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04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, February 9, 2009

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With recession and the threat of losing a
job looming large, what is the best invest-
ment option?
Newton Adhithiya, Nungambakkam
The best avenue to protect you in these
difficult times is to conserve cash. Rather
than look at investment avenues, it is better
to look for savings tools that do not lose out
on the capital. Short-term bank deposits,
liquid mutual funds are the better options
during these troubled times.
Also, reduce your expenses. Postpone or
neglect the exchange offers for mobile
phone, white goods, jewellery, TV, cars.
Look for discount stores, super markets for
your shopping.

Mini Quiz
1. PE Ratio is the acronym for
Profit – Expense Ratio

Choosing the
Price – Earnings Ratio
Public – Private Expenditure Ratio
Private Equity Ratio
2. COD is good for health, financially
too. What does this mean?

right mutual fund

Certificate of Deposit
Common Discount
Cancellation of Debt
Company Debenture
Send your answers to or
SMS 92813 98889. Example: If you choose A as
the answer to question 1 and B as the answer
to question 2 type it as 1A2B. Winners get a
Keep these pointers in mind
free executive diary
V. RAMCHANDRAN which will give a fair idea of the strat- egy followed by the fund to achieve
the stated objective. This will also Know these jargons

utual funds are one more in- help to assess the potential risks in- Equity fund: A mutual fund that
News you can use vestment vehicle for those
seeking alternative invest-
ment avenues other than in
volved. Generally, large cap value
funds carry lesser risk than small cap
funds since large cap funds bounce
invests only in stocks
Debt fund: It invests only in debt
instruments. Debt instruments are
banks or post office deposit back sharper when the market picks
Some FD options ones which give a guaranteed but
schemes. up.
low return mainly in the form of
There are many schemes available Go for diversified funds: It is al- interest
■ National Housing Bank and Tata Mo- in the market, but the key challenge ways advisable to go for diversified
tors have launched a new FD schemes – is to choose the right fund. One has funds, instead of sectoral funds, as Liquid funds: A type of very short
these provide an alternative avenue for in- to devote time to select the right op- the later is subject to more volatility term (1-3 days) investment. They
vestments with attractive interest rates. are highly encashable but give
tion. Here are some tips for selecting when compared to diversified funds.
■ NHB offers 9.25 per cent interest for measly guaranteed returns
the right fund: Sectoral funds also comprises of var-
one year. Senior citizen will get 0.50 per Evaluate the risk: If the investor is ious segments of the industry. Capitalisation: The total number of
cent extra. Minimum deposit amount is Rs. upset about the downswing in the Study the past performance of the shares of the company multiplied
50,000. value of the investment in the short fund: It would be wiser to choose by its current price
■ Tata Motors is offering 10, 10.50 and 11 run, then aggressive equity fund is funds which have been in existence Large cap: A company with a
per cent for one, two and three-year terms not his cup of tea. He has to settle for for over a period of five years. capitalisation of over 1000 crores
respectively. Minimum deposit amount is a debt or liquid fund, which may not Analyse how the fund has fared Small Cap: A company with a
Rs. 20,000 with additional deposits accept- give negative return. during that period and compare its capitalisation of below 200 crores
ed in multiples of Rs.10, 000. Keep a time horizon for the in- performance with that of its peers, Diversified fund: A fund that
vestment to grow: If the investor which will give a broad idea as to invests in stocks of many industries
Forthcoming debenture issues wishes to get a substantial return, how the fund has delivered given the
■ Companies like Tata Capital and IIFCL
or sectors of business. So, if one
say Rs.10,000 to become Rs. 40,000 same type of investment objective. sector fails others will help sustain
have planned debenture issues. This will in around four to five years time, Stick with them: Keep the fund for growth
liven up the bond markets for retail inves- then equity fund would be the right a reasonable period to reap better
tors and give them the shelter required in a Sectoral funds: A fund that invests
pick. returns, instead of shuffling the only in stocks of a single industry
falling equity market. Understand the fund: One has to funds which might result in fall in or sector. Example, pharma sector
study the investment portfolio and the expected yield for the invest- or auto sector
the fund manager’s commentary, ment. ■