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November 2008

Real Property Tax System Development Proposal

Mr. Assessor Y. Asses Municipal Assessor Xxxxx, Leyte

RE: Proposal for REAL PROPERTY TAX SYSTEM Real Property Tax System (PSIS)) is a client-server application system which deals with real properties monitoring, and reporting. It is aimed to support queries and generates various reports as required by Matalom Municipal Assessor. Its purpose is to automate and maintain record of property classification and tax. . Window-based Environment The system is Windows and GUI-based and is programmed using Microsofts Visual Basic 6.0 as the developing tool. 32-bit Back-end Database The system uses MS-Access. Year 2000 Compliance Aside from the Y2K compliance of the programming tool and database used, the general approach in the handling of data fields within the system are also in compliance with the Y2K requirements. All date fields follow the mm/dd/yyyy format. Multi-user Environment Support The system is designed for a multi-user environment. Common database operations (add, edit, delete, search) considers multiple, concurrent session triggered by user access.

Highlights Auto-calculates Real Property Taxes, Interests & Surcharges Maintains detailed information of properties and owners Generates Reports Maintains record of property classifications and Tax Transactions File Maintenance Inquiry and Information Data Entry for Real Properties according to their classification Reports Master File Information Report Market Value Report (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually) Assess Value Report (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

Users Setting Restore and Backup Database Compact and Repair Database

Assessment Role Report Property Holdings Report System User Permission/System User Audit Trail Report

Real Property Tax System Development Proposal

System Requirements A. System Development Tool The system will be developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and MS-Access as the back-end database. It is a Multi user support that solves the problem such as concurrent access problems, it is also Y2K compliance. B. System Users The system will be used under a Windows XP or Windows Vista Operating System. C. Hardware Requirements An Intel Pentium-based computer with minimum 256 MB RAM, 40 to 120 GB storage, CD/DVD writer or any kind of media for backup

Detailed Project Schedule

I. Deliveries and Installations 1. The software shall be delivered within thirty (30) calendar days from the receipt of down payment. 2. The software shall be customized and made ready within thirty (30) calendar days from the receipt of Payment. 3. The training service is 1 to 3 days and shall be provided by the programmer at a schedule to be agreed upon by both parties. 4. Matalom Municipal Assessor may also request extended services for training and modification to ensure full implementation of system. II. Warranties and Maintenance 1. The comprehensive warranty begins on the date of installation of the software and shall be for a period of three (3) months. During this warranty period, we will shoulder the transportation expenses. 2. Charges after warranty period: For additions, revisions, modifications of the program, not within the basic parameter of software and/or after the warranty period. We will charge at the rate of Five Hundred Pesos (Php 500.00) per man-day exclusive of transportation. 3. The foregoing warranties do not apply where there has been modification or misuse on any part of the software by non-programmer or without the consent of the programmer. III. Support During the development period the programmer is always available in the client site as the need arises and shall be responsible for fixing any software-related problem, the programmer is also allowed to use the clients facilities such I.T. equipment (PC, Laptop, Notebook, or printer), communication facilities if needed in the development of the system. IV. Payment Terms

Term 50% upon down payment 50% after completion Total

Amount xx,xxx.00 xx,xxx.00 xxx,xxx.00

Sincerely yours,

Real Property Tax System Development Proposal

Mr. Xyz Qrst System Analyst / Programmer