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Arena a map once filled with endless battles from dawn to sundown now was turned into a desolated

place for the damned and the forgotten. Few seasons back the Arena Map is the busiest map in the continent of MU where fierce battles were fought, where the constant clashing of swords echoes from time to time. However, as legends leaved the community one by one at a time things have changed for this map. It had become one of the most desolated maps in the continent. Nonetheless, day by day, fewer and fewer people are staying in the Arena. Some may have been loyal but loyalty is not enough when you are alone in a desolated map. All clashing and bashing of swords can be heard in Atlans not in the Arena. However, this season things have changed for the good, a lot of people are doing PVP in the Arena Map; its getting busier every day. More people are staying in the arena map every evening. I can hear again those clashing and bashing of swords most likely in the back part of the arena which was before was the famous warp zone where the legends PK each other. So guys what are you waiting for? Join us in the Arena Map for fun. Stay tuned for more updates.

Legends got revamped

The Legendary tag is one of the premium tags here in the community; the community members who have that tag had some privileges and advantages here in the community such as Chat box access, Elite hall access and some other stuff which differentiate them from regular members and other tags. Nonetheless, people under this tag are not considered as special, they are still governed by the general forum rules and legend tag rules in which if they had violated they will faced the consequences. The legend tag was created to distinguished members from each other, people who are included in this bracket serves as a model for other community members. Despite previous problems about being a model to the community the legend tag had been immortalized. They also help decide in server activities and gladly take part in it. To be a legend is difficult and it had also some requirements. A legend tag application may be revoked if you have not met the requirements. Post count, Infraction counts and some related tasks are included in the requirements. Further, the legends tag may be revamped if necessary without prior notice to them. This month of August, the tag has been revamped and with it are the removal of inactive legend tag users in the list some of the users that had been removed from the list are the following:

.berformeth .GanJah .Sedji .Shanaya .YoHanne. 322O Ann dhabass Dipsy Harmony HyperONIN Kalicrates Jade. JD. Kenny. Klaus Lenex Rav Sacred SHAGEL VING These users can appeal and re-apply to get their legend tag back in the premium application hall. Some legends are also warned of their low average post count per day. For further information about legend tags please visit the Forum Related Request Section under the Seniors Area.