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DB2 Database question sap Question 1. DB2 Version details 2. Db2 Update / upgrade process 3.

3. Db2 start and stop command ---4. Db2 log ..where 5. Which table is update record 6. Partition table . 7. Role forward. 8. Shell script--- how many shell 9. Sap start and stop command 10. When sap is start what process happen 11. If sap is not getting up what will be check 12. Kernel upgrade..while kernel upgrade which file are download .and why 13. How to check database is up or not in sap 14. R3trans.exe what does mean Rc= 12 Rc = 15. Which table records of table lock while I have check in sm12 transaction? 16. In java stack when database is stop then is it open Config tool and visual admin tools

Ans :-

Start DB2 Command

Starts the current database manager instance backgroundprocesses on a single database partition or on all the database partitions defined in a partitioned database environment. Start DB2 at the server before connecting to a database, precompilingan application, or binding a package to a database.


Stop DB2 Command

Stops the current database manager instance.



Activates the specified database and starts up all necessary database services, so that the database is available for connection and use by any application. This command activates the specified database on all nodes within the system. If one or more of these

nodes encounters an error during activation of the database, a warning is returned. The database remains activated on all nodes on which the command has succeeded.

db2 activate db


Stops the specified database. This command deactivates the specified database on all database partitions in the system. If one or more of these database partitions encounters an error, a warning is returned. The database will be successfullydeactivated on some database partitions, but might continue to be active on the nodes encountering the error.

db2 deactivate db

Find DB2 version using command db2level. Logged as DB2 user before executing the command
> db2level

Use command db2ilist to lists all the instances that are available on a system. Options -w: Lists the 31-, 32-, or 64-bit instances. The -w option can be specified with the -p option, and is superseded by the -a option. -p: Lists the DB2 install path that an instance is running from. The -p option can be used with the -a option, and is superseded by the -a option. -a: Lists information including the DB2 install path associated with an instance, as well as its bit width (32 or 64). The returned information for 32-bit indicates 31-bit for DB2 on Linux (on S/390 and zSeries). -inst_name: Lists the information for the specified instance. If no instance is named,db2ilist lists information about all instances of the current DB2 release. -h: Displays usage information
Please have a look at the below tables as they have a vital role in lock entries selection: tables: seqg3. " Enqueue-Dialog-Fields tables: seqg4. " additional Enqueue-List-Fields

Q. Ans: There are dozens of shells for Linux. The most popular are: bash (Bourne-Again Shell) ksh (Korn shell) zsh (Z Shell) ash (Almquist shell)

dash (Debian Almquist shell) BusyBox (based on ash) fish (Friendly Interactive Shell) Ans :6. Partitioned tables use a data organization scheme in which table data is divided across multiple
storage objects, called data partitions or ranges, according to values in one or more table partitioning key columns of the table. Data from a given table is partitioned into multiple storage objects based on the specifications provided in the PARTITION BY clause of the CREATE TABLE statement. These storage objects can be in different table spaces, in the same table space, or a combination of both.



Recovers a database by applying transactions recorded in the database log files. Invoked after a database or a table space backup image has been restored, or if any table spaces have been taken offline by the database due to a media error. The database must be recoverable (that is, thelogarchmeth1 or logarchmeth2 database configuration parameters must be set to a value other than OFF) before the database can be recovered with rollforward recovery.
db2 backup db sample use tsm (Mon) db2 backup db sample (Tue) db2 backup db sample (Wed) db2 backup db sample (Thu) db2 backup db sample (Fri) db2 backup db sample (Sat) db2 backup db sample online online online online online online incremental incremental incremental incremental incremental incremental delta use delta use use tsm delta use delta use use tsm tsm tsm tsm tsm