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January-March 2006


Seminar on ''The Ministries ef the Apesteiic Church''

One of the real personal blessings and one of the great blessings for the Church in Carcavelos was the Seminar directed by Professor Constantino Ferreira of Mt. Hope Bible College. His subject was T/ig Apostolic Ministries in Liahf of the Greek & Hebrew Lanauaaes, He is very well equipped to have led
this study.

During the month of January, nine different people from 3 different congregations and 3 different countries met for a 2-hour session each Saturday of the month. Several other persons expressed a strong desire to participate in the Seminar, but were not able to do so because of a conflict of schedules. (Does that sound familiar?) The students agreed to give the teacher a gift beyond the gratuity. They purchased a copy of
the 'GREEK-PORTUGUESE INTERLINEAR NEW TESTAMENT.- edited in Brazil in 2004. He commented, "It will

be very useful."

All participants agreed that preparations for another Seminar should be implemented as soon as possible. Sarah and I have known Constantino & family close to 13 years. We have been colleagues at the Bible Institute 10 years. He is an "a/Tia_genia" (a loose translation, "o soul brother" with Dick. Both love teaching. Church History and
Bible research.

May God grant us many more Seminars in the near future! We will keep you all informed.

Visitors are Aiways Welcome, Especially Family

So close and yet so far owayl This phrase kind of described our situation with Jesse and Celia

Berrier, our grandkids. They ore stationed in the Azores (Portuguese islands off the western coast of Portugal). It has not been easy to get together for a good visit. We celebrated a late Christmas with
them in early January and enjoyed their company on the mainland for a couple of weeks. Since Celia had been here before, she was able to choose the sights that she wanted to share with Jesse in Portugal. We took them to visit places in Portugal and finally took a 2-day trip to the Spanish border town of Merida for them to see a small part of the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. This city was founded in 25 BC and has much to offer the visitor who can spend a few days checking out the Roman, the paleo-Christion and the Visigoth history. We are very thankful for our family and their vision for the future. May God richly bless their plans,

Short Medical/Reporting Forioogii

The Lord willing, Sarah and I will be stateside for a couple of months beginning on April 4th and returning to Portugal early in June. All of this will depend upon the mercy and grace of the Lord. We are continuing to submit all of our plans to His leading. This is a planned trip scheduled by the Urologist before we left a year ago. I need to be in his office on the 19th of April for a checkup and a "hormone pump" refill. All tests this year hove shown no trace of cancer and the PSA is where it should be. We plan to make Fayetteville, NC our main base since this is where our doctors are. From there we plan to visit and report to 5 different churches in five different states. It will not be possible to visit all of our supporters this time around. However, we are making tentative plans to hove a longer furlough in 2007 when we will try and visit the rest of you faithful supporters. I agreed to teach a 1st semester course, "AN INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY" for the Bible Institute after returning and am glad to report that it went well (16 students, 2nd and 3rd years). I tried to pace myself and do justice to the class. It was another positive learning experience. Praise the

Cilurcli Happeniogs
Carcavelos: "Snow in Lisbon, Portugal! You must be kidding!" We had some considerable snow flurries in the first week of February. I took a picture -- hope it shows up. It had been 52 years since the last snow here. In the higher elevations throughout the country, it does snow a lot. Normally, we are blessed with moderate weather throughout the year. Our Christmas was a real blast using all ages of our youth. For instance, our "3" Kings were 2 Queens and 1 King. One angel was a boy child and the other was a girl child. Of the 3 shepherds, two were boys and 1 was a girl. They also played other parts during the program. Twelve of our young people participated in the occasion making posters and presenting them to


ail. There was not a dull moment and all enjoyed the presentation.

In most of the A.M. services, we pray for those with birthdays and wedding anniversaries. It is just a small moment of recognition from the church, One family completed 15 years on Christmas Day.
God continues to pour out His blessings upon us. Sefuba/: A home meeting was held on Christmas Day. New peo-

by all.

pie were present and afterwards a pitch-in meal was enjoyed


Another couple is arriving from Brazil after a short vaca-

tlon. We look forward again to seeing Daniel &Rosangela. what may come of this gesture?

is letting "Pedro" play the guitar used for services. Who knows

After the service, Wilson, who has the patience of Job,


the outreach in

Please keep

^ ^

Rock Concert
Recently, a young man hurled this "rock" at our front door (see picture on back page). This was in the late afternoon. I hurried downstairs, opened the door, and there was the rock on the porch. Two

neighbors were at the gate and affirmed that a young

man had thrown the rock

PRAISE for...
His sustaining Grace daily! The guidance of His Spirit! The promises of His Book! His teaching in our lives! Our physical health! Being His "overcomers/" Two great grandbobies,
i.e. Sarah Ellis Barnhart

and was continuing up the street. After talking with them for some time, the young man showed up and apparently
was the one who threw the

rock. He got "in my face" and in "street language" let me hove it for being an American, for being in Portugal, and for having "our God" here. During the "verbal insults" he hinted strongly that he could have been the one who had thrown a rock into our Church sign years ago. He claimed that he was "full of the spirit." I countered with "that spirit had to be from the Devil" and not from God. We were in no physical danger, but were reminded that "someone" is not satisfied with our

and Anno Lynn


PRAYER for...
Wisdom and discernment

being here. Our neighbors were very supportive and disgusted with
the young man. In the last Pioneer, I mentioned that someone had broken into my office and stolen our laptop. Please make this a matter of special prayer for us, our co-workers, the members, our buildings, and our immediate neighbors.

Strength Spiritual Growth

Co-workers, here and USA A blessed Medical/

Reporting Furlough

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uosiqoy MDJDS>|0!a.

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April-June 2006


''A Blessed Medical/Reperting Furlougli''

In the last PIONEER, among other things, we requested prayer for "A Blessed Medical/Reporting Furlough." Well, the Lord has given us that plus much more. Rejoice with us in this time. In T/i months these are some of the major

We love Tennessee and all of the other states as well, |r but Texas Is special to us ~ National Football Champions f
Medical: '

'" '

On April 19th, the doctor examined the results from the latest PSA test that Dick had and said, "I do not need to see you again for another year. Keep me informed." He inserted another implant and wished us well. We praise our Father for His special care.

Furlough Reports:
Here is a very concise statistical update: (1) our total travel miles after arriving from Portugal exceeded 4,500 miles. The driving and flying included the following states: Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, New York, Tennessee and Texas. (2) Seven of our major supporting Churches were contacted and one other personal report given to another Church. One other individual supporter was debriefed. (3) We commemorated the 30th anniversary of the First Christian Church in Cookeville, Tennessee. (4) We celebrated sev eral family milestones: 1st birthday of our first great-grandbaby, Sarah Ellis Barnhart and Jamie Berrier, a granddaughter, graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BA Degree. (5) Sarah attended two sessions of the "Smoky Mountain Women's Retreat" at Johnson Bible College. (6) Last but not least, we renewed our fellowship and ties with a good number of our friends and co-workers. For these and other blessings. We PRAISE THE LORD!

Someone recently asked us, "Where is 'Home' to you?" Sarah

answered, "Home to us is where

we are."

Obviously, these two

pictures reflect part of our fam ily that counts North Carolina as home. This is where we stayed during medical treatment at
David and Toni Robison's house.

Sarah Ellis's first birthday

Pan of Robison Clan in Norih Carolina

Two great weeks were spent here. Congratulations to the

new "Grandparents."

At Home in Tennessee
We were privileged to be "at
Iwiie" "in "Tennessee with Mike

and Mary Lou Biehl. We were proud of Jamie's graduation and pray God's blessings upon her teaching career. The Clint Thomas Family and our family go back a few decades. Clint, Phyllis and Tim


(son) live near our house and

we enjoyed renewing fellowship
with them.

Hillier and Ruby Duke have

been Senior Ministers at First Christian in Cookeville, Tennessee

for 30 years. We rejoiced with the

Church on their 30th birthday. It was a great Homecoming!
There was almost a full house

at the Smoky Mountain Women's Retreat. Margaret Eubanks, the retreat speaker, did an outstand
ing job.

At Home in Indiana
Harry and Gail Pitts and the Church at Lebanon gave us a royal welcome and it was a privilege to know the new minis
ter, Lee Faust, and his staff. Dick

preached three times.

We also shared with Jane McCamack, member of the

Mission Committee at Chapel

Rock Christian Church. Our

meeting place isusually"Dennys." She took us to the building to see the changes and meet many of the staff. Congratulations on your improvements. We stayed with Harve and Betty Pierce -- a great place to
relax and be pampered.

Right at home in Indiana! Thank you, Hoosiers.

At Home in Texas
We were off to Austin, Texas and the Southwest Christian Church and their ministers. Phil and June Landrum were our hosts. We shared with the

Elders and wives one evening

and then with Sam and Nadine

Reed and their Bible Study. This Church is also raising money to buy new uniforms for the "Mighty Fortress" soccer team sponsored by the Carcavelos Church. Many thanks to you and for your vision and your plans for expansion.

Before you move, please send the mailing label with a copy of your new address to


MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, PO Box 13111, Knoxville, TN 37920-0111.

Non Profit Org.


Mission Services Association PO Box 13111

Knoxville, TN 37920-0111

U.S. Postage Paid

Knoxville, TN
Permit #374

Dick&iarah Robison Rua Poi do


Return Service Requested


011-351-21-457-0065 (Robison) 011-351-21-456-1596 (Church)


Forwarding Aaenfs:

Phil & Dot Wiltshire

4824 Westbourne Dr.

Powder Springs, GA 30127

Telephone: 770-943-4668

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July-September 2006


CastelD Forte - AMighty Fortress Soccer Teem"

Cercevelos Church
I In the last PIONEER, we mentioned that the Southwest
Christian Church in Austin, Texas was raising money to buy
team now has their new uniforms

^ new uniforms for the "Mighty Fortress" soccer team. As you


and, in their first game, came from behind 1 - 0 and won the game 5 - 2. Again, we thanic God for our sister church in

Our prayer is thaf Marcos Anjos and V/ilson Spindola

|C- y| WK" ^4Skothers will be able to use this sports team to win many
children and parents to the Lord Jesus Christ in the com-

nonths and years.

\i .

Let us remember that

igal's National team

1 placed 4thin the recent

Fortress Team" stack up in that is still coming?
whistle" will blow for all have each of us scored the earth? The "Great books and check on our

permitted God to mold

and refine our character? Are we asking Him to change and

mold us into the likeness of His Son Jesus? For most of us God

is still working in our lives. Pray for this team as the new soccer season begins. As you know, Sarah and I ore very strong sports fans and we are convinced that God can use this means for His Glory. As God molds the character of each one of us, may we become "worthy vessels" to do whatever He shows us to do. Please pray for this outreach!

Toyota Church Van Stolen in August

is diminishing each day. The stolen van is 19 years old and r-'T ^ hos seen better days, but It is fulfilling a great need in the ' -JMS
Church in Setubol each weekend and in Carcavelos. We

We live in a v/orid where respect for people and things


have notified the police and wait for some answer. Our

trust is in the God ofheaven and earth. Pray with us about

;Sm V

This past summer several trips to a local Christian Camp were made where our adolescents W0i-e strengthened and challenged. There is no way that one can enumerate the number of trips that have been made in helping people move from one place to another.
It is obvious that the two churches are doing good things and Satan is not happy with this
and continues to attack.

Remember, not too long ago someone broke in the Carcavelos Church and stole the Dell Laptop computer. Not long after that, God provided a much better computer. We trust that
God will provide for the needs of His people. ^

''Times of Refreshment in the Lord"

God knows when "a time of refreshment" is needed for Hisservants.

God sent three very special people to the churches recently.

Doug and Beth Winters, from Colorado. USA, spent almost a week
with us this summer. He is a graduate of Summit Christian College

and they are recruits to Mozambique, South Africa, or Portugal? Doug caused a lot of surprised looks with his 6'10" frame. Dick, for the

ered short. He taught and preached in both

Churches and was well received in
both of them. They have a good

first time in a long time, was consid-

\ V


^ ^
w ' J

many years of experience in the K

them to the place of His choosing.

This doesn't mean that we do not

USA. We pray that God will lead

^ 1\
mmmrnsm PW
I O""

^ ik

have a preference!! Lord, keep on

sending folk like this couple! spent some time together. Please

Church inSetubal. Plansare underway to expand the outreach there.

proy for the Spindolas and the

JL' ^,^'1


Especially pray for the opening of ; m H a day care center and more con- .'SSalg tacts in and around the Church k /raity
building. God has been blessing
the church with new people.

fesf/mony in Setubal

Lorena with the youth in Carcavelos

Testimony in Setubal

Lorena Rodriguez, from Costa Rica, spent two weeks with us. She is a retired school teacher who is spending three months in Spain teaching Spanish to Moslems especially from Morocco. Having expressed a desire to get to know Portugal, she spoke with Erick in Murcia, Spain, and they made arrangements for her to come over. She fits in very well with the adults and youth and was one of the most helpful people we have had in our house. Bless you,
Lorena! Come back again soon!!

Mission Sunday in Carcavelos

spent onemonth in Angola andshared with us thework K

Hope Bible College. They had the privilege to have K

On August 20th the Church in Carcavelos was blessed to have Harry and Beth Osland, director of Mt. K j||||H

S|| |H|

that God is doing there. All appreciated thepresenta- K

"One of the

' I youth of the SUj^y Church, Anais Stubbs, prepared the board entitled
"Angola's Day." She had some help from her two sisters, Gaella and Anelia. Thank you for your work for the Kingdom.

Social Work in Carcavelos

such as clothing distribution, drug counseling, and an outreach to the senior
from the eastern bloc countries,^ we have
citizens. With an influx of immigrants

involved with different kinds of social work

Through the years this Church has been

1^ X-*"-







Recently, the Church received a lot of

food to distribute to those in need. Sarah and some of the ladies were filling sacks with basic food: rice, beans, oil, and canned goods. More than 40 bags were prepared.

Before you move, please send the mailing label with a copy of your new address to

A1iSs/onorfC5.' Dick & Sarah Robison Dick P'oi du 5ul. 29 2775-680 Carcovelos

MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, PO Box 13111. Knoxville. TN 37920-0111.

Mission Services Association

PO Box 13111

Non Profit Org.


Knoxville, TN 37920-0111

U.S. Postage Paid Knoxville, TN

Permit #374

Return Service Requested


011-351-21-457-0065 (Robison) 011-351-21-456-1596 (Church)

Forwarding Aaents: Phil & Dot Wiltshire 4824 Westbourne Dr.

Powder Springs, GA 30127

Telephone: 770-943-4668


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VOLUME XXVI October-December 2006

"May Cod himself, fhe God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whoie spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." I Thessalonians 5:23

22' Year in Our Present Building

I keep asking myself, "Can it be 22 years since this building was purchased?" Actually. it took 15 years to finish paying off. The original debt was $) 10,000 U.S. Today it is worth at

and faith in the work here to make sacrifices

so that the Church here could grow. There

least 250,000 Euros ($350,000 US). We thank our faithful supporters for their persistence
^ ^

'I ^


were some days that tested our faith, but God | gg

was present and gave us the will and trust in

Him that one day this structure would be debt

free and belong to the Portuguese Christians. Today, this is a reality and to God be the glory!


September 3rd we celebrated together with a "Praise Band," "Old Hymns," and even with an "accordion." Before the service was over, the accordion player was exhausted, to say the least.
V^hen we started in Carcavelos there were other churches in
the area. These have since moved to other areas. The "Church


gt of Christ/Christian" is the only

one remaining. Presently, the



leadership has no plans to sell this edifice or to move to

another place. Our witness
to the community around us has proven to have the Lord's blessing and an approval of

the mojority of our neighbors. Lmbhwhh

Special Teaching/Preaching Session at

Garcavelos/Setubal Churches

IBoth churches received the teaching

and preaching from Tim Thomas while he His subject was 'The Panorama of the Old

V .**

spent a few days with us in November.

Testament." All of us were blessed from his


V I ^ \^ 1 1 B

i ' sharing with us new insights in the Old Testament and some in the g New Testament. Some of beginning you may remember that Tim and his were fff ^ I here in the of the work in Portugal. He family also visited

Portugal with Dick as a "look see" before we actually moved over in 1981. He was one of the
It had been 12 years since he was here and many changes have occurred within the coun try and among the Churches and us, but the need is still as great, if not greater, for the workers dedicated to the preaching, teaching, evangelism, and the building up of the brethren. The teaching schedule was made to try and accommodate the greater number of people. Tim taught morning and evening sessions as well as Saturday. We know of 6 who couldn't come because of sickness and/or work. Ten people attended some or all of the 18 hours.

Part of the students at Carcavelos (leftj and Setubal (right)
The Church in

Carcavelos hod a spe cial time of prayer for Tim, his teaching and preaching mission, and presented him with an offering. Personally, Sarah and

1were able to visit many more hours than most of our members, but there was a unanimous expression of thanksgiving for Tim's visit among oil. One of the areas that came up was the necessity of someone to substitute for us while we are in the USA for a special treatment for Dick. We approached Tim about the possibility of his coming; he made a few contacts and agreed that he could come during the month of April 2007. I never cease to be amazed as to the working out of God's will in the lives of His people. None of us had ever thought of this possibility, but we concurred, as did the

before, Wilson lived here and took care of things, but is now on hour away in Setubal. This will be beneficial for oil as both churches will have someone on the field leading them. To
God be the Glory!

deacons (unanimously) of Carcavelos. When we were away



^ 8 J

P.S. Tim was able to see a copy of a 4th Century Lorraine Cross Baptistry at the Setubal Church. Tim and I searched many places years agolooking for this type of archaeological site of early Christianity. Wilson was able to make an exact
replica. He and Carlos Rebelo joined us in the picture.

*1/1 ^ J

Stolen Church Van Returned

Praise the Lord, the police found the stolen van and it was returned to us in good shape, minus only the radio and gasoline. The van is 19 years old and .

churches. It has had a check-up and has had its yearly mH

inspection. We are grateful for its return. I

has seen better days, but is filling a great need in both


"Times er Refreshing in the Lerd"

Croatia Guilherme, Junla, Alicia, and Vinicius Paul are now in Zagreb,

Croatia, opening a new Brazilian Embassy. We dearly miss this family who, for sixyears, served faithfully in the Carcavelos Church. This is the kind of family all churches need. They served in the music, the finances and teaching areas. They are sorely missed. May God bless the Pauls and keep them on their new job and provide them with His sustaining grace at all times. We love them
and miss them!

with the logistics. Their goal was to encourage and help a Brazilian missionary who

Brazil Geraldo Borges and a team from our Churches in Brazil spent a few days in our midst on their way to Mozambique. We were glad to have Robert Fife here to help

f wM

sen/es in Mozambique. We were blessed by

Before yoj move, please send the mailing label witha copy of your new address to
MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, PO Box 13111. Knoxville.TN 37920-0111,

Dick & Sarah Robison Ruq Por do Sol, 29
2775-680 Corcovelos

Non Profit Org.


Mission Services Association PO Box 13111

Knoxville, TN 37920-0111

U.S. Postage Paid

Knoxville, TN
Permit #374

Return Service Requested


on-351-21-457-0065 [Robison] 011-351-21-456-1596 (Church) E-Mail: (English) (Portuguese)

Phil & Dot Wiltshire 4824 Westboume Dr.

Powder Springs, GA 30127 Telephone; 770-943-4668

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