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Myth of the Protestants vs.

The Catholic Truth

by: Joseph Espinosa

Myth: Hail Mary is not Biblical. So, you give a chance to be an idolater. Fact: Yes! The prayer Hail Mary is Biblical! Look at these verses. [Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you.] Luke 1:28 28 The angel came to Her and said, 'Rejoice, full of grace, the Lord is with You' [ Blessed are You among women, and blessed is the fruit of Your womb, Jesus.] Luke 1:42 42 giving a loud cry, said, 'You are the most blessed among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb She gave birth to our Lord Jesus and with no sin. Saint Anne, Her mother, has the prophecies that a Virgin will bear a Child called Emmanuel or the redemer. Myth: You worship Her and the Saints and God will punish you! Fact: We don't worship Her or the Saints! We honor Them because of their contributions to the Catholic Church. Honor is a high respect and so worship is to adore. Myth: Jesus Christ is only a prophet or a human and not a God. Fact: Then, John 1:1,14 is lying and the Will has not been fullfiled yet. No salvation if He is only a human or a prophet. If He is a human, then He can't carry 50,000 wounds in His body. Myth: The Catholic Mass is demonic! Fact: How can you say that? Then, Jesus is demonic and so the angels above along with His followers. Should we say Saint Mark and Saint Paul is lying to the Christians,aren't I? Myth: Catholics has many homosexual in the society. Fact: Not all. There are some people in the Christian false sect that has homosexual partners in life and their pastors and ministers don't see it! Myth: Rosary is demonic and it is only for Mary not for Jesus! Fact: If you only knew what is Rosary. There are two parts in the Rosary, the physical part(composed of prayers) and the Mysteries itself. Ninety percent of the Mysteries is for Jesus Christ and only Ten percent for Mary. Eighty-five of it is directly mention from the Biblical verses and Five percent of it just a description. Myth: Repeated prayer is not good according to Matthew 6:7! Fact: Can you look at the Psalms if it is not repeated? And also the cry of Our Lord before He dies and also the prayers before taking up the Cross. Myth: Fact: Jesus died on a stake. No, on a Cross.

Myth: Fact: Myth: Fact:

Kissing of relics is not Biblical. Then the lady in Matthew 9:20-21 is not Biblical, am I? The Bible is only the key to salvation. By Words and by works(Ora et Labora) are the keys of salvation.

Myth: You worship 'stone gods', 'wood gods', etc. Fact: We dont worship Them! These are Their remembrance that They exists. We remember Them even we dont see Their images as what you think of your admired girl or boy even you have no picture of him/her. Myth: Catholics pays for all their occassions. Fact: All of Christian false sect only knows tithes from their members. Ten percent of wages is good to all of the pastors. You think that in their church is freefor-all? Talk to the folly! Myth: Catholics are idolaters. Fact: No! Seventh-Day Adventists likes Ellen G. White because of her full of grace, the Manaloistas uses the image of Eduardo Manalo as their shield to the 'evils' of society. There are simple ways to see an idolatry like to be a look-a-like of Lady Gaga or any popular figures, uses an Illuminati symbols for praising Satan, and the love of money. Myth: All Catholics have porn stars and prostitutes. Fact: No! In Japan, Macau, and all contries that are progressive, there are many porn stars. Some of them are Catholics, some of them are Shintoists, some of them are Buddhists, and some of them are Christian false sect believers. Myth: Catholics speaks filthy words. Fact: Evangelicals also do this and more worst than Catholics. They speak the name of the Lord if they found very peculiar incident in a harsh way. Myth: Seventy-six books are evil because of 'dagdag-bawas' Fact: Ask your grandfathers, John Huss and Martin Luther, why they hate the Deuterocanocal Books. Myth: Saturday is the real Sabbath day. Fact: What is Sabbath in Jewish language? What is the day after the Sabbath Day where Jesus was resurrected? Myth: December 25, the day of Christmas is not Biblical. Fact: Read first the Jer. 52:31-34. Jeroiakin is reffered to us as a sinner who had been forgiven by the king and released in the prison. The king in the story is just like Our God who send His only Son for us.

Myth: Catholic festives is paganic. Fact: If it is paganic, then why are those Christians worshipping the Bible celebrating it with their Catholic friends? Myth: Procession is paganic. Fact: Joshua is paganic too when he romed around the Jericho wall?