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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

By Sifu Trey Crake 5th Generation Lung Shou Pai Kung Fu

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

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Published in the United States by: Dragon Claw Publications, Inc 49 Napa Valley Circle, Madison, MS 39110 USA Tel: (601) 856-5051 Email:

The author and publisher of this material are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury that may occur through following the instructions in this material. The activities, physical, mental and otherwise, described herein are for informational purposes only.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Preface After many years of being involved in Kung Fu training, I see so many people involved in exercises and arts which are meant to be so much more than just the physical movements. I believe they are expecting to receive more, or have been misled into believing that what they are practicing is the full experience. And, although there are many resources available on the subjects of tai chi, chi kung, and other internal martial arts, people are still left confused and searching. It is my goal in this, my first official publication on internal martial arts, to give the seeker a simple, effective, step-by-step system to cut through the hype and confusion. And, to show anyone who is serious about this aspect of training, just how to accomplish this skill. Albert Einstein once said, Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. This is what I offer you. Thank you for investing in this manual. I hope you find this information as rewarding as I have. I believe you are in for a treat. Tao Te Ching Sifu Trey Crake

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Section One Congratulations! The Big Question The Beginning Of The Journey Section Two What Is This Chi Thing? Why Do We Want It? Patience, Patience, Patience Section Three For Best Results Environment Light vs Dark Dress Section Four Other Considerations Dont Practice On A Full Stomach Practice When You Are In A Good Mood Relax Your Body Dont Meditate When You Are Sleepy When To Practice
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

How Often And For How Long Sit, Stand, Or Lie Down? Another Option Additional Tips Training?, Practice?, Work?, What Is It? Section Five The Objective Lets Get Started The Focal Point Develop No Mind Your Breath Is Not Just A Breath Section Six Insider Secret #1 Use Your Breath As A Tool Exercise The Struggle Common Tip Try This Exercise Insider Secret #2 Improved Counting Method Tip Section Eight Looking For A Feeling Insider Secret #3 Advanced Breathing Method Insider Secret #4 Be Aware Of Not Center Insider Secret #5 Visualizations Are Key Advanced Exercise #1 The Balloon Visualization Advanced Tip In Locating Your Center
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Sensations Advanced Exercise #2 The Bellows Visualization Section Nine What To Expect Early Signs Good Days And Bad Days Insider Tip Persistence Challenge Section Ten Final Thoughts Whats Next Section Eleven About The Author

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Section One
Congratulations! You have now taken an important step. A step that could begin a journey down a road that few ever take. A journey that can lead to some wondrous destinations. This journey is an adventure- an inner adventure that is a fun, entertaining, and amazing. You may be a martial artist who has heard or read about this amazing mysterious energy known as chi or ki that is supposed to manifest itself as one attains high levels of martial skill. Or, you may be a practitioner of tai chi, chi kung, or another internal art. You may be practicing an art or exercise where the word chi or internal energy is repeatedly spoken about. Yet, it remains a mystery. Perhaps youve even read articles or books where the topic was this force. They speak in terms of feeling the chi or moving the energy. But, either they assume you already know how to initially develop this energy, or, they dont explain it at all- leaving you with more questions than answers. Other sources may use mystical phrases and terms that leave you wandering what this is all about. You are sure this must be real. It must exist. Too many people speak and write of it. Yet, you still have not seen or experienced a clear practical explanation as to how to learn this skill.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

The Big Question You are left with the BIG question, But, How? How do you learn this skill? How do you get started? What you need is a step-by-step instruction guide. You need a guide that will show you how to get started. You need a guide that will lay out in plain, simple English, just how to accomplish this. How would you like to know- really know, from first hand experience, what this is all about? Thats exactly what this manual will do for you. No hype. No mysterious mumbo jumbo. Just the facts. And, the HOW. Exactly HOW. The Beginning of the Journey What you are going to learn in this book, are the basics. This is the place to start. The basics could be compared to a key. This key, once attained, will open the door to a lifetime journey of self-discovery; if you choose to take it farther. This is the vital step. This is the missing link, if you will. Real results in chi development start here. Without this basic process, internal energy will remain aloof and frustrating. Once you learn and practice the information here, you will have the foundation to apply this to many other aspects of internal training. Whether you are a martial artist, tai chi or chi kung practitioner, your training will reach new levels of discovery and appreciation.
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

You will obtain REAL results. Undeniable results. You will have a new passion for your training. Because, each training experience will be another inner adventure. You could compare this journey to a popular adventure video game. Where, with each practice, you make new discoveries. Where persistence and patience open new doors to reveal higher levels of experience, and deeper levels of understanding. Section Two What is this Chi Thing? You may still be wandering. Just what is chi? It must be something. It must be explainable, if it exists. It must be measurable, quantifiable. Because Chi is indeed a mysterious concept, there are many definitions. In fact, the Chinese dictionary has over 80 definitions for the word. The best way to define it, is life force. It is the energy that flows through all living things that perpetuates their existence. We all have it. In many individuals, the flow of the life force becomes blocked or restricted causing various mental, emotional and physical ailments. As you learn to increase the amount of chi stored and circulated in your body, there are many wonderful benefits that the average person will never experience to the level that you will.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Why do we want it? Chi is your life force. It is what makes you alive. Without it you would die. With it you survive. By developing it, you gain many benefits. Lower blood pressure Relieves stress Builds Up Resistance To Illness & Injury Promotes deeper relaxation Clears negative emotions Better Sleep Enhanced Vitality Promotes youthfulness & longevity Strengthens circulation of blood and oxygen Improves Health Improves Concentration & Intuitive Abilities Produces Profound Relaxation & Inner Peace Stimulates the Bodys Regenerative Powers Plus, it really is a lot of fun! Patience, Patience, Patience Let me begin by saying that this process takes time. This is the main reason why so many people quit their training. It is the reason so few people have actually attained this skill. It takes commitment and perseverance. In the beginning the results are slow- mostly non-existent. In the beginning, the process can be quite boring. But, Please understand. This is real! The results are real. Follow this manual and you will achieve the results you are looking for.
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

One of the main challenges is that you will typically face, is that you will feel nothing for quite some time. This can be frustrating. To begin to obtain tangible results could take two to four months depending on the time and attention spent. The gradual process has begun and will continue as long as you keep up the training. The lack of quick results is the main reason people give up. It is the reason few can speak of this from direct experience. Dont be one of these! Become one of the few for whom this ability is real. Accept this challenge. I can assure you, it is well worth it! It is truly amazing! Note: The effects of your practice are cumulative. Although, for some time, no effects, sensations, etc. will be felt, things are happening internally. Each days training will build upon the next. It becomes like an invisible snowball, where one practice builds on the previous practice. Try, if at all possible, not to miss a training session. Or, if you must skip, try to double up your time spent on the next day. A day without practice is a step backward. You dont just pick up where you
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

left off on the previous day. You have lost some progress from the day before. You need to catch back up. Section Three

For Best Results

Environment Find a quiet place inside to meditate (Practicing outdoors leads to many distractions- lights, breezes, noises, etc.). Find a place where noises will not distract you, or interrupt your practice. If a ringing phone might be a concern, turn it off. Dont sit in front of a vent or draft that may blow directly on you during practice. Light vs Dark Bright lights can be distracting. Making it difficult to focus inside. Pitch black darkness can cause one to become drowsy. You may find that somewhere in between works best for you. The main concern here is to prevent any distractions that could interrupt you during your time of practice. Dress You need to be comfortable. You will be sitting still for some length of time. So, you dont want to feel constrained or irritated by any clothing that restricts your neck, waist, ankles, etc. No shoes.
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Shoes can bind your feet. Wearing socks is usually preferable to being barefoot. Loose, comfortable, soft, cotton clothing works best. Wear something that you will not notice at all. Yet clothing is preferable to bare skin, where the surface can be susceptible to a breeze or change in temperature. This could lead to your attention moving to the outside of your body. Section Four Other Considerations Dont practice on a full stomach. As you will see, your full attention must be on the work at hand. A full stomach that is in the vicinity of the area we will be focused on will be felt and sensed as a distraction. Practice when you are in a good mood. It is important for best results that you are not angry, sad, stressed, etc. when training. If you have been under emotional strain, postpone your training for another time that day. Or, take time to relax by doing some deep, abdominal breathing to clear your mind and prepare mentally and emotionally for your practice. Your mind should reflect feelings of happiness, joy, love, and contentment while practicing. You want to interact with you internal body with self acceptance and appreciation for who and what you are. It is even a good idea to maintain a slight smile as you practice. This will actually have an effect on how your body accepts and responds to your practice.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Relax your body Again, you should not only be calm mentally, you should relax your body as well. As you begin your breathing to prepare for practice, begin at the crown of your head and scan your body for any tenseness. Take time to relax any tense muscles, and allow your body to go soft. Just use enough muscular tension to keep your body in proper position. Dont meditate when you are sleepy. When tired, your mind will tend to wander. Your practice will be a real struggle, and of low quality. Quality practice is important for the best results. This can be a challenge, because most of us go through life feeling tired. Most of us dont get enough sleep. If drowsiness becomes a problem, try the sitting in a chair posture (described later). That should help. You can also alter your schedule to a time of day when you are most alert. When to practice? When you practice (the time of day) is not particularly important. It is important that you pick a time and place that is void of distractions. For this reason, most people prefer early morning or late night works best. Some people are morning people. Some are late night people. So, pick a time that matches your disposition as the time when you feel most alert. The main consideration here is when do you concentrate best? When is your ability to focus at its prime? Remember, that is what this is all aboutyour attention being focused and maintained for an extended period of time.
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

How often? And, for how long? This really needs to become a daily practice. Minimum 20 minutes per day. Obviously, the more you practice, the quicker the results. Optimum schedule would be 30 minutes in morning, and 30 minutes in the evening. It really depends on the free time available. Most people would be hard pressed to find an extra 30 minutes twice a day. 30 minutes per day will produce adequate results. If you have not accomplished the objective of this manual by 4 months, you might want to try to go to twice a day until you reach your goal. TIP: It is a good idea to use a timer on your watch, or a simple wind up kitchen timer to provide you with a signal that you have spent the right amount of time practicing. Otherwise, you may be tempted to keep checking the clock, and become distracted. Note: Dont rush the training. Dont become obsessed. When you start to get real results, the training becomes fun and even entertaining. So, you will look forward to practice. Consistency is the key! Sit, stand, or lie down? Considerations of Posture For the work we are undertaking here, sitting is by far the best posture. It is very difficult at this stage to achieve the results we are looking for when the legs are extended. (Choosing to practice in bed while falling asleep, could be helpful as supplementary practice, but not as your primary method.) You will find it very difficult to get any sensation in the beginning, with the legs straight. I recommend sitting crossed legged. Not a full lotus position where the lower legs are tied into a pretzel. Remember, you want to be relaxed and comfortable.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Figure 1

The hands can be place palms down resting on the knees.(Figure 1)

Figure 2

Or, the hand can be turned palm up. In this position, let the back of the wrists rest on the knees. Hands are comfortably open, but without any fingers touching. (Figure 2)

After sitting a while in this position, you may find that the circulation of blood is cut off in your legs. They may begin to fall asleep. This could become quite uncomfortable and distract from your practice.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Figure 3

If this is the case, sit on a cushion that will elevate your body 4-6 inches off of the floor. This should help to relieve some of the pressure on your legs. (Figure 3) Sitting with your back unsupported- away from a wall may help you to stay awake and alert. This posture will not allow you to rely on something to keep you upright. Sitting with your back against a wall may help to keep you focused. You will not feel your body swaying. Nor will you be using extra muscles to keep you upright.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Another Option Sitting in a chair is yet another option. This may be best if you still find your legs falling asleep while using a cushion, or you consistently become drowsy during practice.

Figure 4

If you choose to sit in a chair, sit forward in the chair with only your upper body supported by the chair- not your legs.(Figure 4) Your feet should be approximately shoulder width apart. Your feet should be directly under your knees resting flat on the floor.

Additional Tips Your eyes should be lightly closed and positioned as if gazing downward at a comfortable angle. Your teeth should be lightly touching as your lower jaw rests against your upper jaw. Touch the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. It should rest just behind, but not touching your upper teeth.
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

This tongue position is not a major factor now, but will come into play with more advanced training down the road. (Consider the next publication in this series- Discovering the Micro-Cosmic Orbit at ) Your mouth will remain closed. You will be breathing through your nose. So, it is a good idea to check to see that your nasal passages are clear before you settle in for your routine. Keep your back fairly straight. Your head can tilt slightly forward, but your chin should not rest on your chest. This could restrict your breathing.

Training?, Practice?, Work?, What is it? Indeed, it is all of the above. How can it be training, practice, or work when you are essentially motionless? You may have heard the term internal work to describe this process. It is an effort in focus. An effort in concentration. An effort in feeling. An effort in attention. It is considered work because it does require effort. It requires the utmost mental discipline.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Section Five The Objective:

Your objective in this course is to:

Identify, And Establish Your Center

This is the most important foundational achievement. It will confirm your belief in the existence of chi, allow you first hand undeniable proof, and afford you tremendous future possibilities for growth and discovery. Lets get started! You can think of this basic course as learning to wake up and enliven the nerve endings of the body. In this case, your center. The Chinese refer to this area as the dan tien (pronounced don teein). It is located proximately 2-3 inches below you navel, and in the middle of your body.

The Focal Point You must feel your center. This is the area 2-3 inches below your navel in the center of your body. Imagine the area located at your center the size of a golf ball. Put your feeling-attention focused at this spot in your body.
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Note: Turn all of your attention and focus inside. Become focused on the activity of feeling your center. Initially, what you will be doing, is warming up all of the nerve endings lying dormant at your center. Dont picture in your mind you looking at your center. You will have to literally feel it. You put your feeling-attention in your body at the place you believe your center lies. Develop No Mind As you focus, try to avoid random thought. Thoughts as words (mentally talking to yourself) draws away from the exercise. Instead of your mind thinking in terms of words, use your mind and attention to feel. If you are successful for short periods of time at stopping your inner dialogue, you are likely to think in terms of pictures or images. Again, try to avoid this. Visualizing mental pictures also draws your attention from your focus. (The only exceptions to this are the specific visualizations provided to increase your mind/body experience.) Your breath is not just a breath At this basic level of chi development, the proper use of your breath can have a great deal of impact on the results you attain. When done properly, this one factor can accelerate your progress, and help to keep your mind focused. As mentioned above, you will be breathing in and out of your nose.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Section Six Insider Secret #1 Use Your Breath as a Tool Your breathing can be used to speed your progress.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

As you inhale, feel the air enter your nostrils and move down your throat (Figure 5). Then, rather than filling your lungs, feel the air as a continuous column flowing down the inside of the front of your body, down into a cavity at your center (Figure 6). Breath slowly. Take five seconds to inhale, and five seconds to exhale.
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

As you inhale, the cavity (your center) expands. As you exhale, the cavity (your center) contracts. Dont force it. Just feel it. Imagine it as if it is real. (It will be). Exhale. As you exhale, feel your center compress as your lower stomach naturally contracts and returns to its natural position (Figure 7). This is the basic version of the exercise. As your feeling attention is focused on this center area, chi will accumulate there. It will begin right away, although you will not actually feel this accumulation for some time.

Exercise: As you breath, fill your lungs from the bottom, up. Visualize your center as a vase, large and round at the bottom. As water (breath) is poured into the vase, feel your lower abdomen expanding first (Figure 8). Try to let it expand even below you navel. Do not allow your chest to expand and contract. Visualize your diaphragm (a muscular membrane below the lungs that separates the upper and lower trunk area) as being at around the level of your navel. When I say visualize, I mean to imagine and feel it to be so. Feel your diaphragm expand downward as you inhale. And, feel it expand your center as your lower stomach
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Figure 8

Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

naturally expands. It is commonly known by internal energy experts that chi follows the mind. Or, where the mind goes, the chi will follow. Because your mind and attention is at your center, chi will accumulate there. The Struggle The only problem with this training, becomes disciplining the mind to remain at the center. The Chinese Masters often refer to the Westerners mind as monkey mind, because it is never still. It constantly jumps from one thought to another, never able to stay focused for more than a few seconds on a single idea. This wandering mind will always be a challenge. I will teach you several ways to help with this. Common tip: One of the ways to help you with this, is to count your breaths. Begin by counting from one to ten, then begin again. This is a common technique, but has its shortcomings. What you will find, is that as you begin your inhale, and count to yourself one, too much time passes between breaths, and your mind has time to wander. Remember, I said try to squelch random thoughts? I said to try to avoid thoughts as words.
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Try this exercise: Sit quietly. Close your eyes. And, see how long you can go without a thought as words. You may begin, and in a second or two think, Is it working?. Oh, that was a thought! It is amazing how short is ones ability is to have a mind free of thoughts. So, to try to count one, and keep the mind free of thought for 10 seconds (inhale/exhale, 5 seconds each) until two, is difficult at best. Insider Secret #2- Improved Counting Method Theres a better way to count. It is impossible to audibly utter more than one thought or word at time. It is similar for your mental voice. If you are saying one word to yourself internally, it is difficult to say another word at the same time.

As you count your breath, instead of counting one at the beginning of your breath, draw out the enunciation of the count for the duration of the inhalation. As you inhale, count to yourself, oooonnnneeee, until your inhale is complete. Then count again, oooonnnneeee as you exhale. Then repeat to ten and begin again. Each time, drawing out the enunciation.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

I am sure you recall, that I said try not to have thoughts as words. Then, I recommend a technique that does just that. This is true. But, I believe that for now, and maybe forever, most peoples minds will wander randomly. This will hinder your practice as soon as it starts. Remember, I want you to have every advantage in learning this skill. This technique will minimize the tendency for the mind to wander. And, because it is redundant, it will allow your feeling-attention to be focused on your center even while the inner voice is speaking. You will be able to count to avoid random thoughts. Yet, you will be able to ignore the voice and concentrate on your internal work. The counting will go on in the background as you feel your center. Tip: If you find your mind wandering, gently bring your feeling-attention back to the center. Section Eight Looking For A Feeling As you breath, your lungs fill with oxygen and push your diaphragm down, compressing your internal organs. When your organs and intestines compress, there is movement in your lower abdomen- perhaps at, or near your center. The feeling of any movement at your center is desirable. If you can feel this, or sense this, it can be the beginning of a more substantial sensation later.
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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Heres an exercise that will help this approach. Insider Secret #3- Advanced Breathing Method As you inhale, fill your lungs more than you normally do. Do not do this to the point where it is uncomfortable. As you inhale, let your lower abdominal muscles resist a little to the force of the diaphragm on the intestines (Figure 9). This will emphasize the movement of the center area, and give your mind something to feel; something to attach to. You are looking for any feeling sensation in your center which you can identify and hold on to. Hold this breath for 5 seconds. (You can say hhhhoooolllld to yourself in between the inhalation and exhalation) As you exhale, slightly tighten your lower abdominal muscles to push the air out back out of your center (Figure 10). Do this very gradually. You, again, want to create a little resistance. Feel for movement. Feel for any surface area within your center to hold on to.
Figure 9

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Figure 10

Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Insider Secret #4 Be Aware Of Not Center Your attention may be drawn to an area that, as you notice, is not where you would imagine your center to be. Yet, your mind will attach itself to any sensation. After all, thats the initial objective. So, if you notice this happening, allow your mind to let go of that sensation as soon as you recognize that it is not center. Otherwise, you will establish a center that is not true. It will be other than center. And, you will have to work harder to re-establish a true center. Insider Secret #5- Visualizations Are Key Visualizations are a major factor in internal work. What you are vividly imagining as real, causes your mind and body to respond as if it were happening, and make extraordinary progress. The design of the visualizations are of utmost importance. The following is one such exercise.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Advanced Exercise #1- The Balloon Visualization An advanced method to the resistance exercise above is to imagine a small hole in the center of your diaphragm (which we are already imagining to be about the level of our navel). Imagine the hole, perhaps the size of a dime, ~1/2). Now, imagine a small pear shaped balloon attached to the underside of that hole. As you inhale, and pressure builds above the diaphragm, imagine the pressure of the air pushing down, entering the balloon and blowing it up (Figure 11) .

Figure 11

As the balloon expands, it fills your center. It meets slight resistance from the surrounding area. (you may also choose to hold this breath for 5 seconds). As you exhale, the area surrounding the balloon compresses inward, manifesting a feeling of substance at your center (Figure 12). At the end of your exhale, the balloon is deflated and your diaphragm is up (Figure 13).
Figure 12

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Figure 13

Advanced Tip For Locating You Center Another way to mentally and physically identify your center is by the use of your hands. Rather than resting your hands on your knees, you can lay them on your lap. Overlap your hands with your palms up, and the tips of your thumbs touching. Lay them on your lap with the edges of your palms pressing into your stomach below your navel, in front of the spot you believe is your center (Approximately 2-3 inches below your navel) (Figure 14). As you inhale, feel your hands against your body directly in front of your center. Use this as a physical reference point to guide your mind to the point inside, behind your hands. This will help you to locate your center, and give your mind a more identifiable area to feel.

Figure 14

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Sensations As you continue your practice for several weeks, you could experience a variety of sensations, any of which are good. Sensations of warmth, tingling, heaviness, or slight burning in your center area are a sign of accomplishment. You may find that an area larger than the golf ball size spot we are focusing on will have the sensations. This is OK. But, you need to continue to concentrate your feeling-attention to the same small center. Your center should feel manageable. Your center should form and grow from a concentrated area. Advanced Exercise #2- The Bellows Visualization

This time, as you inhale, visualize your lungs acting as a bellows. Imagine the old fashioned fireplace bellows used to stoke a fire by blowing oxygen across the coals to generate heat and fire.

Figure 15

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Visualize your center as being made of coals. The coals are held together by a screen material which contains the coal, and maintains its shape. As you inhale, the air blows through your center (coals), and stokes the coals to a fiery glow (Figure 15). As you exhale, imagine the bellows sucking air upward from under your center (coals). The air passes through your center and stokes the coals again into a fiery glow (Figure 16). So, the feeling of a glowing heat is generated with both the inhale and exhale. This will help you to locate your center, and give your mind a more identifiable are to feel.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Section Nine What To Expect Early Signs At the first signs of authentic energy sensation, you may feel a tiny pinch, or pin prick, or the feeling of something small and hard at your center. This is what you are looking for. Allow your mind to attach itself to that sensation. Hold it with your feeling-attention. Then, you will find that some days it will come easy. Some days it is gone. It will become consistent. As it becomes consistent, instead of feeling it as a tiny point, allow your feeling-attention to surround it encapsulate it, if you will. This is just a technique to grow that area into something more substantial. Once this is accomplished, you should work to feel a real expanding and contracting of your center as you breathe. Work with the visualizations provided and use the methods that work best for you. Notice also which methods not only give you the best sensation, but also, which keep your mind most attentive to your center. It is the undistracted, focused, feeling-attention maintained for the longest spans of time that will bring the best results.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Good Days and Bad Days You will find that some days you are drowsy, unfocused, or distracted. It will be a struggle to get through your 30 minutes. And, you will feel frustrated that your practice seemed unproductive. This could be due to your diet that day, personal stresses, drowsiness, etc. Dont sweat it! You will have some days where things are happening. Especially after you have established your center. Your focus is good. Your mind is in tune with your internal body and youll have an amazing feeling of heat and energy at your center. Your breath will be sensed as stoking the fire, and the sensations will be undeniable. As you practice more, this will always be the case. Insider Tip On these good days, I recommend that you dont stop at your predetermined time. Keep up the practice maybe double your time. It will be worthwhile because your progress is evident and you will have a great feeling of progress and accomplishment. It is at these times that you will have special breakthrough discoveries, and reach new deeper levels of experience.

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Remember, I said this process takes time. The methods described above will get you results more quickly than anything else available. So, use this information. Dont let this information become just head knowledge. Thats what you are trying to go beyond. Thats why you bought this manual. You want more. You want the real thing. You want the authentic experience. Be one of the few who can speak of chi energy because you know. You can have it. All the information you need is contained in this book. Commit yourself to the practice. Say to yourself, I will continue until it happens. And, once it does, I will continue further. Challenge Seriously consider this process becoming a part of your daily life- from now on. It can become your time. Like a daily mini vacation away from the stress and cares of your life. A time of peace & inner exploration that you look forward to everyday. A time that will be greatly missed if you ever have to skip a practice session.

Section Ten

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

Final Thoughts Imagine being able to actually feel your internal energy. Imagine how youll feel when you have acquired this special ability. This is like digging your well. A well from which to draw whenever you practice your art. Now, you have the key to a full and rewarding experience. If you have not mastered this foundational skill, its like trying to drive a car with no gasoline in your tank. Dont pass this up! When you have indeed mastered this step in internal energy development, it will be time to begin to discover how to move your energy within your body. Return to for future publications. Whats Next? Once you complete this first vital step by experiencing an undeniable, welldefined center, it will be time to step through the next door and begin to move your energy. Discovering The Microcosmic Orbit To get the inside secrets to this next stage of your training, go back to

Section Eleven

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Basic Internal Energy Development- The Truth Beyond The Hype

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Sifu Trey Crake is ranked as a Master Level Black Sash in Lung Shou Pai (Dragon Claw Style) Kung Fu. He is a senior member of the Lung Shou Pai 5th Generation lineage. Sifu Crake began his training in the Lung Shou Pai System in 1979. He received over 25 years of professional instruction directly from Grandmaster Norman J. Pedelahore. Sifu Crake received full Instructor rank of 3rd Level Sash Belt in 1985. At this time, Sifu Crake was honored to be adopted into the Lung Shou Pai family through the Pai Shi Tea Ceremony, which made him an heir of the Lung Shou Pai system. He has also received additional extensive training in "Five Formed Fist" (Tung Wu Ch'uan Fa)- Tiger, Snake, Leopard, Dragon and Crane, also from Grandmaster Pedelahore. His training continued over the years in both external and internal aspects of Chinese Kung Fu. In 1984, he was elected as the Louisiana State Director of the World Chinese Martial Arts Federation. In addition to running his own Kung Fu school during his years at Louisiana State University, Sifu Crake studied Yang Style Tai Chi under the instruction of Master Michael Chow of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a part of his Lung Shou Pai training, Sifu Crake has obtained extensive training in many traditional Kung Fu weapons: Stick, Cane, Nunchaku, Staff, Three-Sectional Staff, Spear, Broadsword, Double Broadsword, Wooden Dummy, Kwon-do, chain whip, fighting fan, tiger fork, straight sword, two-man sets, knife, etc. Also, the Li Family Tai Chi style, iron palm, etc. In 2004, Sifu Crake was elected Mississippi State Director of the International Chinese Boxing Association, as an Executive Board Member. He can be reached at Sifu Crake also offers exclusive comprehensive home study programs in Dragon Claw Kung Fu training at . And, FREE self defense instructional videos at

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