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Why It Is So Bad The Diocese of Northern Uganda, with main city Gulu, was devastated by the 20-year conflict with the Kony led, evil Lords Resistance Army that ceased in 2005. Many died, more abducted, numerous were mutilated and most had their

Health Units The Diocese has eight providing a range of services. All have: out patients, family planning, immunisations and HIV testing including

Saving Lives in North Uganda

This picture starts the story

The picture shows some of the issues faced in our rural areas, such as malnutrition - see the boys pot belly - and an absence of family planning hence the large family. Oldest child has key to hut she is in charge. There is no electricity, poor water, poor schools and very limited health care.
Check Out - You Tube Video Healing Konys Wounds

socialisation and education disrupted. 90% of the population were housed in IDP camps. Now people have been returned to their land but have poor skills and facilities. Health units are slow to move and some areas have very poor cover leading to home births and death from treatable disease. Pressures of poverty are worsened by inefficiency and endemic corruption. Why & How We Are Involved In 2010 Pete was invited by Bishop Johnson to assist with the Diocesan Health work. Now we organise and fund a local office headed by Paska.

outreach. Five units provide antenatal care and three deliveries. Some are in good buildings and others in dreadful accommodation. Clinical Standards range from good to totally unacceptable. The Plan Standards are improving very significantly in some units. We want much more and aim for all our units to provide an excellent, comprehensive and sustainable service that will save lives and glorify God. Can You Help? If you (or friends or church members) would like to make a difference in a corruption free, effective project to improve the health opportunities of a truly poor population, please consider: 1. Giving Money. We are hoping people or churches would be willing to give 10.00 month. Will your church or you?

(It is very old but gives an idea) (See the bye at the very end!)

2. Volunteering Abroad We need all sorts of help: short term long term, medical, nursing administrational and building. We particularly need a person (doctor, nurse or administrator) who will regularly visit or work in Uganda. 3. Volunteering in UK We are looking for people who could help with: fundraising and website. 4. Major Projects We need equipment & buildings. We are looking to NGOs for significant help. Newsletters and accounts will be given to all who would like to be involved. Money If you would like to donate financially, we would be happy to give more details or simply accept your money that can be paid to Nechells and Overseas Care Fund 47 Heneage Street, Nechells Birmingham B7 4NF Or, direct to Lloyds TSB Account name: Nechells and Overseas Care Fund Sort: 30-90-95 Account Number: 00190468 Thanks for reading this.

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Contact Details E.mail. Phone. 0795 236 2418 021 359 4802 Address: 47 Heneage Street Birmingham B7 4NF

Gulu Connection
(Saving Lives in North Uganda)

is a ministry of Nechells and Overseas Care fund Trustees Pastor Robert Hooper - Chair Ms Helen Cullingford - Member Mr Leslie Carter - Treasurer Mrs Sylvia Carter - Secretary Dr Peter Hill - Administrator Bye! ..

Dont Forget to check out You Tube Video Healing Konys Wounds (Check out the bye at the very end (It is old but gives and idea)!)

Pete and Carol