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Dreams and Hopes People dream dreams in which the wishes become perspective lines.

We cant wish for the wishes to disappear, but only to take part in the becoming, rediscovering ourselves and becoming conscious that we are responsible for what we have chosen. Dreams that can help in the awakening of the conscience before becoming delirium. As human beings, beyond assuming or not the respect for animals, forests, the sky or the sea, we cant arbitrarily chose the division between love and selfishness and hate, unassumed tendencies as any flaw would be suicidal. Life lives for itself and doesnt want to find out whyMaster Eckhart wrote. To live life first you have to understand it. You have to leave the virtual world of drama which hides and humiliates real life. After the extremist ideologists, today the neoliberal ideologists can only pray with tears in their eyes and hope from the bottom of their heart that people will not want barbarism. Beyond the utilitarian logics we can wonder what is the role of poetry and music, love and solidarity among human beings, the respect for the life of animals or nature. The poems about lifes fragility or human wishes are useless economically speaking, but may be capable of defending life and human hopes by bringing them into our conscience. At the same time the sensitive self aspires to salvation, a hope that the world and life wont change dramatically during their own life. While technology is occupying the world around us, transforming lives slowly and unsensed, but irreversibly, taking a neglected and/or euphemized situation beyond the limits of control, maybe beyond the essence of the self, we can imagine that the men of the future,the unknown grandsons who will inherit the world with the possible technological benefits and catastrophies will hope, the same way as us, that someone is taking care of us, that the salvation of the planet cant be achieved by a poor individual, and that the government, the saviour science, God or all the three of them will improve or save the future of the world. A hope, a dream that will always stay to be achieved. Death, the absence and the devaluation of the sacred, as the substitution of the sacred with free will can create the premises of a anything possible is allowed with possibly disastrous consequences. Floating adrift to the abyss. Nobody can play or bet on dice the destiny of the world or of the others, playing absolute God and neither can act for him. The symbol of natural order,a Snail was climbing slowly the tree of life. Saved from the desert of the future it was climbing a tree representing salvation and life. A small poem about a big world. According to Spinoza God is nature. Nature protests in a snail against destiny, an uncertain future, a desert future, loneliness and pain. One of Buzattis characters(Giovanni Drogo)ends up accepting little by little the emptiness of the desert. Our human condition, what we are trying, what we are hoping for is reduced to a simple and prolonged wait. Life in the desert and beyond it, those who ordered our lives, those who by so many tricks made us run and despair and who will appear only when we leave, alone, desperate and defeated.

Miguel Benasayag, an Argentinian philosopher wrote that the world is becoming more and more complex, untouchable, alarming,more and more virtual, violent,far,the individual is looking at it,seemingly autonomous,the same who yesterday imagined the world as a dominated object,looking at it through an interpreted,virtualized reconstruction,a fantasy world,deformed by his own representation. We are trying to leave natures mark on virtual memory,a memory of nature that sometimes disappears,a change in virtual memory,a compensation to disappearance. We are watching sometimes a fight for power, for a salvation from the desert,dreams or virtuality.However,perhaps the ultimate salvation of the soul is love,a last hope of salvation of lifes sense in an insecure world,a last reconciliation with the self before the great crossing.Dreams,images and words,shadows of the real.We live in virtuality,between memories and hopes,with a hidden illusion of eternal happiness in a time that is flowing .The only compensations seem to be the real moments of happiness and love. The butterfly is considered in most parts of the world the symbol of the soul .A human soul that ,in a cold night of the loneliness of the self ,dreams of being reborn on a field of nature,love and communion.A compensation to the passing nature of love and life. Expectations,illusions,utopias,some more charming than others,even becoming sometimes frenzy,interpretations or lies with a terrible ending. The triple symbolism of the soul:flower-butterflies-shadow,the last one being considered in Buddhism as the only reality of the phenomena,while watching the world as theatre of the world,we fill the shadow with the subtle essence of the creature.An image of passing,changing things,of time that transforms everything into the shadows, immaterial things of a material existence. The enigma has as a departure point the symbolism of the butterfly(symbol of the soul and rebirth,represents a sign of salvation and victory over evil),man as butterfly,an adventure on natures field in search for love and a dream of Zhuang-Zi in whichhe is sleeping and dreaming of being a butterfly who flies freely from flower to flower on a field,a delightful state that everybody longs for. A lily of the valley (symbol of purity and humbleness)is offered to the couple of butterflies or to the dreamer by a human hand ,an effort to help towards the essence of the being.We dont know if it is a part of the dream,not even if the butterflies are part of it,it seems.The end of Zhuang-Zi s story is an awakening of the conscience:what if the butterfly itself dreams of becoming a man? It is maybe a dream of the desire to live always trying to offer a flower to the soul,a hope of saving an essence that is part of nature.