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Module 4 Assignment 2 Nathaniel Jones Argosy University Online W7000 Advanced Academic Study and Writing September 26, 2013 Dr. Narjis Hyder

The two individuals I interviewed about their dissertation experiences and process gave some very interesting information about their entire research, process and how it affected their lives. Dr. Raphael Moffett, the Vice President of Student Affairs at Langston University, did his research on a comparison of persistence of African-American undergraduate students from a private urban historically black university and a public urban predominantly white institution in the south on selected variables related to retention. Dr. Natasha Billy, the Dean of Students at Langston University, did her research on Adopted Women of Color: Narratives of their College Experiences. During my interviews there were a number of key concepts. The dissertation process has many differences and similarities. The two individuals wanted to accomplish their doctorate programs for professional reasons. Both of programs stressed the importance of quality research and writing. Further, I found that having a mentor will be a benefit throughout the dissertation process.

1. What was your dissertation research topic? 2. Why did this topic grab your interest? 3. How long did it take you to complete your dissertation process? 4. What did you use to assist you with your research process? 5. Was you research done using strictly the internet? 6. Was there any cost associated with your research process, if so, how much? 7. What kind of assistance did you receive from others throughout your research process? 8. Were assigned a mentor from your institution or did you find one on your own? 9. Did you ever have a sense of giving up?

3 10. Did your job provide any financial assistance to help cover some of your expenses? 11. How hard was it for you to find all the resources that was need for this process? 12. What advice would you give to some you is thinking about pursuing a terminal degree?

Key Concepts During the interviews I found that my interviewees both found much need personal and emotional support for their mentors. Not only were they supported by members of their family, and friends, their mentor were the one who gave them that extra push to finish. The interviewees also talked about how they had to work just to help pay for all the resources that were need throughout the dissertation process. Dr. Moffett worked as an assistant dean of students at the university that he was studying, and Dr. Billy worked in the office of student affairs at the institution that she was studying. In both cases, a support system of family and friends, mentors and financial support was needed to help them accomplish their goal of obtaining their terminal degree. Both of the interviewees gave some good advice in regards to how to complete the dissertation process. One of the things that was talked about was getting a mentor. They suggested that the mentor should be a person that is firm but caring and willing to get on your case when you are not doing what you need to do. They both also stated that the dissertation process needs to be started as soon as possible so that there will no hiccups that cause major delays. By starting early and having a mentor that will push you, will to minimize procrastination and help you to keep pushing forward in the dissertation research and writing process.

4 The interviewees stressed that the doctoral process that they would recommend to everyone because it is worth it. Even though both interviewees stated that the dissertation process was very demanding, neither person believed that they would have quit or giving up. .

How This Interview Will Help Me Avoid Being ABD As suggested by both interviewees the dissertation process should be started as soon as possible, and to go in with the mindset of this is what I want to do and nothing will stop me from getting my doctorate. This interview provided me some insight on what it takes to obtain a terminal degree and that you have to depend others throughout the process. Talking with the interviewees also gave me some insight on avoiding procrastination by keeping a calendar of deadlines and give my mentor a copy of the calendar so that they can hold me to the deadlines as well. Staying focused on my goal is something else I got from the interviewees that will help me to avoid being an ABD. By staying focused and keeping my distractions to a minimum will help to move the research and writing process along. Staying in constant contact with not only my mentor but, my committee chair will also help. By surrounding myself with people that has been through the dissertation process before, will give access to knowledge that you cannot find in books or on the internet. This degree is the type degree that will take you to the brink of losing your sanity, but if you prepare and strategies than this process can be as smooth.

5 References Billy, N. (2013, September 19). Interview by N. Jones. Billy doctoral experience. Moffett, R. (2013, September 18). Interview by N. Jones. Moffett doctoral experience.