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Name: Tony Waluyo Sukmoasih Nickname: Tony Q Name musicians: Tony Q Rastafara Place / Date of Birth: Semarang / 27 April 1961

The man from the city of Semarang, Central Java, was born with the name Tony Waluyo Sukmoasih. Start a musical career with the band since 1989 Roots Rock Reggae. Regular gig from cafe to cafe or event music scene in Jakarta. After joining and forming many reggae bands like Exodus Band, Band Rastaman, until finally in 1994 to form the band that well known as a carrier stream of reggae music in Indonesia at that time, namely Rastafara. Together Rastafara Gimbal had released two albums in 1996 and Falling In Love in 1997.Hampir all the songs on the album is self-created by Tony Q, lyric most talked about social themes, humanity, love and the theme of the day-to-day life . One of the songs were quite popular at that time was a term for Hair Dreadlocks Dreadlock hair style in a foreign language then indirectly used the term in the Indonesian language and became popular dikarenakannya song. Differences Rastafara at that time with other reggae bands is that they managed to incorporate and integrate elements of traditional music with traditional Indonesian style into his music, forming an Indonesian reggae music that can be detached from the shadows of the world of reggae music like Bob Marley, UB40 or Jimmy Cliff. The use of traditional musical instruments such as the Sunda or Gamelan Java Kendang also add color to Indonesian music in songs Rastafara. And the musical arrangement is also seen passing musical elements wither or even a local specialty music northern Sumatra and West Sumatra. In 1997 Rastafara decided to vacuum in music, and eventually Tony Q decided to form a new

band still carries the name Rastafara. Then in 1998 formed the Tony Q & New Rastafara, with additional band format player. But then Tony Q decided to pursue a solo career with his band still carries the name of Tony Q Rastafara, who managed to release an album in 2000 that Peace With Love. In fact this is his third album, Tony Q started up the peak of his career in reggae music in Indonesia, because the album is a Professor in the music of Canada gave a reference for sending demos to participate in the event the Bob Marley Festival in America. Organisers of the festival was like the songs on the album, and then invited to Tony Q appeared on the show in 2002, but unfortunately Tony Q and his entourage did not get permission from the American embassy visa due to security concerns related to the September 11 WTC tragedy American occurring adjacent to the planned departure of Tony Q to America. In 2003 her fourth album titled Chronology in the release, the songs on the album is a collection of some songs from previous albums as well as some songs that have not been released. Then in 2005 Tony Q re-release of the latest album titled Greetings of Peace with a mission and vision to say about peace in this album Tony Q tried to incorporate elements of reggae music with orchestra music but do not forget to incorporate traditional elements even on this album are also songs with lyrics Sundanese and Javanese language which adds to the traditional elements of Indonesia's strong reggae music. Recent achievements won by Tony Q at the end of 2005 was the inclusion of one of the songs from his third album Love is Peace With Pat Gulipat into world music compilation album with the title World Music Putumayo Reggae Playground is scheduled to be released internationally in February 2006. As the only representative from Asia it is also not just the name of Tony Q itself, but also the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world and in particular the style of Reggae Music Indonesia also be better known internationally.