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Registration/ Information:
Abtenau and Russbach Tel. 0043(0)664/5761368

Riding Center at the Rupertushof: Pferdegut Römerhof:

15 riding horses, riding enclosure, indoor riding 10 riding horses, 10 young horses, dressage arena,
arena jumping enclosure, obstacles course
Open: all year round Open: all year round
Facilities & Services: manège, dressage Additional Services: riding instruction,
arena, jumping enclosure; horse boxes for visitor jumping lessons, trekking, horseback tours, multi-
use, one-day and multi-day riding tours, discounted day rides incl. visits to country inns, pony rides,
multi-use rates kids’ horseback games, carriage rides, community
Amenities: changing rooms, showers, snack bar riding excursions, winter rides, quadrille, equestrian
and clubhouse. festivals and other events.
Prices: 1 hour of riding instruction euro 12, Service: room with shower
10 lessons euro 120 Prices: 1 hour of riding instruction euro 12
Registration/ Information: Guided ride euro 14 per hour, riding class (10 hrs.)
Rupertushof, Hallseiten 29, euro 102
Tel./Fax 0043(0)6243/2920 or 0043(0)664/8133610 Registration/ Information:
Römerhof, Tel./Fax 0043(0)6452/5682
Franek Riding Club:
Open: all year round Niederalm Pony Stables
Facilities: riding enclosure and indoor riding arena 6 ponies, 4 riding horses
Prices: avail. on request Open: year round
Registration/ Information: Tel. 0043(0)6245/85074 Additional Services: children’s pony rides, riding
paddock, western-style, network of bridle paths for
Gasthof Steinbruch: experienced riders
carriage rides Prices: 1 hour (60 min.) 14 EURO
Open: all year round Registration/ Information:
4-5 persons 1 hour euro 50 Brigitte Knoll
Registration/ Information: 0043(0)6245/80923 Kirchenstrasse 15
5081 Niederalm
Altenmarkt - Zauchensee Tel: +43 (0)664/ 4434365

Zauchtalerhof Riding Stables: Bad Hofgastein

12 riding horses, riding enclosure
Open: year-round Oberhaitzing Icelandic Riding Stables:
Additional Services: manège, dressage arena, Over 100 Icelandic horses, riding enclosure, indoor
jumping enclosure; one-day and multi-day riding riding arena, cross-country course, pace track
tours; night rides, horse-drawn sleighs; Open: all year round, day off Monday
Prices: 1 hour euro 13; guided trekking euro 13 per Additional Services: ½-day outing incl.
hour campfire treats euro 40, tölt instruction euro 17 (off-
Registration/ Information: Tel. (0)6452/7153 peak season)/euro 18 (peak season)
Guided treks euro 14 per hour (off-peak)/euro 15
Riding stables on the Enns River (peak season), all-day trek incl. snacks euro 60 (in
10 horses, riding enclosure, indoor riding arena, the Hohe Tauern mountains), riding and training of
western style young horses.
Open: year-round Registration/ Information:
Additional Services: manège, dressage arena, Oberhaitzing Icelandic Riding Stables,
jumping lessons; one-day and multi-day riding Mathias Schock, Weinetsberg 32,
tours, horse-drawn sleigh rides, “Block of 10” Tel. (0)6432/6770,
discounts, stabling available.
Prices: 1 hour of riding instruction euro 15,
guided trekking euro 13 per hour.
Bad Gastein Marianne Steiner, Tel. 0043(0)664/1409677,
Gastein Riding Club: email:
4 schooling horses and 1 pony,
dressage arena (20x40) and indoor arena 20x40, Faistenau
rides in the countryside
Registration/ Information: Tel. 0043(0)664/5224436 Tina’s Western Farm:
Riding on western horses (Noriker tiger horses)
Berndorf Prices: avail. on request
Open: all year round
Riding Stables & Indoor Arena: Advanced arrangements required
Registration/Information: the Wimmer Family Indoor riding enclosure
Tel. 0043(0)6217/8746 Registration/Information: Family Ausweger
Tel. 0043(0)6228/2395 or 0043(0)664/1612817 or
Riding Stables & Indoor Arena:
Registration/Information: the Neumayr Family
Tel. 0043(0)6217/8414
Mühlbach Riding Stables: 6 Haflingers
Arabians Open: all year round
Riding, carriage rides, pony rides Services: hourly, half- and all-day treks:
advanced registration required: Prices: by arrangement
Tel.: (0664 51227033), open year-round! Registration/Information: the
Rettenwender Family, Tel./Fax: 0043(0)6453/8247,

Turmhofgut Riding Stables Hammerhof:

Aigner Family 8 Haflingers, 1 pony, 1 donkey
Riding instruction, indoor arena, big riding paddock, Open: summer
stabling incl. daily grazing, pub and much more; Services: half- and full-day treks
Info: 0664/2120844 Prices: by arrangement Registration/Information: the Ebner Family,
email: Tel. 0043(0)6453/8245 Fax: 84144,
Tobhartbauer: Open: summer only
Prices: On request Additional Services: hourly, ½- and full-day treks
Information: Tel. 0043(0)6433/7353 or Prices: by arrangement
0043(0)664/1218783 Registration/Information: Lackner Family,
Tel./Fax: 06453/8297,

Steiner Riding School: Flachau

10 riding horses, riding enclosure, indoor riding
arena Ranstlgut:
Open: all year round 7 riding horses, 2 ponies, riding paddock
Facilities & Services: manège, dressage arena, Open: year-round
jumping enclosure; full-day riding tours, treks; Additional Services: half-day treks,
Amenities: changing rooms, showers, snack bar hourly treks
and lodgings. Services: holiday apartments.
Prices: avail. on request Prices: on request
Registration/ Information: Registration/ Information:
Ranstl Family Riding Stables, Stadler Family,
Tel. 0043(0)6457/2342.
20 horses (riding horses, ponies, donkeys), riding Golling-Torren Riding Club – “Thannhausbauer”
enclosure Farm
Open: Easter to the start of winter Open: all year round
Features: manège, dressage arena, full-day riding Facilities & Services: riding enclosure, lessons on
tours, carriage rides, horse-drawn sleighs; the lunge rein, individual lessons, group lessons,
discounted multi-use rates treks
Amenities: changing rooms, showers and Price: lunge rein (30 mins.) euro 10
lodgings. Individual lessons (50 mins.) euro 15
Prices: avail. on request Group lessons: € 12.00 (50 min. – max. 3 riders)
Registration/ Information: Guided treks per hour: € 15,00
The Oberreiter Family, Scheickgut, (max. two accompanying persons – riding
Gemeindestrasse 10, certification or similar documentation required )
Tel. 0043(0)6457/2263 Registration/Information: Golling-Torren Riding
Club, Taggerstr. 51a,, Tel. (0)699/10339033
15 riding horses (Haflingers and Warmbloods), 5
ponies, riding paddock (20 x 40 ), bridle path Andrea Herzog Riding Stables
Open: June until September Wasserfallstrasse 26, Tel. 0664/9931998,
Services: treks, riding lessons, pony rides
Amenities: changing room, guesthouse, apartments
Prices: € 11 per lesson, pony rides € 4/1/2 hour Grossarl
Registration/ Information: Oberbaumgarten, Pöttler
Family, Höchweg 107, Tel.: 06457/2463 Bretteneben Riding Stables
Open: all year round
Forstau Facilities: newly created riding enclosure with small
riding stables.
Brandstätthof: Prices: avail. on request
7 Haflinger Registration/Information:
Open: in summer the Gerhard Seer Family, Unterberg 9,
Facilities & Services: riding enclosure, stabling for Tel. 0043(0)6414/673 or 0043(0)664/3448313
visitors’ horses
Prices: ½ hour euro 9, 1 hour euro 13 Astlhof Riding Stables
Special Offer: every Monday during the summer, Open: all year round
free lessons for children beginning at 4:00 – Facilities: newly constructed riding stables, own
followed by campfire barbecue free for the kids! riding track, Prices: avail. on request
Registration/Information: Registration/Information: the Kreuzer Family,
The Buchsteiner Family, Tel. 0043(0)6454/8361, Markt 42a, Tel. 0043(0)6414/267
Hüttau: see Eben
Horse-centered instruction and vaulting for horse- Gut Pichlhof
lovers ages 3 to 99 Schlossstrasse 827, T. 06547 20302
6 horses and a riding paddock, Quo Vadis
hand-led treks, fear-free rides Schlossstrasse 2, T. 0650 23 66 294
Registration/Info: Sabine Donner
Tel. 0664/5036765
Prices: on request
Kleinarl Lamprechtshausen

Ployergut: Arnsdorf Riding Group

Icelandic horses Open: year-round
Open: all year round Price: available on request
Facilities & Services: sampler and beginners’ Josef Hoffmann
classes, jump, lunge rein, track and jumping Tel. 06274/5200
instruction, lunge circle, dressage arena, jumping
enclosure, half- and full-day trekking. Kaisermeiser Riding Group
Price: avail. on request Open: year-round
Registration/Information: Ployergut, Price: available on request,
Tel. 0043(0)6418/241 or 0043(0)650/3211194 Friedrich Kaisermaier Tel. 06274/6670

Sonnhof/Oberloss: Schleindlgut Riding and Carriage-Driving

Open: spring until autumn Open: year-round
Facilities & Services: bridle path loop, lunge circle, Price: available on request
competition arena Sabine Stadler
Price: avail. on request Tel. 0664/1643453
Registration/Information: Sonnhof,
Tel. 0043(0)6418/258 or 0043(0)664/1309884, SRC Sport Riding Club Lamprechtshausen Open: year-round Price: available on request
Josef Göllner, Tel. 06274/5394-0
Riding Instruction
Imagination, adventure, exercise, games Romantikgut Millinghof
Info: Petra Offen Open: all year round
Wagnerstrasse 18, 5321 Koppl Price: avail. on request
Tel.: 06221-7393 Handy: 0650-4642024 Additional Services: children’s rides
e-mail: Registration/Information: Sonnberg, 15,
Tel. 0043(0)6583/20092
Feriengut Stoffenhof
Kuchl Riding Stables on the Georgenberg Open: all year round
Open: all year round Price: avail. on request
Facilities & Services: riding enclosure, lessons on Additional Services: children’s rides
the lunge rein, Registration/Information: Ullach 6
individual and group lessons Tel. 0043(0)6583/7085 or 0043(0)676/4101717
Prices: by arrangement
Registration/Information: Kuchl Riding Stables, Lessach
Tel. 0043(0)676/4703693, Mr. Essl
Lenzbauer, The Sagmeister Family
Tischlpoint Riding Stables Open: year-round
Open: Monday afternoon from 1:00, Price: available on request
Wednesday morning from 9:00 Additional Services: riding instruction/instruction
Prices: by arrangement through riding
Registration/Information: Marianne and Hans Registration Information: 5580 Lessach 51,
Erlbacher, Tischlpointweg 72, Tel.: (0)6484/225 or 0664 214 6 314
Tel. 0043(0)6244/6479
Maishofen: Waldeck Stud Farm see Saalfelden
Maria Alm Mühlbach

Melchamgut: riding horses and pony, riding Kniegut:

enclosure Riding available by advanced reservation
Open: all year round Registration/ Information: Mrs. Eva Koblinger,
Amenities: lodgings Tel. 0043(0)6467/7261, Fax: 20061 or
Prices: avail. on request 0664/5955280
Registration/ Information: the Rainer Family,,
Melchamgut, Tel. 0043(0)6584/7742
Neukirchen am Grossvenediger
Haflo-Arabian horses, riding enclosure Pony & Horse Rides at the Araberhof:
Open: spring until autumn Daily treks across the alpine meadows and hill
Amenities: farmhouse vacations country. Beginners‘ courses are offered in the riding
Prices: avail. on request paddock. Dates/times flexible, to register call: 0664
Registration/Information: the Aigner Family, 1351175
Buchauhof, Krallerwinkel 1, NEW: Pony Trail – something very special for
Tel.: 0043(0)6584/7538 smaller visitors

Mariapfarr Hazienda Kid’s Ranch

Monday to Friday, 10am – 3pm
Lankmayer Icelandic Stud Farm + Riding Registration: Dagmar Wonneberger 0676/ 5620279
Stables: or Andreas Stöckl 0676/ 5350031
Open: all year round
Services: 1- to 4-hour rides, Packer Trek with Horses & Ponies
intensive instruction, gait classes, one-, two- and Every Friday, register by 5pm of the day before,
three-day treks, children’s rides Tel. 06565 21444 or
Prices: avail. on request
Registration/ Information: Alois Lankmayer, Other Trekking Opportunities:
Pfarrstrasse 147, Gotthard Kreidl 06565 6369 or 0664 4925674
Tel. 0043(0)664/4551728 or 0043(0)6473/20148 Friesian Stud Farm Fan’t Spikerhof 0664 4298901

Haflingerhof Angermann: Niedernsill

Open: all year round
Services: treks, certified riding instruction for Helma Pichler – horse-drawn carriage rides,
beginners and experienced equestrians, Tel. (0) 6548/8290
examinations leading to riding certification, horse-
drawn carriage rides, bus tours welcome Nussdorf
Prices: avail. on request
Registration/Information: Aloisia Angermann, Weitwörth riding Stables
Tel. +43 (0) 664/5257226 Open: all year round
Facilities & Services: riding enclosures, riding
Kirchnerhof Riding Paradise indoor place, guided riding tours, different lessons
Experience the magical countryside of the Lungau and guided riding offers
perched on top of one of our Icelandic horses. Prices: avail. on request
°Suitable for beginners and experienced riders Registration/Information: Andrea Auer, Nr. 2,
°Guided treks lasting from 2 hours to 2 days Tel. 0043(0)650/71005757,,
°Comfortable holiday apartments in an idyllic setti ng
°Riding for kids Oberalm and Puch
°Family prices
Registration/Information: Anita Zehner, Tel: Wiesenhof Riding Stables:
+43 (0)664 1225261, Open: all year round Facilities & Services: schooling of horses for
dressage and jumping up to Class S, sale of
Samerhof Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides, competition horses, stud station, specialized
Open: only in winter training for competition riders and horses, in- and
outdoor enclosures, sand and jumping enclosures, Saalbach Hinterglemm
guided treks also possible.
Prices: avail. on request Feriengut Ellmauhof:
Registration/ Information: 25 Haflingers, 2 Norikers, 2 ponies, riding and lunge
Tel. 0043(0)664/1350318 enclosures
Open: all year round
Radstadt Additional Services: riding instruction (beginning
and advanced), trekking, children’s sampler riding
Gut Weissenhof Riding Stables: Prices: avail. on request
15 riding horses, riding enclosure, riding stable, Registration/ Information: Feriengut Hotel
indoor riding arena, riding parcours, dressage and Ellmauhof, the Schwabl Family, Ellmauweg 35,
jumping arenas A-5754 Hinterglemm, Tel. 0043(0)6541/6432-0,
Service: restaurant,
Prices: 50 mins. of riding instruction euro 18, guided
trekking euro 18 per hour, instruction on the lunge Ferienanlage Altachhof:
line euro 17 11 riding horses, indoor riding arena and riding
Additional Services: half- and full-day rides, enclosure
carriage rides; Open: all year round
Registration/ Information: Gut Weissenhof Riding Services: riding instruction (beginning and
Stables, the Habersatter Family advanced), dressage, Western style, trekking,
Tel. 0043(0)6452/7001-87 or 0043(0)664/5410745 children’s sampler rides
Prices: avail. on request
Rauris Registration/ Information: Ferienanlage Altachhof,
the Eder Family, Altachweg 659
Nigglgut Riding Stables: A-5753 Saalbach, Tel. 0043(0)6541/8151
20 horses (Icelandics, Haflingers, ponies), riding,
enclosure, oval track
Open: all year round Hotel Lengauerhof Family Paradise:
Facilities & Services: daily guided treks; half-, full- 7 riding horses
and 2-day treks incl. gold-panning or opportunity to Open: all year round
view the bearded vultures, to the Seidwinkl Valley Services: riding instruction (beginning and
or the Kolm Saigurn valley head. Week-long advanced), children’s classes, trekking
trekking. Horse-drawn carriage and sleigh rides; Prices: available on request
discounted multi-use rates. Registration/Information: Hotel Lengauerhof Family
Service: inn and guesthouse Paradise, the Breitfuss Family, Lengauerweg 1,
Prices: avail. on request A-5754 Hinterglemm
Registration/ Information: Tel. 0043(0)6541/7255-0, Fax 725555
Nigglgut Riding Stables, Kirchbichlweg 8,,
Tel. 0043(0)6544/8115,
Neuwirt Stables & Country Inn:
Info: Sporthotel Gut Brandlhof:
25 riding horses, riding enclosure, indoor riding
Hotel Alpina: arena
“Fencl von Feueregg” stud farm for Icelandic Open: year-round
horses, dressage arena, oval track, lunge circle; Additional Services: manège, dressage arena;
expert instruction and trekking horse boxes for visitor use, full-day and multi-day
Registration/Information: the Karl Fencl Family, riding tours, night rides, carriage rides
Marktstr. 4, Tel. 0043(0)6544/6562, Fax: 7348, Prices: avail. on request (also instruction) Registration/ Information: Hotel Gut Brandlhof,
Tel. 0043(0)6582/7800
Russbach: see Abtenau
Grukodilfarm, Uttenhofen 28
treks, vaulting, Activity Day
Tel. (0)6583/20046
Oberschützingbauer, Hinterholzer Family Schnöllhof
Tel.(0)6582/70895 Riding paddock, horses to rent,
organized treks, carriage rides
Salzburg Prices on request
Sieberer Family, Tel. 06463/7331
Moos Riding School:
8 schooling horses, instruction for beginners and Berggasthof Wildau
experienced riders, riding paddock, indoor riding Riding paddock, horses to rent, carriage rides
arena, jumping enclosure 35x50, dressage arena Prices on request
20x40, horse boxes avail. on request for visitors’ Quehenberger Family, Tel. 06463/7129
Open: year-round, closed Monday Haflingerhof Vordernasen
Prices: euro 15 per person, Riding paddock, guided treks, FEBS, carriage rides
Registration/Information: the Herbert Bernegger Prices on request
Family, Moosstr. 135, 5020 Salzburg, Leutgeb Family, Tel. 0664/5140367
Tel. (0)664/4331250, Tel. & Fax (0)662/827014,, St. Margarethen im Lungau

Doktorbauer Riding Center: Sagmeisterhof:

10 riding horses, indoor riding arena 20x40, 14 mounts (riding horses and ponies), riding
dressage arena 20x60, race track 300m, stabling, enclosure
1- to 3-hour treks. Open: April until December
Open: all year round, (closed Sundays and public Facilities & Services: dressage arena,
holidays) jumping enclosure; one-day and multi-day riding
Prices: adults euro 17 per hour, block-of-5 euro 16 tours, night rides, carriage and horse-drawn sleigh
per hour, block-of-10 euro 15.50 rides; discounted multi-use rates
per hour, youths (up to age 14) euro 16 per hour, Amenities: lodgings
block-of-5 euro 15 per hour, block-of-10 Prices: avail. on request
euro 14 per hour. Registration/ Information: Franz Rotschopf,
Registration/Information: Doktorbauer Riding Tel. 0043(0)6476/238
Center, Matthias Schmidhuber, Eberlingasse 5,
Tel. 0043(0)662/822056 Katharina Stiegler
(take the No. 5 or 25 bus and get off at the Riding Instruction/Instruction through Riding
Hofhaymerallee stop, then head down the for children
Essergasse) Open: year-round
Prices: available on request
St. Georgen Registration/Information: Katharina Stiegler,
Tel.: (0)664/5745393, or (0)6476/669
USRC Bonavox Eching e-mail:
8 horses, riding enclosure, indoor riding,…
Open: all year round St. Michael
Prices: all prices on the website and on request
Registration/Information: Edith Schmid-Tatzreiter, Bacherhof:
Tel. 0043(0)676/3831467,, 10 riding horses, riding enclosure Open: Easter – November
Additional Services: riding enclosure 20x40 m,
St. Martin am Tennengebirge riding tours, carriage rides, pony rides
Prices: available on request
Martinerhof: Registration/Information: Bacherhof, the Schlick-
4 horses + 3 ponies, Panorama Riding Enclosure Schiefer Family, Tel. 0043(0)6477/8587
40x60 m
Open: May – Oct., Alpine Horse Center – Katschberg
Prices avail. on request
Information: Manfred Rettenbacher, Neuschitzer Family, Tel. 0664/2844583
Tel. 0043(0)664/4635280
Neuhauserhof – Gruber Family
Oberweissburg 125, Tel. 0664/9064160
St. Veit im Pongau Amenities: changing rooms, showers and snack
Gruber Riding Stables. Prices: avail. on request
4 horses and ponies, riding paddock Registration/Information: Grünberg Riding Club; the
Open: all year round Kriechhammer Family, Mayerlehen 27,
Facilities & Services: dressage arena, Tel. 0043(0)6212/7066
jumping enclosure; full-day riding tours, horse-
drawn sleigh rides; Schachlhof Riding Stables:
Prices: 1 hour of riding instruction euro 12, 60 riding horses, 2 riding enclosures,
guided treks euro 12 per hour; lesson on the lunge indoor riding arena
rein (30 mins.) euro 12 Open: all year round
Registration/ Information: St. Veit Tourist Office, Facilities & Services: manège, dressage arena,
Tel. 0043(0)6415/7488 and Alois Gruber, jumping enclosure; full-day riding tours, night rides;
Tel. 0043(0)6415/6614 or (0)664/4642940 discounted multi-use rates
Prices: avail. on request
Seeham Registration/Information: Schachl Riding Stables,
Kothgumprechting 17, Tel. 0043(0)676/6558052
Grabensee Inn:
7 horses, riding enclosure Wies Horse Paradise:
Open: all year round 5 schooling horses, riding enclosure
Additional Services: manège, dressage arena; Open: all year round
horse boxes for visitor use, day treks, horse-drawn Facilities & Services: manège,
sleigh rides, carriage rides; discounted multi-use dressage arena, riding weeks for children and teens
rates incl. horseback games, hikes by torchlight, trekking,
Amenities: showers, snack bar and lodgings. campfires, night rides
Prices: avail. on request Prices: avail. on request
Registration/Information: Pankraz Wimmer, Gasthof Registration/Information: Mrs. Michaela Dürnberger,
Grabensee, Tel. & Fax: 0043(0)6217/5384, Mayerlehen 7A, Tel. 0043(0)664/4524267 Western Riding Stables:
Trailplace, Roundpan, Riding place
Seekirchen Open: all year round
Facilities & Services: Saloon, special offers for
Haregg Riding Stables: children, lodging in original Tipis
35 riding horses, riding enclosure, indoor riding Prices: avail. On request
arena Registration/Information: Waldberggut,
Open: all year round Fischtagging 24, Tel. 0043(0)664/5113283
Facilities & Services: manège, dressage arena,
jumping enclosure; one-day and multi-day riding Strasswalchen
tours; discounted multi-use rates.
Special riding opportunities for children and teens Burghauser Icelandic Riding Stables:
ages 8 – 16. 80 Icelandic horses, sand enclosure, oval track,
Amenities: clubhouse pacing track, indoor riding arena
Prices: avail. on request Open: all year round
Registration/ Information: Haregg Riding Stables, Additional Services: young people’s riding weeks,
the Mösl Family, Wimm 9, Tel. 0043(0)6212/4036 competitions, visitors’ competitions, horseback
games, exhibitions, club evenings, special riding
Grünberg Riding Club: classes, horse rides and sales
52 horses (incl. 10 schooling horses), Prices: avail. on request
2 riding enclosures, indoor riding arena Amenities: lodgings, deluxe rooms,
Open: all year round single and multi-bed rooms, large guest lounge
Facilities & Services: manège, dressage arena, Registration/Information: Burghauser Icelandic
jumping enclosure; horse boxes for visitor use, one- Riding Stables, Josefine Ledl, Innerroid 5,
day and multi-day treks, night rides, carriage rides, Tel. 0043(0)6215/6407,
horse-drawn sleigh rides; discounted multi-use
Tamsweg 1 hour guided tour euro 17
Registration/Information: the Kogler Family,
Mehlhartlgut Riding Stables: Tel. 0043(0)6563/8685,
12 horses, riding enclosure
Open: all year round
Facilities & Services: vaulting, Wagrain
dressage arena, jumping enclosure; horse boxes
for visitor use, one-day and multi-day riding tours; Farm: Hintertiefenbach
discounted multi-use rates Unteregger Family:
Prices: avail. on request 7 Icelandic horses, 1 pony, riding paddock
Registration/Information: the Santner Family, Open: summer, by appointment only
Mehlhartlgut, Tel. 0043(0)6474/2385 or Features:
0043(0)664/1715450 Show-jumping course, guided treks,
horse-centered education
Roßbacherhof: Prices: on request
4 horses, riding enclosure Registration / Information:
Open: spring - autumn Mrs. Ingrid Unteregger
Facilities & Services: riding tours; riding for Sonnseite 21
beginners, special family programs (gratis) Tel. +43 (0) 664/4645838
Prices: avail. on request
Registration/Information: the Wieland Hönegger Wald/Königsleiten
Family Tel. 0043(0)6474/6268 or
0043(0)664/4659188 The Kaiser Family / Karolinenhof
Open: in summer only
Tweng Services: dressage, jumping parcours, treks,
Postgut - Noriker Breeders and Stables Prices: avail. on request
5 riding horses and 3 riding ponies Registration/Information: Tel. 0043(0)06565/8483
Open: year-round
Additional Services: Individual riding lessons for The Kreidl Family
beginners and experienced riders, stabling for Open: all year round
visitors‘ horses, treks, carriage rides, great riding Services: riding, guided adventure riding tours
packages, our own riding paddock Prices: avail. on request
Prices: on request Registration/Information: Tel. 0043(0)6565/6369
Registration/Information: Landhotel Postgut, the
Klary Family,, Werfen-Tenneck
Tel: +43 (0) 6471-20206
Riding & Carriage Rides in Tweng Open: spring - autumn
Hotel Schütz - Obertauern Facilities & Services: riding for adults and children
Open: year-round up to 3 years
Services: well-trained warm-blood horses Registration/Information: Eva-Maria Gschwandtner,
children’s rides on Haflingers Tenneck, Tel. 0043(0)6468/7122 or
for the little ones: hand-led pony rides 0043(0)664/1948720,
Prices: refer to
Registration/Information: Hotel Schütz, Werfenweng
Tel: +43 (0) 6456 7204 Oberegg Stables
Registration/Information: the Steiger Family,
Uttendorf/Weissee Tel. 0043(0)6466/682,,
2 riding horses
Open: all year round
Services: riding tours, carriage rides, riding free for
our guests
Prices: 1 hour without guide euro 10
Pony Rides at the Leopoldhof:
Kirchnerhof – Riding Paradise Pony rides in the riding paddock with supervision,
Both summer and winter, experience the Prices based on duration, betw. € 3 and € 6; Free-
enchanting countryside of the Lungau from atop our riding on the riding paddock (only with valid riding
Icelandic horses. certificate) € 12/hr.
Facilities & Services: Suitable for beginners and Registration/Information: Falkensteiner Family,
experienced riders. Guided treks lasting from 2 hrs. Ried 8, 5360 St. Wolfgang, Tel + Fax :
to 2 days, lessons, riding for kids (0)6138/2438,,
Prices: 10 euro per hour
Every Wednesday in July and August: All-day rides
up to the Kirchneralm (1,500 m, mountain lake, grill) Zell am See
euro 50 incl. lunch.
Comfortable holiday apartments in an idyllic setting Porsche Riding Stables:
Registration/Information: Anita Zehner, Tel: +43 40 riding horses, riding enclosure, indoor riding
(0)664 1225261, arena
Info regarding Apartments: +43 (0)6473 7096 Open: all year round, Facilities & Services: manège,
dressage arena, jumping enclosure; horse boxes
Wolfgangsee - Strobl for visitor use, one-day riding tours, carriage rides,
horse-drawn sleigh rides; discounted multi-use
Wolfgangsee Riding Club: rates; beginners’ and advanced instruction in
riding enclosure, indoor riding arena dressage, jumping and vaulting. Trekking (also for
Open: all year round beginners), half- and full-day rides on Icelandic
Facilities: manège, 2 dressage arenas; horses – some 35 km of bridle paths.
Prices: avail. on request Amenities: showers and lodgings
Registration/Information: daily after 5 p.m. from Prices: group instruction in the indoor arena
Wolfgangsee Riding Club, Tel. 0043(0)6137/5157 euro 16 per hour
euro 149 for block-of-10
Wolfgangsee - St. Wolfgang Registration/ Information: Porsche Riding Stables,
Brucker Promenade, Tel. 0043(0)6542/57362
Suassbauer Riding Stables:
Beginning and advanced riding lessons, riding Limberghof:
enclosure 20x40 m, Icelandic horses, treks out to The Dürlinger Family,
the Schwarzensee area. (duration: 2 ½ to 3 hours). Tel.: 06542 57407 or
Prices: One hour in the paddock (45-50 min.) € 11; Tatjana (the riding instructor):
lunge line 30 min. euro 11; private lesson (45-50 Tel. 0043(0)664/512 6681
min.) € 20; Trek (50-60 min.) € 12; Trek to Bruckberg 1; Schüttdorf,
Schwarzenbach (1 ½ hrs.) 25; Trek to the
Schwarzensee (2 - 3 hrs) € 35; Riding Course (1 Badhaus Riding Stables:
hr. theory + 9 on the horse) € 105; Block-of-10 (11 Mrs. Sabine Frauenschuh; Prielau 145
hrs.) € 110 Tel.: 0043(0)664/5515902
Registration/Information: the Linortner Family,
Au 19, Tel. 0043(0)6138/2362 or

Additional opportunities for horseback riding are offered at farms throughout the SalzburgerLand.
In our catalogue “Romantic Vacations on the Farm” (which you can also order from us), you will find a
listing of all those farms where you can enjoy riding!

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