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Sharon Poet - Targeted Individual

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(Last updated in May 2012)

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The more I look, the more I see My work isn't only about me. I am merely a tiny Sample, That I use as an Example. I simply write what I experience and see With hope for all of humanity.

My life's work reaches out to the Heart of humanity Through these difficult times in our troubled world.
I grew up on a struggling farm in New Boston, New Hampshire, where expressing my feelings through writing poetry and lyrics came natural to me since early childhood. For as long as I can remember, I've known that I was born to share my writings. I am feeling a need to let my birth name be known. As I do this I offer a sincere apology to my father, whom I had told that I'd use a

offer a sincere apology to my father, whom I had told that I'd use a different name with my writings. I feel that I must break this promise due to the severity of this situation and for reasons that I can not yet share. My birth name was Sharon LaBree. My married Name was Sharon Buck. And my pen name was Namatari. Within the past two decades I've been thrust into so many difficult experiences that I feel like I've already lived several lifetimes within this one. . .and have accumulated a lot to write about and heal from. I've written several publications, many hundreds of poems and over seventy songs, which yearn to touch the heart of humanity. Though my writings have been interfered with and even sometimes altered by those who stalk me, I am doing the best I can to keep them updated. Please read up on this so you can better understand my statements below My Personal Blog is:

I am a victim of domestic terrorism - an Innocent Targeted Individual We are unseen victims lost beneath their lies. We are the crumbling ones put on a list to die. We are rising wounded begging for your aide, Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.
I am a 53 year old woman/writer who has been a Targeted Individual for over two decades and have undergone such unbelievable chains of "organized stalking," electronic harassment's, sabotaged jobs, homes and relationships...etc., that I don't know how I am surviving it. But one of my survival techniques has been to work at making sense of it through looking back over the series of events that brought me to this devastating point in my life. Since the mid 1990s my shock and shame had prevented me from writing much about the most painful parts of my experiences, but since I've realized that they are being inflicted by criminals and are not "Meant to be" I have been letting go of the self-blame and unhealthy shame, in order to raise my broken wings into this song I sing. . .

As I aimed to figure out why I was being stalked, threatened and hit with harmful energies...etc, I began realizing that I am merely one victim of an operation that is a serious threat to ALL of humanity.
I am still clicking puzzle pieces together from my past. The exact time when I was first targeted is a fuzzy area for me. I've also tried hard to figure out why I was targeted and am still realizing more every day. I am being attacked with remote directed energy weapons while I write this, so please understand that this is the best I can do at this point in time: First: You should know that I have never engaged in criminal activity and am NOT even close to what anyone could call a terrorist. When all this started I was an average middle class woman who loved writing and anything related to personal/spiritual growth. I used to lead support groups and do reiki and find joy through embracing all that needed healing...etc. I was certainly not the kind of person that my government or anyone else could classify as a threat to my country or to humanity. I am not a terrorist, but the terrorists who target innocent people may have me listed as one, in order to justify their own criminal behaviors. Such is the case with thousands of other innocent citizens. Since giving birth to my children, I have been against children receiving mandatory vaccinations, simply because it does not feel right and my gut feeling was that it does more harm than good. I guess there are some who would not agree with my views. . .especially those who are said to be putting micro chips and intentionally harmful substances in some vaccinations. I have never been very patriotic. I'm not against this country I was born in, but I empathize with its natives and do not agree with the arrogant "we are best" attitude. (My mother was from Canada) I have always believed that each country has its good points and its bad points. . .and that when each one finds the heart to share, instead of comparing and fighting, the whole world will become a better place to live in. I feel the same way about religions. Since the late 1980s I have encouraged people to open up to the use of herbs and natural healing methods instead of harmful pharmaceuticals...etc. If the pharmaceutical companies are involved in this holocaust, I guess they may see me as a minor threat.

All of my writings, since the mid 1980s have been about healing and bringing more Love into our world - about opening and listening to our hearts. I guess evil forces can see this as a threat. Overall, there is no legal reason for me to be targeted. I was just an ordinary woman who was raising two healthy children in a nice country home and trying hard to do the best I could for all of us. The fact that my children and I were not allowed to carry on with our lives, without deceitful, intrusive surveillance and criminal interference feels like a knife in my soul. ITS JUST TOO HORRIBLY WRONG! We had dreams and plans and things we needed to do with our lives. (I cry as I write this.) My life feels like it has already been mostly destroyed and my pain runs deeper than words can even imagine. But I won't get into my feelings much here, so that I can list primary events of being targeted. In 1981 I saw a doctor Hamilton (in Concord, NH) during my first three months of pregnancy with my youngest daughter. He told me she was dead and that, because I was not miscarrying he should perform an abortion. At the last minute - while sitting on his table for the abortion, I suddenly had a really bad feeling about the whole situation and decided not to go through with it. He became angry and told me I was just putting my own life in danger if I didn't have the abortion. I left his office and had a healthy baby girl about 6 months later. I now wonder if he is part of this evil depopulation plan, especially since I remembered hearing that he had also caused complications for another mother and child and was sewed for it. If he was part of the program, did he put me on the hit list? It is very possible. Before remembering Dr Hamilton I felt that I was probably first seriously targeted, along with thousands of other common citizens, for the purpose of experimentation, around the time when I had two surgeries on my spine. (One in 1985 by Dr Fairley in Concord, NH and one in 1986 by Dr. Bernini in Hanover, NH.) Both surgeries were surrounded by unusual incidences. . .and strange things began happening after this time period. . .slowly becoming worse as years went on. (I hear that the doctors, who are involved in this holocaust, are implanting micro-chips into unaware victims, during routine medical procedures.) I now believe that the criminals of this holocaust first targeted me, along with thousands of others, as random victims for technological experimentation and a criminal and secret depopulation control program. . . and that the targeting grew into something more gruesome as I began publicly writing about

healing the heart of humanity and started intuitively picking up on what they are doing to us.

Prior to these surgeries I'd been healthy and had never had heart problems before, but suddenly my heart was often not beating normal and I began feeling unusually fatigued. . .and weird things slowly started happening in my life.

After the first surgery my husband started treating me in ways that were not like him. The primary thing that now makes me fully believe that he was experiencing some sort of mind control is remembering when he suddenly became sexually forceful. This was so completely opposite from who he was that it scared me. At the time I'd thought he was going crazy and I wanted to protect my children and I from his sudden strange behaviors. So I divorced him. (There were other reasons for the divorce also.) By around 1990 my sister also started behaving so strangely that I told my whole family that I needed time to myself, which ended up being a complete separation due to the confusing mess that followed my request. There have been many confusing and unexplainable occurrences, which I now realize were instigated by Hitler-style manipulations performed by the perpetrators of this holocaust. . .at a time when none of us were aware of being targeted by these criminals. After this my life was slowly infiltrated with new groups of people, whom I am now realizing included members of organized stalking groups. One of them had even rented a room in my home. Strange things continued to happen, like my pick nic table being moved while I was away from home and my oldest daughter suddenly having spurts of uncharacteristic behavior. There were many prank phone calls...etc. Around 1994 I had tried to reconnect with my family of origin, but my father had told me that this "would not be a good idea, because everyone was so angry" with me. It was unusual for my father to keep me from the family, especially since he now blames me for his not having contact with my daughters. And there was no reason, that I knew of, for anyone in the family to be remaining so angry with me.

I believe that both of my children and every person I was close to, also became victims of remote electronic mind control, to some degree.

In 1995 my own government took my Loudon, NH home and destroyed my business through their "rights of eminent domain." (They never compensated me for my business or loss of rental income.) This process was dragged on for over a year and was done with shocking cruelty - with threats to shove me into poverty if I spoke to the media after the Manchester Union Leader took off with a dishonest article about their taking of my home. Everyone who knew me knew that there was "something off" - something wrong with this un-necessary taking of my home, in order to move a road that did not really need moving. But nobody did anything about it. There seemed to be nothing that could be done. Even local lawyers refused to help me. (My name was Sharon Buck at this time.) In the late 1990s I was referred, by a "friend," to a dentist who suddenly cut an un-necessary deep gash into my upper gums. At the time I thought he was just psycho and I never returned to him. But I now believe he may have installed a micro chip.

I also had strange experiences with a doctor, which this same "friend" had recommended. . .and it appears that those medical records have since been erased. . .as if I had never seen her. (This was Dr. Deadra Margaret Fuller) After ending a 4 year relationship, with a man who VERY obviously targeted and perhaps even taken over by the criminals of this holocaust, more weird things began happening - things like a parachute, on the instructor I was in line to jump with, suddenly not opening, doors slamming in my house in the middle of the night, my getting sudden flares of fatigue, fevers, nausea, plants suddenly dyeing in my garden...etc. By the end of 2001 most of my pets were suddenly either dead or missing. One daughter had been suddenly hospitalized with an unexplainable neurological problem, which effected her

speech and motor skills. My other daughter was being brainwashed by a perpetrator through chat rooms on the internet and secret late night phone calls. The chief of police in Andover, NH was connected to this and had ripped into me in public parking lot - trying to make it look like I was the criminal and that I was wrong for hiring a private investigator to help save my daughter who had gone to meet this man and was missing for nearly 24 hours. My healthy dog had suddenly died of a strange illness that sounds like some of the reports I now read on the remote ability to effect internal organs. The vet said her spline had been twisted, but that there was no physical explanation for it.

I think these criminals probably shifted me from the experiment list to the 'kill quickly' list, in 2001 after I shared a precognitive dream I'd had about drugs or poisons being put into the Concord, NH public water supply. I'd shared this dream out of concern and with the hope that the criminal act could be prevented. I had even called the public water supply to report my concerns. I hadn't realized that this was just a small part of a much larger plan and that the criminals would come after me. (I now see how this was a threat to those who were actually doing this in MANY cities. It is now being proven that fluoride is harmful and that there have been reports in 2008, that mood altering drugs were found in public drinking water. It is said that anti depressants help HAARP and its supporting technologies to perform successful mind control on unsuspecting victims.) In may of 2001, when my home burned down in a suspicious fire, ironically there were two other fires on the same night, which deterred the fire marshal from doing more investigating into what REALLY happened to my home. The process to put out the fire was suspicious, said the fire marshal. The fire seemed to have been put out and then re-started. . .destroying my writings and thousands of dollars, which I had been in a room next to the one where the fire had started and had been contained to.

(These primary events are all sourrounded by countless other painful incidences, which are too many to list here.)

incidences, which are too many to list here.) In the years following the fire I felt numb and weak and couldn't think straight....beyond what normal shock would induce. I traveled a lot, which I guess saved me from some of it. But I now realize that I was being inconspicuously stalked and sabotaged each time I tried to meditate, write or pick up the pieces of my already shattered life. . .even in Peru, Nova Scotia and Hawaii. In December 2001 I took off to hibernate and heal in an "Adirondack Shack" I purchased in the upstate NY wilderness. But my desperately needed respite was repeatedly interrupted by various people. In August 2002 my youngest brother was suddenly killed in a mysterious vehicle accident, shortly after I had re-connected with my family of origin. (This was my only family member who had welcomed me back with open arms) Many people knew that there was something suspicious about my brother's "accident" but as people aimed to figure it out my cousin suddenly died of a heart attack. (Coincidence or another distraction from criminal activity?) I know the answer, especially since the investigators tried switching into investigating my sanity after I expressed that I did not think my brother's death was an accident.

In 2003, my father received some sort of email or letter, which he was extremely upset with me about. He never told me what it said, but he obviously thought it was from me. At the time I thought it was something my sisters had jealously done, in order to come between my father and I. I now feel sure that the perpetrators were responsible for whatever was written to hurt my father and once again destroy my relationship with him. Through the summer and fall of 2003, my sister kept leaving messages on my phone which stated things like, "come home Sharon we just want to get you the help you need..." These were delivered in a tone that was so obviously sick and psychopathic that I began feeling scared, not only for her, but for myself. This theme of me suddenly becoming "mentally ill" began with the police officers whom I'd asked to investigate my brother's death. Somehow they had convinced my family that my brother's death was a accident and that I had a mental problem for thinking otherwise. At the time I had not been aware of the extent of the targeting and how it includes parts of law enforcement agencies. These events now have me convinced that my brother was indeed murdered by these

criminals, with a remote directed energy weapon that made him go unconscious as he drove his four wheeler over an embankment and into a river. Medical reports say that he was unconscious BEFORE he hit the water. He did not drown.) Also,Myrl, a victim and perpetrator of this holocaust, had brought up a weird sinerio about a brother suddenly dieing just a couple days before my brother's death. I have since realized that is a common tactic of the most evil parts of this operation - they actually let us know what they are going to do. . .like a cat playing with a mouse before the final strike! My last conversation with my father was so distressing that I cried and prayed through the next night for answers and had a dream, which showed him being a petophile. Because I trusted my dreams I thought this must be true, especially since he'd seemed threatened by my habit of looking at and healing the past...etc. Words can not express the grief I felt in the following days. I think I cried harder than I ever had. I loved my father and didn't want to think this of him. But it seemed to explain some of his unusual behaviors. (I was not aware of the remote mind control technologies at this time.) Now that I hear about how the criminals who target us have technologies (Like "HAARP Weapon") that can actually remotely project dreams into people's heads and effect their thinking and belief system with subliminal messaging while they are asleep, I am thinking that this dream may not have been a real dream, and that the vague memories which followed it, may have also been projected into my head by them. In January and February 2004 I had a nasty run in with one of these perpetrators, in California. This man even had secret rooms in his homes - rooms that contained children's bunk beds and computers. After I left I had a dream that he "had tried to plant a chip in my body, in order to control me sexually..." I did not understand what this meant at the time. It is now more than obvious. The targeting hit severe levels in 2005, as I tried to take off with a publication, which focused on healing the past and bringing more Love into humanity, but also contained prophetic dreams about horrible disasters killing masses of people. (I now see how this was a threat to criminals who planned to orchestrate such disasters) Within the seven issues of "The Personal Journal" I also wrote a "Pretentious Fiction" story called "Heights of Wisdom", which included a statement, by a woman named. "Wisdom", about a dark/evil leader who pretended to be working with God, but is really evil and causes mass destruction in the world. It also included a

evil and causes mass destruction in the world. It also included a comment about an evil men's group, which politicians belong to. (My intuitive side often comes out in my writings, although I had not realized how much until recently.) Within this publication I also started sharing my precognitive dreams, which kept showing destructive storms and masses of people being harmed or in clouds coming over us...etc. In June of 2005, when I first started putting out the "forewarnings of Disasters" my sister suddenly exploded into a public slander, on the internet, trying to declare me insane - paranoid and evil. This was extremely unusual, at the time, not only unusual that she'd do such a thing, but also unusual in the fact that EVERYONE who knew me knew I was the opposite of paranoid...etc. I had traveled all over the USA, Canada, Peru and Hawaii, ALONE. . .and never locked my doors and left keys in my cars...etc. I was well known as being "TOO trusting" and fearless. (My sisters actions with this, as well as her weird phone calls in the previous two years, lead me to believe that she is the one who had a mental problem, because I was not aware of the remote mind control technologies that were being used on her.) The most obvious organized stalking, threats and weird phone calls started up in the end of 2005. Prior to this, I'd just thought I was having a lot of bad luck. This is when I realized something was horribly wrong. But I assumed that it was some sort of local occult that was against my writings. . .and I continued perceiving many of the things they'd do as spiritual experiences, because I as not aware the existence of HAARP Weapon and its supporting satellite technologies. . .or of what criminals were doing with them.

As I wrote and distributed "The Personal Journal", I was constantly hit hard. I struggled with periods of severe pain in my head, dizziness, nausea, hair loss and numbness...etc. I thought I may be becoming terminally ill and put more focus into my writing. . .in an effort to complete my life's work. As I did this around 7 of my printing machines suddenly stopped functioning properly. My computers kept crashing. My whole neighborhood was suddenly gone in a flash flood, from an unusual concentration of rain, which formed a lake behind a "plugged culvert"... (four of my neighbors were killed!)

Directly after the flood, a journalist and her husband zoomed in to "help" me, because I no longer had a home to go to. When I

got to their home my vehicle was boxed in so that I could not leave without them moving their own vehicles. (There was plenty of room for this to not have to be this way) While I was there I was drugged and raped and lost over a week of time.. .and was brainwashed into thinking that my neighbor's deaths were my fault. After I got away from them I was receiving threatening phone calls. An untruthful article was written about me in the Keene Sentinel News paper, the media and radio were slandering me. . .etc. (My legal name was Namatari Neachi at this time.) When I later reported the rape to their local police chief, nothing was done about it and the tire on my car suddenly went flat while I was in the police station talking to the chief.

Since the summer of 2005, many people, whom I didn't even know, suddenly started treating me rudely everywhere I went. Even my own children began turning against me in ways that were confusing and not like them. And I continued to feel physically ill, although I'd spent thousands of dollars on medical testing in 2003, which came up with nothing wrong with me. I'd ended up in emergency rooms on several occasions. . .with sudden loss of depth perception, blurred eye sight, hearing loss, nausea, severe pain in my head and loss of balance...etc. In 2006 I was lured to Alexandria Bay, NY by one of these perpetrators and nearly lost my life on more than one occasion, while I was there. It turned out that David grew up in this area where there exists a large base for an extremely satanic occult. (This man is associated with Bill Clinton who also owns an island in this area) The hell I went through while being stranded there could fill a whole book! Since 2005 I have also been receiving cryptic threats and what appears to be repeated attempts to kill me in ways that would look like a natural death or an accident. Among other things, brakes on two of my vehicles seemed to have been tampered with to the point of complete loss of brakes, while driving. (This happened twice within one year) My vehicles have been tampered with a lot. Shortly before January 18, 2006 I publicly declared that the Lupus, which I'd just been told I had, was caused by harmful energy that was being directed at me from a satanic occult. I felt this truth to the core of my soul. (Everyone thought I was nuts, but I wasn't that far

core of my soul. (Everyone thought I was nuts, but I wasn't that far off, even though I did not know it was being done through secret technologies like HAARP.) After publicly sharing this I was attacked with directed energy so severely that it nearly put me back in the hospital. This sort of pattern continued to the point of causing me to refrain from writing about it on the web. Since then I have noticed these sorts of patterns happening a lot. The attacks worsen when I write about what they are doing or when I intuitively hit on a truth that these perpetrators do not want the public to know about. (In fact, since I added this statement, I am undergoing another severe attack.) In 2006 I learned, through the stalkers shoving it in my face, that my writings were being plagiarized. One of my songs became a hit sung by Tom McGraw and later. . ."The Shack" had obviously taken off with ideas and even names out of The Personal Journal. The criminals seemed to be doing this to hurt me, to anger me. . .obviously to intentionally making one of my fears come true. (There have been many other similar incidences) In the spring of 2007 I borrowed money to escaped that area and rented a small cabin in the coast of Maine where I printed the first issue of "Sharon's Bud." I felt I did not have much longer to live and tried pouring my heart into a batch of writings for humanity. I didn't do a very good job of it, but it was the best I could do at the time. In 2008, while I was producing the second issue of "Sharon's Bud," my youngest daughter was attacked by what sounded like a demonic invasion. Her description of this sounds the same as what Targeted Individuals experience with V2K experiences. She had been and still is a good healthy person and this was not normal for her. This was an isolated experience, which terrified her and made her feel so ashamed that she made me promise not to tell anyone, but I am telling it for the sake of her own future safety. (It is the secrecy around these criminal attacks, which enable them to continue.) In that same year she also suddenly woke with bruises in the shape of finger prints on the inner part of her upper arm. I believe she was drugged and raped.

Also in 2008 I sent a letter to my aunt, who was a Canadian Nun (I was wanting to go see her about this targeting stuff)and after a month of no response, I find out (through the internet) that she has suddenly died right around the time when she'd have

gotten my letter. This also happened in 2006, when I was about to go see my Aunt Francis. She suddenly died before I could get to her. And in 2001, when I was about to purchase land from, and go live near, my friend Jim...he suddenly died of a heart attack. There are several times when I had been drugged and do not know what happened to me. I am certain that I was drugged and raped while working for Central Refrigerated. The large trucking companies seem to be crawling with perpetrators who are involved in this perhaps because of military involvement! I believe that many military personnel are victims of complete mind control and have become perpetrators. Many of the vehicles that stalk me have veteran license plates especially the more aggressive ones. One of them actually shot something into my tire on a highway. . .forcing me off the road. Batteries in my vehicles are often suddenly drained, somehow. My phone has sometimes been disabled before they surround me. And the list goes on. . .

I believe that my oldest daughter has been severely targeted on many levels also. . .to the point of her mind being adversely effected. Aside from the sudden attack that hospitalized her, when she was around 16 years old, she also experienced sudden unusual numbers of deaths of friends - one that was too strange to not have been instigated by an evil outside force Her friend's mother suddenly murdered her own grandchildren and then herself. (She was NOT a person who could have done such a thing on her own accord!!!!) (My daughter had a hard time dealing with death and was suddenly thrust into more than most 80 year olds experience. This daughter also found another friend dead in his apartment. . .and was suddenly hit with having to face nearly a half dozen other deaths of people she was close to. She is also victim of remote directed energy weapons and has all the physical symptoms. . .the unusual weight gain, rashes, head aches, hair loss, swollen gums...etc. all the same symptoms that I'd had in the beginning of the worst part of the energy part of this. The perpetrators have repeatedly told me that they are going to kill her! As far as I know, it looks like they have been aiming to do just that and already have her surrounded with perpetrators. (One of her friends (and Boss)

has Lupus and is an obvious target and her husband works for the CIA. Coincidence? I think not.)

In December 25, 2009 I ended up in the Portsmouth, NH emergency room with symptoms that mimicked a mild case of anthrax exposure. This suddenly started when I breathed in something that was placed in my room at a rooming house, in York Maine where two military boys had moved in directly after I had. The hospital refused to run tests or help me. I remained in a lot of pain and having a hard time breathing and was suddenly coughing up huge globs of mucus that had little back dots in it. This was not normal! I had not had a cold or been ill prior to this attack. I tried calling several different places for help. But ironically, someone else in the same area had an anthrax exposure, directly after this happened to me (supposedly from a raw hide drum) and officials would not listen to me, because they were suddenly flooded with phone calls - an anthrax scare. (I believe these criminals are good at using distractions to hide their criminal activities.) These sorts of things shave also happened with many police departments. When I go to report something, the department I am heading for, is suddenly flooded with other calls and can not help me. . .and then the attacks against me get even worse. In Feb of 2010 I was living in my car and writing "Out of the Dark"/"Into the Light" while being constantly harrased by organized stalkers. In this book I tried and failed to figure out who was targeting me. . .who was paying these people to come after me. I had not yet understood what was happening. In 2010 and 2011 I aimed to resurrect "Sharon's Bud" into "The Heart Bud" and printed two issues of this publication. . .against unbelievable odds. Through this process I was hit with one obstacle after another. . .and THREE of my largest sponsors suddenly had disasters happen to them within a couple weeks of its printing. One was held at knife point in a robbery. One had water pipes suddenly burst above his shop. And one was suddenly hit with unusaul physical injuries.

You may call this a "coincidence" but I know its not. Can you

immagine what it feels like to know that if I do the work I was born to do, people I care about and people who support me will be harmed, tortured, or attaked???!!! And these criminals tell me it my fault - that if I write the harm they do is my fault. In my heart I know that if I don't continue with my work they will still be harming and destroying people. So I try to continue, but its hard. . .not only to know that they will be hurting other people for it, but also because they keep successfully preventing my writings and even altering them in ways that can make people not trust or believe me...etc. In the spring of 2011, I was yanked off the floor in a department store and rushed to the hospital, due to a sudden attack of severe vomiting, inability to see properly or stand up or walk. At first I had assumed it was from the water I drank just before this event. But I now feel that it was probably due to a remote electronic attack to my brain.

Summer of 2011: I had begun sharing some of my experiences with John Dedakis - a CNN news writer. . .and then suddenly his son was found dead. Another "coincidence" or another distraction from the public finding out about this? I think it was murder. I'd even had a dream prior to this, which showed that "someone who is close to someone I know suddenly dies..." But I have no way of proving it. (Was that dream projected into my head to warn of what they would do if I continued talking to John? Very possibly.) But I didn't understand that until now.

In August, 2011 I was roped in by a "Private Investigator" woman who offered to help me, but ended up being a perpetrator who lured me to her home, set off gun shots in the middle of the night and then tried to convince me that it was D.Z. She'd told me that all the stalking and terror in my life would end if "we eliminate DZ. . .". My response was shock. And she persisted, "If you can't do it, I'll do it for you. I became a Private Investigator so I could take out these guys and beat them at their own game. Don't you want this to end? Don't you want it over? Don't you...etc?" She drilled me for a long time, trying to convince me that all my troubles would be over if D.Z. is "done in." or "eliminate." (This is when I first began finding out the deeper truths about the whole "Targeted Individual" process and that I had already been a victim of it for a very long time without realizing the full scope of it.)

Since I raced away and reported this woman to the police, I have been through literal hell, with constant around the clock gang stalking, threats, being drugged, being shot with lasers, (almost constant!) what feels like, high pitched pain inducing scans of my brain...etc. (Far worse than in previous years.) There even seems to have been a few attempts to abduct me. Police did nothing to help me. Loudon police did not even file a report on this incident, which started in their town. A Milford, NH police officer proved to be a criminal part of this harassment. Instead of helping me he terrorized me, literally. And other police departments gave me such a runaround that it was obvious they were not going to do anything about to help me.

In the Fall of 2011 I had just gotten a driving job and had expressed to someone that I was going to fix my RV as soon as I got enough money saved. (The electrical system, brakes and motor had all been destroyed, within a couple days, in 2009.) Within a couple weeks, I got a call from a police officer, who informed me that my RV was just found to have the rear picture window smashed out of it. Then my job was sabotaged and the company I worked for tried, and may have even accomplished, sabotaging my Class A license with false DAC reports. (There have been many events like this in the past decade)

I feel that the only reason I am still here is because I've kept on the move or have been sleeping and living in my vehicle under Walmart and bank surveillance cameras as much as possible. And because God seems to be taking care of me in ways that are even shocking me. I feel that every person, whom I had been close to, became victims of mind control, especially the family members whom I had been closest to, even though they are not all aware of it. This has become VERY evident in their uncharacteristic (even cruel) behaviors toward me. They are decent people who would be here for me if they were not being heavily influenced to do otherwise. I am 200% sure of this. I continue finding forgiveness for their inability to stand with me in this brutal fight. Recently I had tried to re-connect to some of my old friends (the ones who were real) and have been shocked to find that they have been severely targeted without even being aware of it. One has completely lost her memory and thinks she must have

"fallen and hit her head" and has spent years trying to regain some sense of control over her brain. Whatever is controlling her now seems extremely dark. My closest friend had lost her memory of me and now has an aneurysm. . .and her whole family had been hit with death and heart attack...etc., in 2005, when she tried to re-connect with me. Another friend knew we were being targeted, but also thought it was being done via spiritual channels and by the man whom we were both associated with at the Concord, NH Yoga Center. She demonstrated unusual levels of fear, anxiety at the mere mentioning if his name...etc. This man is definitely a high level perpetrator in this holocaust. . .and is associated with an X president of the USA.(He's the one who had lured me to Upstate NY in 2006, where I nearly died.)Another friend who had been a vibrant reiki practitioner is suddenly in a wheel chair and seems to not be the same person she used to be. Most of my friends will not even answer my phone calls, although nothing had ever happened between us to justify this. I am sure that if I wanted to do more digging there would be even more shocking finds.

My writings have been being tampered with - altered or erased since 2001. All of the accounts I open on the web to share my experiences, seem to tampered with. In the Fall of 2011 I had just gotten a driving job and had expressed to someone that I was going to fix my RV as soon as I got enough money saved. Within a couple weeks, I got a call from a police officer, who informed me that my RV was just found to have the rear picture window smashed out of it. Then my job was sabotaged and the company I worked for even tried, and may have accomplished, sabotaging my license with false DAC reports.

I am still under around the clock surveillance by organized stalking groups and am being almost constantly scanned and/or tortured with Remote Directed Energy Weapons. I have undergone severe levels of psychological harassment and tortures. It also seems like I am periodically attacked with chemicals and drugs. Some bring on sudden light headedness and vision impairment. Some burn my lungs. Some create sudden burning rashes on my skin - like when something was put in my shoes. Sometimes something is done that makes me feel like my skin is being bitten by bugs, although there

makes me feel like my skin is being bitten by bugs, although there are no bugs - (This recently happened TWO TIMES, just after I got an email offering "remedies for bed bugs.") There are no bed bugs. But in the past I've had two homes repeatedly infested with unusual accumulations of fleas. Another time something was put in my shampoo, which made my hair and skull feel. . .indescribably strange. Another time, lice was put in my shampoo. (Most of this was part of the tortures they put me through near Alexandria Bay, NY in 2006 and 2007 winter.)

My writing business was forced into bankruptcy in 2007. Other jobs I try to get since then are quickly sabotaged one way or another. Each time I try to take off with a new publication I am hit hard by organized stalking groups and remote electronic attacks. And the list goes on. . .

People are now saying that the capabilities of remote mind control with HAARP or satellites or whatever...did not exist until recently or is only "on the horizon" BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE! I HAVE BEEN WITNESSING AND EXPERIENCING THE REMOTE MIND CONTROL AND ELECTRONIC INVASIONS SINCE AT LEAST THE EARLY 1990S. I THINK EVEN SINCE 1985 OR 1986. And evidence is beginning to surface to show that these crimes were happening by the 1970s. (My mother died in 1977 of an unusual double strain of leukemia.)

YES, some of my experiences may be "coincidence" but certainly NOT many of them.

I have changed my name twice and have moved a lot and these criminals still find me. It appears that I am under constant satellite surveillance. . .and am being tracked somehow. I feel that they may have put microchips in my body.

If you are thinking I am insane, at this point, you should know that I wish that were the whole truth, because insanity would be a heck of lot easier to deal with than what I have had to face, endure, experience and witness.

At this point I have already lost almost everything that is important to me. My life has already been mostly destroyed. It is not "courage" that drives my pen, it is anger at the injustice and cruelty toward humanity, people I love and I. I write because there is nothing else I can do about this. In my heart I feel that the Truth will be shown at some point in time.

There is so much more to this than I list here. This is a minute fraction of the past couple decades. My story is truly unbelievable. It could fill a few books. My fight to survive this, on emotional, mental and physical levels, has been long and more difficult than words can even begin to express.

I didn't know I had so much inner strength. Each time I reach the end of my rope I somehow bounce back. My faith has carried me through a lot of it. But I don't know how much longer I can survive it, which is why I am writing this. I hope it helps to validate at least one other Targeted Individual. . .and helps them to realize that they are not crazy - that. . .the only COMPLETE insanity in ALL our situations exists in the satanic Hitler's who perform such cruelty and in those who just let it happen and do nothing to stop it.

I think my most painful loss is that of my own two children and the dreams I'd had of becoming a grandmother and being there for them in ways that my grandparents never could be for me. And the other most painful thing has been the stalker's threats to harm my children, if I keep speaking out or writing about this. Their last threats barked out, "You know what will happen if you don't stand down" and "Your daughter will understand when she goes through it." I am still writing, because they've already severely hurt my children and I beyond complete repair, and I feel, in my heart, that hope for their future can only exist if this horrible "Targeting" and torturing of innocent people is completely exposed and then stopped. I think the criminals will keep on killing unsuspecting people even if I stop speaking out so there is no point in stopping. I also feel that writing this may protect my children, because if the

I also feel that writing this may protect my children, because if the perpetrators do anything to them after I speak out about it, it just proves me right. If they leave my children alone, it just makes me look insane. I'd rather look "insane." I wrote the following sarcastic song on 7/11/2011 as I cried and drove and sang while being stalked by military puppets.

I pray for a world of peace Love for those who are in need No one left alone to bleed I dream. I dream. I dream. Must be because I am insane. I see rich people filled with greed Stealing from those who are in need Controlling this crumbling country. I see. I see I see. Must be because I am insane. I see people fighting for their lives Darkness turning day to night People thinking its alright. I cry. I cry. I cry. Must be because I am insane. Occults bleeding hearts and souls Hiding things that we don't know Evil aiming for control. I know. I know. I know. Must be because I am insane. There are people trying to silence me In a world that we think is free. Things I wish I could not see. I flea. I flea. I flea.

Must be because I am insane. I pray for a world of peace Love for those who are in need No one left alone to bleed I dream. I dream. I dream. Must be because I am insane. In short, the past several years of my life, especially since I started publicly sharing my writings, have been filled with a depth of difficulty that is nearly unbelievable. I've been repeatedly hit by people whos aim is to knock me down. I've struggled to hold onto my Faith through invasions of my homes, vehicles, email accounts, phones, body, brain, computers...etc.; Through being targeted and ridiculed by ill intending members of the media: through being plagiarized, slandered, harassed, stalked and even forced to fight for my life on a few occasions: through homelessness and sudden deaths of the only family members whom I could turn to for help...etc. Its taken a few divine interventions to just keep me alive thus far. Through this turmoil my writings have veered into a fight for justice a fight for my life and a fight to save humanity. There are many writing projects I'd like to complete, when I get the time and peace I need, in order to work on them without interference. Four CDs of my songs and a series of children's books are still waiting in the wings of my dreams. . .as well as a few new projects. I've done my best to continue my work in ways that I can, but seem to be shoved two steps back after each step I take forward. I need a miracle. I really do! Through the past few years I've been feeling too tired and overwhelmed to do a good job with my writings, while also struggling to navigate the obstacles and turmoil others throw into my path, which has also left me homelessness in a world that sometimes seems too cruel, greedy and heartless to stand back up in. I'm sorry to be so blunt. Its just that I've experienced so much of the dark side of humanity, in the past few years, that it has crushed my previous, naive perceptions. I've found the humility to ask for help over and over again, and have gotten too much of the opposite.(However, I still feel/see the good in humanity, most of the time, although I've been forced to face some of the greedy, dark and even evil parts of it.)

it.) They say that God never deals us more than we can handle? I'm now feeling that this is not true. I can deal with the poverty I've been cast into. And I can deal with the losses and painful situations I've needed to heal from. But having to deal with people stalking me, and even trying to kill me, has proven to be too much for me to handle effectively. Its just been too much! I feel like I need at least a three year retreat in peaceful, safe solitude, in order to fully regain my balance, strength and health. But with no respite in sight I do my best to survive and continue my work. Through the past few years I've taken on several temporary jobs, which have added to my distress more than relieving it. (I've been shocked by how people are treated in the types of jobs that are available to me in our struggling economy.) In the summer of 2010 I began working on gathering the hope that wrote "Embracing Feelings" in 1999; the inspiration, which started "The Personal Journal" in 2004; the strength that created "Sharon's Bud" in 2007; the courage that wrote "Out of the Dark"/"Into the Light" in 2010; and the Wisdom that is growing from my own mistakes and experiences with these publications. . .so that I could begin building them into "The Heart Bud" into what my life's work was meant to be - a ray of help for the Heart of humanity. There have been two printings, thus far. But it appears that those who stalk me remove my publications from distribution centers almost as soon as I put them there. . .and my primary advertisers are also being targeted. Lately, I'm also wondering if what I'm doing, at this time, is good enough to make a positive shift in our troubled world. I keep plugging along, because I'd feel like even more of a failure if I didn't. But I'm starting to feel like a hypocrite, because I'm no longer doing much of the healing work I write about. When I look at the scope of what I've been through in the past few years, my mind can form a good excuse for feeling so tied up, but my heart knows that I need to be in a better place within myself. . .in order to continue my work. But I need protection from those who attack me in order to regain my balance. Its a catch 22. I need help. I am in desperate need of protection from remote electronic attacks. Through the past few years I've deeply prayed, Dear God
by Sharon R. Poet

Yes. I hear the dreams you speak. But I need more help. I'm still weak. Let me rest a while. Please. Inside the Love You have for me. Let me gain The strength I need To patch these holes Where I still bleed. Please.

I am in deep need of monetary help Please help me. Sharon R. Poet Po Box 383 Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.
P.S. In past years I had often avoided having to explain the confusing details of being targeted by summing it down into simple statements like, "I lost my home in a fire" or "My neighborhood got wiped out in a flood." Both the fire and flood were surrounded by extenuating cercumstances that have felt too difficult to fully explain. People who did not know all the details, (which are even more than I list here) sometimes assumed that I was exagerating. But the REAL Truth is that what happened to me was so much worse than just houses lost in a fire or a flood. If I had a choice between only losing homes or undergoing what I've had to endure I'd choose the loss of homes without hesitation. The rows of deaths, rapes, threats, stalkings and electronic tortures and invasions into my body and properties and loved ones...have been indescribably worse than the loss of any physical property could possible even begin to be. Perhaps one day they'll See.

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