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Philippine Music Hercules 1 Level: Date : 7 Philippine Music June 19, 2013

Origin of Philippine Music

Overview _____________________________________________________________________________________ Music of the Philippines is performance arts composed in various genre and styles. Traditional Philippine music is reflective of the countrys history as a melting of many cultures. Among the dominant cultural strains noticeable today are Hispano-Mexican, American and to some extent Chinese, Indian, Islamic, Japanese and Korean. It is thus difficult to strictly classify the whole corpus of the Philippine music as either Western or Eastern. Learning Outcomes _____________________________________________________________________________________ Students will: Develop an awareness of the rich musical tradition of the Philippines Develop an appreciation of the music of the Philippines Understand how music plays a role in life of Filipinos Preparation and Materials _____________________________________________________________________________________ Philippine map Pictures of different regions Pictures of different ethnolinguistic group from Northern and Southern Philippines. Pictures of musical instruments from Northern and Southern Philippines Sample Mp3 recording of musical performance from different ethnolinguistic group Laptop and Portable speaker Piano Procedure _____________________________________________________________________________________ Class Discussion Philippines: Home to rich musical tradition Filipinos are known to be great musicians worldwide. This is due to their dedication and intense love for music. Even from the pre-Hispanic life, Filipinos expressed themselves through their ethnic musical instruments and songs. Early Filipinos have varieties of musical instruments including flutes, nose flutes, gongs just to name a few. Music plays a great deal in the life of the Filipinos. There are songs for almost every activity like courting, rice planting and even simple recreation. Philippine music is regarded as a unique blend of two great musical traditions the East and the West. Filipinos from the earliest to the contemporary times have imbibed these traditions and have woven their musical creations along these mainstreams of musical thought. Through time, Philippine society has witnessed the evolution of music expressed in different forms and stylistic nuances.

Philippine Music Hercules 2 Activity Ask students about their favorite music to assess the level of their familiarity with the music of the Philippines. Typically, the students are expected to answer: Korean Pop music Japanese Anime Music Music they hear in television and radio Play some mp3 of musical samples of Ganduyan, Senselong and Mutya ng Pasig and ask their opinion on the music that they just heard. Show the students the map of the Philippines to provide an overview of the countrys demography and pictures of instruments Play on the piano and see if the students can identify the songs Bahay Kubo and Atin Cu Pung Singsing. Compare these folksongs with music by River Maya and the known pop hit Pusong bato. Evaluation _____________________________________________________________________________________

Recommendation _____________________________________________________________________________________