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Monthly Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club.

AUGUST, 2013.
Vol. 4 Issue No 8


Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 1pm onwards.

We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking. PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. Please contact us prior to bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all. Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email: [or catch our website on or]. Also see us at Rex and Heather Gilroys Blue Mountains UFO Research Club on Facebook. A plate of food to share for afternoon tea is appreciated.


This meeting we are fortunate to have a Guest Spea ker, Moira McGhee, who will be speaking on the book The Gosford Files which she co-authored with Brian Dickeson. The meeting begins at 1pm with get-together in the house chit-chat as usual. Then we will adjourn to the Rex Cinema. There will also be a discussion of the latest UFO sightings reports from members of any UFOs seen across the Blue Mountains and elsewhere. At the last meeting the discussion proved quite popular. This will now be a regular part of the program. Meeting adjourns to the house for a cuppa and more chit-chat. Return to the Rex Cinema for more DVD presentation on UFO matters. Any suggestion from members on future Skywatch locations will be welcome. After the meeting there will be a BBQ and Skywatch out on Hargreaves Lookout at Blackheath where an excellent view is to be had of the Megalong valley, a prominent UFO sighting region. [Dont forget - warm clothing is a MUST as it can get quite at night] and bring a torch and binoculars. If any member has information or an article to place in either Mysterious Australia or The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club newsletters please feel free to forward it to us by the second Saturday of the month. [OR if anyone has material/DVD or a report to present at our meetings please bring it along as you are welcome to present it].


To assist with the costs involved in producing the newsletters a gold coin donation is requested.

R e x a n d H e at h e r G i lr o y , A u s t r a li a s t o p U F O a n d U n e x p l ai n e d M y s t e r i e s R e s e ar c h t e am . P h o t o c o py r i g h t R e x G i lr o y 2 0 1 3 .

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

These following reports have been used with the kind permission of

NB. These reports are presented for your perusal, information and enjoyment and whilst all care is taken with their presentation no responsibility for their authenticity is taken by the editor. Please exercise your own judgement.


Filer's Files

George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director MUFON Eastern Region Director

Mars Water Clay

Nasa's ageing Opportunity rover on Mars has just made what may be one of its most significant discoveries to date. The nine-year-old robot has identified rock laden with clay minerals dubbed Esperance that has been altered through prolonged contact with water. Opportunity has seen a clay-bearing outcrop before but scientists say this is by far the best example to date. "It's very rich," said Steve Squyres, the rover's principal investigator. "We've been discovering evidence for water on Mars since we first landed back in 2004. "Clay minerals only tend to form at a more neutral pH. This is water you could drink. This is water that was much more favorable for things like pre-biotic chemistry - the kind of chemistry that could lead to the origin of life." The occurrence of clays is further proof that Mars was much warmer and wetter billions of years ago. And these results complement nicely those of NASA's newer rover. Curiosity, has also identified clays at its landing site almost half-way around the planet's equator. Note: A unique find beneath frozen Alaskan sand dunes suggests that liquid water may still exist on Mars as often stated in these files.

Oceans and Structures on Mars

Scientists have spotted more evidence that an enormous ocean on Mars covered much of the planet's surface billions of years ago. The latest clues were found in photos from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter circling the planet. The images show what appears to be an ancient river delta, which may have emptied into a vast Martian ocean that inundated up to one-third of the Red Planet long ago, a new study reports.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

"Scientists have long hypothesized that the northern lowlands of Mars are a dried-up ocean bottom, but no one yet has found the smoking gun," study co-author Mike Lamb, an assistant professor of geology at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, said in a statement. The small section of Aeolis Dorsa features many ridges called inverted channels, which form in river bottoms over time when gravel is deposited by flowing water. Inverted channels can linger long after the rivers that created them have evaporated, helping researchers trace the past activity of liquid water on Mars. [ Photos: The Search for Water on Mars] Thanks to David Twichell and NASA.
- This

picture appears to be a factory or some type of base on Mars. It was originally posted on a NASA site but it's been scrubbed. It clearly shows six vents on a building spewing atmosphere or smoke from all vents. Several huge spheres may be used for mining or drawing in dark matter to be processed into an atmosphere on Mars. Thanks to NASA

Astronaut Mitchell UFOs are Real

UFO enthusiasts have received a lot of encouragement in recent evidence of an ancient UFO sighting reported by Chinese medieval scientist Shen Kuo, as well as an affirming interview with moonwalker Edgar Mitchell that attests to his beliefs in extraterrestrial life. And to this day, the topic of alien life and UFO sightings are on the tip of people's minds, including Edgar Mitchell, who spoke of his convictions in the belief of alien life as well as UFOs, citing the Roswell incident as a prime example. "After my space flight, I was contacted by descendants of the original Roswell observers, including the person who delivered the child-sized coffins to the Air Force to contain alien bodies. Another was one of the children of the deputy sheriff who was patrolling traffic around the site," said Mitchell during a Bloomberg interview. "They all seemed credible with their stories that the bodies found were alien." And what does the Apollo 14 pilot think are the reasons behind a potential cover-up? "Think of what that could mean in terms of space travel with control of UFO machinery, technology. There's a lot of money involved."

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

Prince Phillip Has Interest in UFOs

While stationed in England in the US Air Force after intercepting a UFO I, [George Filer] had the privilege of dining with Prince Phillip, the husband of the Queen, and the Duke of Edinburgh at Sculthorpe RAF Base. He told five of us officers about his keen interest in UFOs and that some of his relatives had seen them. He reiterated what he had stated much earlier in the press, `There are many reasons to believe that they (UFOs) do exist. There is so much evidence from reliable witnesses.' Sunday Dispatch, London. March 28, 1954. He was promoted to Admiral of the Fleet, Field Marshal of the Army, and Marshal of the Royal Air Force. Prince Philip achieved 5,986 hours in 59 types of aircraft. He was interested in our intercept of a large UFO over the United Kingdom. Prince Philip was a long time subscriber to Flying Saucer Review magazine.

In his fascinating autobiography, "Sounds From Another Room", Sir Peter Horsley who was equerry (advisor) to Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip for seven years devotes a lengthy chapter to the subject of UFOs, including details of his investigations into sightings reported by pilots; details which he relayed to Prince Phillip. Horsley claims he met with an extraterrestrial humanoid who wanted to meet with Prince Philip. Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley, former Deputy Commander in Chief of Strike Command, a war hero who flew Mosquitoes against the Germans, who has held one of the highest ranks in the RAF. The top RAF generals such as General Martin believed that flying saucers were extraterrestrial vehicles from another planet whose inhabitants were trying to warn us of the perils of nuclear war. Although it may seem surprising that a member of the royal family would have an interest in UFOs, Prince Philip is not the first. In fact his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, had similar interests. Prince Philip told us that, his uncle who raised him, Admiral Earl Mountbatten who became First Sea Lord Admiral of the British Fleet the highest rank in the Royal Navy from 1954 until 1959 was Commander of the Mediterranean Fleet in the 50s had personally seen UFOs up close. Mountbatten shown here with President Kennedy was one of the three Supreme Allied Commanders of World War II (the others were Eisenhower and MacArthur) with a quarter million personnel under his direct command. Later he was the last Viceroy of India, who orchestrated its independence from England. Mountbatten had a keen interest in UFOs and likely discussed UFOs with the President. In a biography by Philip Ziegler in 1985, he wrote [We were] both convinced that they come from another

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

planet but we mutually and independently came to the conclusion that they were not 'aeroplanes' with silly little almost human pilots but are themselves the actual inhabitants: Martians, Venusians, Jupiterians or what have you. Why should life in another planet with entirely different conditions in any way resemble life on our planet? In 1955 Lord Mountbatten investigated a UFO incident in his own back yard, literally, that put his theory to the test. In Timothy Good's great book, Above Top Secret, there is a report written by Mountbatten on his investigation of a sighting on the grounds of his Broadlands Estates. Frederick Briggs, a retired British Army Sergeant, was working on the grounds, when he says he saw a large craft that looked like a child's top hovering over a field. He says a column came down from the center of the craft, and there appeared to be a humanoid figure descending with the pillar. Mountbatten states he personally interviewed Mr. Briggs and "he did not give the impression of being the sort of man who would be subject to hallucinations, or would in any way invent such a story." Thanks to Open

Letter from 3rd Grade Teacher

Teacher writes, Im going to tell you something that will open a door to what youre doing with ufos. First of all I want to say you are doing a great job with your information, but I want to let you know that youre closer than you think. Im just going to give you the quick version.. Im a 3rd grade teacher at a public school and Ive been teaching for the past 16 years. After the year 2000, kids started acting differently. A few years ago I started getting the kids born after the year 2000 who are even stranger. These kids are different; the indigo/crystal child concept is true. They are purportedly the next level in human evolution. They are very intelligent and have super powers. The Indigo Child may see auras as lights or colors around other people. And show an uncanny ability to sense dishonesty. They are often mislabeled with psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Sadly, when they are medicated, the Indigos often lose their beautiful sensitivity, spiritual gifts and warrior energy. About 1/3 of each class is crystal and channel what you call spirits. However, as you will soon be finding out, that is just a blanket term. Many are what you term extraterrestrials, and many can take human form. These kids call them brothers from the stars. They are under orders to keep it secret from all unless they are spiritually awakened. If an adult comes to them to question them, they will check with their spirit and as k them if its o.k. to spill the information. If the "spirit" says its O.K., then they will talk to you. Otherwise, they will act as if they dont know what youre talking about. Thats a quick rundown.... you must understand the work you are doing is stri ctly the 3-d version of ufos. These kids are working with the 5-d version and some even higher. Some of the kids speak directly to the UFOs. They can call them in during broad daylight and especially at night. It does not matter where you are--country, city, suburbs...they will show up anywhere. I have seen them fly just a few hundred feet above the city.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

They will also "call them in" for understand"---- which is you and the terms - the ones who are still living show themselves to you in order to presence among us.

the "ones who do not older generations. In other the 3D world. The ufos will help awaken you to their

. Just as an example---my dad who is 70 is a white collar conservative. All he cares about is money and show. He does not believe in UFOs, etc... Thus the ufos do not show themselves to him yet, but they say they will later. The ufo -- or the team in the UFO will then determine if the earth people have a high enough vibration to accept the sighting. If so, then they will make a showing. This all happens within seconds. The ufos use what you know as "esp." to communicate with the kids. --However-the beings in the ufo always know what we are doing and thinking Whereas we see them almost every clear night and sometimes even flying under the clouds. However--this is just the beginning!!- If the kids trust you spiritually--then they will work with you and tell you their future mission. And believe me--its coming up sooner than you think. I will just give you a quick clue-- they say they will be "rebuilding humanity". Good luck to you and you are doing a great job!
ps--I dont care what you do with this information, for the children were told that it is now time to publicly release it. rd However, I want to remain publicly anonymous, for I could lose my teaching job over it. Sincerely, 3 Grade teacher

Letter from Navy man about UFOs

Dan Natt writes, I graduated in 1968 and was classified as 1A. My father was a Navy man in WW II so he told me to get down and join the Navy before I got drafted. I went to boot camp in the Great Lakes and then was sent to Jacksonville, Fla. I only stayed three days at Jax and was sent to PEWR (Pinecastle Electronic Warfare Range 90 miles south of Jax on Rt. 19, just 1 mile from the intersection of Rt. 19 and 40, in the Ocala National Forest. The base was small, with only 80 people; most of them lived off base. There were 4 sections to the base in about a 10 mile radius. The barracks, offices, main air traffic control tower, MSQ- 44 radar and a Mobile repair shop sat in the middle of it all on a small hill. The live and inert bombing range was 6 miles from the main control tower. Hidden in the woods were a few small mobile radar vans that simulated missile sites. The Central was a secret fenced-in guarded area with radars and lots of other electronic equipment. The main mission of the base was to train Navy pilots to do their mission, see how good their gear worked and let them know if they accomplished that task and made it back home, all done by simulation. I worked in a few of these areas, and then in 1972 I went into the radar and training field. At that time they were converting the MSQ-44 over to digital

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

tracking radar and changed its name to MSQ102. The whole base worked 2 shifts and things went along as normal. Then calls from higher up on the ladder and complaints from people from the Altoona area, which is about 15 miles south of the base. Altoona was in our restricted flying area. All the people there would see an object come out of a lake at night but couldn`t tell what it was. We set up a special mission; we had two F-4 Phantoms on call at Jacksonville, and all our radars up and running, as well as a remote radio truck at the scene. Just like clockwork, up it popped. I called Jacksonville to scramble the two jets and we locked on to the object with our MSQ102 radar and a few others of our radars locked on too. The radio man on the scene and other people saw the object. Our radar had a 60 mile radius so we watched the jets from Jax on our screen just hammering down. In a few minutes they were talking to me and I was directing then to the bogey. I informed them that it was holding still so they could slow their air speed down. As the F-4's got closer they confirmed that they had locked on with their radars. As the two F-4's slowed down and got close to the bogey my tracking radar started to move and my digital read-outs were showing the same. It moved slow at first but was picking up speed. All of this action was being documented on voice recorders and paper charts for the record books. The two pilots were now doing a good speed, but the object stayed the same distance away from them. The lead pilot said they were going to kick in their afterburners to see what this thing is made out of. A second later my tracking radar, which is hooked on the top of the radar van right above me, shook the whole van and my digital readouts were going around so fast that you couldn't read the numbers! The pilot said some four letter words and ended with " Lets go home, this thing is way out of our league". In seconds the object was out in the Atlantic Ocean and our F-4's were left behind in Central Florida! All the radar around the base lost the object but the MSQ-102 stayed with the object and it stopped in a layer of clouds just over the ocean. I went to the back of the radar van where 3 of our crew were locking on and watching on the scopes. The radar was locked on the cloud; I said to them; "That it could be in that cloud and just to follow the cloud, and break off the radar and lower the elevation to the ground but keep following that cloud". In less than a minute it popped out of the cloud and we locked back on and it started coming at us. It came right at us at high speed so before it was going to be right over us, we froze all the reading and broke off. One crew member opened up a window and saw no lights and heard no sound. The speed was over 2000 miles an hour! We locked up all charts and voice recording and then sat around looking back on what just happen. A few days passed by and we were all called in to the Commanding Officer's office. I knew the CO very well and as soon as I walked in I saw he was very quiet and didn't act like himself, so I knew something was up. There was a wooden bench there and he told all of us to sit on it.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

Pretty soon two big men in suits and dark glasses came walking in. One stood by the bench and didn't say a word. The other had a briefcase strapped to his arm and he put it on the Commander's desk; unlocked it and put the voice recorder and charts in it and locked it back up. He then shook the Commander's hand and turned to us and pointed his finger right in our faces and said: " you (there were 4 of us) - you don't know anything. You didn't see anything. If you think you did, we'll lock you up in a straight jacket and you won't see the light of day." Then he asked "Do you understand?" and we all said " Yes Sir." And we were dismissed. Thanks to Dan Natt. -0-

Is God Angry or is China Controlling Our Weather

The history of the world is often written that when a nation chooses not to follow Gods commandments and that nation suffers his wrath. The jet streams are setting up patterns that are very unusual in the spring and summer causing excessive heat and precipitation in many parts of the world. The US West is having monster hot high pressure with many Western weather stations reaching all-time record high temperatures while the South and East of the US have record rainfalls and flooding. During the Olympics the Chinese controlled the weather preventing rain and have been conducting significant weather modification. Allegedly HARRP and similar projects can disrupt the worlds weather patterns. The US has been suffering from massive tornadoes and t he hot weather is setting up for a disastrous hurricane season. Thunderstorms with numerous lightning strikes and high winds are causing fire storms and the recent of hundreds of homes and the loss of 19 fire fighters in Prescott, Arizona. The news claims Mother Nature is angry. There is something strange happening causing the drastic changes in the weather. On top of the heat there are lightning strikes creating fires. The East and South is receiving record rain fall and flooding. 3 July 2013 Shows a hot monster ridge of high pressure over Nevada/Idaho with a northerly jet stream arching from the Canadian NWT down to the Texas Gulf Coast Typical for January, but not July. Not ever during the summer months is this pattern normal.

NWS WEATHER PREDICTION CENTER COLLEGE PARK MD The weather patterns are abnormal with a highly anomalous flow that leads to scorching heat in the west and days of cloudbursts in the east. Philadelphia has had cloudbursts on nine out of ten days and another seven days are predicted with flooding. Meanwhile the West is suffering with triple-digit daily maximum temperatures, with some locations exceeding all-time highs. The duration of the string of triple-digit days in normally hot places like the central valley of California, the great basin, and the deserts of the southwest may even outdo themselves, with new all-time records.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

The Mountain Pine Beetle is flourishing and thereby decimating our precious Western National Forests making them vulnerable to fires. The rains in the East are causing unusually heavy mosquito population. The Earth is in trouble as a living entity and is fighting for its survival. If internal or external events begin to throw Earth out of balance i.e. orbital, tilt, or magnetic alignment - it begins to correct itself. We are in trouble with If my people who are called by name will turn from their wicked ways, will humble themselves and pray I will heal their land.

Helen Thomas UFO Advocate Dies

Legendary Trailblazing White House journalist Helen Thomas has died at age 92 years of age. She sat in the front row center at White House press conferences and covered ten presidents over nearly half a century. She became a legend in the industry and often exasperated government spokesmen and presidents with her pointed questions.

I [?George Filer] had long talks with her on several occasions about UFOs and told me she would do everything she could to get the true story about UFOs and our visitors out to the public. She confided she wrote stories but her editors cut them before they are published. "At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs."

Some Australian Sightings.

Murgon -- As we left the house of a friend I noticed an unusual light in the sky that appeared to be hovering over on the other side of a nearby hill on June 21, 2013. I showed my children and said "There's a UFO" and they searched until locating it and agreed it was an unidentified flying object. We watched for about two minutes as the object appeared to hover, but may have been moving directly toward us and was getting larger. I took three photos on my iPhone, but it was so far away it was not visible on the screen. When I downloaded the photos to my computer I saw alight two centimeters across and a few millimeters high. It was at least a couple of kilometers away when it disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS Glenroy, Victoria -- I noticed a glowing light in the sky so I got my binoculars to have a look on July 16, 2013. I saw a glowing white UFO and two orbs flying around it. They joined up together, and after 15 minutes a plane flew by the UFO. The UFO flew near the plane very fast for 30 seconds and then returned to the same spot near my house. I was trying to take some photos as the UFO flew in and out of the clouds, I felt it was playing with me, I would wave it to come out and it did. When I tried to take a photo it would go back in the clouds, but I eventually got some photos and video. Thanks to MUFON CMS Australia Strange Orange Yellow Light BENDIGO On July 3, 2013, we saw an orange yellow light moving slowly west. I observed it for about 30 seconds as quick as it appeared it disappeared just like if someone turned out a light switch at 10:30 PM. There was no sound at all. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center


Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August, 2013.

same time, same place 12 Kamillaroi Road, Katoomba.
Our previous meeting was a huge success with a number of new people and we look forward to seeing you at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba weather permitting. Meanwhile, there is a lot happening up there at present so Until our next meeting

Watch the Skies!

Rex and Heather