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Resource efficiency:

Long-term thinking efficient action

Machine Tools/ Power Tools Laser Technology/ Electronics Medical Technology

Working efficiently and demonstrating responsibility these virtues are important to us as a family-run business.
efficiency+ is our symbol for these long-standing company virtues

and represents the way we see ourselves: highly efficient and actively responsible in terms of market, our employees and the environment. Our work is defined by our judicious use of resources, by taking the most efficient path from idea to product and by consistent efforts to avoid waste in all areas. Our SYNCHRO production system is a perfect example. Resource efficiency is a distinguishing feature of our products because the purchase price isnt the only deciding factor for our customers. Costs incurred throughout the life cycle of our products play a significant role in in the purchase decision. Exactly how resource-efficient individual solutions are is defined by the ratio of energy received and resources consumed to the actual output, in other words: productivity. Resource efficiency


is not limited to energy consumption. Overall consideration of factors such as power, gas, supplies and equipment, material, water and floor space requirements is important to us. We are convinced that resource efficiency has to be a factor in every product. Reducing part costs and increasing productivity helps us to use resources sparingly and contribute to preserving the environment. This approach is also in line with initiatives like the Blue Competence Campaign from the German Engineering Federation (Verein Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, VDMA.) in which we are an active member.
efficiency+ is our distinct symbol that the many components we

make are the result of sustained and conscious action. An obvious plus for our customers. e n/efficiencyplus

We strive to work efficiently and demonstrate responsibility that is why we deploy our resources carefully.

Constant innovation helps minimize gas consumption.

Floor space
We guarantee short travel times and reduce floor space requirements.

Efficient usage is a matter of course.

Efficient use is obligatory.

Consumables and equipment

We seek sustained solutions, down to the last detail.

Savings help preserve the environment and the budget.


Electrical power is pure energy and periodic meter checks make it easy to see how much is used. Savings are reflected on the plus side of the budget economical as well as ecological. Your benefits: Examples of our efficient solutions The optimized standby mode of the TruFlow laser reduces power consumption in processing preparation time by up to 40 percent. Automatic shutdown of the laser resonator has long been a standard feature. And the recovery of kinetic energy has been standard since 1987. The new diode laser, TruDiode 3006, has power savings of 90 percent compared to rod lasers with the same laser output. The enhanced chiller in the TruLaser 3030 laser cutting machine reduces power consumption by up to 9,040 kWh per year. By using modern drive technology, like the torque engine on the TruBend Series 7000 press brakes, energy is only consumed if the press beam actually moves. With the high-frequency TruPlasma RF generator, a semi conductor plant with typically 84 generators saves enough energy to meet the electricity needs of 15 households.


Whether mild or stainless steel, aluminum or copper, adhesive materials or silicon wafers, the materials that our customers use in production are clearly a value driver. However, producing these materials requires increasingly large amounts of energy. Therefore it goes without saying that valuable resources must be used judiciously. Your benefits: Examples of our efficient solutions Skeleton-free processing on TRUMPF punching machines increases sheet utilization by an average of 10 % and therefore reduces material costs. The additional axes and the active die of the punch laser machine TruMatic 7000 minimize the clamp dead area and thus increase sheet utilization. In both punching and laser cutting machines, material can be used more efficiently by using micro-joints. Thanks to the bending sensor ACB (Automatic Controlled Bending), the first bent part is a finished part making scrapped parts a thing of the past.


Cutting gases are indispensable in laser material processing. Gas type and pressure directly affect quality and processing speed. Whether compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, or argon, we minimize gas consumption with technical finesse. Your benefits: Examples of our efficient solutions Our highly precise beam guidance makes it possible for flatbed laser machines to cut using the smallest of nozzle diameters, thus minimizing gas consumption. In high-speed processing of thin sheets, the TruLaser Cell 7040 3D laser processing machine reduces cutting gas consumption by 50 percent compared to its predecessor.

Consumables and equipment

Details count in resource efficiency. Therefore, when it comes to lubricants, consumables and additives, we always look for ecologically sustainable solutions. Your benefits: Examples of our efficient solutions The turbo radial blower with magnetic bearings used in the current CO2 laser is virtually oil-free. In flatbed laser machines, the new mirror cutting head cuts with a focusing mirror made of copper instead of a focusing lense. This mirror stays clean seven times longer than before, thus reducing cleaning time by 90 percent without limiting productivity or quality.


Water is the basis of life, a source of energy and a means of transport. The careful and efficient use of water in machines and production is important to us. Your benefits: Examples of our efficient solutions Our universal interface to the central cooling system is available as an option for the TruLaser 5030 laser cutting machine. It saves up to 51,000 kWh annually and enables the use of waste energy to heat the production hall. For laser machines not connected to central cooling systems, new additives double the service life of the cooling water, reducing the annual requirement for expensive deionized water by more than 1,000 liters or 50 percent.


Floor space

Production space is expensive. And being productive calls for organization. That is why we minimize travel time and floor space and optimize material flow. Your benefits: Examples of our efficient solutions The bending machines of the TruBend Series 7000, equipped with a torque drive, offer considerably higher surface area productivity than comparable hydraulic solutions. The TruLaser 3030 laser cutting machine in the lateral position instead of the traditional longitudinal position saves more than 30 percent of floor space. The TruDisk 4002, from the newest generation of disk lasers, requires 60 percent less floor space than its predecessor. Storage of the 65 Euro pallets in the TruStore 3000 reduces space requirements from approximately 292.5 to 41 square meters.


TRUMPF supports the Blue Competence initiative of the German Engineering Federation, VDMA.

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