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Fuel pump Injection pump Oil dipstick Fuel filter

Coupling cover Oil drain plug Turbocharger

Starter motor Breather hose Water outlet pipe

Exhaust manifold

Inlet duct Cooling fan Fan pulley


Crank pulley

Water pump Water draing plug Water inlet pipe Oil port cover Thermostat housing Oil filler cap PCV


ITEMS Engine type 6WG1TQA Four cycle, water cooled, in-line, overhead camshaft, direct injection Open type in piston crown Dry type Gear drive 6 - 147 x 154 (5.79 x 6.06) 235.4/1800 1274.9/1500 Four rings (Compression rings: 3, Oil ring: 1) 15.681 (956.9) 16.4 2.94 (30/426) or more 1,642 x 1007 x 1,287 (64.6 x 39.6 x 50.7) 1,252 (2,764) 1-5-3-6-2-4 10 SAE No.2 diesel fuel 900 0.40 (0.016) 0.40 (0.016) 21 27 52 17 Bosch, in-line P-Type Mechanical Multi-hole type 19.9 (203/2,886) Paper element Full flow pressure circulation CD 300 (3.1/44.1)/1,200 390 (4.0/56.9)/2,000 Condition: SAE 30 API CD grade engine oil at an oil temperature of 80 C (176 F) Gear (Timing gear drive)

Combustion chamber Cylinder liner Timing drive system No. of cylinders - bore x stroke mm (in) Rated output kW/min-1 Max. torque Nm/min-1 No. of piston rings Total piston displacement L (cid) Compression ratio (to 1) Compression pressure at 200 min-1 MPa (kg/cm2/psi) Engine dimensions mm (in) Engine weight (Dry) kg (lb) Fuel injection order Fuel injection timing (TDC) deg Specified fuel type Idling speed min-1 Valve clearances Intake mm (in) Exhaust mm (in) Intake valves Open at (BTDC) deg Close at (ABDC) deg Exhaust valves Open at (BBDC) deg Close at (ATDC) deg Injection pump Governor type Injection nozzle Injection nozzle opening pressure MPa (kg/cm2/psi) Main fuel filter type Lubrication system Lubrication method Specified engine oil (API grade) Oil pressure (at oil gallery) kPa (kg/cm2/psi)/min-1

Oil pump type

Inspection and Repair Make the necessary adjustments, repair and part replacements if excessive wear or damage is discovered during inspection. BRIDGE Inspect any cracking, damage on bridge and inspect any separation wear out and damage on the surface of bridge SHAFT IDLE GEAR "C" AND IDLE GEAR "C" 1. Measure the outside diameter of shaft idle gear C. Standard: 48.93 - 48.96 mm (1.9264 - 1.9286 in) Limit: 48.85 mm (1.9232 in) 2. Measure the clearance between the shaft and idle gear "C". Standard: 0.04 - 0.105 mm (0.0016 - 0.0041 in) Limit: 0.2 mm (0.0079 in.)



CLEARANCE BETWEEN CAMSHAFT AND BRACKET Measure the clearance between the camshaft and camshaft bracket. Standard: 0.065 - 0.125 mm (0.0026 - 0.0049 in) Limit: 0.15 mm (0.0059 in)

VALVE SPRING 1. Use a vernier calmer to measure the valve spring free height. If the measured value is less than the specified limit, the valve spring must be replaced. Valve spring free height Inlet spring: Standard: 79.3 mm (3.122 in) Limit: 75.3 mm (2.965 in) Exhaust spring: outer Standard: 102.7 mm (4.0433 in) Limit: 97.6 mm (3.0843 in) Exhaust spring: inner Standard: 96.4 mm (3.0795 in) Limit: 91.7 mm (3.0610 in)