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MAT 091 College Mathematics FALL 2005 COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Nawshi Matin LECTURE TIME CLASS ROOM : Sunday and Tuesday at 13:30-15:00 pm : 502

COURSE OBJECTIVE: At the end of the semester, the participants will be able to:

Understand and explain the fundamental concepts of Mathematics. The main objective of the course is to acquaint the students with the tools, techniques and methods of mathematics and to educate and train them in effective use of the same in the pursuit of their study program and career.

COURSE CONTENTS : The following topics will be covered: Session 1: Real number system and their properties. Session 2: Elementary Set Theory. Session 3: Exponents and radicals. Polynomials and rational expressions. Session 4: Linear and Quadratic equations. Linear and Absolute value Inequalities. Session 5: Graphs of Equations. Session 6: Cartesian coordinate system. Session 7: Roots of equations. Session 8: System of Equations. Session 9: Intro to Trigonometry. Session 10: Intro to Differential Calculus. Session 11: Intro to Integral Calculus. Session 12 : Vectors and Operation Matrices and Determinates. Operations with matrices.


Lecture will be the main method of teaching. Use of visual aids, like OHP and multimedia, will sometimes aid the lecture presentations. The techniques of experiential learning like classroom exercises and group discussions will be used to increase participation.

RECOMMENDED BOOKS: College Algebra (5th ed.) by MICHAEL SULLIVAN th 2. Algebra and Trigonometry (6 ed.) by LIAL/MILLER SHNEIDER. 3. College Algebra by Mark Dugopolski.

GRADING SYSTEM: According to the City University Grading Policy. DISTRIBUTION OF MARKS: Progress and performance of the students in the course will be evaluated through two major tests, a number of Quizzes and Home assignments and class attendance. The relative weights of these items for grading will be as follows: Attendance--------------------- 10% Quizzes and Assignments------ 20% Class Test (announced) -------- 10% Mid-Term----------------------- 30% Final----------------------------- 30% Total 100% N.B. The date of the Mid Term & Final Examination will be announced in the class. All tests will consist of multiple choice, true/false and problem type questions. The date for each examination will be announced one week before the exam. The course grade will also be influenced by your attendance and class participation. Students are required to return the graded test to me immediately after discussion. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero.

Policy on Exam missed:

Zero point will be assigned to anyone who misses an exam without prior approval from the instructor. The make-up exams will only be given if prior approval is obtained from the instructor, or documentary evidence of medical or institutional excuses is provided. Please keep in mind that the make-up test will be different from and harder than the regular test.