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Mission Statement
The Mission of GULF OIL Philippines, Inc. is to make GULF, the best lubricant supplier in the
business today, as defined by our Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Competitors and Citizens.
To achieve this, we will provide high performance, defect-free products and services at all
times, and at the best possible cost. We will do this without harming the environment and
following the highest ethical standards.
By doing so, we contribute an excellent long term growth and returns to our shareholders,
customers, suppliers and other partners. - Joy Sarkar; Director and General Manager for

GULF Free Service Caravan

GULF OIL Philippines and Auto Masters carried away AUTO AND MOTORCYCLE CARE
SERVICE CARAVAN during weekends started from 14th October ’06 till 5th November ’06 at
various malls Vizayas: SM City, Robinson, Gaisano Mall, NCCC Mall, Wal-Mart and others
wherein Free Services of Cars and Motorcycles were offered along with Engine Oil Change at a
special discounted price. Theme of the Caravan was “Have a great weekend with your family as
we pamper your vehicle at your favorite malls”. The program got an overwhelming response and
acceptance including media coverage and had been able to add value to the the GULF Brand.
For further details, please contact Mr. Joy Sarkar at Click here to see
Photo Gallery.

GULF Car Care Products Now Available

GULF OIL Philippines introduced various type of Car Care products in the market. These
products are imported from Italy and meant specially for high-end cars. In fact some of these
products are essential to those Car owners who parks their car in their heart. Click here for details
(1MB MS Powerpoint file) This may take a while.

Gulf Oil Invades Philippine Lubricants Market

As part of its ongoing activities to develop Gulf Brand awareness and visibility, Gulf Oil Philippines
conducted a ‘Direct retailer contact program’ all over the Philippines. Here, teams of Gulf
personnel visited various lubricant outlets “en masse” in their respective areas to raise awareness
of the Brand and promote the use of Gulf products. The program received overwhelming
response wherever it went.
As a further element of its regular activities, Gulf Oil Philippines is also conducting a similar
program but this time aimed directly at the end-user. This campaign is being undertaken at
various Parking Lots, Garages and Malls throughout the country. Click here to see Photo Gallery.


Gulf Oil Philippines together with Gulf Oil International participated in the recently concluded
ASEAN Council on Petroleum (ASCOPE) Conference and Exhibition. Held once every four years,
ASCOPE is the meeting point of the ASEAN Petroleum Industry and is the most important
petroleum conference and exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. It allows the world's most
influential national oil companies and authorities to share their insights on trends, opportunities
and issues facing the region. For further details, please contact Joy Sarkar:


Additional Capacity: A significant expansion programme is now well underway for Gulf in the
Philippines. The Base Oil storage capacity at the plant in Pateros, Metro Manila is being
increased by sixty percent with the addition of Four 20,000 litre tanks which are due to enter
service on the 4th quarter of the year. The facility has further been upgraded by the creation of a
“Bund Wall” around the whole storage tank area as a safety measure and to meet environmental

Additional Distribution Channels

• A new distributor has been appointed for the Agusan province of Minadanao and in the Negros
• Gulf has linked up with DU EK SAM, Inc. who is an official Honda dealer in the Philippines. The
company operates thirty-strong dealership outlets and service workshops.
• Gulf lubricants are now on sale at Fil Oil Ventures service stations. Though Fil Oil service
stations may not be the biggest chain outlets, its filling station locations are all on main roads.
This gives the public easy access to quality lubricants from Gulf.

With these recent moves, Gulf Philippines, Inc. is now postured for the big league

Internal Audit Training for GOPI Team

Gulf Oil Philippines gained ISO certification ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 for “Manufacture
and Distribution of Lubricants and Specialty Products” in 2002.
To strengthen and improve the system, GOPI organized a two day training program in May
2004 for its Staff on “Internal Audit” procedures. In the initial session on completion of training and
the subsequent examination, eight GOPI staff gained their “Certificate of Competence” from its
ISO certifying body, BCI Inc. for Internal Auditing of Management Systems. Four other members
of the staff are expected to complete the course by the end of October 2004.


Gulf sponsored a Moto-Cross for Motor-Cycle Drivers and enthusiasts in Negros
Occidental, in alliance with “DU EK SAM” the Motor-Cycle People. More than 50 participants took
part in the event and there was tremendous public response. More such events will be organized
for the company to be active in its Corporate Social Responsibilities and to develop awareness
and promote Gulf Brand.

New Alliance Forged

JVSP Marketing Corporation, the exclusive marketing group of Outlast Batteries signs
distributorship agreement with Gulf Oil Philippines, Inc. on April 11, 2003 in simple ceremony held
at Outlast Battery Station's main branch at Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City.
This strategic alliance makes GULF Lubricants available in all Outlast Battery Stations in
Metro Manila and later to the rest on the country. (click here to see the signing photo)

Senior-most Employee of GULF OIL Speaks

Mr. V. Ramesh who is currently the Chief Operating Officer of GULF OIL Corporation Ltd.,
Lubricant Division was named senior-most employee. His association with GULF OIL began 18
years ago in 1985 as a Laboratory Chemist in the Erstwhile Petrosil Oil Company who were the
licensees of Gulf Oil Corporation, USA. He was then given bigger task to fulfill in the area of
technical services, industrial sales, marketing, advertising, purchasing, general management of
western region. His brilliance and ingenuity was pushed to its height by becomming directly in-
charge of additives, international marketing and sales. After this global assignments, he was
recalled to India in October 2001.
When ask what is his message, Mr. V. Ramesh said ... I thank GULF for making a small IIT
Mechanical Engineer into a COO in less than 13 years. This shows that contrary to what many
normally believe, you do not need a godfather to come up in an organization. Sheer hard work,
dedication and loyalty will do. This is what I want to leave to other GULF employees that if I can
do it, all of you can too. He added.
Mr. V. Ramesh is the one responsible for organizing and developing GULF OIL Philippines in
1999 and hold the position as CEO prior to his recall to India. He still holds a seat in the Board of
Directors at present.

GULF OIL Factory Completes 2 Accident-Free Years

Using a patented cold mixing technology and supported by a well equiped laboratory,
GOPI's blending plant at Pateros has completed two years of operation. Well managed by a staff
headed by Production Manager Mr. Gerry Soriano, the plant has completed 2 accident-free years
and is successfully marching towards the target of "1000 days Accident Free" operation. GOPI's
plant already has both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

GULF's Double First in the Philippines

GULF OIL Philippines are celebrating two notable achievements both in their home
country and also within GULF organisation. By becoming the first oil company in the Philippines
to gain the 2000 standard ISO 9001 Certification, they also become the first within GULF
worldwide to achieve this business quality standard. GULF OIL Philippines have also become the
first GULF company and again the only company in the Philippines to gain ISO 14001
environmental standards certification.
This is not the first time that GULF OIL Philippines have been trailblazers in this respect and
congratulations are due to Mr. Varadarajan, Marlene Carrera, Gerry Soriano, Cezar Herrera,
Dennis Estanislao and their team, for setting new standards in business. (click here to see the

Progress of PII PC-9 the new Diesel Engine Oil Specification

API PC-9 progress. Matrix precision testing for the three new engine sequence tests -
Mack T-10 EGR, Cummins M-11 EGR and the Caterpillar 1Q EGR - slated for PC-9, the next
category of diesel engine oil. (more)

New Engine Oil Classification?

Frustrated with new and new specification demands from engine makers, rising testing
costs and decreasing operating margins, the American Chemistry Council has called for an
entirely new system for specifying, creating and labeling future automotive engine oils. (more)

GULF OIL Philippines Factory Now Operational

Using a patented cold mixing technology and supported by a well-equipped laboratory,
GOPI's small-scale temporary factory is ready in Pateros. This facility also expects to get an ISO
9002 certification by end of this year. Your friendly old man Mr. Gerry Soriano heads the
Production Division.
New Employees, New Distributors, New Associates
Check out our "Gulf Family Directory" section for new distributors and employees. We
have become big and are growing continuously- along with our customer base, business and
profits. We thank all our distributors, customers and well-wishers including suppliers for the help
in the year 2002. We thank the Almighty too.

GULF OIL International – Worldwide Since 1901

GULF OIL International is one of the World’s leading producers of petroleum products, operating
in over 53 countries. Gulf’s products are made in some of the world’s finest lubricating oil
processing plants, most of ISO 9002 certified and working towards QS 9000 certification.

For nearly 100 years, GULF OIL has re-defined the way in which the world shops for oil. It is a
journey that began on January 10, 1901, when GULF OIL drilled the world’s first high-volume oil
well in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, USA. Since then GULF has pioneered the world’s first drive-in
gas station (In Pittsburgh, USA), pioneered the catalytic cracking technology that revolutionized
the world lubricant industry and led the invention of the Polyalfaolefin, the synthetic lubricant

The correct lubrication of the automobile engine requires expertise and experience. Far more is
involved than simply filling the sump with a suitable lubricant and changing it at regular intervals.

The development of Gulf’s automotive product line stems from years of laboratory research and
field testing which has resulted in a family of oils meeting advanced standards of performance in
varied operating conditions.

Gulf’s automobile engine oils are backed by a comprehensive engineering program. It starts with
the selection of the optimum lubricant for your operating requirements, continues with dependable
experienced advice and results in maximum trouble-free engine operating life.

Products and Services

Besides the main range of lubricating oils and greases mentioned in this website, Gulf also
makes numerous other general and specialty products, besides custom-made products for
specific clients. This include numerous Gulfcut® range of soluble and neat cutting oils, Gulf No-
Rust® range of rust preventives and preservatives, Gulfco® range of Natural Gas engine oils.
Gulf also makes numerous "Genuine" oils which are marketed under association with equipment
and engine makers under their brand, but with Gulf formulation and technology.

Besides, Gulf also markets unleaded and leaded, base and premium gasoline, high speed diesel,
Aviation turbine fuels, kerosene, mineral turpentine and marine fuels. Other products include car
batteries, fuel and oil filters, and after-market car-care products and additives. Gulf’s product
range also includes specialty chemicals for the petroleum industry – called Gulf Agents.

GULF OIL Philippines Inc. - The Spirit of Innovation Continues ...

GULF OIL Philippines, Inc. (GOPi) is a joint venture between GULF International Lubricants Ltd.
and the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC). Gulf is here to grow together with the people of
the Philippines and to reflect its long term commitment plans to the country including a state-of-
the-art all comprehensive manufacturing plant.

GOPi brings to the Philippines an array of excellent products. Incorporated in 1998, GULF OIL
Philippines is proud to present its finest lubricants, tested and approved by leading engine
manufacturers around the world.

Proven International Connections

GOPi is one of the very few companies who are a member of the Society of Tribologists and
Lubricating Engineers (formerly called American Society of Lubricating Engineers, USA), the
National Lubricating Grease Institute (USA), the Petroleum Packer’s Council of the USA the
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and one of the very few companies in the whole of
Asia who have a Certified Lubricating Specialist on their payroll.

GOTCO, a Gulf affiliate, is one of the premier trading institutions of the world for base lubricating
oils and other related products.

Gulf’s Projects and Engineering Division designs and builds refineries, lube oil blending plants
and grease processing plants worldwide- for both in-house and third-party customers. Gulf’s
Corporate Services Team advices – both in-house and third party customers – detailed guidelines
and process for ISO 9002 and QS 9000 corporate certification.

Product Name

Gulf Antifreeze + Summer Coolant
Gulf Crown Grease No. 2
Gulf Crown Grease EP No. 2
Gulf Formula G 5W40
Gulf Gear EP 80W90
Gulf Harmony AW 1
Gulf Harmony Hydraulic Oil
Gulf Multi G 20W40
Gulf Power 2T
Gulf Pride 2T
Gulf Super Diesel Plus 15W40
Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 25W50
Gulf Super Duty Plus 40
Gulf Super HD Brake Fluid DOT 3
Gulf Syntrac
Gulf TEC 10W40
Gulf Transformer Oil P
Gulf XHD 40

Automatic Transmission Fluid


High quality Automatic Transmission Fluid for use in automatic transmissions & power steering
vehicles where Dexron® II or Type A Suffix A fluids are recommended. Also excellent for use in
hydrostatic transmissions of construction machineries, torque converters and others.

Specifications Met: Ford M2C9010A, Dexron® IID, GM 6137M, Allison C-3, Mercedes 236.7, Fiat
9.55550, ZF TE ML 09/14 LEV, Iveco standards 18-1807 LEV.

Packing: 1 US Quart, 1 US Gallon, 200 Liters

* Dexron is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation

Radiator & Summer Coolant


Synthetic coolant for automotive engine radiators - for cars, trucks, construction machineries and
farm equipments.

Specifications Met: ASTM, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Cummins, John Deere, Detroit Diesel and many
other engine maker’s specifications.

Packing: 1 US Quart


High quality, golden color, lithium base grease for multipurpose applications in automobiles,
industries and household. Can be used from -30ºC to +130ºC.

Packing: 0.5 Kg., 16 Kg. and 180 Kg. drum

Multipurpose Grease


High quality, golden color, lithium base grease for multipurpose applications in automobiles,
industries and household. Can be used from -30ºC to +130ºC.

Packing: 0.5 Kg., 16 Kg. and 180 Kg. drum

Synthetic Passenger Car Engine Oil


100% Synthetic premium quality passenger car engine oil for use in new, imported cars, sports
vehicles and other cars running under extreme conditions. Approved by Americal Petroleum
Institute, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche.

Specifications Met: API SJ/CF/EC, ACEA A3/B3, CCMC G5/PD2, Volkswagen 500.00/505.00,
Mercedes Benz 229.1 and SAE 5W40.

Packing: 1 US Quart, 1 US Gallon, 200L

Corporate Mission

The Mission of GULF OIL International is to make GULF the best lubricant supplier in the
business today, as defined by our Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Competitors and Citizens.

To achieve this, we will provide high performance, defect-free products and services at all times,
and at the best possible cost. We will do this without harming the environment and following the
highest ethical standards.

By doing so, we contribute an excellent long term growth and returns to our shareholders,
customers, suppliers and other partners.

Quality Policy
GULF OIL International is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction (TSC), and its team strives
for continuous improvement.

We will achieve this goal by adopting the following:

Product Quality Implement all planned activities in a systematic manner to
provide consistent Quality of our products creating total customer confidence in our customers.
Customer Service Commit to prompt service and timely support to enhance
customer satisfaction.
Communication Design and implement an effective communication
system to provide appropriate information to both internal and external persons, on time and
Training and Development Undertake continuous training and development
activities to fulfil the company’s competitive needs and employee’s aspirations.
Time Bound Activity Operate all activities to agreed and declared schedules.

Environment Minimize the adverse effect on the environment by continuous

improvement in Products and Processes and thus maximizing the efficiency of our people.

Shareholders Build a strong national image for high quality products and
maximize the return on investment.
Distributors and Commission Agents Induct, develop and sustain good
Distributors/Commission Agents as members of the GULF family as an on-going process.

The responsibility for this commitment to Quality lies with each employee. Each can contribute to
improving customer satisfaction.