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SHS Fall Musical 2013: Wizard of Oz AUDITION APPLICATION

This packet includes information regarding auditioning and working on costume/hair/makeup crew for the Southport High School 2013 Fall Musical, The Wizard of Oz. Please first read all information carefully. Completely fill out both sides of the last sheet (pages 5 & 6) and return it to Mrs. McDuffee in Choir Room 408 by Friday, August 30, 2013. Keep all other information for your reference. Audition Procedure The initial audition for Wizard of Oz will occur on Tuesday, September 3 from 2:30 5:30 p.m. in the SHS auditorium. You are responsible for transportation to and from the audition. This audition will include three portions: 1. VOCAL AUDITION All students auditioning for Wizard of Oz will individually sing an excerpt from the musical with provided accompaniment. The song options from which you may select your audition excerpt are listed below. To prepare for the audition, there will be recordings on the choir website: and there will be an optional prep session on Wednesday, August 28 from 3 4 in the choir room 408. At the prep session, we will go over the music for the auditions. Song Options Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Dorothy If I Only Had a Brain/Heart Scarecrow/Tin Man King of the Forest - Lion Youre Out of the Woods - Glinda Merry Old Land of Oz Guard/Any Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - Any 2. DANCE AUDITION You will be taught a short dance routine and perform it in small groups. 3. SCRIPT READING AUDITION Anyone interested in a named role will read specific scenes from the script, and not necessarily from the part for which he/she is auditioning. Callback auditions will be held on Wednesday, September 4 from 3:00 5:30 p.m. in the Choir Room 408. A callback list will be posted outside of Choir Room 408 by 7:00 a.m. on the morning of callbacks. It is your responsibility to check this list to see if you should attend callback auditions that evening. The final cast list will be posted outside of Choir Room 408 and the theatre at the end of the school day on Friday, September 6.



SHS Fall Musical 2013: Wizard of Oz

Time Commitment and Conflicts Participating in the musical requires making a large time commitment. Mandatory rehearsals will begin on Monday, September 9 and continue weekly on Mondays through Thursdays from 2:30 or 3:00 until 5:30 p.m. The only exception is the first week of Fall Break, during which there are no rehearsals. There may be rehearsals during the second week of Fall Break. During production week, November 18-22nd, rehearsals will extend later into the evening. Additionally, there are a few rehearsals scheduled on weekends. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be given at the first rehearsal, but it will be subject to change. Although not all performers will be called to all rehearsals, you are expected to be available at these times and to attend every rehearsal for which you are scheduled. Plan ahead so that sports practices, part-time jobs, doctors appointments, social obligations, etc. will not conflict with these rehearsals. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal due to an unpreventable conflict or serious illness, you must notify Mrs. McDuffee ASAP. Two unexcused absences from rehearsals will result in removal from the show. Regularly coming to rehearsals late or unprepared will also result in removal from the show. You must arrange for your own transportation to and from rehearsals. Rehearsal availability will be a large consideration in casting. Rehearsal Dates All Mondays-Thursdays; 2:30-5:30 p.m. (excluding Fall Break) Monday, October 21 Friday, October 25; times TBA (this is the second week of Fall Break) Possibly Saturday, November 2; 12:00 4:00 Choreography Brush Up Friday, November 8, 2:30 5:30 - Sitzprobe Saturday, November 9; 10:00 AM 8:00 PM Long Saturday Saturday, November 16; 12:00 PM 4:00 PM Costume Day Production Week, November 19 21; 5:00 PM - done Performance Dates Possible: Friday, November 22; 10:00 AM school matinee Friday, November 22; 7:00 p.m. (Call @ 5:00) Saturday, November 23; 7:00 p.m. (Call @ 5:00) Sunday, November 28; 2:30 p.m. (Call @ 12:00) Grades and Behavior The Metropolitan School District of Perry Township Code of Conduct will be in effect at all rehearsals and performances of this musical production. Students in the production will be asked to conduct themselves accordingly. Improper behavior during the course of the production could result in removal from the show. The athletic department code of conduct will be utilized as the guide for behavioral consequences. The rehearsal space is in the auditorium and Choir Room 408 and the entrances and exits to be used are doors 13 and 14. Presence in other parts of the building could result in removal from the show. Since school ends at 2:20 and many cast members may not be called to rehearsal until later times in the afternoon, Choir Room 408 will be available for those students wishing to remain in the building and wait. Passing five subjects is mandatory for participation in extracurricular activities such as this and we do reserve the right to consult with your teachers on classroom performance. Grades and classroom behavior will be taken into consideration while casting. During the period of production rehearsals, grades must be maintained at all times. At no time will you use the musical as an excuse for not being prepared for class.

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Dorothy teenager, living with aunt & uncle on farm, mezzo/alto Aunt Em* Dorothys aunt and guardian, stern, farm owner, non-singing role Uncle Henry* Dorothys uncle and guardian, playful, farm owner, non- singing role Zeke* farm hand, not very brave, non-singing role Hickory* farm hand, kind-hearted, non-singing role Hunk* farm hand, not so bright, non-singing role Miss Gultch* mean neighbor, non-singing role Professor Marvel* sideshow fortune teller, pretends to be wiser than he is, non-singing role Apple Grove Apple Trees 3 sassy girls, sing in 3 parts Tin Man* sweet, stiff, heart of gold, tenor Wild Forest Lion* not so brave, bari Emerald City Guard* stubborn, comedic timing, bari Oz* loud, stubborn, non-singing role Witchs Castle Winkies West Witchs minions/guards, sing General Winkie general, bari Flying Monkeys West Witchs army, non-singing Nikko general of flying monkeys, speaks in gibberish, non-singing role Haunted Forest Jitterbugs dancing ensemble, singing roles

Over the Rainbow

Munckinland Glinda* Good Witch of the North, soprano Munchkins boys and girls same height or shorter than Dorothy, singing roles Mayor leader of Munchkinland, bari Barrister lawyer of Munchkinland, bari/tenor Coroner coroner of Munchkinland, bari/tenor City Fathers 3 adult men of Munchkinland Lullaby League 3 small girls, sing in parts, soprano Lollypop Guild 3 small boys, tenors Fiddler Munchkin who can play the fiddle West Witch* Wicked Witch of the West, mean and green, non-singing role Cornfield Scarecrow* clumsy, wants a brain, tenor Crows 3 crows who make fun of scarecrow, sing in 3 pts

*In the script the following parts are played by the same actors: Aunt Em = Glinda Uncle Henry = Emerald City Guard Zeke = Cowardly Lion Hickory = Tin Man Hunk = Scarecrow Miss Gultch = Wicked Witch of West Professor Marvel = Wizard of Oz I will probably use the same person for Zeke/Lion, Hickory/Tinman, Hunk/Scarecrow and maybe Marvel/Oz. Im not sure about the others yet.

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SHS Fall Musical 2013: Wizard of Oz


Scene 1: Kansas Prairie - Opening - Girls chorus Scene 2: The Rainbow - Over the Rainbow Dorothy Scene 3: Kansas Scene 4: Gypsy Caravan Scene 5: The Twister Scene 6: Munchkinland - Munchkin Musical Sequence Glinda, Munchkins, Dorothy, Mayor, Barrister, City Fathers, Coroner, Lullaby League, Lollypop Guild Scene 7: Wicked Witch - Yellow Brick Road Dorothy, Mayor, Barrister, Munchkins, Fiddler Scene 8: Cornfield Scene 9: Crows in Cornfield - If I Only Had a Brain Scarecrow, Crows, Dorothy Scene 10: Tinman Cottage - If I Only Had a Heart Trees, Tinman, Dorothy Scene 11: Want to Play Ball? - Were Off to See the Wizard Dorothy, Tinman, Scarecrow Scene 12: Wild Forest - Lions, Tigers & Bears Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman - If I Only Had the Nerve Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow,Tinman Scene 13: Poppies - Poppies - Glinda, Chorus, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion

Scene 1: Gates of Emerald City - Entracte Girls chorus - Merry Old Land of Oz Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, Guard Scene 2: Town Square, Emerald City - Merry Old Land of Oz (contd) previous + full ensemble - King of the Forest Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman Scene 3: Wizards Chamber Scene 4: Gates of Emerald City - March of the Winkies Winkies Scene 5: Witchs Castle - March of the Winkies Winkies Scene 6: Haunted Forest - Jitterbug Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion and Chorus Scene 7: Flying Monkeys Scene 8: The Witchs Castle Scene 9: Main Gate of Witchs Castle - Reprise: Winkies March Winkies Scene 10: Witchs Chamber - Reprise: Over the Rainbow Dorothy - Reprise: Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead Winkies Scene 11: Wizards Chamber Scene 12: Balloon Scene 13: Farewell to Oz Scene 14: The Kansas Prairie (Home!)

NON-PERFORMING POSITIONS Costume Manager: The costume manager is responsible for organizing, setting, and the general maintenance of the costumes. Sewing skills are mandatory for this position, in addition to being organized and attentive to detail. There may be a team of people selected to help with costumes. The costume manager must attend all rehearsals following Fall Break. Hair and Makeup Assistants: The hair and makeup assistants are responsible for helping the actors with their hair and makeup and observing and analyzing the quality of these matters in rehearsals. They should have some experience in hair and makeup work and be attentive to detail. The hair and makeup assistant must attend all rehearsals after Fall Break. There will be a training day where this crew will learn from a professional theatre makeup artist how to do the makeup for this show. Page 4

SHS Fall Musical 2013: Wizard of Oz


This form is due to Mrs. McDuffee in Choir Room 408 by Friday, August 30, 2013. Keep all other information for your reference. Place a check beside the appropriate statement: __ I am auditioning. __ I am applying for non-performing position. __ I am auditioning AND applying for non-performing position.

Name: ________________________________________ Grade: ______ Home phone number: __________________________ E-mail address: _____________________________________________

Height: ________

Cell phone number: ______________________

II. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES List below any theatrical productions in which you have participated, including productions outside of SHS. Your roles in these productions may be onstage, in the orchestra pit, or working with the technical staff. Title of Show Role Location / Organization Year

List below your dance training and experience:


1.) In order of preference please list below all performing roles in which you are interested. If you are only interested in a non-performing position, skip to questions 4 & 5.

2.) Will you accept any other role than those you listed above? YES 3.) Will you accept an ensemble role? 4.) Will you accept a non-performing position? If yes, please circle all positions of interest below.
Hair Assistant Makeup Assistant

Costume Crew

Costume Master

5.) Explain why you believe you should be chosen for this/these non-performing position(s):

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SHS Fall Musical 2013: Wizard of Oz

IV. STUDENT GRADES Even though school year has just started, please obtain course grades so far and signatures from each of your teachers. Once the cast list has been finalized, all cast members present grades will be checked and monitored. Period R/B 1 R/W 2 R/W 3 R/B 4 R/W 5 W1/B2 W4/B5 V. SCHEDULE CONFLICTS Please list below all schedule conflicts (including Fall Break second week conflicts) that you have with the rehearsal and performance dates that are listed on page 2 of this packet. 1st Semester Class Grade Teacher Signature Comments

VI. CONTRACT AGREEMENT AND SIGNATURES If you feel that you are not able to comply with any of the guidelines laid out in the previous several pages, then you should not return this form. Parents, if you have any questions concerning items in this contract, please contact Mrs. McDuffee at or 317-789-4994 I, _________________________________, have read the above rules, regulations, and procedures for
(Name of Parent or Guardian)

_________________________________ to audition for and participate in The Wizard of Oz, and we both agree to abide
(Name of Student)

by the stipulations set forth in this contract. Parent signature:_______________________________ Student signature:_______________________________

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