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Goshen Arts Tour

Pike St.

Discover the creative arts that are part of the Goshen community!

Friday, November 1
5 - 9 p.m.
7 Found, 208 South Main Street
Graber Family Artists

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N. Main St.


Clinton St.

8 Gallery at the Millrace, 212 West Washington Street


An exhibit of Goshen Area Artists

9 Gift of G.A.B., 203 South Main Street

Sk ye Steury: You Cant Stop Art

Lincoln Ave.

S. Main St.

10 Goshen Art Center, 113-1/2 East Lincoln Avenue

Mark Daniels Arts

2nd St.

3rd St.

5th St.

11 Goshen Historical Museum, 124 South Main Street

Brian Matthew Whirledge: Iconography


16 20 19

12 Goshen Painters Guild, 212 West Washington Street, Ste. 16

Goshen Area Painters

Washington St.

9 2


22 7 13

5 15

13 Goshen Theater, 216 South Main Street

Diversity Day Performances


14 Home Again, 120 North Main Street, Ste. 120

Boys and Girls Club of Goshen

15 Ignition Music Garage, 120 East Washington Street 16 Jules Boutique, 130 South Main Street

Jefferson St.


Tanglefoot Furnishings, Chuck Kreps-Long, and Woodstar Photography


Irene Ortiz: Gypsy Inspired Jewelry

17 The Local, 211 South 5th Street

Madison St.

1 2 3

The Cup: An Interpreted Object, a National Juried Exhibition Jesse Stoltzfus: Blue Dog Light Craft Troy Bungart: Wooden and ceramic tools and brushes

Beck Counseling and Coaching, LLC, 109 East Clinton Avenue, Ste. 10
Paintings by John Blosser

18 Maple City Market, 314 South Main Street

MCM Staff Art Exhibit

Better World Books, 215 South Main Street

Aspiring Artists - Elementary Student and Teacher Exhibit

19 Reverie - Yarn, Decor & Gifts, 111 East Washington Street

Pottery by Todd Pletcher

Clay Artists Guild, 212 West Washington Street

Goshen Area Ceramic Artists Exhibit

20 ShutterHugs, 132 South Main Street

Ceramics by Craig Hartenberger & Renata Cassiano

4 Cornerstone Financial, 104 South Main Street 5 6

Mary Jane Brannock: Expressions By Mary Jane Photography by Leah Schroeder

21 Spacious Heart Yoga, 302 South Main Street

Art and Jewelry by Kristi Glick

The Electric Brew, 118 East Washington Street

Exhibit: Iraqi Artists in Exile

22 Ten Thousand Villages Goshen, 206 South Main Street

Making Art Kids Activity

First Presbyterian Church, 215 East Lincoln Avenue

Goshen High School Art Auction

23 Woldruffs Footwear & Apparel, 129 South Main Street

IU Health Retreat Annual Decorated Bra Art Competition