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® ¢ F.O.1A. JULIUS ROSENBERG ET AL READING ROOM COPY FILE DESCRIPTION eG ILE SUBJECT SILVER MASTER FILE NO.__¢5- $402 VOLUME NO,__/O SERIALS 3 a ioe ‘ win ii EDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION sof 7 FrZSdomanaranar NEW YORE "YBIBS 38 ow oe Bets ; een ~ i / + TARY coprateatce, wes: Mary Watkins 'rrice, Helens symm a, RK 12/7/s Via’ HAROLD V. KE REGORY. STLVSRUASTER, wases rnasted at go ean F acters, Seng oa ANATOLI BORISOVICH AL, $ f Ry 3 SONIA SJ, 4 i JOSEPH BS ores, wase: (Green, ath MAURICRVIALPSRIN, was. icaftalpern, Mac} dacs ALGERIGISS, wae’ Bugenefissy TRV LNGOKAPLA saat ‘y Waser’ Charled Krivitsky, Charli . LIEUTSNANT, COLONEL DUNCAN CY LER, was: Paty SOLOMON AY LISCHINSKY, was.: SollLeschinsky, mare s.Fumanore, wa.: Benrylvardorty ROBERT TALSOTTIMELER, IIT, was: Boll ittLlery WOLLATp 20 ARK y J, weer Martin Stribling nT; water membesvitn, nathan SENDERS : GBORGH STLVERUAR, was: BAZEHYSTSE, Hazen'Si zes MTNNEY, acs Hele WILLEN LuDwiplniaaay, we. + DONALD NIVENSWHERLER; = mF sMILDREDIPRICE, wa.: Mrs. Harold Russell Coy; MAREY DEXPERMHI TES SOUMADLERS 3 a TATCHLIY baoaro “Ener, woos Loctitnburrte, Louchiia Curries [cones Sessreiiyh Ge — @S -S@ fon on 7ield rE Oa, EE wae cae ae Sosuresa ‘ pasa ‘MICHAEL GREENBERG, was.i Menahen TE, Michael “otbson; JULIUS wast? de Julius Gosephs < cponce ParaZrcgys 7 WILLIAM re earoroNs S - : ‘ HO TAYLOR; * ee, . oe JOSEPH WCKHART, wa.2 Joes 7 ~ a MICHAELVENDELMAN, wast Michael Nicholas Delman, Harcels. ‘COLONEL JOHN H.) REYNOLDS; §. z HELM SHVERASTER, wat Yarps Gregory Silvermstery RAYDELSON, wa.: Mrs. Joseph) Elsons PETER C,¥ RHODES; & Ea: Mh. $ PAULD HRS, was1 Panline Rosen, Panline Rosin, Peujine Rickaan, Pauling Richman, Pauline Wickman, Pauline lRoyce, Pauline! Wet Pauline Weber, PaulineWscher, Mrs. Royce, Mrs. OscardRosin, irs. Usher Rosen, Mrs. Usher fosin, Mrs. Uschar{fosen, ‘Mrs. Uscher¥iosin,: Peuiinataien » Mra. OscarkRaisen, Mra, Usher\Raisen, Mrs. Uschex}Raisens ALBERT EU , wast. AL 5 7 FERRICCIO’ 0 {\Aipi, Prank(Aipi, mricans, vrenk froma, wpo, Max\Farvo, Max\Favie, Enilio'Pizzio, Amalig Pizzi, 1, Fiorini, FS Brow; j, wast Abe\Brothman; » BILL; CaDRK CMBELFRAGE, wa.: Benj Vnlgiom subject who contacted the SILVERMASTERS on 12/1/45 at Wash., D.C., arrived NYC sane date and ‘attempted to evade surveillance. He has been iden tified as ALEKANDERSKORAL, 290 Empire Blwd., Bklyn., NY, who is a plumbing and drainage engineer for NIC Board of Education. Presently unter surveillance ot MIO. Bitocttae’of suspected Russian espionage agents GREGORY with negative results with exception of partial identification of bsg efaa- ord CONAIDEN *