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Forwarding Agent: Judy Prada
5420 Hunter

Field Address:

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Raytown, MO 64133

Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

January, 1979

The Lloyd Morris Family

1978 was a very challenging year for us. We were able to accomplish most of the things we had set out to achieve. Our Bible Study Class was revitilized, and we spent many hours studying, and fellowshipping on God's word. We were able to increase our giving to the Lord, and got our people to be more committed to their giving. Our Community project, the Community School of Cosmetology grew from strength to strength. The young ladies made very good use of the additional equipment that was given to us by you. It was amazing to see the changes in their appearance and mannerisms as they learnt to care for themselves and others.
One of the highlights of our plans for the year was that the Clarion Church took up our offer of sending a member of their
Church to visit with us in Jamaica. We were able to show Mrs. Betts our work, and the problems here in Jamaica as we
work to win Souls for the Lord.

Our radio programme has been a great success. We have i)een able to reach our people in Western Jamaica through this media, and the response as a result of this has been great. On the 26th of November, 1978, we held our second Graduation and Valedictory Service at the C. S. C. 24 students were successful in their examinations, and graduated as professional beauticians. These girls will be able to find employment

in beauty salons, and some will use this as a stepping stone to other occupations.



A school of this nature is of vital importance in Jamaica where very little emphasis has been placed on Vocational

Training. The academics are emphasized, and people who are not academically inclined experience some difficulty in
finding a vocational institution to teach them a skill.

We are grateful that you all made it possible for our young people to receive training. They have certainly benefitted from

the experience and as we continue to work among them to win souls for the Lord, weask for your continued support, and
prayers. We now have 50 students on role for the academic year. Our special request from you at this time is for used bath towels. Our school serves a wide cross section of the

community, and sometimes we have as much as 80 customers for the day. Wedo not charge the same price as the regular beauty salons as we allow the students to gain experience by working on the customer's hair. Unfortunately we do not
have enough towels to cope with this large amount of customers on a daily basis. The towels in Jamaica are much too expensive for us to purchase, so we are asking for about 300 used bath towels to fully take care of the needa I realize that there is a problem involved in mailing them, because it is too expensive to send them to Jamaica. Please mail them to the address below, and over a period of time my sister, and her husband who works with the Airlines will
collect them and bring them out for us.
Mr. & Mrs. Denzil Holness

Westview Terrace Apts.

12801 N.W. 27th Street

Miami, Florida 33167

At this time we would like to extend our special thanks to all of you who have supported us during the past year. We greatly appreciate the letters from our friends who have kept us informed, and encouraged us during the year. We also
thank you for the love offering and the continued support of the "Land Fund".

1979 is going to be another challenging year for us in Jamaica. We ask for your continued support, and prayers as we
continue to work among our people to win souls for the Lord.
A great 1979 to all of you from the Morrises in Jamaica.

The Morrises

Mission Services
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Forwarding Agent:
Judy Prada
5420 Hunter Field Address:

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Raytown, MO 64133

Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

A -.1.

March, 1979

The Lloyd Morris Family

"If you love someone, you will be loyal to him no matter what the cost. You will always believe in him, always expect the best of him, and always stand your ground in defending him".
I Corinthians 13:7

For many years I have been thinking of a radio ministry a programme that would make people want to listen. This idea came to me while I was receiving my education

that would reflect the message ofhope butdelivered ina

f /


^ ii

style that was not preaching but reasoning with peopleat Minnesota Bible College. Professor Harold Haskell
was then responsible for teaching us how to write

Upon returning home, I began making contacts with radio stations, but they had no time available for more
religious broadcasts. The idea then was put aside for

radioscripts and how to use the time allotted effectively.



V %

ten years.

In 1978 the Jamaica Broadcasting

Corporation (J.B.C.) built a small studio in Montego Bay, where daily allotted time is given to cover

activities in the Western Parishes.


The Western Parishes are St. Ann, with 134,314 people,

Manchester with 142,551 people, St. James with 122,794

gsc;]^! %
Clinton Clinton Chishoim Chisholm and and Lloyd Lloyd Morris Morris

people, St. Elizabeth with 138,951 people, Hanover with 64,219 people, Westmoreland with 121,585 people. JBC

radio west operates onF.M. only. Although most people are buying radio sets that are A.M. and F.M., the greater population has A.M. radio only. However, the move is to have F.M. We were trying to get the programme^pn A.M. also but the station has used up all the time stated for religious broadcasts.

JBC is not the most popular radio station in Jamaica. Radio Jamaica and Rediffusion (R.J.R.) is more popular than JBC. However, the Lord opened the doors for us to be on J.B.C. and we are grateful.

The programme is heard on "Prime Time" every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Our programme is called "Reflections". The station comes on the air each Sunday at 6:00 p.m. with our programme. The programme is very popular
especially with the younger generation and this information is gathered from the telephone calls received and from people who meet me on the streets and congratulate me on the format of the presentation. The poems and inspirational verses read each Sunday are uplifting.
From time to time members of the church share the preparation of the programme with me, but the programme is

chiefly done by Brother Clinton Chisolm and myself. We record the four or five programmes once each month.
Our theme song is Andrae Crouches song "It Won't Be Long". Preachers usually prepare their sermons for twenty minutes to half an hour. So preparing devotional thoughts for four (4) minutes demands much discipline on my part. The station personnel like the programme so much that they have told me that I do not have to stick to five minutes; however, I always try to use only five minutes, although some programmes have run as long as
seven (7) minutes.

This is a format of our programme and a devotional thought used. Our first programme went on the air on September 3, 1978.
This is our Format



Philippians 4:19

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ".

The Philippian Christians had taken care ofPaul's physical needsand he in turn toldthem that
God would supply all theirs.

Paul, by his personal experience, had found the living proof that God would always supply the
needs of the Christians. Why?

(1) Because we are His and He is our Lord. (2) BecauseHe has total control of our lives and all our interests are committedto Him. The expression "my God shall supply all your need" implies, not merely God's ability and willingness to supplyall our need,but his obligation to doso. However, this doesnot signifyall
that the Christian wants, only what he needs. In our waywardness and our childishness we ask

formany things whichare not really needful to us. Ourneedsare many,in temporalthings, and in spiritual things. We need faith and its increase, love and its enlargement, life and its brighter kindling, grace in all its fullness, perseverance in grace to the end. My brothersand sisters thereis no needto fear, God willsupplyall yourneeds. Thereis a royal
abundance in the treasury for each of us.
Poems or Thoughts

DEAR LORD, , , . . There are so many weary hearts, perplexed and groping. I cannot bear their burden, I cannot

easetheir pain, but I can come toTheein prayerand ask that foreachonethepathwaybemade plain. I cannotunderstand whyThou shouldest work in answer to myfaith's persistent plea,

ofgrace will bearaloftonwings ofprayerthe sorrows that myfellows know. Ifotherservice be denied, I thank Thee, Lord, that still through prayer I may touchlivesthat needso muchThy Spirit's ministry. Giveme a world-wide vision Lord, and make me care.
We would like to thank the Worthington and Green Bay Churches of Christ for assisting us in keeping the programmeon the air. Cost for 5 minutes is US $13.00. We have never had anyone visiting our congregation because they heard the programme. However, we are

but Thou hast promised to release in other lives power and blessing when by beUeving prayer I turn the key. Oh grant mefaith that willnot be deniedor weary grow,but daily at the throne

praying thatthose listening will come tous for instructions sothatthey too can be apartofthe Family ofGod. It is important for us toteach non-Christians the way ofthe Lord for without Chnst they are lost.
If wetruly love Jesus Christ, then we stand up for Christ, stand firm in the belief that He caresfor us. If you areinterested in receiving our1978 financial statement, please write toourForwarding Agent fora copy.
Amount received for land fund for 1978 was $640.08.

Our thanks to our many brothers and sisters who have kept us beforethe throne of Grace over the years. Our country and ourselves need your prayers now more than ever.
May the Lord richly bless you all.
The Morris family
Mission Services
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Kempton. IN 46049

Kempton, IN.
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Publishing (22 issues yearly) trends and

events in Christian missions relating to the undenominational fellowship of Christian
churches and churches of Christ.


Box 177

Kempton, IN 46049

Publishers of missionary educational materials emphasizing the fmpact of the Gospel worldwide.


Forwarding Agent: Judy Prada
5420 Hunter

Field Address:

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Raytown, MO 64133

Montego Bay* Jamaica, West Indies

June, 1979, Special

The Lloyd Morris Family


Brothers & Sisters who attended Easter weekend retreat - April 12-16. 1979.

"Then Mordecai commanded to answer Esther. Think

the terrific struggles ahead -- the struggle against evil and the
enslavement of our minds. We wanted themes that would make
us think.

not with thyself that thou shalt escape in the king's

house, more than all the Jews.

For if thou altogether boldest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou k'noweth whether thou are come to the kingdom for such a time as this ?"
Esther 4:13. 14

For too iong we have enslaved ourselves to Christianity rather

than being an enlightment to our lives, we hid behind "cliches" rather than allowing the word of God to speak to our lives. The
aim of the retreat was to make the word of God come alive,

Easter of 1978, the Montego Bay Church sponsored its first

retreat. At that time we decided that we wouid not invite other

churches to share this time of togetherness with us because, as a body, we wanted time to look at ourselves. We spent three days looking at ourselves, studying the Bible, just talking to each other and we discovered that this time of sharing was needed,

without hiding behind dogmas. After watching Christians thinking, searching, crying, acknowledging the frailty of the human, opening up themselves to the teaching of the Holy Spirit I left retreat saying "The Church is alive, and doing well, and will
continue to do well if v/e work with a purpose" the upiiftment of
the name of Jesus Christ. Our theme was:

and needed at least once each year. It was decided that we would share this time of fellowship with other Christians.
Towards the end of 1978, we began making plans for 1979 Easter weekend retreat (April 12-16). We began to pray and fast and just about that time the Lord sent Brother Donald Morris on a special visit to Jamaica. The church asked him to deveiop a theme from the ideas given to him.
I have never seen our congregation so close as when we began to fast and pray for this retreat. We invited Christians from all over the island. Then the cost of food-stuff began changing in prices, if not on a daily basis, on a weekly basis. Still we began making plans for 75 people, then we got letters that we should

The relevance of the Lord's Prayer for the 20th century.

Matthew 6:9-13

From the central theme we developed five areas of thought:

The Lord's Prayer and Self Esteem/Identity Crisis

Matthew 8:9

The Lord's Prayer and SelfAssertiveness

The Lord's Prayer and Anxieties/Needs The Lord's Prayer and the Love/Hate Conflict The Lord's Prayer and Victorious Living

Matthew 6:10
Matthew 6:11 Matthew 6:12 Matthew 6:13

prepare for 150 people; we ended up with 200 people.

You see, Jamaica is at a cross road politically, some want us to go left, some want to go right, others want us to centralize things. There is a general destabilization of the Jamaican society. We
wanted then to undergird the Christians with the word of God for

For the retreat to meet the needs of all those who came for

sharing, one ground rule was laid down "No church business
would be discussed" -- we wanted no devisiveness to rear its

head we wanted everyone to return home on fire for the Lord ~

this was achieved.

You see, like Esther, the church is here for such a time as this ~

the church is coming alive because Christians are saying I am not compromising my witness for the Lord regardless of the cost. The preaching of the gospel must be heard throughout Jamaica. The government is planning three regional radio stations: we must find money to buy air-time for the preaching of
the word. The truth cannot be pushed aside.

Do not abandon us, the Lord is at work in Jamaica and the forces of evil must never be allowed to overcome righteousness: it cannot if every Christian is praying earnestly and giving to the work of the Lord to overpower the forces of evil.

Some Christians are saying "Jamaica is becoming a communist nation, let's withdraw our support from the Lord's work there." This is short sightedness; this is what the communist and the devil want to hear. We must continue to preach the gospel: we must support the work of the Lord with all our financial resources and manpower: we must continue building churches and school buildings; we must have more home study pro grammes: we must have more world Bible school programmes reaching more people. Ask any Christian who is living and working in Jamaica if people are not more receptive to the teachings of Christ!!!

Brother and Sister Donald Morris were responsible for developing our theme. They brought the teaching team to be with us. When you are spirit-led and filled, the Lord uses you. The teachers challenged everyone and we felt the Lord saying "Go and preach, go and teach, go and live, go and not be afraid".

As the Lord opened our hearts to the teaching of the word and
that we cannot outgive him, we ail agreed that we should bring

into being our "Faith Promise". We pledged $200 monthly to

assist two dedicated children of God who are moving on in

years, the Portmore Church that is starting their building programme in October and our Christian service and camp. Already the monthly pledges are coming in. When we began preparing for retreat, the faint hearted began to worry about the cost. I listened and I tried to concentrate on the points raised, but my God kept saying to me, "My God shall supply all your needs". I am a firm believer in doing God's will,
he will take care of his business. We ran a deficit of $1,296.00. I

do not even know how this special report is going to be paid for, as a matter of fact, this is not altogether true ~ it is the Lord's business and he will take care of it. Do you believe it. my
brothers and sisters? I do.

Serving at the Lord's Table. L-R: Brother Junior Dougali, Kingsley Rose, Moses Whyte, Jim Bowie. Earl Whittmore.
I II w iiiiiin I I nil I

L-R: Junior & Cliff Dougali. Special musical number.

Brother Ernest Bernard leading Sunday morning worship with those

participating sitting behind him on the platform.

What were some of the lessons learned at retreat:

1. Hundreds of Christians are working for the Lord, but they must continue to receive guidance for continued growth from those who are matured. 2. There is a thirst and a hunger for real Bible teaching. Ministers must now settle down to continue studying themselves. Many cannot answer the questions Christians are asking.
3. A week should be set aside each year for fellowship and study. 4. Young Christians are concerned about the frequent breakdown of family life, abortion, divorce and re marriage, homosexuality: we can no longer behave as if these things do not exist, they must be dealt with.


Members of the Montego Bay Church who made all plans for the retreat. L-R;

Lloyd Morris. Junior Dougali. Audrey Morris. Doreen Clarke (staff nurse),
Elise Rhynie. Kingsley Rose.

"In Christ we have a hope that can never be disappointed; a iight that can never be darkened, a vi/isdom that can never be baffied,
Resources that can never be exhausted."




Over these months I have been talking to the Lord about a thought that has been sticking in my mind. I v^^as praying that someone would make an offer of giving a specific amount of money to the "land fund" if someone Vkrould match the amount. The Lord answered my prayers when on March 23,1 received this

"I am aiso interested in the land fund. I (eel that if you had a good building in a better location you could attract many people. If you or I can find someone to give $1,000, I have been thinking of matching it, so let's pray about it".

The land fund balance is $3,800.00. Will you help us pray that God will continue to speak to the hearts of his people.
Our thanks to the Mason City, the Pierre Churches of Christ and
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Smith for devotional booklets and Bibles received for Fairfieid Medical Clinic.
Donald & Mary Morris. They organized the retreat programme, and selected
the teachers.

349 towels for Community School of Cosmotology were

received from:

Liscomb Christian Church, Liscomb, Iowa Mrs. R. Rasmus, Bemedji, Minnesota

It was a great experience and an added pleasure to work in Jamaica among our own people. We believe that many of those who attended became aware that knowing facts about Jesus and

Mr. & Mrs. J. Valerius, Irving, Texas Athens Christian Church, Lexington. Kentucky Mrs. Frances Hankey, Pennsylvania
Dassel Church of Christ, Dassel, Minnesota

having a personal relationship with Jesus are not one in the


Mr. & Mrs. Willard Smith. Atlanta, Georgia Missionary Circle, Pierre, South Dakota
Mrs. Berniece Beck, Nevis, Minnesota

We were grateful for the opportunity to serve. However, we would like to say to the young people that it is alright to question.

Please remember that some of your values will change with experience while other values will be reaffirmed -- so please remain open-minded, Christ-centered and justice-centered.
Donald & Mary Morris

... With the oneness of persons, oneness of goods, oneness of experience, oneness of purpose and oneness of spirit. (Church Alive) The joy of Easter for me was highlighted this year having participated in this most inspiring experience held at Runaway

Bay. Jamaica, W.I.

A community of believers under the

wonderful leadership of Lloyd Morris, glowing with a deep sense of dedication of God's Will for his life. I learned so much by this experience and have returned to my country and work with a renewed faith and deeper commitment of God's Will for my life. May God Bless you continually,
Grace Alexander

Resource persons. L-R: Ernest Bernard, Trudy Bernard. Donna Jones, Denzil
Holness. Yolande Heron, Grace Abscander, Albert White-Danis.

Cooking staff who prepared 12 delicious meals. L-R: Miss Valerie Morris. Morris Lightfoot, Mr. Grey, Myrtle Chambers.

Brother Horace Soltau singing "The Lord's


Thank God for that great "idea" whose time had come! The
group of us frcm Hopefield, although at first a bit conscience-

Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. We have enough towelsnow. Maythe Lord bless you always. Please pray for our
nation and our people.

stricken at missing our own "family fellowship", have not one moment of regret but are happy to report that those of us present at the following Sunday Evening's Worship were so happy to share with the others the beautiful, rich depth we had gained from our prayerful study of our Lord's Prayer.
Brother & Sister Soltau

The Lord Is good tell it wherever you go The Lord is good tell It that others may know
Tell of his goodness and tell of his love Tell of his blessings from heaven above

The Lord is good tell it wherever you go.

The Morris Family

Brother Denzil Holness who brought the Sunday morning message on "The
Lord's Supper".

Let me now share with you some of my reflections on the

experiences of Retreat;

This Retreat reveals to me several things, namely:

1. that our people in general and our young people in particular, under the right type of leadership, can do that
which is thought to be impossible. Who would have thought so many people would have come in the light of the expenses involved and in the light of the present hardships our people are now experiencing?

2. that one of the urgent needs of the hour in the life of our church is teachers of the word. The people are hungry for
the word of God! Seldom have I seen such interest for

spiritual things as I saw at Retreat! This was a common observation. May God send us more teachers of the word!

3. that our young people are asking certain type of questions that our leadership needs to take seriously, grapple with them, and deal honestly with. The day of dogmatism is fast coming to an end. Their questions present me with both challenges and opportunities. May God help me to rise to
the occasion.

All in all the experiences were challenging, stimulating and rewarding. Again, my brother, I have bowed my knees in surrender to God, asking Him to open the door that Imay devote all my time to the ministry of the Word. To this end help me to
pray. Brother Denzil Holness












ffi ^


Forwarding Agent: Judy Prada
5420 Hunter
Field Address:


Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Raytown, MO 64133

Montego Bay Jamaica* West l^ndies

September, 1979

The Lloyd Morris Family

"The great enemy of truth very often is not the lie --

deliberate, contrived, and dishonest; but the myth 'persistent', persuasive, and unrealistic".
John F. Kennedy
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".
Edmund Burke

Letter from Miss Millie Bailey

"I salute you Beautiful Island in the sun. You are like a precious

jewel nestled in the sparkling setting of the lovely Caribbean Sea."

"It was this Paradise to which I was invited by the Lloyd Morris family of Montego Bay.

Jamaican family - to live, to eat, to shop, to worship, to hurt, to

know hardship - as one of them.

"My desire was to spend at least a month in Jamaica -- not as a toariet, but as a Jamaican. I wanted to become a member of a

^ t-'

"So, the night of June 18, 1979,1 arrived at the Donald Sangster Airport Montego Bay, and was met by my host family, the Lloyd

"My first awareness as 1 left the terminal was of a big, friendly



Jamaican smile and right away I felt most welcome. Their home was to be my home for awhile and they were quick to place it at my

T 51

'' \J

situation for which I was not prepared and had never before experienced.
matter which way I turned, everything was geared to black people, radio programs, language, music, entertainment. This, naturally,
was as it should be, but I was lost in it.

"The second week of my visit brought me face to face with a


\ \'/r^

"Like a bolt out oftheblue one day, ithitme thatI was very much in

the minority now, in a black oriented society and culture. No




"Constantly, I was looking for something that would help alleviate this feeling of being overwhelmed. Finally,! discovered some magazines and thought that at least here was something that would be a little more familiar to
which I could relate. Not so! The first few numbers I looked at were for black folk. That was it! I had had it. I

wanted to run away from it all. Not because I am a racist -- never have been; never will be. God created the human race and all are precious in His sight. It was just that suddenly I was aware of being caught up in something entirely unknown to me before and was at a loss to know how to cope with it.

"Then, it was as if God spoke to my heart, reminding me that 1 had begged Him to permit me to make this visit to Jamaica, and now I must make the most of it.
"The feeling of uncertainty passed quickly, and I thanked God for this experience, because now I can more closely relate to the black person, or to one of any other race or culture, who suddenly finds himself in the midst of a lifestyle that is foreign to him. Now, I can better understand his feelings of frustration and bewilderment.

"My first encounter with tragedy on the Island occurred when a visit was made to the flood area and utter destruction and desolation lay all about. I had read of floods all my life and seen pictures of folk who had become victims of such, but they never got to me until I came face to face with the horrible aftermath of such a thing. "I shall never forget the picture of the sweet, little face of a child who was swept off the veranda of her home by the rushing torrent of water and whose body was not found until several days later.
"My heart ached for those who had become victims of such a tragedy, and for several days I couldn't get them off my mind. Helicopters flying over the Morris home daily, carrying food and other supplies to them, were grim
reminders that some of my fellow human beings were hurting, were hungry and in sorrow.

"One of my most rewarding experiences, though, was when arrangements were made by Audrey Morris for me to visit the Cornwall Regional Hospital. There I was introduced to one of the most vivacious, friendly people I have ever had the opportunity and privilege of meeting. Her name is Winifred S. Wade, Director of Volunteer Services for the hospital. Should anyone who reads this, please greet her for me if you see her. She made me feel good all over. Winifred then introduced me to another very sweet lady who is a regular volunteer at the hospital and happened to be on duty that day, and was my escort.

**I was so happy for the opportunity to greet the patients and to read Scripture to, and pray for them. To see their faces light up and respond in such a sweet way when I laid my hand over theirs or clasped their hands in mine, as

I talked with and prayed for them, just did something for me. I felt that I was a part of them and gave assurance that I would not forget to pray on their behalfafter returning to the States. It would be so comforting if there were
some way of letting them know I haven't forgotten.

"One of the patients was a very friendly young man who is employed at the airport. As I love to fly in those big
jets and he works with them on the ground, we had a fun conversation. I surely hope and pray that he is now well
and strong again.

"Then it was my pleasure to visit the School of Cosmetology, which was started by Brother Morris. There is a

large class of students in training, and many have already graduated. These girls are doing a fine job; are friendly and desirous of making good in their chosen profession. While I was in Montego Bay, I had my hair done there and was very pleased with the treatment I received. The instructors at the College are to be highly

"Food!! a subject which is universally interesting. How pleasant to talk about it when there is an abundance; but
terribly painful for those who go to bed hungry every night because of a lack of it.

"One of my first encounters with food in Jamaica was a vei^ ignorant one. As I walked into the kitchenofmy
'home' one morning, I couldn't believe what my eyes were telling me they were seeing. The closer I got to them the

more I was convinced they were huge - bananas? 'My, what big bananas they raise in Jamaica!' Myignorance
was short-lived, however, as I was informed that they were not bananas, but plaintain. It is served both boiled and fried. My preference was to eat it fried.

"I had to go to Jamaica, though, to eat and enjoy the most tastily prepared liver that ever tickled my taste buds. It
was delicious!

believers in God's Word where it states, 'What therefore God hath joined together, let not man (or Millie) put
asunder.' 'Ha'. After this episode, I ate oranges as do the Jamaicans.

"Before leaving the subject of food, I must tell you of my experience with oranges. They are delightfully juicy and sweet! However, after trying to eat one Jamaican style, I had juice and pulp on my nose, up my nose, adorning my cheeks, dripping from my ear lobes and chin - not to mention the new orange-colored front of my dress. I decided this was not the best way for me to eat an orange. So, the next morning when I was served my orange, I procured a knife and proceeded to finish peeling it with the thought that it could then be easily segmented as my oranges are at home. I pulled, and tugged and tore at that orange, but could not get those segments separated. I even went after it with a knife; that didn't work either. I came to the conclusion that Jamaican oranges are firm

"It was interesting eating various foods native to the island - bread fruit, yams, mangoes, etc. Then there were

"In my estimation, Lloyd Morris qualifies as a 'jet pilot'. He took me on some really jet propelled trips around the Island in a little Volkswagon. Heretofore, I had no love for or desire to own one of these little cars. However, after riding on some of the rockiest, pot-holed streets and highways I have ever seen; climbing narrow mountain roads which were hazardous because of slippery, oozing mud; plowing through deep, standing water, caused by torrential rains, I had to salute this little, valiant, 11 year-old veteran. No matter how difficult or dangerous the road looked ahead, that plucky little fellow headed right for it like he was leading the 'charge of the light

It was my privilege to have the unique experience of travelling the back roads of Jamaica. The scenery was most
beautiful, but what I saw of poverty on every hand manifested a contrast which was anything but beautiful

"I beheld folk who had little of this world's goods, who had nothing much to look forward to; who existed in shacks and hovels all along those mountain roads. Yet, I saw a people who had character, determination; who could flash a big smile and greet us with a wave of the hand, thankful, apparently, that life was as good to them as it was. This was one of two times while I was in Jamaica that a rebellious, resentful feeling welled up within me ~ that so many have so little while others have more than enough. "Some of the most precious time I spent was with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ during the Bible school and worship hours on the Lord's Day, when the church came together to study God's Word, remember Christ in His

suffereings and death, and to be fed spiritually with a good Gospel message fi-om the heart and lips of Brother
Lloyd Morris.

"One of my reasons for going to Jamaica was to see if there were some area of service in which I could serve my
Beloved Saviour. Almost immediately, though, it was apparent to me that something was needed here far more than anything I could contribute. Brother Morris summed it all up in a statement he made to me. We need five husband and wife teams (white or black) to come to Montego Bay to help in the Lord's work. Of course, every area of the world presents a challenge to dedicated folk who will 'go into all the world and preach the gospel...' However, to me Montego Bay has a crying need for her Saviour. This is a fertile field and any married couple who really wants to serve the Lord should prayerfully consider working among these precious Jamaican people for whom Christ also died, rose again, and whom He loves so much.
"Perhaps, I have said too much, but there is more I

would love to say about the Jamaican people ~

they are kindly, friendly, gentle and so lovable. This will have to be all for this time, though.

Mission Services
Box 177

"Thank you, Jamaica, for allowing me to come into your lovely country and dwell among such a delightful people.
Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage

Kempton. IN 46049

Kempton, IN.
Permit #4

"As I boarded the plane for my return trip to my homeland, I realized that a special part of me was remaining behind in Jamaica in the many lives that had become inseparably entwined in mine.
"So, for now, I must say, 'Farewell, Beautiful

Island in the Sun, and Beautiful people who help

to make it such a lovely place!'"

Thanks for towels received

Coon Rapids Church of Christ Mrs. George F. Walters, Harrisburg, PA Ladies Council, Worthington Church of Christ Mrs. E. C. Darst, Bemidji, Minnesota
Thanks to our many friends for reassuring us that
Jesus cares.

The Morris family


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' is

December, 1979

The Lloyd Morris Family

There are twelve (12) months in each year and during these twelve months there are several holidays. The month of December is the most joyful of all these months because it is the time when Christ was born and it brings out the best in everyone. It is a time for celebrations and sharing. It is a time when we say thanks for the redemption of mankind. Christmas is a reminder of the redemptive power of God through Christ in the world and, therefore, we are able to say with all genuineness - we are alive because of the birth of Christ. Christ's birth is a wonderful experience for each of us. No other man has brought to the world such a warm and

beautiful expression - Jesus Christ was bom in Bethlehem. He lives today in the hearts of His obedient children the world over. He has brought millions of people together by His birth. He has made it possible for us to be
Christians to share in His oneness to be part of His glory.
Jesus Christ comes alive in our lives. Hehas changed ourlives.makingthem full oflove, warmth, tenderness.

It is significant that we are a child of a King, a member of a royal family. Man, by nature, is selfish because the specific or general needs in his life. Sometimes his needs are so great
that he is forced to look at himself; he then realizes that his needs cannot be filled by himself, therefore, for his
total needs to be met he has to turn to Jesus. What a beautiful thought when someone said:

"Be assured God will supply all your needs There's,not a person in the world

Who doesn't have a need;

. . 'PV

And each goes seeking day by day A Philosophy or creed To fill the longing in his heart

With peace and happiness

Some formula that puts in love
And take out bitterness

There's usually something missing In most every cult and creed But, my God who made the universe can supply man's every need."

By our conviction expressed in a tangible way, we are reliving the birth of Christ. When we live our lives in blessings with the needy. The greatest gift of the Christian is that of sharing. When we share the real us, theii can we truly realize the purpose of our being in this universe. When we share, we give of ourselves, we love our fellowmen. The pleasure we receive from this sharing makes the world of God come alive - "It is more blessed to
give than to receive." Christ's coming to earth makes it possible for us to receive Him in our lives as our King. We then become His

willing subjects. God was unselfish, He sent His Son to earth to share His life with us. Our lives have now taken on a new meaning. Christmas is not just tinsel, food, a good time; it is the birth of Christ. It is the rebirth of our lives - that is why we are a joyful people; this joy comes from deep within.
Christmas is everyday of the year, although the month of December refocuses in our mind the birth of Christ. One might ask the question - what am I living for? What is the purpose of living? Is there any meaning in life? These questions can only be answered by the word of God with us human beings becoming the expression of the birth of Christ - suffering, pain, misunderstanding, tragedies --when they come, we can accept them, live with
them because of the birth of Christ. Christmas, therefore, brings joy as well as pain - joy in the sense that Christ is the all in all to us. Christ is the center of our lives, the provider ofall our needs - but pain in that there are many

who are lonely who do not know the Saviour - forgotten by their children. Therefore, the expression of
Christmas is one of reconciliation.

We are living in the presence of Christ,which is Christmas -- a joyous occasion - one of thanksgiving Christmas reminds us that Jesus cares.

Christmas says to us: don't be selfish but share, don't be lonely but come to me; I love you, care for you; I share my life with you and all that I do is an expression of my love. Therefore we say with a friend who is seeking, searching, wanting to know:
"Dear Lord,

I often think that you are not a part of me, I seem to place you in a different location
Lord, help me to come to you

Give me the grace of your will So that I may become an instrument of your goodness
Lord, have mercy upon me

I need you, without you, I am lost and life has no meaning

I am searching for you

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place Lord, let me be guided by your faith and love
Let my life reflect you Whatever I do, let it be done with you and for you - not for myself alone".

We have come to the close of a year ofchallenge, a year of hard work. What can each ofus truly say for the year
1979? Have we been faithful to the cause of Christ? Have we given of ourselves as we ought? Have we made sacrifices for the cause of Christ throughout the world? Have we been a living example of the Christmas

message? Have we loved all our brothers and sisters? Have we forgiven those who have given us cause to be angry with them? Only you can provide the answers to these questions.
With Christ in our lives we face the future with great anticipation because Christ has made this possible through his birth.

The redemptive message is alive. Christmas has made it possible for us to smile in the face of adversity. We are willing to accept the realities and challenges. We will overcome because of Christmas.

Each of you have been good to us. Youhave encouraged us with your prayers and financial support, your gifts of love and your varied expressions of thoughtfulness. Without your letters of encouragement, the difficult
hurdles that we face would have been insurmountable. But Christmas through you and the word ofGod coming alive in all its fulness has made us in Jamaica realize that we are partners in the proclamation ofthe Christmas

story. We are grateful to you and our pledge during the year to come is that we will remain faithful, constant and
dedicated to the word of God. We love you and you love us so together we go forward with the message ofChrist.

Let us not forget the blessings we have received during 1979.

Christmasls a time of prace, a timFoftbrgivenress ~^et^usi)ring^this peace toT>uirKves, hu8bands7-wivesr children, home and the church. Let us live as if Christ were coming today. Let us rekindle the apostolic doctrine
of reconciliation. Let us rekindle that expression that was said long ago - "Oh how they love one another."

Let us each pray for peace in the world. Let us pray for the war-torn countries of the world. Let us pray that God's healing powers be brought to their lives. Let us pray that we will be the lights of the world. We need your financial support now more than ever as the Lord lays it upon your heart to give. I know you will respond. To all our friends we wish you a very happy Christmas and a great 1980 as it comes.

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May the Lord bless you always.

Keep sweet in Jesus. The Morris family