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badplenty urnrnre fpyfter friends, her mash,- fljn h^r* ? What do -yon mp*m ? J b o depo-; and utter inability to avhPi , ^ f i Q r t . " I^published'-eYery %VED^SSI>kT memlBg, crt tin; and ber books.'" spend : abbve hall book* * She; didn't spead*bove half sited i t ? ' asked C a r i e s , b w w i T d l ^ ^ : , J . o r u ^ p g W h t ' f f S t " ! l f o llk? T Hla-the^itustion L s J -^J-*-L^I : ' foH.%^-n| libera] ~ . . ': at* l i m I r ^ a i ^ ^ f E ? ^ r ? t e r J , ^ ' S i ^ ^ t b e r r o G l y '.YousIiairSiibw epeejlily^ said Marlon, who h =~ -*?faarth~* Fnte Flag/ i?L ^ -Wih o h t l ^ which -wai saffering'fro'tt TRMS: superintend: theprorations of thes servants. ..enjoyed befi husband's conftion^_-iDo e of " ? ^ ^ infancy, chbleraiTilai^Jm, *$& ''-$1 CO.per annum,-if pajdirradvance. : ^ut46j&^atAnffr was>mplv SPJBefopt, Thel - o ^ m e r n j g ^ I U ^ j ^ o ^ J gHJl, greatei*poigu&BujKto .her feeitqgs^*-^ l -25 at theenrf of six ijwrtths, ' ... ".. ' A SrORY^FOB, BUSINESS MEN. servants wore satisfieo* that. e^eryjlgrtr of waste- ter our-m%rr{age, .about/the support o f o u r . t a * She was just"'raisin ' ' h e r little E U a f r o m t h e .""'."" ' I 50- at -the expiration -of the'year.. 4. '^:i_j__. falness and TjegleetrpD their^.'part would be 00- blc, in which yoirjrave me.permi^sjpr^to^gve. """ Thep3[er wtll"~* regilSlf-BSlted", in a strong wrapSV CABL C A S T A S . cradle-wjr.eti-a-kriocir^rjr^EAO'^^ tieedj and the "presence of their? distress for - ^ r n i u c h a s I chose f.-oni your allowauce, proilper, to subscribers oat of the .villae-; and o a paper :>_^ ^"^T*** this shortrspace of time operated astan effectu- vided i' keirt Tip'OuT^hcti st'yIe,.-flf4iving.->'-- -aim"ost fainting into her seat. will be discontinued (except at the optica, of the -cttAPrts n :.'.Go-M^rry,'.s3id she, ' a n d tell Mr.Goald proprietors) until .al^, arrearages are paid. ' . " ' **- :; .Charles Gardner-was-a young _mercnanfe Jeh; al chek-^pou ; thejta^ ..''".'.: . ' Y e s , I-recall it,-but fivgTlTooaniiu dullars ! TEBMS O r AI?VEaTISISO. j that-I-.-bave a very sick child and cannot see 2 gaged in a gciod business..which yreldedL.bim ."But.-tfiis was not a l l . Mrs. Gardner Teqoir-. it is impossible you haVe Saved^all thatr? . One insertion of a sqmTe or less, 50 cents; each adrung to'aihtyiH -. .*. K o t quite! 1'ou have placed in m y h a n d s ditional insertion, 25 cents; For one square of 16 lines profitable returns. Bertg-decided {y-~f t b T ^ ^ l l - t b e - . - t r a d e s m e n , . butbber.ynakers,' &c.. : s "or i5ssr-63^^ye^^f-"St months, .85 ; eacrij additioal ppitHOjB-^thafc-^ it is-aot. goctdLfoiLman to be who.had anything to do with thiatJepartment; monthly the saui pf\t&Q hundred dollars. "But,before she:could have time sto leaveth tojheiv arjd.^er=:pjerson3l This tu a year,jvill make 2480 dollars. Now' room light feet were beard in-tbe hall, and a square or less, &- ! . - .' alone,' he married a-yo.t,i|rg lady, the""daughter to send in their bills r : of a coaV^y-dergyman,- wiixiuLbCw''ul.d^er ly diseli|irged theua.5 ^ .In: this. wsyllhe|j3^fift i haye fonud Tt easy to save oiie-tTJTrd of j h i s lady of.- most exquisite loveliness entered the room followed by a gentlemauoTnoble appeatrof every variety and description, such as lJLnjake~ v ^ -' " ~ Fou^^hcjT^ff-rjoffar^ -Hssdrailsj-Parnpoiets^-Circaars* Blanks,- object. B a t he' thought, ^and wisely,-NbaV a tion. - - v . 4 rThveTb^ogFtlnj hlS$a"ndv^'fri-T All took very-little time." Everything Labels, '&rc\T&c:resedated with neatnsss cuTt'ivateaT rmud, .and an amiable disposition r r t t s d wJtb I2&ZL ! ^ ^ - # ? ^ let-.j httle Ella, r s ^ l e r t J n , ' s said a i d the amiable Mrs. ' 1, M MrsMerton,' united - as in the - to pergonal .was brcught-^ttria'Sr' complete system, ami "lio t reraaii [idle. I"hHve_tJierefufe regular J Prescott aVsh& eiitered,-'_'andi/s" I x baVc gr'gfll"--^obtained elsewhere.. _ clock ", 7 % rk-Cugiiba:be tte r^rc'^u laiejjr lydeposi-ed. i t i n the Franklin Bank l S i _ B . E X T i J S > .ehafmygaye better promise 'of happiness than ^AJl^ordcfSv-^pcsi-pa'id). "^-i^his skill- "1 .miij^jjLfi.tjjgo^fid^h^Zia^iig skill- hone* h c p e \vrtiV o i i will wlij H^ to"^ - > T"l?'rom . the descriptibs ;of--^Mrs.^ Gardrief'I and you s e e t h e result? Own", Charles the largest portion Editor.""will receive immediate"'snecrr i U ^ J_ ' " I , - . ; L. > .-.Marion Watson had been well educated in. mode o^.m_ffTiagemeut-,, Whie"h lve"~haTe'^iveD am a prudent maiiagen' '- PROPillETOaS: \1 ou are vwyrtewj^-answered; Mfs. -UW^ L U S E W . STATITON*, iV.r.i'n-A ........ .:? '5 HrRAH VAIL, ' " : " . ' the best sense of the term. While" d u e at- sonlewhat : iu.detail,. because we think it really_ You are my-savToltf, deaf <Matibp ; I shall tQn./ but I/fcar that i"t,"is too late.' JOHN INGSXfrxK, '!-_ - & i * f JO.S-S. 3SV.TOS, tention had been;paid^to_jjje_orpattiental in a good 6ne, aud/ deserving. of_heing j rhtfajp,tj. use three'jimusaa3-4oTu^^ L "'gtOv-W/CBSTEtt, J O H S TT7Tai.B27^ . S e ^ O e s p a i . r , ,royi?eW-woiuaB -tiSfU',. 7 her training, th^!us^.fCr~had: tiot beeh neglect we turn to a drffeTent scene. The curtain falls, vide fur present cmergeiieies^t^-L^^.-ig'o'ti JOHN C. PAVSfi, . OSO. ff. COFFIN, .benevolent Doctor' Prescott,'"as-he"Took t h e /-" GEO. CON'KLIN*. JOHN 3 . "GARKSS. aud when it rises onee more -imagine "that a ed. '-She was accordingly eqaally well fitted, repaying i& ATia-youTafejat Ufai'tv And you, ^ a r e s t perfect perf child in his a m T W d ^ e a ' t e d himselflnear t h^" -io-graes-the-drawing roai-audr_tj>.^perintet3 periooLof five.years has slipped b y ^ a pejjod-- .to euittiitue ' wv eH be U7 ue * tlie^work -yea-bare so " S " -vfiHdow.^' tlmro is a . l w ^ hope as long as there ~* ' 'the operations of the kite-hen. and in Cither by the by. which !>as witnessed themtroduc A f t o r a 5l T I ' E ' 12. U AT t e r a day. l h j t isu'tso bad an-idea, pruyidioffer-ris life, and I doubt not Jour child - w i l f r e c o W ^ * ' tion of twojjittle sr;mg-ero into the auosehoid a fjusition'sliowed herself perfectly at home." ~ ~>~ 3-~ rainy Alter watching the -infant for some time a n d Vmm HIP, -London illustrated News._^_ 'f.Ctiiiries and Muriou: This, as 1 have re. Ohm \^i ~Z l U1JV1 ^ .,' But.' sajj_Strl^iiEdnerlLSmiliug ^t"iflq-H.fing-tBto-U-s-symptoms he--mkiisrerpnr av -T-rrgrt^H 5 L. i>i\ B ^ V lehce, -and as a natunjl-crmst'quence was L rath niarked, is by.the way,-aiifi^Jias n) especial i.lmugho your motto w:rs,.' Troubles'be hanged, ^vjiat.ineulciHe he thougli_^uece.ssary5lwhemfe^." Who bids for the Httfe^ghildxon>. er careless in his expenditures. -He thought connection with t h e very practical mirarwiiich aud the sooner t h e better ! r storing the. babe to its mother lie informed h e r Body aad.suul and brain?. '-' - ,: it.-necessary to live in a certain-style,-and' hav l a m trying to elicit irptu-this htUs^keteEul- ^ Y o - u r savrnj^.rotortcd-G that she had no causc~to be alarmedTTor t h e " Who bids f r the liule children. ing no very clear idea hiw muoh it required mme a very good rope ttf.hahg them with.' symptoms'of her ebdd -were all favorable for' ' Young and jy'uhout a slain 1 .'. - to. support it, placed this juatter-entirety iti The curtain, .fails. How does t h e reader : i t s r e c o v e r y . ' . W h e n resuming hi3 hat "and-' Will no one bid," said England, / the."hands of. -others,, and took no further '.;.'-. \ ~"' r . .CHAPTER- I I L - ' ' . _ , ";' .. like the MA.NAGLNG- WIFE..- '...." ' '.,-;-. cane he informed his:wife,-.whuhadbeen chat' "-For their soals so pure".and' white, thought'about i t . . ' ..[, , . "-; . 'Allen,' said Mr. "Gardner to bu book-keepmg kindly to-the-gir4s-near.the'wihdoYf,-tuafcv And ftt for all good and evil, * - ' Having premised so much' let Us introduce er oifriSb'ruiog, how soon does Tletchwood's L*^o'rn->"]f:-Hiinsiin-"PaSly Star.. ho was now ready to a'ttend her,J'wberi putting The world on-tlicir page may write 1" the newly married couple-to the reader bL-fore bill fall due?'' , - ' . :^W on a look of ^nystery,. she sportively ordered -: T H ^ E U. S G-E N-E S the honeymoon had*-fairly passed. ' Tomorrow. 5 was the reply. .' We bid," said Pest and Famine, htm to go about his business, as" she should re1 ^ T b e breakfast table with its inviting accomSo soon. j"-t anib'uuts to five thousand dol IN THE': LIFE OF A DRESS-MAKER. " H ' e bid for life and.liinb ;"./'. mawi some time .'longer'-_,' having business o f a ; paniments bad'received a full share of atten'. Iar.<, does it hot ?'. . - V'' Fever anil pain and squalor. - private nature to transact with Mrs. Merton. " S7 H3TTY SCSSSD3S, tion, when Charles, pushing back bis chair, -.' Yes, and'we.have but two tbotsandoollafs TrieirJjright younjr eyes shall d h n ; . ' And now. Madam,' said sheYturning to Mrs.' saidv'wit'h a smile: "!!.._. ;. ....";_. to;Jue.ei it'r and, .just at.this tim^ you'know, bVh#niihe-ehiid-Tin.g?ow.too many, . . . / -.-.-.. SCENE F1UST.- ' Merton, as her husbaud laughingly leffc-.theWe'll nurse Ihem as our own,- '". ' .Well, Marion', as we have got to be qujte'a ..t; is very difficult, to borrow at a)y per""cent.' Seated near the windows ofa plain but neatly room. as I hours "to spare I am goAnd hide them in secret places, staid married couple/ .-comfortably settled ' T h a t i s true,'' said Mr. "GaHuer, - -rather furnished aplirtriient 'were.several young gir!>. ing to spend it with your -little-Ella while you 1 , Where none may hear, them moan." !' Ti"V"r ..*? ]if fir.-t.h' busily-engagerj-in sewing, ^hiYeata table "vvuicTT retirenand. ttrk6-sx)'sie rest, for.I see i y you? fspla'natiou about household expenses, and so it is uow. , B u t what-shall f e u ? - Fletch occupied the centre of the roo'm upon "which looks that you are very near ".'being ill yOur" I bid, rr Taid Beggnry, howling, " forth', ' '' wood won!t wait. Of That I an couviueed. were scattered a profision of-costly silks and SU IP: b u t before you leave I wisk-to. 'say to you 11IM1 bay them one and all, -With-all m*y heart,' said bis wife; ' Itbiirk and 1 .shall, not be ready I. am afraid." I'll teach a' thousand lessons _... muslins, was seated Mrs.'.Merton, a-fa^hionar that you need not hurry yourself with m y ' I don't, know ; nmM^w '.inVpTi"i>:c CPT-'O^Q ble-dress maker: engaged iiVWrititig.T all sueh maU^s_oujiJit_tQ_be C'niduetod .with, To lie,' tolk'ulk, to,crawl ; . T T I s'uail leaye tor -^ew York to-mbr.-ystoin. and brought within fixed limits. Three thousand dollars iuu>t be ruined som'e wjiile with her foot she gave a gentle motion They shall sleep in my lairlikc maggots, row and shall not need them' until-my-return, h _T -tlia'tis'rthe only safe-way;"^^ '-'- : how You -ninsc try to borrow, tlibugh it is a to a cradle in which lay an infant evideutly. and as I-may be away fo.r several, weeks I am ' "Trrey-6hafl"rot in the lair sunshine j r . ' I b-ve'beea-tbinkiiig,' said Charles, "thai desperate'chance:. Try Mr. Elwoud And if they answer, my purpose, very ill. -. .- -. going to settle my bill at this .time .which I . ' it raill- be best to set apart a certain sum for" ~ - 1 wilf-do-rt^'said Charles, ' b u t it needs . H e r e . Mary,1' said she, addrjesiing one of think you said would be twelve-dollars.". N o t I hope they'li-answer thine." household expenses, the supply of the table not divination to predict the result. ' I should the girls, ' I wish you to take tins bill to Mrs. a .word,' said she as Mrs. Merton' wasa.bout .to " And" I'll bid higher and h i s h e r , " . ' . : . . and so forth.- What do you say to two h u u :is soon expect-to work a miracle .as ^ e t m o u e y Hanson", the" rich banker's w'ife. and request 'speak, ' I can just as it now as' afc Trjiab him.' ^ ~^~- [ . .Said Crime, .with wolfish grin, dred-dollars per month?-' to send me the amount, which is tifteeu any other-time. And now while I think of it,' 1 " Fur l4uve to lead trie children* Two hundred dollars a month,' said Marion And yet he j s the only busmess_man.yho dollars;', but should- she'secm' inclined to put continued thg_ lovely.jvpman;^iI^may^as,5elL_ Through the piemant_paths of sin ;- ~ who, bei g" accustomed to the limited" menage is "11 feeTy_nrhave spare funds at-his disposal'. ff the payment, tell b^er'that my child is ve settle sister Ada Melville's bill also. ' How" They'lhall swarm in the streets to pilfer, i>f a country clergyman 'with a small salary. ' T h a t is true, and I .cannot do worse than ry si.ek and I have great.ueed'of theuLoney,-^ much is i t ? ' , Thp v almllcilaaup 'Hi hruadlhizhway.whafsnuTl 1 dblf%e'sriburd""tara-"settiiug Jit-a^u-erron IviisVi-md. ' Two hundred dollars a moiith . ''jL'he peiicdair win >h. tTi'e een v^,^AUo ,i" veTill they grow too "old for pity,. ' Well, there-is your money.' said Mrs. Prescorded-ahovo'took place.-was oiie oi great com.. -4* bill attliis.tijue,? To morrow iuy. rent b e f.,V"'the supply of" the tahie T.' iiayeu't "you ' And rip'e'for the faw to sfayj - 1 she handed her a quantity, of bills, placed it rather too high, 'Charles?' _'.'.. . niercial. pi^essure. -Money was uuaccauntabJy- -coiues due, while^my child lies dying for .want, and now away-t^bedvirhilc I nurse your lit."Prison and hulk and gallows ' .'. . of proper meciiciiie, and I have not-one dollar only .to be obtained a t * very high ' A n d do yOQ really t h i n k ' i t so very much, -.searee, and . I t was such: a scarcity as will cume wherewith t o meet my pressing -necessities, tle girl.' Aud laying aside her botftiet the'elepremium Are niahy ih-.trie'laiid. .1 'r'- .my prudent littW wife?" said Charles, smiling. now aud then as ev<"-y hivikLelsjS IUUU knows to while I hold unpaid bills to near the amount gantly "dressed woman took the sick child into " T we're folly riot to-usethem^- -^s= jYou must remember-that oar position ?u his-cost. - But^wewUUo]lo.w Charle8 OIL his oLoue hundred_ dollars against the hearties,- iu her arms-aud seated herself .near the Cradle,' -S^^-ptoudly as thf.y scuad.^ , ^~--,.. quires'us'to live "UKa/certainr style,, and th.aj considerate v.otari'eTof fashion, who leave me while the now happy and grateful mother could expedition - -Give 7 7 W the little children, ' .'_ . litis cannot be supported'without money.' . ' 'I'll take them as ihey're born ; ' ''_ _ ".-Sir. Elwood,' he said", as .he ehtered that and my cuild to'want the necessaries"of life, scarcely retain from falling afc her feetand pay" ' T h a t ' - i s true, Charles, but are you yery And I'll feed theireviipassions : ientlenian's coiuvfing-roorn,'' I have a favor fc. while they lavish their hundreds at some fash- ing her thehouiage she would-an angel of me?sure that .your income will allow..of each an With misery .and scorn.. Lend me three thousaud dollars ionable -watering place. Can it be that .they' cy. Such is the power of kindness upon the expenditure?' ' ' . :J .'_ ; \"" a.^k of you. '..'' never think ot the poor dependent dress piaker human heart. : - ..- for a few-.days?' ^ i v e w the. uttie childie!1., : r ^-Q--hi^-tfl.-.TilyT my very caTeful Marion. liile a.rr^yng ttH.n^.^vMg in th^i f,o,>tly qp-. ducr, I would withgreat-plea r Bu<iii' was uevcrbetter, aiid.Ldou'texpect I My ueai ' ' e "good, y e " n c h r 7 0 * ^ ' r ' *~" SCENE T H I R D . .. parel that .will .be worn by them for months, But A ? I T t > ' ' ."-.". sure, had I such a sum at. my disposal "And let the.busy world run round 1 to 1 jiist y e t . Three years have passed away~ with th,err three thotrsand dollars is a large sum in these perhaps, without being-paid for? _ ' While-'y.e shut your idle'eyes; ' ' But'Charles, do you approve of living u p ' time3. W here it has all gone toj I cau't tell. At.-tb.i3 moment Mury eutered.the'room with hopes and'fears siuee the thoughtful kindness" And you judges shall nave work, _ to one's rncome ? ' lah'i' i t . best to save some1 of the amiable-Mrs.' Prescott saved the humthe bill in her baud. ; , ." . I never knew suelra time before. ; And you. lawyers wagjhe to'ngus ; thing for s-rain-y d u j ^ Biiaiuess may not al 1 .' * Nubody ;knows that better than I do, said -' H a s she no"w-?'^aid.Mrs. Mer- ble and dist'epcssedjjioss maker from ruiu, and = ' And; the' jailors arid policemen" . - ways h e as good as It is: now. Reverses may ; we now find . her"seat"eu"iira most- sumptuous-' . Shall be^fethers-to "the young." ' t tffiarles,, '"Then you cau'.t'oblige tott, in a" quivering yoice. cume. and then' .._ >=.-u-. NoniVamV"waTiier reply, ' a n d she'said ly furnished .aparttrieut with.ber little Ella me? T.should be williug to^pay a'High pre~"~ l "PosTtivelyr~Manoop-you -are--&pesfect "Ohj BriamBr said true Seiigion,' ' L;-. j Ji : .:-.^.T..-i-.Ti.iii-iiL 'J-^,.1-1 ijrowu-a4fvelyand hcalthy-clnld. .playing-un:. a she was surprised atydur..presu.m;pTiou in seurjb croaker^: My Very wis^ little ":Vrife, there is uiium.' "Oh,' sHame, that this s6oay be t i^eowee^Wtiiiai^tafajCHjl^^ ou t h e ^ o j s ^ carpet a t > r fee^jvbile_Jver husiTae'tbing in which I .show more wisdom than to" o b l g e y o u . i f i i t w e t e in my.power.' ^ t T w k e trie iittie chlldreii-^ iooiis ot ' A t my presumption in sendiug^.her bill so Vband.;sits near by r j a r d i u g l i e r wija-lop j - o U j u xxot anticipating what is .very dis* 1 111 take-them 3ll to me; the-most devotedaffection while listening to ? Mr Gmdnsr.retired iti'a dpsntiiHinp' frnmft s'nnn l 'said Mrs Merton, with surprise,,'.- why i, a n djTrfLr~"Tr5Trjr"~cmk^ i i o ^ i ' vOme. "^reeaBTe .o China i-rrir ?l'U^iseTh^rrrup irisinanesa . tue reeuat of u--r struggles, with a coid -and; greeapie to tnina 5T it is;-now. four months sitice we finished^_the 1 e dav is the-'evil thereof' of miud. Ho. was aware "ihut uearly^ail.^^ From .the mire in wh'rcb they've, trod; SutBcient-unto the heartless world during his long absencejn^ Ca*. tysture^Lliietids * ere ,as much pressed as Jie, and that last article, aud.over six ifiohths siuce the B.r=st f-U nach_tliefn-words of blessjpg, ?.-irtrjr-: C A D l i n r a . l l i r she.-refuses to pay it ;-but did liforuia,'whither he. had travelled in search of : 'tie able to- ad^ was done, aud 1'tl Jefld taem- up_to_ God'*" , .t-fottbles! .be, hadged 1 say I,_J.od t h e ^ o a - e r -net-one of theui probably would : _ yuiTndt telt .h"er^that'iLU"y";child' 'was^TdjiDgrfor that-gold whieh-lares so^manyof our yodcg^ Viinee him'the'rexjuife'd suuiv-- .j _the better.'. . : g . ' - jueu trom their peaceful home. f JiXou're^not trie true religion," of proper medicine?' '-...'. I t tufued o.ukas he^autiepated. Those^o lack { _< With all your langhing.lCJjarJeik yon won't ^ Aud now, dear'- Charles^ cdnt'rnaed Mrs. 'Said a Secti wiilTfl3sriing eyesrT CThomT-he-.a^pUtKJ .were^veyy. w r r y TWHe^.ti 'tluit. Yfs. b^t her reply "was tbat 3he could; not i>ie*ion, '"the" most, singular' euau*e of all is O i i ' v i l i C c l u i ? " t i i a t i t ' i o i / i . b c l i c i i v m a a c pTCjVJ LSPT. trintit" ^aid .anoinefi-^QgwilnyfT" f o r a h e expected to leave "home this -.i~.^i . itjoirior a^Tererse. If itdoesu't ebm^, all they-g'ere^u.nable. to hel^ him, tint j t ..was.quite he^git, " Triou'rt heresyand lies." evening for Saratoga-/ and she had not money that have returned home ladea with. out df the question. ; . . ; J. "She" b^rtc*', but. surely the preparation will-do ! ; .*. '0fo"ft shall hot hare tbe children," '' I t r - t h e ev>nihg his wife -noticed ,tbat bis to- spar^' aud she nnj uac uot call agaiu b u t uo:'hanH. > . .'. p ^ ; i ; ' ^ , 4 \ IM^I ihrt" w h e a i ^ a s .convenient^or, her j aristocratic'Mrs. .Hanson has become ^"bankaid a third,' with shout and yell, " r r s e e you" are perfectly incorrigible," and "-Foil1*.; atIv!i>Io aud-uigi/v . like every woman, prepared to have your own I S S B S S S S ^ w ^ t i S i l A ' to rumpmg I t o ^ t t l e the bill" ahe would s e n d H i e r ^ m ^ O e t . rUp., HuOnrta* i s - H ^ w ^ a ^ u ^ e ^ . You>d.traki them cp forheUV" upon a charg*of l o r g e r y ^ n d it is feared by way.- ^Wsllj J will yield ;.o 6 c as thisi.i I ^Uh his httle,Jwys, Charles, and Arthur, who ty with the amount, and thea she ordered the ed hisfrieuds that nothing cau^Save him from eagrt.l to t"he duor.' on that 'accouut-hailed "papa'a. r e t u r ^ ^ tjtie , Arid' fingfatidr'ireryTJTrszredj '.shalVpl-ce in your hauds two hundred "dollars ""'Ndw^mky Gd have compassion on'me and wring the walls of a pnspu. Yet a s '&*&&& To se*"ttcfc lwtUe-Mf6n& v. a month!'to* defray oai1 ;hoasehold expenses, signal for a noisy demon'sCrattoo. NuW he was mi^S^giu(anirB^the^^tch^d, Mrs.' u h i r a d W h u t treatHmtf me at thp tttoa . _ ' and ydufare a t liberty to* saveiaJLAiidcbfls-yoa sifetit-arJa: moody?. -- ' ' ;-Bjt*daifriedj*!Wi-tP* o^fc^Ji. . .. M ^ u i ' a s she sank" weeping-into a c h a i r . - of dir Ella's illness I do pity her s i n c e r e ^ please o&*n>f % "provided-' * 6 i ! M r o r in our ' V ^ P n q f j f W t ^ f F t o saatte^wtthjfod. e i i ^ %lfmthope i s swepir - a ^ y . tor ,-of alI my *d ^rould assist her with the greatest pleas-. ^ n a e b t s t y l W wikhoat : 4ny.fairi^.o*. '5Vb lesl':askedTMarioa pia"yfufly,. "* You 1' fa'shiouable qehwrrs. Mrs," Hanson is*the.only |ureif i^only Knew in what way so _ disconcerted >g. if.j[ijn t Pffl?y'iraZbat* one 'doyqa-saj,^ltttgaiBV ' ffl, Aul,T oneicftifr the city.' ~ * ... \ .-.' * ' t&artheiittlefa3uafeao - ''YtitJiBgly^..tep,Ued MrA::Gatdoe?;..Vaad frieud i a the Vorld', "arid Had" just lost that '* Has she not children?' inquired Mr*Mer* 'Mrs, Prescott:'5-^oi.gone,'.said thesyrapayou shall see what a good manager.I am. one.' fc ; is4otne4bib& Marion, wtiefeyoix<nni3% >f-' lt is'i and-you will soon, have;a .large. Jgp 'iJri'Min't d n i i w a t all vfthrmarfaiang t?bygr3: . a n d r,-., $*t*irreWe"*L 4 i v .; . . - " ' _ ' - - ^-. t - - t _ u ^ ..I....... >"l.iaS^'--"-86'---why need .'yuur^kuow . *v* feacJt.see^sAOFb'ave a 1 dear Mrs. Prescott informed me this"morning sa^C^haf l^^lajughifig, iii-aX ^ w l bill ov u v i | sooti * u u jas w u ber miv --_her as work U . d ,r*--T-rf pny^ , .^p*tfehey-^WfrfiSSe;<^tfaae4';, -,r' keiwl^ge'pf-iitw^ald^uly ^ i a yo% as<i it pays that they'-bayb-aihbeeu. takeu from school^and . rYca,. Mary," I know' that she is a' solitary will.eonie sooajenoagbj. . . _ '. a J . . L.~.1~.W-Vi F>i'!''ir~l.l.t j 1. LB.l.L tistrtrM^i. Hauso> had removed into an oJ>%.. '_ I not a exoeptn to; Ae ieartlcss xhnssgr^P scure street h'aviug begh entiiely. neglected b y all of her former friends and associates.' : j T h e way of t h e world,' replied .her busbaod. S b n W f ^ ^ . >nrclmed. . S h e ' j ^ f S ^ S ^ a a w ^ * "While we have-,-wealth ail. court p a r s p c i e t j j "J& ook.oiSta of &S rens, w g ^ hasbarid (^drTirJHjuracknowled^e it, as but-^heii fortutte becomes fickle^and leaves;us ? - 1 .i-.ri cff rayiUfriyfeifrdPfri car.iA'lJttiL-.tfcMrinrii tj^MRA aiii_ela_ 'tirtofM >*d^ela a my ' digututoy, Beeui.ux'J -. then utea Ua** -fowakp -tofgsas pg, S;J,fo^gotticg losge^imjj. i or , t


^A-MA^ai^a - t r o -




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'^mati'that ^?"' -



that makes the man. * Aod no,w Mar*y dear, j t is my -sfish thatyoa .visit.thu'poor'woTnin i i aM-r-- * * w b * b o Ucfit J ^ * & * ^|wb>^We.ana.aTtoc^ her afflictions, and tender her and betjieipiess I was oti^^oT- .rfiTiJ^ t b o a ^ ^ d ; d < d U ^ . I t wgh>j>weU H r a J U ? * i b^r Wlij % W U - 8 h e ^ B a i i d ^ . : h ^ . . ! a o i ^ ^ ( k ^ children such aid as; most-?'" have b&u .fifty j -for oae is'quite as di: r a W , 'Uuie-caringlbr Uje^oSenag tbatheP {cor .havipg drank thojbuujf cup oC poverty to, ia&*m' *id B e a ^ ^ r e X a ^ . ' w a y c a u s ^ o ^ a i r d m y ' c n ^ dregs it becomes USJ now.; ih#M aW r,!Jrr^.,.7?+^.~,--.U^=^-s. ' .-' ...r,,.,....:: L u> -dUr.oaflft aaahaid tft. thrwa-Mtat ana,.
** fotefd~fwim m I H W P W

"d)fasiptly. wacn c du^(

i ^ t h e l r , blindness' ttiat i t i ^ 3 E 5 n a t ^ 6 T ^ e a 1 t t r

el fa re, and profitable to o rf dm. li lJUJ!ii^*<> 49 gee A t. tSttt n\o*ni*$5or\M& k ^ ; plaa>\d aervoas, and aa have despitefully t^5tfib the t.Btt-dcq;!t^for 4bs dreaded s


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at ytrac disposal fiv^

^HwBJwMMii d o a t o ^ l S ^ the Frank-


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