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My Card System

4 Phases of the Day (Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, Midnight) 24 Hours in a Day 7 Days in a Week 13 Weeks in a Season 4 Seasons creating a year 52 Weeks in a Year = 52 Cards (4 Suits, 13 Cards) Cards are read from Right to Left (Hebrew Method)


1st he

1st he


The Diamonds


Enterprise and Glory.

The Hearts


Love and Happiness.

The Spades


Hatred and Misfortune.

The Clubs


Money and Interest.

The Cipher of the Cards

1. Commencement 2. Opposition 3. Equilibrium 4. Commencement 5. Opposition 6. Equilibrium 7. Commencement 8. Opposition 9. Equilibrium of Equilibrium of Opposition of Commencement

The Qualities of the Cards

Creation, Enterprise, Agriculture KING: The King of Diamonds symbolizes a dark man, a friend. He generally represents a married man, the father of a family. QUEEN: A dark woman, a friend. Represent a serious woman, a very good counselor, often the mother of a family. JACK: A dark young man, a friend. Dark child or a friend. Also represents a message from a near relation. ACE: Commencement of an Enterprise. TWO: Opposition to the commencement of the Enterprise. The Enterprise is commenced when an unexpected obstacle suddenly prevents its execution.

THREE: Realization of the commencement of the Enterprise. The basis of the work is now definitely established, and the undertaking can be fearlessly continued. FOUR: Obstacles to the Enterprise. Nothing can be accomplished without obstacles. We therefore now find them appearing, and must prepare ourselves to overcome them. FIVE: Opposition to the obstacles. Victory after surmounting them SIX: Realization of the opposition. At last the obstacles succeed. Failure of the Enterprise in the midst of its execution SEVEN: Certain success to the Enterprise EIGHT: Opposition to its success. The Enterprise will only partially succeed NINE: Realization of success. Success is continued. TEN: Uncertainty in the management of the Enterprise.

Preservation, Love, Instruction KING: A fair man, a friend. This card also represents a barrister, judge, or ecclesiastic. It symbolizes a Bachelor QUEEN: A fair woman, a friend, a woman loved, a Mistress JACK: A young fair man, a friend, a young man loved, a Lover, A fair child, A messenger, Birth ACE: Commencement of a love affair. Two: Opposition to this commencement, unimportant obstacles raised by one of the lovers. THREE: Realization of this commencement, the love is mutual. FOUR: Serious obstacles to the love. They arise from other persons, not from the lovers. FIVE: Opposition to the obstacles, victory over the obstacles after a struggle.

SIX: The obstacles triumph. Love destroyed in the midst of happiness, Widowhood. SEVEN: Success assured to the lovers. EIGHT: Partial failure of love. Love only partially succeeds. NINE: Motherhood. TEN: Uncertainty in the management of the love affair.

Transformation, Hatred, War KING: A dark, bad man, he is a soldier, a powerful enemy, who must be distrusted. QUEEN: A dark wicked woman. The card also indicates her actions, gossip and calumnies. JACK: A young, dark man, an enemy. He is also a spy, a child, an enemy, Bad news or delays. The figures generally indicate opposition raised outside the house. ACE: Commencement of enmity. Two: Opposition to this commencement, the enmity does not last. THREE: Realization of the enmity, hatred. FOUR: Opposition to the hatred, success against the enemy. FIVE: Opposition to this opposition, the enemy triumphs at the moment one fancies the victory is secured. SIX: Equilibrium of the opposition, the enemy is rendered powerless at last. SEVEN: Success assured to the enemy. EIGHT: Partial opposition to this success, the enemy only partially triumphs. NINE: Certain duration of the hatred. TEN: Uncertainty in the enmity.

Development, Money, Trade KING: A fair man, inimical or indifferent. QUEEN: A fair woman, indifferent, or inimical. JACK: A young, fair man, a stranger, an arrival, a fair child, a messenger, a letter. The figures of the Clubs are the inverse to those of the Diamonds and Hearts, and indicate all that comes from outside, from the country or abroad. ACE: Commencement of fortune, inheritance, gifts. Economy, etc. Two: Opposition to this commencement, difficulty in well establishing the first landmarks of good fortune. THREE: Realization of this commencement of fortune, a small sum. FOUR: Opposition of fortune, loss of money. FIVE: Opposition to this opposition, a success coming which will balance the low SIX: Realization of the opposition, Ruin. SEVEN: Success assured a large fortune EIGHT: Partial success, great loss of money at the moment apparently of definitely securing the fortune NINE: Equilibrium of Equilibrium, a durable fortune TEN: Uncertainty in the fortune, great success and great reverses

Major Arcana
1. The Magician 2. The High Priestess 3. The Empress 4. The Emperor 5. The Pope 6. The Lovers 7. The Chariot 8. Justice 9. The Hermit 10. The Wheel of Fortune 11. Strength 12. The Hanged Man 13. Death 14. Temperance 15. The Devil 16. The Lightning-struck Tower 17. The Stars 18. The Moon 19. The Sun signifies ------------------------------------MALE INQUIRER FEMALE INQUIRER ACTION, INITIATIVE WILL INSPIRATION LOVE TRIUMPH, PROTECTION JUSTICE PRUDENCE FORTUNE, DESTINY STRENGTH, FORTITUDE TRIALS, SACRIFICE DEATH TEMPERANCE, ECONOMY IMMENSE FORCE, ILLNESS RUIN. DECEPTION HOPE HIDDEN ENEMIES, DANGER MATERIAL HAPPINESS, LUCKY MARRIAGE CHANGE OF POSITION INCONSIDERATE ACTIONS, MADNESS ASSURED SUCCESS

20. The Judgment 21. The Foolish Man


22. The Universe


System Spread
What must we do if we wish to draw out the horoscope of any matter? 1. You should take the minor arcana and separate the suit of cards that refers to the kind of consultation you require. If it is some business you are about to undertake, you must take the Diamonds. If it is a love affair, take Hearts. For a law-suit, or any struggle, take Spades. In a money matter take Clubs. 2. Shuffle the cards selected, then ask the Inquirer to cut them. 3. Take the four first cards from the top of the pack, and without looking at them place them in a cross in the following way, from left to right, as shown by the numbers. 4 1 2 3

4. Then take your major arcana (which should always be separated from the minor arcana), shuffle them, and let them be cut for you. 5. You then ask the Inquirer to draw out seven cards from the major Arcana by chance, and to give them to you without looking at them. 6. Shuffle these seven cards, and when the Inquirer has cut them, take the three top cards, and without looking at them arrange them in a triangle, in the following order-I. III. II.

You thus obtain the following figure--

7. Take up the cards so that you can see them and read the oracles, noticing that the card placed at number 1 indicates the commencement. The card placed at number 2 indicates the apogee, at number 3 the obstacles, lastly, at number 4 the fall. The major Arcanum placed at I. indicates the influences that have weighed in the affair during the Past. The major Arcanum in II indicates the influence exerted over the Present. The Arcanum at number III shows the influence which will affect and determine the Future. These cards can be very rapidly deciphered when the habit is once acquired. But one important point should be noted, that when the rapid process is used for fortune-telling, The figures do not exclusively represent persons of especial complexion. The King represents a man, without any other distinction, the Queen a woman, the Knight a young man, and the Knave a child. II.--A MORE ELABORATE PROCESS: 1. Shuffle all the minor arcana together and let them be cut for you.

2. Take the twelve first cards from the pack, and place them in a circle thus-10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 8 7

3. Shuffle the major arcana, and let them be cut by the Inquirer, who will then choose seven cards. 4. Take the four first of these cards from the pack, and arrange them opposite the cards placed at numbers 1, 10, 7, 4, thus-II. I. IV. III.

5. Then place the three others in a triangle in the center of the figure, thus-V. VII. VI.

You thus obtain the following general figure, which we have already given.

Place the Inquirer in the center of the figure, unless it has been drawn amongst the other cards. If the Inquirer has been drawn you must place it in the center, and replace it by another major Arcanum chosen by the person whose fate is being studied. The 12 minor arcana indicate the different phases through which the individual life will pass, or the evolution of the event during the four great periods: Commencement, indicated by the major Arcanum I., which displays its character; Apogee (arc. II.); Decline or Obstacle (arc. III.); Fall (arc. IV.). Lastly, the 3 major arcana placed in the center indicate the especial character of the horoscope in the Past (V.), in the Present (VI.), and in the Future (VII.). The future is indicated in the minor arcana by the cards placed from 7 to 12; The past by those placed from 1 to 4; and the present by those placed from 4 to 7. These numbers only indicate the numbers of the places occupied by the arcana, and never the numbers of the arcana themselves. It is important to avoid the idea that the Arcanum VII must always return to the place of numbered VII. But our readers are sufficiently intelligent to make any further insistence upon this point quite unnecessary. The explanation of the meaning of the arcana will be perfectly easy, when the lessons 2 and 3 have been once read. Practice will teach all these details far better than all the theories in the world.