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A ________ is a salesperson's write-up of his or her completed sales activity. These employees are welleducated, well-trained professionals who work to build and maintain long-term customer relationships by listening to their customers, assessing customer needs, and organizing the company's efforts to solve customer problems. Who are these employees? What is the role of a chief marketing officer? The first step in the selling process is ________. The step that follows preapproach in the selling process is ________. Front line executive is known as . Modified re-buy is the part of

Sales quota

Call report

Sales Executive

Account Department Executive

Sales report/ daily sales report Human Resource Executive

Duty report

None of the above

To oversee marketing Approach Approach

4 5

To represent To oversee the company investors to customers Pre approach Presentation Presentation Sales closed

None of these Sales closed Demonstrati on None of these Motivation

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6 7



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HR executive Finance executive Selection Organizational Buying Situations Which activity is not typical for Follow up on Answer Complete a sales assistant? deliveries Customer Administrative Questions task Sales applicants are Accounting Sales aptitude Organizational typically not tested for skill skill ________. Which Key responsibility is not Timely Strong Focus on for the Sales Managers? Reporting and Customer Brands / New Feedback Focus Products What is the difference between Selling Selling and Selling is marketing and selling? focuses on the marketing are preoccupied needs of the same. with the seller, sellers need to marketing on convert the the needs of product into the buyer. cash. Which skill is required for sales Technical Selling Skills Communicatio executive? Skills n Skills Need hierarchy theory is given Newton Maslow X and Y by --------------. Theory

Sales executive Recruitment

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Provide technical support Analytical skill Managing HR policies. Marketing with the idea of satisfying the need of the customer. All of the above ERG theory

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Which of the following would not be a method of establishing sales force structure? Why Establish Sales Territories?


17 18

Which comes under Organizational Buying Situations? Which is the first step in the Buying Process? What is/ are the key activities for sales managers? Customers often want to know how competitive products compare on Which comes under sales training materials? If you sincerely believe that the customer is king, the second most important person in this kingdom must be the one who has a direct interaction on a daily basis with the king, that is .. Recruitment is a positive function. Factors to be considered for sales executives.

Product sales Customer force structure sales force structure Entire Assign Sales Coverage Persons responsibilitie s New-task buy Promotion

Territorial sales force structure Evaluate Performance

Lifestyle sales force structure Fixing salary status.


None of the above All of the above All of the above future requirement s Audio visual CD HR Manager

Need awareness Payment follow up Ensure order booking and its supply Salary CEO



20 21

Implementatio n New Product Ensure order availability at booking and its retailer level supply Salary Price basis structure of employees Price Need awareness Finance Sales people manager

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4 3

22 23



May be

Can't Say

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Physical Characteristic s Which is the internal source of Press Recruitment? Advertisemen t What is the main purpose of Improving sales training? knowledge in areas such as product, company, competitors, or selling skills. Companies that produce Yes technical products spend a greater amount of time on product knowledge A well-prepared sales manual Yes gives sales representative quick answers to a customer's questions.

Personal Proficiency or Financial characteristics skill and ability status Placement agencies Rate of industrial accidents will be low. Employment exchange Helps to get organizations legal and social obligations. Promotion.

Determine present and future requirement s.


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Cant say


May be

Cant say

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Which comes under off the job training method? behavior refers to the buying behavior of individuals and households who buy goods and services for personal consumption. Decisions usually made by individuals in .. Buying behavior. Which Forces Influencing Organizational Buying Behavior? is a negative process as it involves rejection of the unsuitable candidates. involves the series of steps by which the candidates are screened for choosing the most suitable persons for vacant posts. Document providing information regarding tasks, duties, and responsibilities of job, is called .. is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals In Maslows theory Security needs comes after needs. A ..Comprises a group of customers or a Geographical area assigned to a sales unit. Factors which determine the size of a territory.

Lectures Business Buyer

Examples Consumer buyer


None of the above Industry buyer None of these

1 2




None of these All of the above Training

Organizationa Group force l force Recruitment Selection

Individual force Salary





Job analysis

Job Description

Job specification

None of these





Physiological Esteem

SelfActualization Motivational factors

Social Needs Cold Calling

Sales Territory

Salary Structure

Salary structure



Effective marketing begins with Database a good customers Cusromers are the ultimate Yes place for the product.

Possible volume of sales Price

Recruitment process Promotion

Financial motivation Service


Some time

Can't Say