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Prayer Pilgrimage

After the great Noisy Prayer service, last Sunday evening, we are planning the next event in our Year of Prayer. On Wednesday October 9th, we will be holding a prayer pilgrimage around the area to pray for our community and for the churchs mission. More details will be available in the next couple of weeks but please do book the date in your diary and consider coming as a cell.

29th September hosted by the Clements Cell

Welcome to the Service, especially those who are visiting us for the first time. Please do join us for tea and coffee ~~~~~~~ after the service. 6th October There is a welcome desk in the All Age Harvest and Baptism foyer with more information about Called for the world the churchs activities

Morning Worship Matt 5:13-16; 5:33-6:4 Called to be real

Cell leaders & Cell Pastors meeting

Our next Cell Leaders meeting is on Monday 7th October, 8pm at the Trinity Centre. This is an important meeting and Will is leading this meeting to map out some significant changes to the way ahead for cells. Please do make it a priority to come so that you can be sure that you understand the direction that we are setting out. Let Angie know if you are unable to make it.
Minister: Revd. Will Cookson
(day off Saturday)

020 8404 6064 020 8763 4222

Curate: Revd. Donna Lazenby

(day off Friday)

Pioneer Minister: Sue Bosley (day off Saturday) 020 8773 4787 Church Office 020 8647 3410 Pastoral Care 07871 768 070 Safeguarding

Starting on 16th October, we are running a Marriage Course: The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions designed to help couples strengthen their relationship. Its a chance to relax together over a meal, to listen to a talk and then to discuss the subject raised with each other. Its a personal, private and valuable time together. Please talk to Will or Donna for more details and to register your interest while we look into venue availability.

September 29th @ 6.30 pm Sutton Schoolswork Service Stanley Park Evangelical September 30th @ 10.30 cafe connect Wallington Library Cafe September 30th @ 8.00pm PCC meeting Trinity Centre October 3rd @ 8.00pm Sunday Club Leaders 55, Taylor Road October 4th @ 7.00pm The MiX @ the Phoenix October 7th @ 8.00 pm Cell Leaders Meeting October 9th Prayer Pilgrimage October 12th @ 4.00 pm Footsteps @ HighView October 18th @ 3.30 pm Foresters Fun October 24th @ 7.30pm MSM course November 21st @ 7.30pm MSM course

Pray for our church family

New Wine talks

We now have recordings of the talks from New Wine 2013 available: either all 139 in mp3 format on one cd, or you can request a link to individual talks online, or ask for specific talks to be burned to cd- please use the sheets at the welcome desk to do this

Christmas Singers
Would you like to be singing along with friends this Christmas? Then come and join the festive fun that is the Carol Service Choir. No experience necessary, just a desire to join the team and make a merry noise. Following the popularity of This Little Light of Mine, were going to be singing some inspirational Christmas Gospel numbersso prepare to be part of a musical treat that will bless your family and friends this Christmas. Please contact Donna if youre interested in singing.

Please pray for:

Claire Willis, following the discovery of cysts which will require an operation. Please pray for her treatment and for Chris & Jacob

Baby News
Were delighted to report the birth of baby Jude Harrison Usher on Friday 20th at 4.34 am. He weighed in at 6lb 2 oz Mum and baby are now both safely back home

Give thanks for:

The birth of baby Jude Usher on Friday 20th

Prayer Meeting
Prayer meeting for Rosanna Connolly and others we know who are sick: Held each Weds, 1.15pm to start at 1.30pm-2.30pm 162, Stanley Park Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 3JR. Please speak to Jenni Botfield or Melanie Jeffery for further information

Harvest Gifts
Gifts of long sell-by dated dry goods will be welcomed next week. They will be collected and taken to support the families moving on from the womens refuge

For prayer chain requests, please contact :

Jean Silvester 8647 5100

Set up
The latest Springfield set-up rotas are now named and available in the foyer- please collect yours today

She will pass on any pastoral matters as appropriate