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Name: Hend A.Moniem A.Maksod Mohamed.

Birthday Date: 21 – July – 1985.
Mobile No.: 010 - 4491235
E-Mail Address:
Home Address: 8 El Motanazeh street building no.3 – Hadaye'
Shopra_ Cairo.
Graduation: Bachelor of Applied Arts (2006/2007)
(Arts & Design Academy - The High Institute of Applied Arts)
Department: Decoration & Interior Design Department.
General Degree: Excellent (85, 91 %) with honor degree &
position (4) of my department.
Graduation Project Degree: Very Good.
My Graduation Project was about resort at Red Sea, & I chose
Postmodern Islamic style (mamloky age) for interior designs &
furniture at the guest room, reception, entrance gate, swimming
pool & landscape
Secondary Stage Degree: 89 % (2001/2002)

Computer Skills:
- AutoCAD 2D. (Excellent)
- AutoCAD 3D. (Excellent)
- 3dstudio MAX & V-Ray (Very Good)
- 3dHome. (Excellent)
- Photoshop. (Very Good )
- Multimedia Programs (Windows Movie Maker).
- Adobe Premiere ( Good)
- Internet Skills (Searching). (Excellent)
- ICDL. ( Excellent)
Language Skills:
- English. (Very Good) _ written & speak...
- Introduction TOEFL course at AUC.
- Training at Egyptian Radio & TV Union – Maspero Studios &
Multimedia Production Studios. (Very Good) (2004 &
2005)Making programs show designs.
- Trainings at Dimensione Company at Designing Department –
(for 3 months)
- Working at Hammock Interiors Office. (September 2007 &

Joined with a team work for making The Interior Design

- Mr. Mohamed Halawa & Jasmine Abd El Aziz Villa (at
El Maadi) – [Office / GYM]... (The famous
Businessman & the famous Actress.
- Mr. Gamal Marwan Villa [Master-Bedroom] (at
Arbella) the son of Mr. Ashraf Marwan.
- Holding Company for Tourism Hotel & Cinema.
(Meeting Room).
- Ministry of Healthy & Population. (Meeting Room).
- Saudi Arabia Ambassador Villa in Cairo. [all villa]
- Three Villas for end-customer at Al-Qattamia.
- The Manager of Misr Iran Bank. (Main Kitchen)
(All above clients' drawings were for interior
designs works only, 2d drawings & presentation
models on 3D-CAD)
- Makeover than 25 kitchens for other clients or kitchens
at guest rooms at resorts (making designs & executive

More Activities:
- Have a talent for making designs.
- Very well at free hand sketches and making color
- Very good at photography by manual & digital cameras.
- Like making montage movies.
- Have a smart vision for commercials
- Like making presentation trailers & movie shows.
- Can work under pressure, with team work & on sites