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The Montessorian Revolution

Never say yes when your heart says no Tengiz Abuladze.

Enchanted Learning with its colour and focus guarantees absorption for these young students

and today Mirza, our sports teacher who has a keen interest in English is giving us a hand.

These Harry Potter-ish words, familiar from English World, seem a great stimulus to the imagination.

with new words like caravel and half-known ones like submarine and sailboat posing no real problem

intenser colouring showing an intense focus on the learning opportunity to hand

with Mirza providing watchful, avuncular support.

Next off, we are looking at sentences with ing. Thats the brown circle: the idea is to land on white for am/is/are and use orange as your jumping-off point

Iamjumping getting this right is great fun!... Jumping a sentence is the bodily internalization of structure.

Nowthe exercise at the board

various examples of ingwhich we are practicing our loud

.and closely examining.

Someone cant quite spell good so I am advising

right, thats the ing, OK

and there you have it in one!

Now two of them are collaborating on these action words

Followed by a well-earned period of relaxation.

While (in the next lesson) these two are delighted with (and approve of!) the whole process of learning

which they know deep down is not achieved without sweat and toil. ***

Day 2 of the Montessorian Revolution, and these children look a tough challenge

but the girls see what Im aiming at

and cause some amusement to Mirza even if they cannot as yet awaken the dead

Finally the touchpaper is lit and we are miming some street directions.girls in full cry

lesson mercifully soon over; Nana not realizing what a triumph Ive had!

These young boys are so keen to get me to the next lesson! They will insist on dragging me up, while pulling me down, the stairs Thats Georgia in a nutshell!

But they take a sedate pace once we have climbed the stairs! (Nana meanwhile has words with some of the previous class!)

They dispatch the word and colouring work in no time at all

details all correctly understood

unknown words safely negotiated

results published to the world

acquired knowledge noted

and approval and praise sought.

Heres ten words all beginning with F, maybe half of which were new

Mine are just as good!

but thats enough of that!

time for a different kind of energy and concentration

but where has the shuttle gone?

crazy table tennis without tables

while others are carefully completing further, even more interesting, Enchanted Learning worksheets!

and others trying Snakes and Ladders.

Here, Class VII is having a break from textbooks and veering between worksheets

and a quite difficult bilingual article from the Magti magazine. Theyve had enough of Topscore 1 and it is the last week of term

Others take a chance to go online and boost my Luminosity scores (cognitive games are also a great component!)

teaching and sharing with each other, which always causes a teacher the greatest delight!

Now that childhood staple, Lego, can be brought into play.

(Im setting no complex intellectual or grammatical tasks this time, I just want a house!)

But I have misjudged the degree of interest Giso has in our recent theatre trip. Zero!

So I steer him to Lego, and a friend. Its good for him to socialize, even remotely, as here. Meanwhile note the multitasking!

Three-part counterpoint with a very energetic Alto part

and a sedate Treble

With Miranda up to something on her own!

Nana polishes long-forgotten tennis skills

while the Finnish Modernist Aalto

provides a lucid and ludic post-modernist critique of the Georgian legend.

By now, Im optimistic that on Day 3, well continue our revolution in yellow and green areas of Csiszentmihalyis chart.

and so it turns out. ABC! What could be more ludic, symbolic and profound than that?

DEF! This is clearly an ongoing mission

Nato check the students work from an unusual angle

with the students keen to follow suit.

Heres a typical Georgian situation: pomposity, laid-back charm, irreverence and shabby infrastructure in stretto

while at last we have relaxed the rules and let the students outside into the fresh air. Which will do them good!

.meanwhile a pre-school child has come to say hello

shell be here next year, in all likelihood.

Ecole de Paris ?! The architects have moved into three dimensions!

with other are keen to appear on camera in walk-on parts before the summer holidays begin

I will take the article home to read!

Le Corbuiser is happy to show off the letter G from all angles.

We have some expert tennis players in the last class of the morning

showing textbook technique

and some power!

just making a shot here

while others, less boisterous, are also drawn to the Lego.

Snakes and Ladders allows some practice of counting.

and the work of earlier ludic classes reminds us of the distance we have come since post-Futurism was de rigueur.

The girls find most interest not in pure construction but in creating fantasy characters from the bricks

some definite if obscure fairytale drama going on here

While some hidden gold there! Giorgi joins in, in his own time and his own way. The genius is within!

This is what he has achieved; and it is indeed marvelous, though few adults would see its great details, harmony and charm!

How often a difficult rhyme creates a beautiful thought! Thanks, Giorgi, for symbolizing our Montessorian Revolution!

Bolnisi Third School Summer 2013