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former Midwesterners making a positive difference in our adopted home of Nevada

1995, after a family visit to Las Vegas, Julie Spiegels mother Sally was the victim of a terrible candle fire accident upon returning to the IN THIS ISSUE Chicagoland suburbs. Sally had decorated her breakfast table with flamed Spiegel Burn pillar candles which had fallen and rolled off the table to ignite her Foundation polyester house coat. She was burned over 60% of her body with 3rd degree burns. Over the next 2 years life had changed for the 68 year old Sally, Founders Letter spending 9 months in the The University of Loyola Burn Center and an additional 8 months in rehabilitation. The family realized that other Our Native Las Vegan families face similar questions and concerns when their loved ones endure, serious burn injuries. It was while attending the Phoenix Societys Our Events Julie Spiegel World Burn Congress in 2000, Julie and her mother Sally discovered Founder an unknown population of others that had severe burn injuries. This Dr. Donna phenomenal event brought together Burn Survivors, to learn about the psychological and Business Members social development for post burn care. So impacted by this event, Julie realized the power that this event had on the lives of other Families and Survivors. That year The Spiegel Family Burn Foundation, 501c3 NFP was established with the purpose to help others that experience severe burn injuries and to provide first time attendee grants to this inspiring event. As a Massage Therapist, Julie offered free massages at the next World Burn Congress to the Burn Survivors and introduced the benefits of Massage for Scar Management to attendees. This was the birth of a 7 year Wellness Program at this annual event. The Spiegel Burn Foundation provided burn survivor attendees a full 60 minute massage to learn about the benefits of massage as a modality to handle the severe continued pain and itching that many burn survivors have to deal with post surgeries. In one case, the introduction of massage to a 50 year post burned woman, baffled her doctor and eliminated the need for a Z-plasty surgery. Julie dedicated much of her time and effort in her 10 year massage career to help burn survivors. Seeking private donations, and small fundraisers to maintain the Wellness Program of the Foundation. In 2006 , Julie learned about Scentsy Wickless Candles, and the synergy just clicked to FUNdraise with a flameless candle, and eliminate other dangerous candle fires everywhere. 100% of the commissions earned in FUNdraising with Scentsy goes directly to the Spiegel Burn Foundations programs. Since FUNdraising and growing her Scentsy business, Julie has build a team of Philanthropists taking Julie in a new direction and expanding the benefits of of monthly revenue. Pay it Forward quarterly programs for other team members , now moves the Foundation forward to assist other charitable causes, while still maintaining the core of helping burn surviFor information on vors. Creating a profound Spirit of Giving. becoming a If you have a Charitable cause, contact JuBusiness Member lie to learn more how to develop monthly or an Official Social donor revenue or simply additional pasMember scan here. sive income that has a passionate purpose.

Nov / Dec 2013 Newsletter 8



to winter in Las Vegas and the 2013 Holiday Season. I dont know about you, but I always loved sending out the Christmas/Holiday cards. Mary Romano Id spend hours Founder picking out just the right one, then spend more hours writing sweet little messages in each one, adding pictures of the kids, and then addressing them in my neatest handwriting using a red marker...and then adding GO BULLS all over the outside of the envelope! This year I have met over 500 former Chicagoans. Please consider this Newsletter my holiday greeting to you and your family. GO BULLS!


Christina Chipman is a native Las Vegan. Christina attends our events.



Christina gets it! We first met Christina when she attended the San Gennaro Feast with her friend...a former Chicagoan. A few weeks later we spotted Christina again when she attended the Blackhawks opening night ceremony at Brandos Sports Bar...with a another friend from Chicago. She told us, People from Chicago are amazingly warm and friendly. I feel like Im part of the Chicagoans In The Desert/Brandos family. Christina fell in love with the sport of hockey, and the Blackhawks, immediately. A few months later she visited Chicago for the first time and is counting down the days until she can get back there for another visit to our amazing city! Christina was born and raised in Las Vegas, attended Cimarron-Memorial High School, and is a mother of 3 beautiful girls. Christina has been in the insurance industry for over 10 years. As a native in Las Vegas and being very involved within her community, she has developed many contacts with local and newly established residents. Growing up in Las Vegas has given her the opportunity to meet so many different people from different areas, but she knew right away that people from Chicago are very special and bring a unique form of culture to our Las Vegas home!

New Official Social Members Timothy King and Ralph & Dee Dee Sutherland



was no snow on the ground, and that everyone was walking around in light jackets! We said, boy, this is going to take some getting used to. As we settled into our new home we needed to decided how we would celebrate our first Holiday in Las Vegas. Would we combine our Midwest holiday with our new found warm west coast? The question was - keep our old traditions or start a new? Putting lights up on the outside of the house while also needing to wear sun-screen was just too foreign! Putting up a tree and all the works just did not seem to fit either. Plus, we were tired from the 3-day commute. Time was ticking and we had to decide. We opted for a new tradition. There would be no tree, however we would Dr. Donna decorate the downstairs. With no snow or cold weather we visited the Las Vegas strip after our Thomas-Rodgers holiday dinner and it was amazing. My daughter was so excited at the amount of people that were out celebrating the holiday. You see, in Michigan, everything is closed, so we are limited to what you can do beyond having dinner at home with our families and friends. As we approach our third holiday season we have new traditions, we explore restaurants and shows that we would never have access to in the Midwest. However, we still make holiday cookies and decorate them with frosting. We still wear our holiday pajamas and enjoy dinner with family during the season. What we love most about the holiday season is that no matter where you live, when you surround yourself with family and friends every holiday becomes an amazing event. Trust us, there are some pros to spending the winter months in the west. We used to have to wait until spring to eat my Dads famous we only wait for the grill to warm up. Sure, there are no snowflakes, but we take hikes on Red Rock mountain. The palm trees still have all of their leaves, but thats okay, we dont have to give anyones car a push or a jump. That seems like a fair trade off to me! I will ALWAYS cherish holiday memories while living in a changing of the seasons location of the Midwest, btut creating our new West Coast traditions has been something that my family and I look forward to now. Dr. Donna is a former Military Police Officer, a Tatical Strategist, the owner of ANSWERS ARE US and the Author of R.E.A.L Leaders Wear P.I.N.K Contact Dr. Donna at

The first thing that I noticed when we pulled up on December 17, 2010 was, of course, there

Just as our grandparents passed onto to our parents, and just as our parents passed onto us...we pass onto our children
the joy of being a CHICAGO SPORTS FAN. Its one thing to be raised in the Chicago environment, its a whole nother thing when you are not. We have events where the kids are welcome. So bring them out! Let them experience being where EVERYONE is wearing the same team/colors as they are, and watch those faces light up with smiles.



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