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Enrichment means to provide students with activities or opportunities or information that increases their level of knowledge and awareness regarding a particular concept or topic that were taught in school. Meanwhile remedial means to provide students with activities, opportunities and information that assists them in improving upon a particular skill. The enrichment material given to students to increase their understanding in the lesson and gave them new insight about the lesson content meanwhile the remedial material given to the student that cannot understand the lesson to help them understand. The remedial and enrichment material that I choose are materials for learning to write. For the remedial material, it was a worksheet on how to write alphabet. There are dots that can be connected to form an alphabet so the students were asked to trace the dots to form an alphabet. This is to train the student to write correct alphabet. This is the first stage in learning to write which is to develop students writing readiness. Because of the weak student cannot write alphabet correctly, they were given this material to help them practice to write alphabet correctly before they start to write sentence and paragraph. The enrichment material content is to teach students to spell correctly. This is a part of early writing. Students need to know how to spell before they can write a composition. So this material is to teach and let the student practice the spelling. In the question, letters of the words were given but no in the right order. Students need to rearrange the letters to form a meaningful word. The blank spaces were given to help the student and the blank space resemble to the alphabet shape. Pictures of the words are provided to guide the student to spell correctly. In both remedial and enrichment materials, the language used a simple and straight forward. The instruction is clear and can be easily understood by student. Because this is materials for Year 1 students that still in the early process of learning so the content is easier so the students can answer it and encourage them to learn more. In both materials there are pictures provided to guide the student. For example, in the remedial material, there are picture of ant next to the alphabet a to represent a for ant. In the enrichment material, there is picture of a shoes next to the letter h e so s. This is to make sure students can do it.

The difference that can be seen clearly is the size of font used. In remedial material, the font which where students need to trace is large to make it easier for the student to trace and form an alphabet. Students that just learn to write cannot control the size of their writing so the spaces given were large enough for the student to write. In enrichment material, the font size is normal, that we can read it but not to big that take a lot of space. The skill teaches in the remedial on easy level compare to the enrichment material. This is because the phase of improvement is from the low level to the advance one. So the students are taught the easier part first before they can continue to the higher level. The objective of the remedial material is to teach students to write alphabet correctly where as in the enrichment material teach student to spell correctly.

Below is a table to sum up the comparisons between the remedial and enrichment material: Remedial Enrichment Similarities The language used are simple, clear, straight forward and easy to understand Pictures are provided to guide the students Differences The objective is to teach the student to write The objective is to teach the student to spell alphabet correctly The content is easier than enrichment It does not need critical and creative skills to be answered. The student dont have to answer questions To help students practice writing Given to weaker student Using large size font Teacher evaluation based on the student able to trace dotted lines to form letters and shapes correctly words correctly The content is harder than remedial It needs critical and creative skills to be answered. The questions need to be answer Questions to test student spelling skill Given to good student Using normal size font Teacher evaluation based on the student able to arrange the letters to form correct words


Aspect Strengths


ENRICHMENT It encourages the students to think critically and creatively. It gives opportunity for the students to apply and exercise their writing skill To test the student spelling skill The words in the questions are the common things that you can see in everyday life alphabets There are spaces that

Help student in practicing to write alphabet correctly More to training than asking questions To make sure students are ready to learn writing skill The alphabet can be easily traced Use large font Line to guide the student write the letters correctly Spaces between

resemble the letters size in correct order Students just need to arrange the letters to form correct words There are adjective of the item shown Pictures are provided to guide students

are big enough Pictures are provided to guide students The content are easier Student will not be stressed by the exercise


Can be used to train students write letters correctly Students dont need to think creatively and critically to do this exercise

The questions are too easy Only few questions Too many hints given such as the shape of blank spaces and pictures

Can only be given to weak student that still cannot write letters properly


Provide all of the alphabet to be trace Use design The alphabet should be in order Provide easily confuse letters to be trace eg. b and d Make question where the attractive visual and

Use design




Dont need to provided the blank spaces Test the students to spell by themselves, not just arrange the letters Spelling question in a simple paragraph interesting Increase the number of story that is

students need to differentiate two look alike letters Example to guide the correct way and order to write the letters

questions so that students can practice more Provide some harder

questions to challenge the students Use words that can gain

student interest Can be modify as a game to let students compete