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produces a carrier for SSB and CW that is mixed in the demodulator to produce the audio signal class of amplifier

that produces the least harmonic number of customer/ subscriber in 2G per cell circuit that convert two-wire line to four wire line dot in body-end-dot relation of gain and collector current also known as flicker noise 110% increase in normal voltage for a short period of time rbe stands for what is a graphical transmission line calculator a tube that emits electron when the cathode is illuminated combination of parabolic reflector and feed horn antenna resistor with typical flicker voltage of 0.01-0.2 microvolt filter that use acoustic wave at the surface of the substrate to produce desired signal what is the difference between wireless bridge and a wireless hub in battery/cell, the type of cell which has the largest diameter types of cell that has the same electrolyte have 3 op-amps, 7 resistors including a gain setting resistor ideal output voltage of an op-amp when 0 voltage is applied to its input equivalent of the cathode in a cell brain of the computer common IC packages standard diameter of WORM (write only read many) disk maximum modulating frequency for FM minimum modulating frequency for FM a video amplifier can amplify a frequency of ___ temperature coeffecient of resistance of silver to avoid accidental flag frequency of magnetron that is used in a microwave oven welding process in a vacuum coaxial cable used in older ethernet maximum length of RS232C series of logic and arithmetic program type of microphone used in telephone deadlock series another term for super refraction why tropospheric ducting is not frequently used the physical height of an antenna is __ of its effective height effeciency of parabolic antenna UCT a filter that can be connected between CB and antenna input impedance of common collector is __ which cannot be measured by only one instrument

beat frequency oscillator (BFO) Class A 3000-20000 hybrid transformer multiplier directly proportional pink noise surge roentgen biological equipment smith chart phototube hog horn wire-wound surface acoustic wave (SAW) the wireless bridge has more power output D silver cadmium, silver zinc, nickel cadmium basic instrumentation amplifier 0 volts zinc container CPU TO, flat pack, dual in-line 12 cm 16kHz 20 Hz 10Hz-6MHz 0.0038 bit stuffing 2.45 GHz electron beam welding RG 58/u 50ft. leap frog button microphone thrashing ducting it is not reliable 1/2 to 2/3 55% universal coordinate time low pass filter high impedance

applying 2 to 5 kV between the anode and cathode dirt in generator may cause the color carrier is found __ lower than the audio carrier because in line with this. Elastic of proton by what is used to measure the specific gravity of battery electrode the science of combination of electrical, mechanical, and magnetic an instrument used to measure the potential difference, electron charge loudness of clock ticking what is the value of the load factor for a transformer to have negative voltage regulation what materials are commonly used as substrate which is not a system requirement for 3G cellular frequency used to signal handoff between cell in cellular known as the Ecommerce act of the Philippines feedback element of an integrating op-amp infinite input impedance, zero output impedance is a characterisitc of which amplifier principal musical interval considered as dissonant an amplifier where the output signal voltage is larger than the inpust signal voltage why is there a need for a no-load test for transformer to determine the relative frequency of the windings of the transformer instrument used to measure the degree of misalignment for a shaft what is the function of the summing amplifier type of op-amp that is industry standard percentage modulation needed in neutralizing an operating transmitter what is the hydrometer reading of a fully charged lead acid battery what is the effect on the resonant frequency of a monopole antenna if an inductor is connected at the base what is a small card that has embedded IC in itthat can store information what is a volatile memory for navigation, as well as marine and aeronautical communication and radar, what band is used what is the primary frequency range of long distance skywave propagation how long does transmit after for mobile drop outs what is the peak wavelength of sunlight digital microwave system uses what modulation analog microwave system uses what type of modulation what band of frequency is allocated for cable tv relay service what do you call the wave of frequency directly above 300GHz what system widely uses accelerometer subatomic particle that has electrons, mu particle, and neutrino what is a filter that uses acoustic waves on the surface of a substrate to achieve the desired response what is an amplifier w/ 2 inputs and 2 outputs where output is dependent on the difference of two inputs what type of coupling is used to produce low interference to frequency

cathode spluttering flashovers and unstable voltage regulation 4.5 compton effect hydrometer electrodynamics electrometer 20 phons zero glass and ceramic IMT-2000 10kHz RA8792 load capacitor op-amp 7:8 voltage amplifier to determine magnetizing current and loss by phasing out dial indicator it multiplies the input signal voltage to the gain of the circuit LM 341C 100% or more slightly less than 1.3 resonant frequency decreases smart card RAM L 3 to 30MHZ 1 to 5 sec 500nm PSK or QAM FM or SSB 12.17 to 13.20 MHz millimeter wave navigation system leptons surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter differential amplifier direct coupling

response a class A amplifier has a conduction angle of __ a class C amplifier has a conduction angle of less than__ if line impedance is equal to the load impedance symbols produced by 16 QAM number of channel produced by baseband bus topology LAN what is used for television to produce special effects and production switching what is the promary use of fiber optics disadvantage of plastic fiber optics what is the frequency of the middle C what is the frequency of the first octave of the middle C advantage of plastic fiber optic in satellite communication, what determines the EIRP what is an amplifier that directly couple optical signal without converting it into electrical form what protocol is packet switching what is introduced to eliminate "singing" what is the other name for eddy current what type of circuit is this XR-2280 bandwidth of op-amp with negative feedback bandwidth of op-amp without negative feedback a robot hand is called a robot arm is called an op-amp that is ultra precession what is the disadvantage of using double receivers instead of two individual receivers

360 degrees 180 degrees there is no standing wave 16 1 SEG long distance telephone system high attenuation 262Hz 524Hz inexpensive and flexible sattelite antenna, height and receiver sensitivity optical amplifier X.25 via net loss (VNL) Foucault current operational multiplier wider narrower because of high gain end effector end manipulator CP-77A when one receiver goes bad, the entire receiver will also be bad because differential gives more accurate output than the regular amplifier 2.1V 2.2V physical layer network layer network interface card (NIC) epitaxial method cheapernet 1111110 private key 100m CSMA/CD protocol 0.66 0.8

why is the differential amplifier better than regular amplifier what is the nominal open circuit voltage of lead acid battery what is the reading in lead acid voltage when fully charged the lowest level of the OSI protocol, dealing with matters such as voltages and current levels the third layer of the OSI protocol what is a plug-in circuit board for a computer that contains the necessary hardware and firmware to connect the computer to a local area network method in manufacturing IC in which the elements do not penetrate the substrate thin ethernet is also known as in SDLC and HDLC, what is the bit sequence that consist the flag the public key is used to encrypt the message. A __ is required to decipher it the 10BaseT ethernet is restricted to a length of__ what protocol is common for bus networks what is a typical velocity factor for coaxial cable what is a typical velocity factor for twin lead

what is a typical velocity factor for open wire line the velocity factor of transmission lines varies from___ used to indicate the capability of computer to handle data two freedom of axis what is the nominal flasher rate of a flasher lead ways to prevent polarization in a battery what do you call the movement of free electron in a semiconductor material what are the advantages of tape catridge over open reel and cassette broadcasting refers to the use of radi frequency field to produce deep heating in body tissue a complete master oscillator or power amplifier system contained by a single evacuated envelope the practical application of current drawn from bodies of animals including human to power electronic devices and appliances ratio of width to height of a television picture the portion of the horizontal blanking pulse before the sync pulse the portion of the horizontal blanking pulse after the sync pulse what would be the reliable range for mobile-mobile telephone channel is designed to carry voice signal with __ bandwidth what effect for satellite system to rotate keeps their beam in one direction silicon solar cell why are geostationary satellites not ideal for long distance telephony what is meant by CPE what is the loudness level of 80 phons compared to 60 phons a weld bead of wineglass design is produced in ___ welding what is the percentage of stray losses in DC machines why is that n-channel FET is superior to p-channel FET what is the coupling of the primary and secondary winding in transformer what is the typical resistence of voice coils for speaker used what crystalline structure has packing factor of 0.52 what crystalline has a coordination facotr of 8 what is the transfer speed of firewire what percentage of current in NPN transistor configuration reaches the collector what percentage of current in transistor passes through the collector the FCC released an order of phasing out of analog broadcasting in ___ what is the IEEE standard for ZIGBEE what is the IEEE standard for WiMax what is the standard used for high speed ethernet system known as Wi-Fi what is the standard used for bluetooth what is the bandwidth of bluetooth what is the bandwidth of wi-fi what material has the highest absorption coefficient what material is suitable for sound insulation what is the typical turns ratio of a step-up transformer

0.9 0.5 to 0.9 informatics gimbal three times a second vent a cell, add a material rich in oxygen, add a material that will absorb hydrogen control current easily plugged, checked and stored diathermy monofler bioelectrogenesis aspect ratio front porch back porch 1 to 10 miles 4000kHz gyroscopic or flywheel effect photovoltaic cell because of time delays involved customer premises equipment 4 times louder plasma-arc 1% because mobility of electron is greater than hole tight magnetic coupling 4 to 100 ohms simple cubic body-centered cubic 400Mbps 98% 95% 2006 IEEE 802.15.4 IEEE 802.16 IEEE 802.11b IEEE 802.15 720kbps 11 to 54 kbps celotex heavy materials less than unity

what is the typical turns ratio of a step-down transformer what is the maximum data rate in 3G for mobile users in high speed vehicles what is the maximum data rate in 3G for pedestrian for slow moving vehicles in 3G, what would be the maximum data rate for stationary mobile users a scheme where several channels are interleaved and transmitted is called __ what is the typical gain for a rhombic antenna the creation of the information technology council what does EDGE mean what is the typical value of input resistance of an op-amp what is the unit of magnetic flux considered as the hallmark of the TTL what term in Asynchronous Transfer Mode system is used to describe a byte what magnet is commonly used in motor what is the rotating part of the motor what is the commonly used insulation for flexible cable a ground base navigation system that has 88 to 98% global coverage what is the speed of a geosynchronous satellite orbiting the earth in nautical miles per hour what is the other term for mechanical amplifier the time required for the voltage level at the beginning of a pulse to increase from 10% to 90% of tis maximum value also known as the "lie detector test" single circuit breaker device that combines the action of both thermal and magnetic trip element high versatile and very common device for measuring AC voltage, positive and negative voltage and DC resistance standard message that is used to test teletypewriter devices for the fact that it has all the alphanumeric what term is used to describe the speed of particles in a semiconductor..? the rate of NMOS is ___ compared to PMOS which has the highest speed wireless manufacturers set de facto standard for wireless communications what characteristic of solitons makes them interesting for long distance fiber optic transmission the time required for the voltage level at the beginning of a pulse to increase from 90% to 10% of tis maximum value in GSM what telephone number that is unique to a given user worldwide a polygraph is used to measure the activity of the human body except the ___ what is the annual spectrum user fee (SUF) of paired 3G mobile phone technology for the first 5 MHZ what is the annual spectrum user fee (SUF) of paired 3G mobile phone technology in excess of 5 not exceeding 10 MHZ bandwith what is the annual spectrum user fee (SUF) of paired 3G mobile phone technology in excess of 10 not exceeding 15 MHZ bandwith what is the annual spectrum user fee (SUF) of paired 3G mobile phone technology in excess of 15 MHZ bandwith what is the annual spectrum user fee (SUF) of unpaired 3G mobile phone technology for the first 5 MHZ what is the annual spectrum user fee (SUF) of unpaired 3G mobile

greater than unity 144kbps 384kbps 2Mbps time division multiplexing between 15-60 dB EO 469 enhanced data for global evolution 50 ohms webber immunity to noise pulse Octet electromagnet rotor polyvinyl chloride omega 6879 low frequency power amplifier rise time polygraph thermal magnetic trip element digital multimeter fox message mobility 4 times slower NMOS (choose PMOS if available) wireless application protocol can propogate very long distance without dispersion fall time international mobile subscriber identification eye 5 million per MHz 8 million per MHz 10 million per MHz 15 million per MHz 3 million per MHz 6 million per MHz

phone technology in excess of 5 not exceeding 10 MHZ bandwith what is the annual spectrum user fee (SUF) of unpaired 3G mobile phone technology in excess of 10 not exceeding 15 MHZ bandwith what is the annual spectrum user fee (SUF) of unpaired 3G mobile phone technology in excess of 15 MHZ bandwith what is the frequency deviation of cellular radio using FM what is the typical density of lithium type battery what is the typical density of LeClanche's dry type battery effectivity of RA 9292 maximum location of light bulb down to the tip of the antenna tower bandwidth of firewire is __ times of USB has no memory effect discrete code name of honda robot name of hybrid car inventor of magnetron world wide web is born coined the word "cyberspace" what digital circuit is used as bit splitter a type of ac defect that occurs greater than one cycle a type of ac defect that occurs lesser than one cycle brown out but less in magnitude 20000 volts why do most long distance fiber communication system use wavelengths on the order of 1550nm what would be the most important advantage of converting the entire telephone system, including the local loop to fiber optics what cause light loss in fiber optics extra bits used to spread the signal in a direct sequence spread spectrum system circuit for digitizing voice at low data rate by using knowledge of the way voice sounds are produced what is the function of buffer amplifier a signal path provided by a cable TV system to relay subscriber terminal TV programs that are received off-the-air or are obtained by microwave or direct connection to a tv broadcast station a signal path provided by a cable TV system to deliver to subscriber terminal signals that are intended for reception by equipment other than TV broadcast receiver receiver only when not used with auxilliary equipment a signal path provided by a cable TV system to deliver to subscriber terminal signals that are intended for reception by equipment other than TV broadcast receiver receiver only when used with auxilliary equipment a signal path provided by cable tv system to transmit signal of any type by pass capacitor is also known as __ the fastest known supercomputer as of Nov 2005 what is the speed of the fastest supercomputer how many microprocessors in a chip does a supercomputer have who has been regarded as the father of supercomputer given the award for the patent for the integrated circuit founder of INTEL who are the two unhappy engineers of fairchild who are nicknamed as "fairchildren" what is the first microprocessor offered commercially

8 million per MHz 12 million per MHz +/- 12 kHz 90 A-h 30 A-h 27-May-04 20 cm 30 lithium barcode 39 or code 3 of 9 asimo fuel cell car randall and boot 1991 william gibson shift register blackout brownout sag or dip transients because the loss in glass fiber is lowest at a wavelength of approximately 1550nm almost unlimited bandwidth attenuation, scattering, dispersion chips vocoder amplification and isolation class I cable tv channel

class II cable tv channel

class III cable tv channel class IV cable tv channel decoupling capacitor IBM's Blue Gene/L 208.6TFLOPS 32786 microprocessor Seymour Roger Cray robert noyce robert noyce and gordon moore robert noyce and gordon moore INTEL 4004

what is the codename for the next version of bluetooth what is the codename for the next version of bluetooth after lisbon what is the NTC memorandum circular # 07-08-2005 what is the NTC memorandum circular # 03-03-2005 what is the MC # 05-08-2005 what did the MC # 05-08-2005 definition regarding voip name of the humanoid robot made by honda what humanoid robot is designed by the korean institute of science and technology what is the humanoid robot made for entertainment purposes Sony what bridge is used to measure a circuit with medium Q what bridge is used to measure a circuit with high Q which among the logic family has the fastest speed what is the minimum distance between components in an advance chip applicants for the 3G operator must submit a ___ performance bond to NTC capitalized fund for 3G applicant who coined the term "hypertext" who design the "mosaic" who designed the hypertext transfer protocol, HTTP father of Arpanet who invented the mouse designed the TCP- transmission control protocol who invented the ethernet what is the korean version of WiMax founder of macintosh invented nanotechnology also known as the "Big Blue" father of IBM what frequency is reallocated to CMTS that is part of NRFAT who is the father of WiFI who first develops the graphical user interface what is the first computer to use GUI what is the voltage of ULTOR for 35" color tv the NTC defines the not to exceed___ what is the latest technology in IC fabrication what is the latest processor of INTEL 16Mb L3 cache founder of apple Given a 63.5s vertical retrace line, how many complete horizontal lines are scanned in a vertical flyback? When a ferrite is subjected to a magnetic field from a permanent magnet, the electrons spins experience what phenomenon? What are the two types of network software? What do you find at the center of a star topology? What is used to fire a geosynchronous satellite to attain its final circular geostationary orbit? What is the flicker nose voltage of a wirewound resistor? What is the flicker noise voltage of a carbon composition? What camera tube uses lead oxide for the photoconductive? What is the most common filter used in SSB? What radio transmission process where the message or video

lisbon sheattle rules and regulations for allocation of 3G frequency band in the philippines rules on the operation of broadcast messaging service voice over internet protocol value added services asimo hubo Qrio Maxwell bridge hay bridge TTL (ECL if it is part of the choices) 1 micrometer 300 million 100 million ted nelson marc andersen tim berners lee larry roberts douglas englebart vinton cerf and bob khan metcalfe WiBro jeff raskin norio tanaguchi IBM thomas watson Sr. 870-890MHz vic hayes xerox corporation lisa 30kV 250mW 65nm technology 65nm Tulsa Processor steven waltznia and steve jobs 10 Precession Peer to peer, client server A hub or a switch Apogee kick motor 0.01 V to 0.2V 0.1V to 2V Plumbicon Mechanical filter Frequency hopping

communications are sent to the radio channels that changes frequencies in a pre-determined order? What is the IMT-2000 maximum data rate for mobile user in a high speed vehicle? A licensed and registered ECE can apply for professional Electronics Engineer if he registered how may years after the effectivity of RA 9292? What is the signal sent y the network to the calling telephone in order to indicate theat the called telephone is ringing? What is the advantage of optical fiber made up of plastic? ICT means The maximum radiation from any electronic equipment should not exceed _______ mr per week? Depending on the terrain a microwave system uses line of sight propagation and may require repeater approximately every ______ A type of card with embedded integrated circuit with functions that can be used in storing subscriber information in a PCS system What is the technique employed in networks to avoid accidental flags (adding bits)? What law created the MTRCB What is another name for pink noise? What is the frequency separation between the forward channel and the reverse channel in a cellular communication system? What is the tone produced by a sound source other than the fundamental tone? What is the digital audio compression that substitutes MP3 audio? In the operation and maintenance of cable TV system, you need a What is the amount of sound attenuation offered by the wall, ceiling and floor? What is the typical range of velocity factor in a coaxial cable? What devices are inserted into a telephone channel if the total net loss of the trunk circuit exceeds about 2.5 dB? The orbits of the GPS satellites are nearly circular with inclination angles of ____ degrees relative to the equator GPS satellite separation Why is geostationary satellite not stationary for region near poles of the earth? What is the maximum bit rate for fiber optic cable? Which modulation is the most noise resistant? What is the science of measuring of light visible to human eye? What is the center impedance of a half wave antenna? What is the increase in the network capacity that can be achieved by 3G wireless system? What is the major benefit of DSB and SSB? How much is the fine of unauthorized servicing of mobile phones? Binary pattern of ones and zeros arranged in random? If an audio signal is lost on a high frequency, what can be added to it to flatten the response? A network using microwaves for two-way transmission of telephony, television, and high-speed data What is the speed of the geostationary satellite? What is the technique used in MPEG 2 compression? What refers to the ability of the FM receiver to receive the stronger of the two signals and ignoring the weaker one? What is the primary advantage of microwave?

144 kbps 7 years Ringback tone Inexpensive and more flexible Information and Communication Technology 100 mr 40 km Smart card Bit stuffing P.D 1986 Flicker noise 45 MHz Sidetone Dolby AC-3 Duly registered ECE Transmission loss 0.6 to 0.8 Echo suppressors 55 degrees 60 degrees The angle of inclination is too low for these regions 10 Gig per sec PCM (pulse code modulation) Photometry 73 ohms 70% Higher power in the sidebands 5000 Pesos per unit Pseudorandom code Equalizer Local Multipoint Distribution System (LMDS) 6879 statute miles per hour Discrete Cosine Transform Capture effect Wide bandwidth availability

What class of mobile phone whose maximum power output level is specified as the ERP of 2dB watts? (1.6 Watts) How many different symbols are possible outputs of a 16QAM modulator? What refers to the reflection at the interface of two optical materials which depends on their refractive index and the angle in which light strikes the interface What type of message in radio control channel in cellular systems tells a particular mobile telephone that a call is to be received? What is the modulation method used in European cordless telephone? What do you call the calls which cannot be completed because the central office or PBX switching capacity was full at the time the call was attempted? What layer in the OSI is responsible for transmitting bits in the communications channel? What is the ratio of the speed of light in air to the speed of light in another medium? The memory storage in cellular phones for the telephone number to be used are stored in what is known as What types of microphone produce low 2 outputs? What is the speech coding rate of GSM for cellular system? What is the bandwidth of GSM? What formula is used in determining the overall noise performance of a receiver of multiple stages of RF amplification? What is the lowest layer in the OSI model that deals with matters such as voltage and current levels? Brightness variations in color information are in what signal? What is the modulation and multiplexing technique that distribute signals and its sidebands over a very wide bandwidth What is the operating frequency of telephone quality analog voice signals? What scrambling method is used in compact disc digital audio system to ensure that enough transitions between zeros and ones can take easily clocking information? What is the achievable data rate of 3G cellular system? What is the maximum number of years of a certificate authority issued by the NTC to the cable TV operator? At what frequency does a magnetron in a microwave oven operate? What order of the NTC which provides implementing guidelines on the grant of mobile phone dealers permit? (MPDP) What NTC memorandum circular provides additional rules and regulations on the purchase, sales, lease/rentals of mobile phones? The electronic technician, as defined by MPSCT, implementation guidelines must be a graduate of an electronic technician course and should have completed formal training in repairing, servicing, and maintenance conducted by mobile phone manufacturer and/or training center that are truly accredited ____ Helical antenna is often used as a typical satellite tracking because of What is the main disadvantage of fiber optic cable made of glass A comb filter is used to ________ In tv, which controls the phase angle of demodulated color video signal In general typical range of frequency that troposcatter wave propagation is found to be effective What modulation is used in Enhance Data rate for GSM Evolution (EDGE) Where should MBSCP or MDPD file their application? If public key is used to encrypt the message, what is required to decipher it? What do you call a card that comes with an 800/888 number that the card

Class 2 or transportable phone 16 Frenzel reflection Pages GFSK Blocked calls Physical layer Index of refraction MPEG 1 (Motion Pictures Experts Group) Dynamic, ribbon, carbon 13 kbps 200 kHz Friis formula Physical layer Y (luminance) Spread spectrum 300 Hz- 3 kHz 8 to 14 modulation More than 2 mbps 15 years 2.45 GHz Office Order 87-08-2004 MC 08-08-2004


Faraday effect Brittleness To cancel chroma crosstalk Tint 350 MHz to 10 GHz 8PSK NTC regional office Private key Pre-paid phone card

owner dials to reach a network that allows him to dial anywhere he likes Registered electronics engineer who is not a member of an accredited professional organization must register within ____ years after the effectivity of RA 9292? What is IMT 2000 maximum data rate for pedestrian mobile users and for slow moving vehicles? What is the basic component of a satellite? Refers to many major wireless manufacturer that have combined to create de facto standards in creating this content What is the frequency of the middle C What is the frequency of 1 octave above middle C Which of the following is not a porous absorber The time that a synthesizer remains at a frequency called To be a member of the board, an applicant should be in active practice of electronics engineering in how many years before promotion? What is the maximum VF tone that may be fed to a voice signal What is the maximum power of the Class 1 analog mobile phone The average voltage value of the 3.58MHz modulated chrominance signal in TV receivers is___________ How many lines does a standard NTSC has? F3 emission means carrier frequency is modulated by _______ The aeronautical radio navigation land station that provides direct bearing on that station from an aircraft is known as _____________ What is the frequency tolerance for aircraft station employing SSB transmission? The range of the human hearing can form how many octaves What results in the luminance components interfering in the color signal, it occurs whenever there is diagonal detail on that picture and gets worse with motion How many horizontal lines are blanked out in the frame of TV receivers by V blanking What would be the bandwidth of an AF filter for CW A superjumbo group has how many voice band channel A characteristic of the modulating signal that is proportional with the amount of frequency deviation from the carrier center frequency in FM ? requires that the amplitude of each sample be converted into ______ In the single tube class C amplifier why is the ? modulated envelop that made up of varying amplitude dc pulses What is the data transmission rate of the North American AMPS The split pair is used by IBM token ring network that operates at either In acoustics, what do you call the present combination of interval What is a system where cables and wires are placed within the ceiling and poked up in the resistance floor structured to office or the room above 3G wireless system was introduced in what year In telephone system, what traffic model is based on the assumption that calls are not immediately satisfied that the first attempt are held in the system until it is satisfied What is the maximum VF tone that may be fed in the telephone line What type of modulation is produced by sampling an analog signal What is the number of lines scan per frame in the raster on the picture tube What is the velocity of the geostationary satellite in orbit Which navigation does not have global range What refers to the system where an aircrafts navigation aid measures the time interval between an interrogatory pulse and the reply from the radar from a radar beacon

3 384 kbps Transponder Wireless application protocol 242 Hz 542 Hz Membrane absorber Dwell time 10 years +6dB 600mW The brightness of the color 525 Voice Omni-directional range station 20 ppm 10 Cross luminance

42 500 to 1000 Hz 10800 Amplitude Binary number Because of flywheel 10 kbps 4 or 16 Mbps Consonant interval Poke probe 2001 Poisson

0 VU PAM 525 6879 statute mph MLS DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)

What is the accuracy of LORAN C long range hyberbolic radio navigation system What is the main advantage of GPRS How many TV fields are recorded on one slant track of tape What frequency sharing technique uses highly directional spot beam antennas to prevent interference between stations of the same freq. What is used to produce low power microwave oscillators What is the variation of the discriminator which greatly reduces sensitivity to amplitude variations and causes a 50% reduction in output voltage Under the revised regulation governing cable TV systems in the Philippines regular duplicated by the network programming by one or more station in a week during the hours of 6 to 11 PM local time to a total of how many hours or more? What is the minimum rejection of a CATV system In CATV system what is sound section isolation In CATV system what is the RF output terminal match In the NTSC regulation, how much is the fine for the MPSC operating without valid NTC permit What is the term for the ratio for the luminous power to the radiant power in the sample of light and expressed in lumens per watt of gradient energy What do you call a special microwave coaxial cable which is made of hard tubing rather that wire with an insulating cover that can be used on the lower microwave band Which of the following are antennas made with micro strip on PCBs Which coaxial connector is of more complex and expensive that do a better job in maintaining the electrical char of the cable through interconnection What is the dielectric constant of polyethylene insulator How is tapped single button microphone cleared? What helps protect fiber against degradation cause by moisture For an angle of incidence = to the critical angle the light will be refracted How much more feed point Z does a folded dipole have than normal dipole What filter may be connected between a CB transmitter and its antenna When real time communication is required the only way to address the second fragment is to use a ____ containing more that 1 satellite What is the common usage of single button microphones What is the advantage of using hub over direct interconnection to all the terminals A broadcast station is transmitting but not modulating, what is heard in a receiver tuned to its frequency A network using microwave for two way transmission of telephony and in high speed data In TV system, if the 3.58MHz C amp in the receiver does not operate, the result will be __________? What refers to the emphasizing low level signals and compressing high level signals A system that allows user to access documents from widely separated sources of the internet using a common interface What is the max efficiency of class C amp? What is the max recommended cable length of RS232C cable? What is the typical value of line turn around? Which pulse in the V blanking corresponds to 3H lines wide? What refers to the nonlinear effect that occurs at low power as low as 3mw in single mode fiber and takes the form of a light shifter slightly in freq from the original light wave

of a mile absolute & >100ft It doesnt require a connection 1 Spatial isolation Tunnel diode Radio detector 14 hours

60 dB 40 dB 16 dB Php5000 Luminosity Hard line

Patch antenna n-type connector

2.27 Jarred Cabling Along the normal 4 times Low pass filter Constellation In telephones Its easy to move computers Nothing Local Multipoint Distribution System (LMDS) No color Companding WWW 100% 50 feet 1.5 ms V sync Bruilloin scattering

In wide area networks what routing technique requires each node to take the incoming packet and retransmit it onto every outgoing line? For analog dram scanners what type of modulation is used after the receive light has been converted into electrical energy? What is the most commonly used transmission line? In what 2 systems in the voice transmitter can speech processing be used? What can be determined about a transformer by an ohmmeter? Why is a matched line indistinguishable from an infinitely long line as seen from the source?

Flooding FM Coax cable or line AF and RF Winding continuity, shorts to case and interwinding shorts Since no energy is reflected from the match load, so for the source it appears as if energy is put into the line continuous to move down the line forever Push-pull H3E More than 2Mbps 8 GPRS PAM

What type of circuit produces even order harmonics? What is the designation of SSB with full carrier? What is the achievable data rate of the 3G cellular system? What is the time period for a single time slot in GSM TDMA structure? What packets switch data technique is used with the GSM systems? What do you call the process by analog signal are transmitted by converting them into a series of pulses whose amplitude is approximately the shape of the analog signal In Ethernet LAN, what situation arises when two or more terminals try to transmit in the network at the same time? What do you call the interval which its an integer or whole fraction ratio What is defined as the ratio of freq of two pure tones? What do you call the first note of the musical scale? In what year will the FCC face the analog broadcasting? Which of the following is or are parts of the network interface card? Which of the ff wavelengths where absorption of electromagnetic waves becomes peak due to vibrational resonance in the water vapor molecule What class of mobile phone has a maximum power level specified as ERP of -2dBW or 600mW What refers to a series of tones that sounds good when used in combination An MPD shop properly identifies its business and location by posting conspicuously at the entrance of its premises a sign board, what are the dimensions of the sign board? Electronic technician as defined by the MPSCP implementing guidelines should be a graduate of an electronic technician course and should have completed a formal training course in the repairs, servicing and maintenance of mobile phones conducted by mobile phone manufacturers and or training service center duly accredited by _________ Under RA 9292, one qualification to be a member of the board is being a citizen and resident in the Philippines for at least how many years? What technique is employed by the transmitter to avoid accidental flags If two signal are in quadrature, what tie the phase relation What do you call a type of communications by propagation is primarily by the direct or space wave which travels in straight line at freq above 30Mhz What feature of SONET allows data spin with different paths to be sync What is a specialized transformer that allows telephone voice signals to travel in both directions simultaneously in a single twisted pair loop Cable TV companies collect signals and programs from many sources in a facility called ____________ Refers to the transmission of multiple TV signals which are freq multiplexed on a single cable to be used in lieu of over the air signal trans

Contention Octave interval Interval Root note 2006 Both BNC and RJ49 connectors 1.35cm and 1.7mm Class III (mobile phone) Musical scale 50cm x 100cm


5 years Bit stuffing 90 degrees LOS communication Payload pointer Hybrid coil Head end Cable TV

What is the other name of super refraction What is the reason why tropospheric ducting not used very much in practical communication systems? What is the function of a hybrid in the telephone handset When the called telephone is ringing, the CO sends a pulse AC voltage to the calling telephone. What is that signal called? What unit refers to radiation other than x-rays which will have an absorption equal to 1 roentgens Different sources of radiation have different effect which are related to xrays by a number which is referred to as the ______ In TV, the picture information is transmitted on a separate carrier that is located _____ lower in frequency that the sound carrier Which of the standards given below is a terrestrial digital TV transmission What is the main accelerating element in the CRT What is the combined mixer and LO that uses 1 transistor of tube or both Lossless compression scheme generally look for redundancies in the data for instance the string of zeroes can be replaced with a code that tells the receivers the length of the string. What do you call this technique? Which ground based navigation system has a center freq of 108-118MHz All colors on the color test signal are modulated at 75% except what color? In analog cellular system, the interfering signal strength remains approx less than ____ of desired signal strength to assure negligible interference What is the approximate critical frequency of E layer? The 10 base T Ethernet system is restricted only to ______ What code is used in 100 days Tx Ethernet standard? What is the carrier frequency of supergroup 10? What frequency is used to signal handoffs to another cell and the termination of the cell in cellular communications Which of the following principle musical intervals is considered desonant? What is essentially a cell site shelter that is mounted on flat bed tractor trailer used for emergency purposes In cellular system what defines the geographic distance that is required between cells used in identical frequencies in order to avoid interference between the radio transmissions of this cells? RA 9292 was approved by Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on what date? Which of the following is considered the first instance of government regulation of radio technology? What do you call the random data send continuously by the NIC that disrupts the whole area network? What law regulates the operation of cable antenna system in the Phil? Which of the following is the nearest star to the solar system? What is the shifting of antenna pattern so that the major lobe is at an angle below the horizontal? What allows one antenna to be used for reception and transmission without mutual interference? What is the term used to describe an ordinary voice telephony? What do you call the call that cannot be completed because of the central office or PBX switching capacity is full at the time the call attempted? Why does an FM antenna ammeter not change with modulation? What is meant by peak white? In color CRT, what refers to adjustment of the three electron beam so that each lens can phosper dots on the appropriate color? In a satellite system, what do you call the focus beam of energy that covers a relatively small area on the earth produced by high gain antenna on the satellite?

Ducting Because it is not reliable Decrease mic signal in phones Ringback signal Rep - roentgen equivalent physical Rbe roentgen biological effectiveness 4.5MHz 8-VSB ultor Antodyne converter Run length encoding

VOR or DME Gray 2% 4MHz 100m 3 level Manchester code 3100kHz 10kHz 7:8 COW Distance-to-reuse ratio (D/R)

April 17, 2004 Radio act of 1910 Jabber EO 205 Proxima Centauri Down tilt Duplexer POTS Block call No power added with modulation The video signal represents max luminance Purity Spot beam

What radio system was developed to provide high speed packet data access for the GSM network? How wide are the GSM channels? What type of radar is used for speed measurements such as the one used by the police or the police radar? With what type of emission does this tuning by 200Hz materially degrade the received signal? Why does a high Q circuit discriminate against harmonics? What will you change in order that gain of transistor amplifier can vary? What are 2 function of a buffer amplifier? How much of the emission must be within the bandwidth of the transmitter What type of 2nd detector is used for SSB and CW In FM broadcasting, what is the lowest used modulating frequency? What is the emission designation for VHF FM? Why does a higher impedance line have lower copper loss than a lower impedance line? What is considered as the simplest transmitter keyed on and off to produce CW Morse code? Occasionally rockets will contain more than one satellite, what do you call the main satellite to be launched? What are the 2 basic types of radar? How many orbital plans which are equally spaced around the equator in GPS operational constellation? What is the popular fiber optics cable with the glass core and plastic cladding called? What is a FM receiver that causes a stronger signal to dominate the weaker signal in the same frequency? What is the advantage of using SSB suppressed carrier AM as the modulation scheme for FDM telephony? What may cause ionic disturbance characterized by rapid cluttering sound hence voice communication is poor? What is used to convert the scene or object nearest to view the electrical signal which can be used to modulate the carrier? What is the advantage of toroid inductors over air core inductors? The mandatory 24 ship-to-shore communications from 1910-1912 was established by the US, Great Britain and other maritime nation as the direct result of the sinking of the 2 famous ships, which are? How much is the filling fee for application of MDSCP or MPDP The frequency tolerance of FM broadcast stations is _____ above or below the assigned frequency? What layer of the OSI model handles the transmission of bites over a communications channel? What is the next to higher level of the multi-level activities of communications which defines how the initial data is sent and transformed into the symbols that represent it before being actually transmitted with this specific signal value? Which of the ff. coaxial cable connectors is called the UHF connector? What satellite subsystem monitors on board conditions such as temperature and battery voltage and transmits this data back to a ground station for analysis? What expresses the steepness of the skirts of the skirts selectivity of a radio receiver? In SSB, the transmitter output is expressed in terms of _________? Which of the ff. is the policy guidelines to govern the operation of cable TV in the Philippines? What is the standard signal format of a numeric paging receiver?

GPRS 200kHz CW Doppler radar J3E Because of purer sine wave AC The collector current Amplify and isolate 99% Heterodyne 26Hz F3E Because higher impedance line has lower current for a given power level The oscillator Initial payload Pulse and CW 6 PCS (plastic clad silica) Capture effect It has the least bandwidth Aurora borealis Television camera High permeability of the core The Republic and The Titanic

Php180 2000Hz Physical layer Coding

PL 259 TTC

Shape factor Peak envelop power PO 436 NEC B3 standard

What is the critical capacitance variation of most varactors used in frequency modulators? Helical antennas are often used for satellite tracking VHF because of? What traffic model is based on the assumption that calls not immediately satisfied at the first attempt are held in the system until satisfied? What does ICT mean? What is the typical noise figure of metals, semiconductors, FET or MOSFET used at microwave frequency? What is the 3rd layer of the OSI protocol model which sets up the path to transmit data between terminals and modulation is used? What system specification for 3G wireless system uses as a wide rf channel efficient coding and multiple channels to provide for both low speed circuit and high speed packet services? If the antenna current increases 3.3 times how much is the field strength increase? What is the term used to describe a computer operating system allows multiple program to run simultaneously without interfering with each other What is the 1st type of modulation using an SB microphone called? What are used to allow fiber optics to operate at much higher data rates and over longer distances with the use of range and resist abrasion? If the satellite is lunched at the speed exceeding 25000mph, the satellite will not go in orbit and will break away from the gravitational pull of the earth and go out in deep space what do you call this satellite? What is used to improve the signal to noise ratio for either PCM or delta modulation signals? In a system, if the system to have a net gain there would be a possibility of oscillation due to feedback from this reflection, what is this called? What is the voltage of the local loop on hook? In a propagation medium such in the glass of an optical fiber ____ is the scattering of an electromagnetic wave by particles with the size about equal or greater than the wavelength? What is the ratio of speed of light in air to the speed of light in another medium? What LED is usual signal source for plastic fiber? Why is pulse code modulation preferred over PAM? What carrier shift results with insufficient grid excitation to a grid modulated stage? Why are printed circuit board such as stripline and microstrip implemented on transmission lines? In satellite communication system, _______ is the satellite component that senses the time or the incidence angle of solar radiation and provides electrical signal that may be used to compute the satellite orientation? A few centimeters long solid insulated hook-up wire that provides small capacitance to the ground that is adjusted during circuit alignment by bending slightly in one direction or another, what do you call this wire? What is the acronym GMDSS stand for? What is the main disadvantage of fiber optic cable made of glass? In TV system, the color level control is in the ______? The max. radiation for electronic equipment must not exceed ___ mr/week What refers to any sonic, infrasonic, or ultrasonic wave which is emitted from electronic product as a result of the operation of its electronic circuit What is the formula for REM? Radiation exposure rates produced by a TV receiver shall not exceed ____ milli roentgens per hour at the distance of 5cm from any point on external surface of the receiver?

12 to 1 Faradays effect Erlang C Information and Communication Technology 2 dB or less Baseband WCDMA

3.3 times Multi-tasking Absorption or loop Polyethylene Space probe

Companding Singing 48Vdc MIE scattering

Index of refraction Red LED Because of its superior noise immunity Positive To create resonance circuits and filters Sun sensor


Global maritime distress and safety system Brittleness BPA 100 Radiation Rbe x rad 0.5

Why are larger antennas receive stronger signals than smaller antenna?

What is the advantage of Dougherty linear? What vacuum tube is used for microwave amplification and oscillation? What is the advantage of using variable and balance T-type attenuator pass as gain control? What refers to the sampling of analog signal used in a sample and hold circuit such that the sample will have the same amplitude for its whole duration Which of the ff. identifies the maximum transmitted power level of a mobile phone? Which of the ff. is not a supervisory tone? If the distance between the sound source and the listener is changing, the freq. heard will defer from the freq. emitted, this phenomenon is called? One document required for application of MPDP is a list of stock of spare parts and accessories sufficient enough to cover the warranty of mobile phone units for at least how many months? How much is the inspection fee for application of MPDP or MPCP? Which NTC memorandum circular provides for the additional rules and regulations on the purchase, sale, lease and retail of mobile phones? What protocol is used in the check sum method of error detection? In cellular system, typically how many cells in the freq. reuse plan format?

Because they have greater effective area or greater proportion of radiated energy intercepted High efficiency Klystron Maintain small constant z Flat top sampling

Station class mark 4000Hz Doppler effect 6 months

Php720/year MC 08-08-2004 X modem 7