archive and paste it in your MD5 check utility, then browse to you r file ex and open it. It should say the codes match like in the picture below. If they don t match re-download the file. Resized to 91% (was 496 x 264) - Click image to enlargePosted Image Note: I recommend using an empty SD card for this, and if it doesn t work use a di fferent SD card. (Some people reported 2GB or 4GB SD cards have a better compati bility.) Now that you made sure the download isn t corrupt, connect a SD card to your compu ter. Extract the image folder from the TPT archive to the root directory of your S D card. Example E:\image\ Now you should only have the folder with the image on yo ur SD card Safely disconnect your SD card from your computer, then reconnect it and open th e image folder. Then open the nandroid.md5 file in notepad. Copy and check the MD5 f rom the text file, and compare it to the image.bin Only go through if the MD5sum's matched both times!!! Then Safely remove the SD card, put it back in your mobile and power on with volu me up + power held until you see a black screen with green letters like the video below. In some cases the button combination does not work you could try volume u p + menu + power or if you can still boot into android "Settings > about phone > update system> storage card updates"

Your phone should reboot. Wait at least 10minutes if you don t see anything. Now y our phone should reboot into clockworkmod, Now go to mounts and storage > mount U SB storage copy your ROM to your SD and flash it. You dont need to do any wipes, since everything was wiped during the TPT.