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Mia Arredondolopez 3 years and 8 months old Rocking Horse Preschool Abigail Young Winter 2012/2013

Mia attends the morning class at Rocking Horse Preschool three days a week. She is three and a half years old, and lives with her Dad, Mom, and her big brother Alex, who she adores and talks about all the time. Purple is her favorite color, and she loves anything that has to do with Disney Princesses. Her teachers describe her as energetic and talkative. She is a very social child who enjoys talking to her peers, her teachers, and even strangers. Social: Social skills are Ms strongest area. She is very talkative and enjoys social interactions. M initiates, encourages, and sustains play with other students. o Anecdotal note #1 9:34 o Running record #2 9:42 o Running record #4 10:23 M initiates relevant conversation with both her teachers and peers, and can respond appropriately. o Anecdotal note #5 9:47 o Anecdotal note #7 10:18 M is frequently the initiator of play, the child who invites other children to come over and engage in a game or activity together. She is not a shy child, and will play and talk with whoever is available. She makes friends easily and all of the other children seem to respond to her well. Emotional: M is able to play on her own and use her imagination. o Anecdotal note #2 9:52 o Anecdotal note #4 9:29 o Anecdotal note #6 10:09 o Anecdotal note #8 9:36 o Anecdotal note #10 10:01 M brings her own personal experience into her play. o Anecdotal note #4 9:29 M can respond to her peers in a mature fashion. o Anecdotal note #5 9:47 M is thoughtful and enjoys creating projects for other people. o Anecdotal note #6 10:09 M responds to teacher direction. o Anecdotal note #10 10:01 o Running record #3 10:10 M is sensitive to others, asks to help with activities, and can give direction. o Anecdotal note #1 9:34 o Running record #4 10:23 M is able to respond appropriately to a variety of situations, without moodiness or emotional outburst. In school she seems fairly controlled emotional responses. In

addition to being social, there is an underlying eagerness to please both her peers and her teachers. Physical: M can manipulate small objects and toys with her hands, can put pieces together if they are broken, and has no problem with fine motor skills. o Anecdotal note #2 9:52 o Anecdotal note #8 9:36 M is able to use other materials such as stickers, scissors, and glue sticks, and she can cut and paste pieces of paper without any problem. o Anecdotal note #3 10:20 o Running record #3 10:10 M can hold and use writing materials. o Anecdotal note #6 10:09 o Name writing sample According to the developmental checklist, M is right on track physically and has no red flags or lacking areas in her physical abilities. She is capable of completing tasks that require fine and gross motor skills. She is left handed, and sometimes struggles at first to get a grip on the pencil or crayon in her hand, but always accomplishes the task well. Cognitive: M often chooses activities such as puzzles over other games, and excels at problem solving. o Anecdotal note #1 9:34 o Running record #4 10:23 M can manipulate small objects (such as tops) and figure out how they work. o Anecdotal note #2 9:52 M can distinguish the shapes and parts that create a house, and logically manipulate them to finish a project. o Anecdotal note #3 10:20 M can rationally connect a peers comment to her own experience. o Anecdotal note #7 10:18 M does struggle with counting past certain numbers, especially when surrounded by too much or conflicting stimuli. o Running record #1 10:06 M is able to distinguish her name apart from others, and can spell her name out loud. o Anecdotal note #9 9:26 M can accurately identify shapes and colors, and logically decipher how different shapes can be used to create a whole picture. o Running record #3 10:10 M possesses many early literacy and basic math and science skills. She is able to put these into practice in the classroom.