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Jason Smith Video Preparation Sept. 26, 2012 from the AASL Information Literacy Standards 3.1.6 3.1.

6 Use information and technology ethically and responsibly.

Target Audience: The target audience of this video would be 9-10 year old students primarily in low and middle class homes. Cultural backgrounds would vary, but be primarily Caucasian, Hispanic, and African American. Students would consist of various levels including remedial students, as well as gifted students. The learning styles focused on would be primarily visual and kinesthetic. Students will need a basic knowledge of computers, the internet, and social networks. The motivation of the video will focus on topics such as cyberbullying as well as safety concerns for students on the internet. The age students are accessing the internet and social networks are getting lower and lower, and if they are not taught some basic ethical responsibilities, then they will create their own (which may not be safe). By creating a main character (or characters) that the students can relate to and situations they can place themselves in, my goal is for students to relate the video to their own personal lives.

Objective: (a) Fourth and fifth grade students (b) will choose ethical choices (c) when using social networks and online learning environments (d) 100% of the time.