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In this globalization world, whole world countries compete to develop their own country to become one of the pinnacle of the world. As the result of this situation, our environment had been thoroughly bad pollution. A large quantities harmful environment contaminants has been effected to our

mother earth due to the human activities. Generally the environment pollutions that we know in daily life can divide to several part, there are water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution.

The water pollution commonly cause by a few factors from the human activities. One of the reasons was domestic waste throw into the river or water sources. The organic waste will integrate with the oxygen inside the water source to formation of septic substances, while the rubbish inside the river might hinder the river fluency. The waste materials will cause the water to become dirty and will be encourage the producing of harmful bacteria or microorganism. Besides that, the toxic which release into river by the factories also effect the water pollutions. This kind of phenomenon alarm us pollutions will rebound back to our human health problem.

The majority result shown the air pollutions are mainly causes by the industries activities and the emission from the motor vehicles. Air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides was produced through these activities. The air pollution may influence the health level like emerge the cancer, lupus, immune disease, allergies and asthma. On the other hands, the air pollution will copulate to the ozone pollutions. The chemicals chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) may appear the depletion in the ozone. It will accelerate the ozone layer become thinner and let the ultraviolet ray pass through the atmosphere easily.

The soil pollution also becomes a hot issue environment problem today. Basically the contaminants that we can find in the landfills such as chlorinated hydrocarbon, heavy metal, MTBE, zinc arsenic and benzene. According to land pollution facts and statistics from the world environment organisation, the world billion tons of municipal solid waste (every day trash from homes, schools, offices etc) to the landfills. Continuous cumulative amount of waste day per day, chemical substances from the waste will entering the soil then comprehensive a huge destructive soil pollution in the surrounding area. In the worse cases, soil erosion can even bring about desertification. And with an increasing world population and higher demands for food, land degradation at these rates will magnify problems of food shortages and malnutrition, especially in the poorer third world countries.

In the most narrow sense, sounds are considered noise pollution if they adversely affect wildlife, human activity, or are capable of damaging physical structures on a regular, repeating basis. In the broadest sense of the term, a sound may be considered noise pollution if it disturbs any natural process or causes human harm, even if the sound does not occur on a regular basis.The prevailing source of artificial noise pollution is from transportation. In rural areas, trainand airplane noise can disturb wildlife habits, thereby affecting the manner in which animals in areas around train tracks and airports hunt and mate. The noise pollution will cause sleep disturbance, stress, high blood pressure and induces hearing loss.

Actually this several part of pollutions also comes from humanity development such as chemical plants, coal-fired power plants, oil refinertes, petrochemical plants, nuclear waste disposed activities, incinerators, large livestuck farms, PVC factories, metals production factories, plastics factories and heavy in dustries. So, human should responsibilities what we done to the environment especially for development must carry about the minimum of environmental destruction to stop the process vicious circle of pollutions in the world.