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c/o Danny & Gail Jordan

1008 Hayden Road Rockledge Florida



of the


3 years to:


of the



Address Correction Requested


Mission to Hong Kong and to the World

Forwarding Agents:

David L. Mohn

Fong Yuk Chi (Light)


c/o Danny and Gail Jordan 1008 Hayden Road Rockledge, FL 32955

Field Address: 149 Java Road Room #223

North Point, Hong Kong

ph. (407) 632-4856

Volume 10

Phone/Fax (852) 561-8459

May 1994
Issue 1


At least that's what it has seemed like

times to his mother's home in




I last wrote!

Ever since


from the Malaysian trip, moving to Yuk Chi's parent's flat, resumption of classes at the Bible College, the birth of our baby, the
continuation of Yuk Chi's classes and her

father died shortly before we met him; his father's illness in Hong Kong was Chan's reason for being in Hong Kong.) His mother,
a devout Buddhist, is very upset and is pre

sently doing her best to marry him off to

graduation...well, I reckon you get the idea! And just to ensure that you read the
whole of this newsletter, I will save the news you are most interested in until later.

local nonbeliever. Cultural traditions being

what they are in China, this is a very real danger for Chan. Also, his job keeps him working seven days a week, making it diffi
cult for him to attend worship.




it is hard to



to include.

Such riches from

grace! Since the last time you heard from me, the Mongkok Church has baptised nine people and there are two or three waiting to make up their minds. One of those baptised is a young man from China. The church needed some building work done and he was one of the workers who performed the task. During last summer, three of our youth de cided to spend the summer at the church, studying their Bibles, praying, and planning future youth activities. During a work break Chan Kwok Leung asked one of the youth about what she was reading. This led to a brief discussion and presentation of the Gospel. Chan was definitely interested, but still
unclear, so Yuk Chi invited him to come over to the flat so she and I could explain in

Since I am very behind in the bookkeep

ing, I am not sure how many students we had last year, but there were many. Last time I reported our hope that our former student,
Kwong Shing Chungexcellent in languages would be helping to teach some of our classes. However, the Alliance Bible College

snapped him up before he could begin. The good part of that is that he is in an excel lent position to influence the students' thinking in ways that they would not other
wise encounter. We are again looking for a full time secretary. Tsoi Hang's replacement was quite good but, being ill so often, she thought it better to step aside, though she still helps out voluntarily whenever she can. Financially, though we are not very far in the black, we are still in the black! 'W6 'thank Jesus for his wonderful providence!

more detail. After a couple hours discussion Chan prayed to accept Jesus as his Lord and
Savior and to commit his life to serving Him. Since then, Chan has returned several

Last fall I taught a class on Calvinism and Daniel followed this terra with Origin of Denominations and PostCaptivity Literature. This sumcier I will be teaching classes on Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, and Salvation Theology. Yuk Chi will also be teaching a class (or two) in Mandarin. Last August we graduated our 2nd & 3rd degree students, Kan Cheong Ying and Pak Lai Yee (Winny), who is a member at the (former ly) Mei Foo Christian Church. Throughout her student days, she has been very active in evangelizing areas to the north of us and inspiring and encouraging many others to do likewise. She is presently working with a
H.K. based mission organization, teaching

equipped with Greek and Hebrew fonts (with accents, breathing marks, or vowel points). The new owner agreement permits a home AND office copy for the same price. Now we just
need some more RAM memory...

Through word of mouth and a reputation for persistance in problem solving, I am now
on retainer with two small firms in Hong

Kong. Whether I do anything or not, each month my mission finances are supplemented by US$130, In addition, many small, short
term projects are sent my way providing even more unplanned income, not to mention a
chance to meet and influence some people I would not normally have access to. As a result of the Malaysian trip last summer, I added several more searching ques tions to my study on the purpose of Baptism. This has nowfinallybeen translated into
Chinese. Also in the works is a translation

others how to evangelize and establish chur ches in areas northward. Kan Cheong Ying is presently working with a prison ministry in Hong Kong. Winny will be getting married to a young man from China on June 11.

of my How to Evangelize notes, prepared mostly for the mission trip, but now being
used in Hong Kong and China. The Mongkok church last fall requested Yuk Chi to con

Light and I plan on coming to the States the first part of September and to return to Hong Kong before classes begin in January.
I want to be in Florida in December, since I

haven't been with my family during Christmas for the past ten years. Light has never
visited the States so she has much to look

duct a seminar/study on evangelism for the members and my notes were used along with her personal experiences. I have also com posed a small study which shows the des tructive consequences to the New Testament
doctrine of salvation if the PreMillenial

forward to. Anyone who wishes to find out more about the Hong Kong/China situation and opportunities for mission work may contact me or my forwarding agents to arrange a time during those four months. And of course you will have the opportunity to meet one other very special small person from Hong Kong at

doctrine of the Kingdom of God is true. Copies of any of my notes and studies are available upon request.

Due to increased responsibilities, many of the projects mentioned in my last letter have been on hold for awhile. One may have even been cancelled. WordPerfect, a major wordprocessing program, has just released a
Chinese version at a much reduced introduc

tory price. This is a very nifty program, coming with three vector Chinese fonts. This means that no matter how big you print a Chinese character (i.e. for emphasis or for announcements) a curved stroke still looks curved instead of like a giant stair steps. It can also easily convert Tradi tional characters to Simplified, which is
what the PRC uses. Better yet. it comes

Evangelize China?

No Problem!



Yuk Chi (Light) has now graduated from Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity in Practical Theology. She plans on completing a unit of C.P.E. training this summer. Plans beyond that must wait on our furlough this fall. She hopes to get into China more frequently than has been possible the past three years. We are also looking at a possible opportunity north of Shen Zhen across the border, but certain complications make it look iffy. There is also a possible, regular preaching opportun ity available near Shen Zhen University that I am considering. On September 15, 1993, a new life came
into the world. Her name is Aletheia Ailene

Light is still having persistent Sciatic pains. We have tried many exams, therapies
and remedies with little success. even had two MRI's which showed She has nothing

wrong. A Japanese massage technique has given the best result, but it doesn't last
very long. Thanks to Jesus for all His and your sup

port in prayer, concern and finances!

Thanks to Jesus for such a beautiful,

healthy (and naughty?) baby girl. that she will live up to her name!


Pray for the new Christians at Mongkok and

other churches. Pray especially that they will remain faithful. Pray for Chan Kwok Leung to resist cultural temptations. Pray for Ng Yiu Chung who has returned to the
allures of the world.

Mohn, or Nuk Hei Jan (rh>TBes with:

yoke hey

[j]un). In case you're wondering, that means Truth & Light/Light & Truth. She weighed a
little less than 6 lbs. Her cousin, the son



Light's family




of Light's 5th brother,

though expected the

latter part of November, was born two days later. Development is still neck and neck. Aletheia is taller, but her cousin looks fatter, though both weigh the same: about 17 lbs. Aletheia started talking when only two months old, repeating, "O.K." which is what I usually said to calm her down. However, she's forgotten that and has reverted to normal baby-babel. Her favorite hobbies are the usual (eating, sleeping, playing, and,

drawn to Jesus and that they will desire and decide to accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Pray for my father and sister

Pray for the Bible College teachers & stu dents. Give praise for being able to con tinue paying bills and to locate lecturers
to teach the classes. Pray for additional workers to be found especially before '97. Pray for our furlough in the fall, that we will be able to see everyone again without becoming too exhausted.

you-know-what) plus dancing, tearing up all paper within reach, and screaming whenever she wakes up or doesn't get her own way. She
also seems to share the combined of Light and myselfoh boy! curiosity



came to Hong Kong for a


visit in February '94, during Chinese New Years. For those interested, he shot about
two hours of video while he was here.

This has been a real banner year in of your giving! May Jesus take note and mark it down in your favor for future reference! You gave $17,435 and we spent $15,453. That includes $900 for the Bible College, $1000 for the wedding, and $3250 for the delivery of Aletheia. Additional income amounted to $362 Stateside, and $842 from tentmaking projects. Light also re ceived about $583 a month in donations while she was in school (which has now ended). Thank you very very very much! May God multiply it back to you in many ways!


I'm ready to tell the world about Jesus

How about you?